President Barack Obama says he wants to end the 12-year-old war on terror. Not so fast, said Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and Armed Services Committee member. Not only does Graham warn against declaring victory over al Qaeda, he wants more drones, more deployed missile defenses and more U.S. troops on the ground in the Middle East.

Speaking at his office in Columbia, S.C. on Wednesday, Graham shot back, saying the U.S. should ramp up its military efforts. “The war is not winding down, it is morphing,” he said. “If you don’t believe the enemy wants to hit us here at home you’re very naïve.”

Call it the war on terror 2.0, GOP style.

In a landmark speech on May 23, Obama said it was time to scale back the military and law-enforcement initiatives that have defined U.S. security policy since 9/11, including the use of armed drones.

Graham, an enthusiastic supporter of the Iraq war, previously has called for direct U.S. military aid to Syrian rebels and U.S. troops deployments to find and neutralize chemical weapons stocks in that civil war-torn country. “We should have Patriot missile batteries inside Syria protecting the rebels,” Graham added on Wednesday. “We should start bombing the [Syrian government’s] airfields using cruise missiles.”

Graham argued that if the U.S. does not intervene in Syria, the fighting would become a “contagion for the whole region” that could take down the Jordanian government, destabilize Turkey and “affect” Iraq, where sectarian violence continues to rage 18 months after the U.S. pull-out.

As for drones, the U.S. needs them “now more than ever,” Graham said. “I hope the president will not abandon this [drone] program. It is a military weapon; it is a tactical weapon that is needed in the war on terror.”

An expanded war on terror, if you buy Graham’s argument.

Corey Hutchins contributed mightily to this story. Teething pains with our new technology make it impossible to give him standard credit up top.


  • notenoughtime

    Drones and boots on the ground on OUR borders.

    • Rache511

      No, they are not. That’s a ridiculous notion.

      • Rache511

        Sorry! I misread your comment!

  • omnimax

    he just does not get it-we do not belong there

  • Caliber44C

    They really do want to start world war 3 don’t they, our people belong in our country, not in theirs, they attack us here and over there, because we are over there !! MORONS !

    • ramador49

      So your answer to the “War Against Terrorism” is to pull out so that the terrorists will STOP their war against us? Even Obama knows better than that.

      • Rache511

        No. We pull out because it is in our own best interest to do so. The War against terrorism shows all the promise of the war on drugs –none whatever.

      • Merle Dickey

        Yes! We would have to have the worlds largest in country military to protect ourselves . Everyone could serve military time!!

    • lonestarlady36




  • Caliber44C


    • BrianW517

      No More “Profiling” say the Illegal Minorities!!

  • T.R. Buttner

    One senator does not a G.O.P. make: I saw the interview, and Graham did not call for ramping up the war on terror, he said it’s problematic to call a war over when the other side fails to agree with you.

  • Katela

    How about checking out whether this bully redneck is making money off the war – like Cheny, Halliburton and others.

    • Wayne Thomas

      You idiot, Cheney never made a dime while he was in office. That’s all bs and anyone with half a brain knows it.

      • Andy Kenyon

        @Wayne Thomas, With all due respect, you are woefully ignorant yourself. Although Dick (head) Cheney personally “never made a dime while he was in office” , being the principle arrchitect for the Iraq war based on non existent WMD, paved the way for increased Haliburton activity in the area – for which he did personally enrich his porfolio, once out of office at the expense of over 100,000 Iraq citizens and soldiers killed or maimed. He should be tried in International Court for war crimes, and you defend him ? If that’s how you roll ,dude … I feel sorry for you .

        • snickers413

          I wholeheartedly agree with you Andy, I know that was the prime reason why Cheney wanted the war in Iraq so his Contractors could get the job. And this is exactly why now Bush nor Cheney can’t leave our country for fear of being charged as war criminals. When I heard Cheney got a “new” heart it made me sick that it wasn’t given to a more deserving person. I can’t see any reason for this man to exist except to make up lies and money off from wars!

      • john

        Can you say Haliburton stocks? say it a few times then multiply it times 600,000 and you might get the picture.

      • r boyle

        whow guess u only have 1/4 of a brain

        • lonestarlady36

          nuts, that’s what I was going to post!!!

        • Ladyred497

          Great response

      • Rache511

        You are terribly naive if you believe that.

      • 1/505,82nd

        what hole have you been living in? Cheney himself admitted why we went to war, and it wasn’t WMD..In the middle east it’s all about the oil

      • Wayne Michalek

        You are absolutely clueless if you believe that. He made millions from the increase in the value of his Haliburton stock. This war has been fought stupid to begin with-no tax increases to fight a war (setting 225 years of fiscal history on its head), and no control on the costs – all contracts were given to the contractors no bid.

    • mdcpbd

      You are a smart American, given that Cheney thinks the rest of us are stupid. We
      are aware that there is profit to be made at the expense of the ordinary

    • PolicyWonk

      Cheney and his pals in the oil industry wanted Iraq because they wanted the oil. 9/11, despite the appalling lack of evidence, gave them the excuse they wanted to justify an illegal invasion (easily the worst war crime/abuse of power in the history of the USA).

      Then they so grossly mismanaged the campaign that after the USA got stuck with a multi-trillion dollar debt $2.2T, and counting), the worst foreign policy and national security disaster in US history, incurred 40k+ dead and wounded, 100k+ dead Iraqi’s, and had the rest of the planet believing the US was a larger threat to world peace than IRAN – only for communist CHINA to get the OIL DEALS.

      Not only were they criminal – but they were criminally incompetent, too!

  • trgirl

    It’s not up to Obama to decide to end the war on terror. Is he so egotistical that he believes his pronouncement will make terrorists stop wanting to – and trying to – kill us? So naive…

    • gococksri

      Your comment is a joke. The president isn’t ending “the war on terror”–that’s just typical GOP political propaganda. It is clear that what he is doing is making our defense against international terrorism more lean, more refined and more surgical in nature. Massive “boots on the ground” intervention simply doesn’t work against fluid, mobile terrorist networks. But he has proven that a combination of drone attacks, black ops and surgical strikes–when supported by a multinational intelligence operation–does work to temper terrorist activity. You and your GOP/Tea Party warmongers are the naive ones. And, by the way, if you’re hot to go to battle against terrorism, why don’t your strap it up and put your boots on the ground instead of running your mouth with Republican talking points that would just get my son sent over to once again fight a fight that is not winnable?

  • Dano

    I wonder what his military service was? Does anyone know?? Thanks in advance.

    • vonwoomer

      Obama is Commander in Chief and has no military service…Point made.

      • BrianW517

        Remember HE Personaly brought down “killed” OsamaBinLadin!?

        • tfskegal


      • PolicyWonk

        G W Bush was commander in chief, with (to a minor extent) military service, and according to multiple years of NIE’s, did more damage to the USAS’s national security than any other living POTUS.

        • grandpa

          bs in fact ouble bs there would be more terrorist in the US if he had nottook the action he did ??Think it may improve your mind

          • ram6968

            we already have the tea party, we don’t need
            more terrorists

          • ohmaddogu

            here bs the both of you. the more the US goes to other countries and starts wars the more “terriosists” there are going to be. it funny how the US tells all of these countries to not do something and thern the Us turns around and does the same thing they tell everyone else not to do. believe it or not the US goverment are the bigger terrorists in this world. they start more s..t then anyone else…..

          • snickers413

            There are more terrorist since he invaded Iraq! Plus now we have all the crazy White Supremeist that the right keeps riled up that are doing all kinds of terrorist acts. Since 9/11 the majority of terrorist have been home grown and I’m not talking about the Boston Bombers! Mostly a bunch of redneck racists that can’t deal with a half black man in the White House, even though it was built by black slaves.

          • just al

            If there are more terrorists now, why in the world would anyone want to scale back efforts to reduce their numbers?

          • Rache511

            Because those efforts have created more terrorists!

          • just al

            So, what’s the answer Rache511? Leave them alone and hope that they play nice?

          • snickers413

            Because the majority of the terrorist are already in our country. We should be finding them instead of chasing ghosts in other countries!

          • kenhowes

            I’ll wager you don’t even know a conservative. That’s such a ridiculous caricature. Who told you conservatives were redneck racist white supremacists? I am a conservative and formerly counsel to and member of a chapter of the NAACP. And yes, I was a conservative when I was in the NAACP. Two thirds of the people I represented otherwise were Puerto Ricans.
            Now, my first house when I got out of law school was in a neighborhood just one block from the edge of the Puerto Rican neighborhood. My conservative friends congratulated me on getting a house for myself and my family. My liberal friends said, “You’re getting a house THERE? Near THEM?” Don’t tell me who are the racists.

          • PolicyWonk

            You don’t know what you’re talking about. The NIE’s said clearly that GWB’s GWOT created vastly more enemies than it ever killed, causing the worst national security disaster in US history.

            And so did the Bush Administration’s own staffer’s reports, the Israeli’s, NATO, the Germans, the British, the Saudi’s, the Aussie, the Canadians, the Iranians, the Iraqi’s, the Polish, the Russians, the Chinese… Need I continue?

      • Ed

        You don’t really need to have military service to be CIC. Most important qualification for a CIC is to have moral responsibility to his country and to the people he is serving. Think of the consequences involved before making a decision. Point Made!!!

    • joni

      He served in the Air Force. I knew him and found him to be a very honorable man.

      • Ltpar

        That must have been before he sold his soul to the Devil for thirty pieces of silver.

      • gococksri

        Just to keep it real, he served in the JAG division of the Air Force. He was a lawyer in the AF and that was the extent of it. Let’s not imagine he ever saw any kind of action. Honorable? That’s as good a joke as I’ve lately heard. He’s a publicity hound in the mold of Judy Garland—like her, he has never seen a hot mic he could resist.

        • Commonsincegirl

          If you think being a Judge Advocate General (JAG) is a piece of cake your highly mistaken. They go through much more than you obviously know. Sen. Graham knows plenty about war, not to mention he is right about the middle east. No, Sen. Graham is not one to sit back and say nothing and be a passive yes sir man, as he knows what will happen if the US Military doesn’t stay aggresive with thier Guns loaded. Don’t think the middle East is out there playing patty cake.

          • gococksri

            Being a member of the JAG corps is a piece of cake relative to what most are doing in the military—you don’t know squat about it. Lindsey Graham is most certainly not right about the middle east and his take on war is less than credible given that he wants our sons and daughters to continue to strap it up and put it all on the line when, in fact, he never has. Down here in South Carolina, we call people like him “chicken-hawks.” Are you a chicken-hawk? You sound like one. Lindsey Graham is a political hack and, with 2014 coming, he’s pandering to the GOP/Tea Party to avoid a primary fight. In other words, he’s playing politics with the lives of American warriors. Nobody thinks our enemies in the middle east are playing, well, whatever you called it. But nobody whose critical thinking faculties are intact really believes that continuing to fight global terrorism with traditional tactics is going to work. It has never worked. It isn’t working. It’s not going to work. People like you would have my son back in Afghanistan fighting a war that is unwinnable. If you’re so hot to “stay aggressive,” why don’t you take his place? The president’s strategy of targeted drone attacks, black ops, and surgical strikes made possible by a well-heeled multinational intelligence operation is exactly the way to go. It’s smart and it involves far less risk per American blood and treasure. Leave those GOP/Tea Party/Chicken-Hawk talking points alone the next time you get on the internet.

      • slock84455

        He did not serve in the Air Force! Why do you wish to lie
        other than being in the Republican Party? W. was in the Texas Army Air National
        Guard and that has nothing to do with the Air Force and don’t try to come up
        with another B S lie.

        • PolicyWonk

          GWB served in the Texas Air National Guard (only getting in b/c daddy called in a favor), went on a “leave of absence” to work on a senators political campaign, and never returned.

          And he even lost his flight certification b/c he didn’t show up for his appointment with the flight surgeon.

          There are over 50k names on the wall in DC that would’ve love to have been able to take a “leave of absence” from Viet Nam.

  • Swimdude

    Drones and Bots on the Ground? I thought we already had enough GOP members that Droned on and were Cyborg Bots marching to the tune of the Republican Drum!

  • graham cracker

    This guy is probably receiving good pay from the war suppliers.

  • buttmen

    These gop war pigs never get it, send your sons and daughters.

    • gococksri

      I couldn’t agree more. The president’s strategy of lean, refined and surgical operations makes far more sense than massive intervention—it works, while the latter doesn’t. The warmongers on this board who are calling for more “boots on the ground” operations need to strap it up, put their boots on, fly over to Afghanistan and put THEIR boots on the ground. Or, as you said, send their sons and daughters. Their senseless arguments would just get my son sent over there again to fight a war that isn’t winnable.

  • bbcaaat

    How about a war on republican policy that caused our present day trouble?

  • vonwoomer

    No more boots on the ground. Fight terrorism with air power and special forces…Enough of the Vietnams, Iraq’s, Afganistan’s. Waste of blood and treasure.
    US Military Officer, Retired, Veteren

  • Bob

    Yes, go after NOBAMA’S brotherhood, I totallt agree that we should get the job done or we are done. If Syria is lost by the rebels, that would mean that Iran has Syria in its column, then Jordan which is a friendly country to America would them be overthrown by radical muslins and then comes the second Country in the Iranian column, then there is Turkey, these three countries ganging up against Turkey will be the ultimate war for Turkey will not sit back and let these three Countries overtake them and there will be where nuclear weaponry comes into the equasion. Right now is when America should go after the root of the evils in the middle east which is Iran. Israel is on their chopping block also. Nobama thinks he can buy love just like all the liberals, look at history of liberal power, every one of the liberal presidents have tried to buy love, and its always failed or they have tried to blackmale us for more money which goes to their Military..

    • TerryTee

      I agree with you Bob, If we don’t stop it now it will come here to the shores of the US, One side can’t call the War on Terror Won or Lost, it takes both sides to agree. But the Islamic Radicals will just keep coming till we Exterminate them Once and for All. But the Liberals say it’s Over So it Must be Over Right? Oh wait we just had a Islamic Terrorist Bomb Boston, I guess it’s not over, but just moved here as well.

    • stlbrz

      Yesbama takes care of business without all the fear mongering.


    They are very good at sending young military people to fight. They want more boots on the ground, let their boot be FIRST!

  • Former USMC

    This guy is and ahole. We have been there long enough. A war cannot be won with “rules of engagement” period.. Either win it or end it now. Linsey Graham screw you. Former USMC.

    • Ltpar

      Niclely stated, Semper Fidelis.

      • George P.

        Lipar, Agreed, Using the hole thought.When you dig yourself a hole,
        you need to have a way of getting out of the hole before it’s to deep and you can’t!!
        Our smart leaders never thought about an exit plan, just ask the Russian’s.They were there for 10 years and got their asses kicked.
        How far do you chase these bad guys? In 25 years,we will still be fighting them only it will be their grandsons!
        USMC vet

        • Ltpar

          George, we could start with a streamilined military apparatus designed to deal with the problems of the 21st Century and not the land wars of the past. Within the military, special aniti-terrorist units could be established who would not play defense, but rather go on the attack. Intelligence agencies would identify terrorist targets, training camps and supporters and the special ops units would covertly move in and eliminate them. Such success has already been realized by Israel and it is the kind of approach terrorists understand. America claims to be waging a War on Terrorism, but those are empty politicans words. Sadly, we just don’t have the backbone to defend our country anymore and innocent lives will continue be lost in the process. Where is Teddy Roosevelt and the Roughriders when we need him the most? Semper Fi.

    • WIN the damned war!

      I’d choose “win it”! If we “end it now”, have we lost?

      • jack ass

        Define win.

      • snickers413

        What was the last war we actually won? I really don’t remember. I do know there’s no way in hell we will win in the Middle East unless we blow it all up! It’s doing just what Bin Ladin wanted, bankrupting our country and we need to end all of the wars now! We need to protect our country from our shores. Most of the terrorist attacks we’ve had since 9/11 have been home grown because we’ve too focused on the M.E.! We have enough going on in our country and need to focus on it instead of going bankrupt trying to do something that can’t be done in the Middle East! The minute we completely pull out of Iraq and Afghastan they’ll go right back to the way they were. They like living in the middle ages and nothing we do will ever change that. Instead of bribing Karasi with billions of dollars every year lets use that money to rebuild America!

        • Rache511

          You are absolutely right! Well put.

        • FineAsset

          You hit the nail on the head when you said that these are wars that we just can’t win, because they DON’T want change. We have men and women who are heading out on their 4th tour of duty, that is crazy, and yet we have this yahoo wanting us to continue financing this war even MORE? If they really want us there, maybe they should be reimbursing us for the money we are paying protecting them, which we know will never happen. Obama is right, it is time to bring our troops home.

          • George Helm

            The war at home is the one we should be worried about, the war that we have absolutely no power to do anything about these problems. Our power is limited to the day we vote, anything before or after that day we are powerless!

        • Kojak

          Tell me the first war Anyone has ever won. Even USA tell me what was your first war that you have ever won. The Answer is NONE. as far Iraq and Afghanistan are concern. I won’t call them wars I call them ILLEGAL INVASION. And sticking your Nose in someones business. USA wanted to go Iraq. They went and now the So called soliders are coming back in body bags or all criplled up that is what they deserve. If America wants to stop on getting killed then they need to stop minding other peoples business. Mark my word pretty soon There won’t United Staes of America anymore It will be Called Chinese teritory. or Japanese back yard.
          By the way What is “Karasi”
          Now the USA wants to stick its nose in Sirya. When it is sirya’s internal problem. If they want to Go Sirya then tell me why is America so PUT about Kashmir. (Idon’t think you know where Kashmir is) When hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed over the past 18 years. So Mr America get reall and face the truth that America is and has been allways creating more and more enemies for themselves.

          • Merle Dickey

            The backdraft to pulling out to soon is that we are going to have these religious freaks coming in our back door sooner rather than later. We had better start shutting down borders and beefing up security in our own lands and do it now.

        • William J. Hamilton

          The Rebels in Syria are a mix of every pickup team with AK47s withing two thousand miles, funded by people very happy to have them there instead of in their own countries. The Saudis funded the war against the Russians in Afghanistan as a way to grind up their own radicals. Cynical yes. Right now all these other countries are doing the same thing in Syria. Are there some good people there? I’m sure. Can we trust the rebels. Of course not? They don’t trust each other. Would it be better if everyone stopped shooting each other in Syria. Not for everybody. Will we get blamed for trying to stop it. Of course.

        • MrCasperCat

          The last war we won was World War II. The last war that was an honest war and that was worth fighting was also WWII. The last war in which we fought against the enemy that ACTUALLY attacked us was WWII.

          • snickers413

            So exactly how many unwarranted wars have we been in since then? It does seem that we enjoy going to war and killing people, atleast to me it does. We really are a very barbaric natiion, never missing a chance to go to war for any reason they can think of. I’m just scared because I believe what goes around, comes around and one day it will be our turn. And when it does happen there probably won’t be anyone left here to protect us as they’ll all be overseas some where killing someone else.

        • merle

          and build a defense system that will protect us in case of another 9-11 or worse.

      • slock84455

        Then grab your weapon and hit one of those countries of your
        choice and take all those trigger happy NRA gun nuts with you. You can shoot
        until you have an orgasm or maybe until they sever your head!

        Go on bad boy. Just don’t take our troops and tax dollars
        with you. Do you know what terrorism is?

        Noun: 1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or
        coerce, especially for political purposes. 2. The state of fear and submission
        produced by terrorism.

        It’s a state of MIND!
        What do you would affect their mind more, Troops running all over the
        country blowing crap up and killing people or, or, dropping a bomb on a bad guy
        two or three times a year and getting a few hundred million bucks here and

        • Merle Dickey

          If we are ever attacked on this land ( and we will be ) I bet you might be real happy to have one of those trigger happy NRA nuts to protect you . Obviously, you would be the one running down the street waving your little white flag!!!

          • qcubed

            Not really. They talk and talk but it is very likely they would break and shit themselves just as fast as anyone else. Patriots my ass…

          • Merle Dickey

            wait and see

          • qcubed

            I will. I will be aiming mine at them, however.

          • Merle Dickey

            Sure you will know which end to aim with?

          • qcubed

            You are welcome to come over for a personal demonstration.
            PS Bring a shovel.

          • Merle Dickey

            You have a gun but you don’t support NRA? And don’t make threats to me ,I have something better than a shovel. This is fun isn’t it?

          • qcubed

            The NRA is a right wing extremist faction. Of COURSE I don’t support them. I support knowing where guns are being sold and to whom, each time they changeownership. This is rationaland reasonable. When a gun is used for a crime we have a right to know its history.And when unregistered guns are used for crimes, the perps need maximum punishment…including death penalties.

      • Rache511

        You can’t “win it.” You can’t bomb a blind belief out of existence.

      • Wayne Michalek

        The war in Afghanistan is unwinnable. It is not worth the manpower, and especially not worth the money already spend and that would have to be spent to “win”. “Afghanistan is the graveyard of Empires”

        • lonestarlady36

          all the way back to Alexander the Great. . .

    • 1/505,82nd

      true that, but there is no money in not having war. Refreshing to see ex military that is not brain washed by the likes of Graham. Haven’t had a Prez with a set since FDR. He knew how to end a war

      • lonestarlady36

        Truman doesn’t count?

        • pendulumswings

          To err is Truman

      • mail33006

        By dying before it was over?

    • Les

      Extra snort of kool-aid, eh!!!!

    • lucky dowwg

      i onv=ce knew a special forces warrior he would sit back in viet nam and watch 100 marines die trying to over take one fing bunker after the gung ho marines got sick of dying theyd send this warroir in at 3 am around 5 miles to the back and bammmmm kiillled em all in one explosion and very very silently i thought it was interesting

      • Ladyred497

        Silent explosion, hmmm? Is that like military intelligence?

    • Bruce

      A tip of the hat, sir.

    • Assault Pilot

      If those who declared war would be required to fight them, there would be no war.
      This is not a “war” but rather a “police action”. They can not be won as we should have learned in Korea and Vietnam. Successful war conclusion is unconditional surrender. It is filled with atrocity, not baby codling rules of engagement. It includes killing of the innocent, destruction, interrogation and mayhem until unconditional surrender is achieved. Rules of engagement do not exist in wa real war.

    • fldpwrman

      except they have no idea, and there really is, no “winning”.

    • rbbyrobert9

      Semper Fi Bro

    • Gunner

      The earned credit, where credit is due.

  • Pat Simms

    Does this guy ever listen to the American people. He and McCain have their own little agenda. Go to war, be on TV, disagree with someone, and show no common sense at all.

    • ramador49

      Common sense does not work or compute with terrorists. People bent on wreaking havoc and administering destruction can only be defeated by force. This isn’t a Republican idea nor an American notion. This (going to war to defeat an enemy) has been implemented and utilized successfully since the beginning of time. Those of you who think that “coming home,” locking your doors and windows, and pretending there are no terrorists bent on our destruction are either misguided, well-intentioned folks, or an enemy of civilized nations feeding us misinformation.

      • gococksri

        Are you suggesting that we keep boots on the ground in terrorist territory abroad forever? Do you really think that terrorism will end because we have troops scattered all across the middle-east and northern Africa? Are you joking? Are you out of your mind? Another 10-20 years of American troops on unending tours of combat duty? Another 10-20 years of American troops coming home either in coffins or in flying hospitals? Another generation of American military personnel whose lives are changed forever by catastrophic injury or post-traumatic stress? And another 10-20 years of the military-industrial complex getting rich while the quality of American life gets poorer? All in the service of your bogus idea that “this (going to war to defeat an enemy has been implemented and utilized successfully since the beginning of time?” Think Vietnam. Think Afghanistan. The terrorist network is fluid. Go where they are and they will set up shop somewhere else. Traditional warfare does not work against a global terrorist network. But drone strikes, dark ops, and surgical interventions—all supported by a first-rate intelligence network that is multinational in makeup—do. Terrorism will not be eradicated completely—that’s a given. But, by ramping up their need for security against surgical strikes, we can at least temper their activity.

        • lucky dowwg

          then whn a nuclear bomb inalates 10 million americans you dumb arse libral youll wish we been hot on their asses ya dont wanna go to war then dont fing join the military and if you dont join the military you dont have any opinion worth even stating in other words shut up and sit back and let the real men handle the god dman basrds from hell we must keep on their arses as their main intent is a nuclear weapon i say keep on their buttts but be alot smarter about it

          • lucky dowwg

            ive always said shut the fing liberals and the activist groups up and encamp the good and lock the bad up take the whole fing area over put the good ones in camps and the bad in prizons then go from there fk this driving around like some tough guy in a cheaply built humvee ww2 tactics is what works we took over the japs and fing krouts and the wops (thanks to lucky luyciano bless his soul) we can do it again its the cry baby activists and liberals is whay its always stopped short like crying about gitanimo ect so on

          • Doxymom

            You are a one stop discriminator with a lot of Nazi ideas. Nothing “lucky” about being anywhere near you.

          • stlbrz

            Bless your pointy little head. You’ve been spun clean outta your baggie little drawers.

      • Rache511

        Of corse there are terrorists who want to kill us. But we can’t wage a conventional war against a state of mind.

        • Merle Dickey

          You need to be prepared to defend yourself!

    • Ltpar

      Ask yourself Pat, who profits most from these so called Wars we are engaged in around the globe? That is who elected officials like Graham and McCain serve as their master.

  • BrianW517

    Beginning with the Korean Police Action/WAR! We haven’t tried to enter to end any War in our favor. Our “wimpy” Politicians have continually abused our Military Personal, using them as cannon fodder, and then cut & run when leaving they’re Political Careers & retireing on the Public Dole!! The Generals look the other way about abuse, because of promissed cushy jobs waiting for them in the private sector!?!

  • wlewan60

    War costs money. The Rep’s would need to raise taxes to pay for continuing their battle. Would that ever happen? What do the “baggers” think about this?

  • Byaakovson

    More Drones & Missiles would be ok. More Boots on the Ground – NEVER!

    • snickers413

      The use of drones will have people trying to get here to kills us for generations because of all the innocents being killed by them, plus it’s just a matter of time before some country is using them on us! Already China is working on building them and you’d have to be sleeping under a rock to think they won’t sell the idea to other countries. We’ve opened a Pandora’s box with these drones, and the day in the not so far away future will come back to bite us in the butt! How will it feel when a bunch of innocent women and children are killed with drones in our country? What goes around comes around, I truly believe that and our day is coming!

    • shootr

      Obama is driving the Bus, and he is ditching it over and over ,especially when he gets back from another of many vacations we pay for. This bickering about past Presedents is childish. That time is gone. Yes some results are left to deal with. Carter is probably a happy Man knowing he will not go down as the worst President in history. USA does need a proper direction. Ask any body who has a family or owns a house or business and pays outrages taxes. Complete failure here. We need to take care of us, like an adult, not stupid corrupt politicians. Problem is to many idiots voting, and they are out numbering the common sense folk, who are adults. Sad

      • stlbrz

        So because your guy lost everyone else is stupid. You obviously belong to the party of stupid.

      • PolicyWonk

        Dead wrong.

        According to every Presidential Ranking Study conducted since, George W Bush gets worst POTUS in over a century (39th out of 43) overall.

        Jimmy Carter, comes in at a comparatively enviable 27th (out of 43).

        Obama, OTOH, is currently ranked at 14th.

  • CheetahGrl

    So they don’t want big government running things they want the military!

  • Paul

    Is Lindsay still single, never married, never seen with a girlfriend, still living with his Shiatsu?????

  • SAL
  • omar

    we are so f_cked

  • orville59

    Did I miss something? Bush said we won. OK. Republicans Which is it?

  • Pamela Sue Therrien

    Osama Bin Laden would have never been caught nor found if Obama had not left Bush’s policies in place it was Bush policies and systems that caught him Obama ‘s only contibutions to this was leaving those systems in place and saying yes. That’s it. Now don’t get me wrong I was never fond of Bush nor a supporter but let’s be honest about this. Today we are in danger from Islamic extremeism which has grown to unbelievable proportions and now is playing out in the streets of “tolerant” Nations all over the world. What kept them from escalating all these years was the policies and strength of America. That is no longer the case and we are seeing the results of our Nations crippling. Our strength in the world was the factor that kept so many Nations safe. Islamic Leaders are laughing at America and announced yesterday that Obama is the weakest President America has ever had. They do not respect us or Obama so let us be clear, there are those in the world who are normally violent and want us dead. We were the barriers that kept those people at bay. They are clear and not afraid to say what no one will say in this nation and sneer at our weakness which has so emboldened them that nothing is outside of their grasp and the know it. We have 35 Training centers Islamic extremists here and no one stops them. They are coming to your street soon.

    • SeekTruth

      So true, so true. Obama has weakened us as a nation.

      • PolicyWonk

        Here’s a basic test for you:

        State of the union inherited by George W Bush, versus, state of the union inherited by Barak Obama.

        The GOP agrees that the GW Bush presidency was a total loss, because NOT ONE GOP candidate even mentioned his NAME during the entire 2012 campaign season (let alone seek his endorsement).

        Furthermore, the GOP spent 4 years trying to pin the economic disaster they caused on Obama, as if to pretend GWB’s two terms in office never happened.

      • stlbrz

        He saved you from a CON soup line.

    • gococksri

      Sounds like legalizing the recreational use of marijuana is working well for you, because you would have to be wrecked to write comments as inane as these. By the way, where are those 35, uh, training centers for Islamic extremists?

      And, let’s be honest, George Bush’s “policies and systems” lied us into a war against a country that hadn’t done anything to us and didn’t present a threat to us—the result was thousands of American and Iraqi deaths, thousands of America lives changed forever by war wounds, billions of dollars of American treasure spent to feed the military/industrial complex for which Bush’s vice-president was an elected lobbyist, and a country that is now left without infrastructure, without an effective central government, and with growing and untempered sectarian conflict.

      Keep it real, Sis.

    • ohmaddogu

      if Bushes policies were so great, how come he didnt get osama????

    • PolicyWonk

      President George W Bush referring to Osama Bin Laden: “We don’t know where he is and we don’t care…”.

    • stlbrz

      If he is so weak why does he kick CON a$$ every time? Ask OBL how weak he is.

  • Ltpar

    Graham is part of the problem and not the solution. He doesn’t give a rats behind about the farce called the War on Terror, the people involved or more importantly the American kids being killed in the governments folly. He is in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex and more war means trillions of dollars in greater profit for them. Graham and his “good ol boy” network in Congress need to be fired along with the Democrats and their soical programs.

    • Melvin Dubose

      tell him to go to argintina get his buddys sister

    • kenhowes

      And you know this how? Other than malicious speculation?

    • Ltpar

      You are as bad as the Democrats rationalizing their Socialist agenda. Get out from under the rock, smell the Starbucks and look at the tremendous waste, duplication, cost overuns and other mismanagement at the Department of Defense. Ask yourself the big question, “Where does all that money flow to?” Then, look to see who screams like a little girl everytime someone suggests cutting Defense Spending. Those screamers are guys like Graham, McCain and the other Republican “good ol boys” who have been in the pockets of the people making the trillions of dollars from defense spending for many years. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand this. Government is corrupt on both sides of the aisle.

  • oicu4455

    Well, the GOP needs to do something now that McCain was photographed with one of the worlds worst ones.

    Put up that smoke screen GOP.

  • cortesana

    War….they want war.

  • Judy LaGuire

    Does anyone really think one side can declare the war is over and the other side will sing Koom bye aahh? These Muslim radicals could care less about what Obama thinks – they saw his action on Benghazi and now know American embassies are a ready target.

  • PolicyWonk

    Senator Graham apparently still isn’t aware that the invasion of Iraq was the worst foreign policy/national security disaster in US history (according to multiple years of NIE’s, NATO, and every nation on the planet regardless of friend or foe.

    The law-enforcement route to fighting terrorism has proven far more effective in the past, and the military should only be used to support such operations. This was the advice given to the previous administration, which was advice they were determined not to take. Unfortunately.

    Its easy for Sen. Graham to offer “advice” or “opinion” to the POTUS w/r/t when/where/etc to deploy troops and weapons systems – especially when it isn’t his responsibility. But give the GOP’s track record over the past 12 years, any advice they have to offer should be taken with a bucket of salt.

  • ronbobel777

    bush 11?

  • Ike

    Obama has made drones worthless. He has told the terrorist that if they travel in the company of civilians they will not be hit. A genius move.

    • stlbrz

      He lied to them. Genius.

  • Linda

    and he should be first in line to go to combat, as well as sons and daughters of other congress persons and leave the veterans of 6, 7 or 8 trips there at home!!

  • Duck Feathers

    Reinstate the draft then draft any congressman who votes to put boots on the ground outside the US. Draft their children and eligible grandchildren also.

  • CanadaSummer

    This war between Islamic Radicalism and western ideals is not even halfway over. Just because the President says the there is no war, doesn’t make it so. The threat has changed – and will change again. The old face of Islamic Radicalism, Al Qaeda, has faded somewhat, but, to paraphrase Von Clauswitz – It is true that war is a terrible thing, but that is no reason to make the sword we wear blunter by degrees until our enemy comes only with one that is sharp and cuts our arm from our body.

  • Tom

    Not a huge surprise that this neo-con wants more wars. If the GOP is not at war and spending money on wars they are bored.

  • D. Lee

    Don’t they know Ameica has been on to the “terror” scam long enough already, no wonder these pukes are a pack of loosers and will stay that way.

  • John

    OK, lets have a show of hands of those wht want to start another war that pisses away another Trillion dollars and maybe another 4000 American troops? Raise them up high. If congress wants to do something in the middkle, get the hell out of there and klet them settle this amounst themselves. Or they can put on a middle eastern uniform, grab a gun and go help personaly

  • TerryTee

    God, where did all the “Lefty Loons” come from that are now on this board?

  • ohmaddogu

    The US has been at war for almost 12 years now. all of our equipment is shot and most of our military personel are wounded, or have some mental issues. now we can to commit more troops to something that we will never win, but will only weaken us more. their will come a point when we wont be able to defend ourselves from something else. you may not want to believe this but WW3 is not far away. we need our troops here so when the time comes they are in the best condition to fight……….


    What’s not being said here is that while increasing our military spendng as proposed without increasing the progressivity of th income tax or the deficit we’re going to have to demolish things like food stamps and Social Security. O that GOP!

  • firstpoe

    The Muslim in the White House would have us believe that the war on terror and al-Qaeda is over. Do any of you really believe that? Look at the resent attacks in London,Paris, Boston not to mention other Western Countries, this war isn’t over by a long shot, and the weakness this President shows makes us look bad to the rest of the world, but he would love to see the USA as a socialist/communist nation and all of us embrace the Islamic Faith, but all you followers of this man who voted for him need to get off your Kool-Aid high and ask yourselves do we really want to stop trying to eliminate the Islamic Terrorist.

    • redhand126

      More Fox drivel

    • stlbrz

      Have a seat. You’ve been spun hard and put up dizzy.

  • noleader

    War hath no fury like a non-combatant.

  • John Slatten

    bo caused this —get him out

  • slock84455

    Lindsey, are you mad
    because your luv buddy did not invite you on his little trip?
    Maybe you are in a tizzy about him putting himself in such a
    dangerous place with all those handsome terrorist and not telling you? Well Honey
    you better get control of your man or you going to have more trouble that you can shake mint julep at.

  • dkwildt

    Folks, it’s all about the oil fields. Why do you think the GOP has never pushed for troops on the ground or other military intervention in some of theAfrican countries that are run by some of the worse dictators in history? NO MONEY FOR BIG BUSINESS!!! Which translates into no money for congressional members. Follow the money trail….and as long as we allow corporate funding of election campaigns it’s not going to change.

  • george

    I am shocked at the lack of courage for nation building here. Why do you all hate America?

  • don c

    LINDSEY, what the hell is wrong with you–if the president announced that, YOU would be all over him–we need to get out now just as we got out of korea and vietnam without a clear victory–let us protect ourselves here and abroad thru the cia and other gov offices–it’s their country so let them defend it themselves
    no more American blooodshed
    a korean vet

  • salem

    Even liberals have wondered how does one simply call a war over.One liberal comedian observed The war won’t be over untill they stop attacking us.

  • Jim

    No more wars without employing the draft. Let the rich and their sons and daughters spill their blood, and maybe those demanding war will think some common sense.

  • kirsten zielinski

    when your butt is on the front line start another war.

  • mike

    No hemroids! This guy is a perfect Asshole! Stop the waste for profit. Lets start looking for a more peaceful solution. Get rid of all the stupid bastards that can only think of war as a solution. Lost my Dad in wwll, my brother in Nam I served in the Army Lost my cousin in Nam, My son served at dessert storm. So tell me we should do more war.


    What…ramp up its military efforts He is a dope no clue what war has done to this country. We are no safer and no worst off after 12-13 years of dumping money into it. The war machine and thier backers are richer and the average person is very poor.

  • Fire Eagle

    Hey Linsey Graham, you talk a good show, now get your uniny, gun, backpack board the ship and go for it. While your at it take the ten per cent of the Nut Job NRA member with you. Oh yeah and if you have military age kids make sure they are doing their duty and are signed up for your adventure. I think we oin the middle class have given enough it’s your turn now.

  • Duke

    The last war that the USA won on it’s own was the Spanish American war.
    WW1.WW2,Korea, Vietnam,Desert Storm, and Iraq were not “Won” by the USA, but by a collective group of Nations.Afganistan is still undecided at this time and we will probably walk away just like the Russians did

  • Carole Ann

    It’s just another way to run up bills for the government so Halliburton and likes can get richer the Bush tax cuts along with the 2 wars have put our country into a giant hole which the republicans want to get out of by cutting benefits to seniors,children, infastructure etc.. Demanding cuts for every single emergency situation that comes up yet absolutely refusing to consider to end corporate welfare to big oil companies and the likes.

  • kenhowes

    In the bigger picture, I agree with Graham. This situation with the terrorists isn’t over, and a law enforcement approach is pathetically ineffective. It’s a war, an all out war, and just because we stop fighting doesn’t mean they’ll stop fighting. They want the restored Caliphate, and they want it to include all places where Muslims are numerous OR that have ever been ruled by Muslims. Obama’s idea is idiocy. This is a war that for us began in the first years of the Republic; there’s a reason the Marines sing “to the shores of Tripoli”. That war never ended; there was just an extended armistice that has come to an end. These terrorists are just the Barbary pirates updated. You can’t stop them with law enforcement means.
    That said, Graham is dead wrong about Syria. There are almost no good guys in that fight, and those that do exist are outnumbered on each side. On the rebel side, there are people who would like Syria to become a liberal democracy and friendly to the West. But they’re not the dominant force among the rebels. Al Qaida is. On the government side, there are the Christians, who have been protected for years by the Assads from Muslim radicalism. But the government isn’t those Christian people; it’s a ruthless socialist gang whose allies include Shi’ite Muslim radicals, notably Hezbullah. So which do you like better? Al-Qaida or Hezbullah? Take your pick. That’s one you stay out of other than to try to get quiet help to the democratic faction among the rebels and get the Christians the means to defend themselves when Al-Qaida comes to call.

    • mqg25

      “I agree with Graham. This situation with the terrorists isn’t over, and a law enforcement approach is pathetically ineffective. It’s a war, an all out war…”

      Tell me smart guy why are the terrorist are friends one day and the enemy the next? How come we financed Al Queda in Libya to topple Kaddafi, and now are supporting them in Syria? But now we need more boots on the ground to fight them, where? What middle east country is next? I bet they will find some more WMD as an excuse to invade. I bet you don’t even have a clue why we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place.

      • kenhowes

        Don’t ask me why we gave help to Al-Qaida; that was stupid in Libya and it would be stupid in Syria. We’ve made the mistake repeatedly of helping that crowd and in the process hurting people who were not our enemies. Our intervention in Kosovo was one of the worst examples of that. That and our intervention in Bosnia had a huge amount to do with the deterioration of the relationship with Russia that had been good from 1991 to 1996 but is now barely better than it was in the Cold War.
        There are right places to fight. There are also wrong places to fight. Competence in foreign policy consists of knowing which is which. A mad warmonger who will fight everywhere’s no good. A terrified pacifist who won’t fight anywhere’s no good. Someone with rotten judgment who fights where we shouldn’t and doesn’t where we should is the worst of all.

  • Juan Manuel Strangeways

    Graham was wrong then about Iraq; he is wrong now. Does he ever tire of being wrong. His political/ideological orientation and predisposition, he just doesn’t get it.

  • Juan Manuel Strangeways

    Incidentally, it is NOT the GOP that holds this position. It is one man. It is unfair for this article to make the claim that the GOP entire is of this opinion! That is to malign an entire party for the remarks and positions of one “gentleman!”

  • r boyle

    seems like republicans like war, guns and the NRA, lets get rid of these old farts

    • redhand126

      If The NRA is so hankering for shooting something, send them.

  • Carl

    McCain, Graham and the Republicans want perpetual war to make their donating corporations richer at the cost of American lives.

  • ttlybttm

    lol, and wonder how many defense contractors line his pockets!!!

  • Gadfly101

    This must have come up in the latest discussion the Republicans are having about “rebranding”. Instead being known as “Hawks” they want to be known as “Drones.” Keep that military-industrial money coming in.

  • katydid

    The day the
    Good Old Plutocrats send their sons and daughters to fight will be the day the War For Terror will end.

  • Arlo J. Thudpucker

    It’s time to hold the domestic terrorists responsible for starting a war based on blatant lies.
    Deception and lies are Graham’s forte.
    “WMDs” ring any bells ?
    Those that were aware of the lies and still supported an illegal war should be charged with treason.

  • RobertA

    Lindsey is a girls name. let her sons and daughters go over there and fight the cause. Repukicans can’t stand it when there is no war….they make billions and billions of dollars on any wartime. Are there any other countrys in the worls? Why is it our job? i have five sons and I will be damned if I let any of them go over to that godforsaken part of the world and die so Ms Graham cracker can get wealthier. Send all her kids over there…I speak for all of us when I say…..who cares if they come back or not.

  • Sally Fisher

    So is it that he thinks Iraq went so well that he wants to repeat it by murdering more people? War is an absolute lose/lose ~ nobody wins in war, except the people (like Cheney) who supply it. The people they send to fight it only die or become wounded warriors. Enough is enough!

  • Larry

    No one cares Lindseybelle no one……………


    The war on terror will never end except to a fool.

  • Louise Martinez

    Republican Politicians ALWAYS fatened theirown personal bank accounts OFF A WAR !!……It has never mattered to a republican politician where that war takes place,what the “REASON” for the war is, how many soldiers DIE, how it devastates the economy in this country or anything other than theirown personal wealth !!… They will stoop to ANY level to create a reason for WAR WHERE THEY GAIN FINANCIALLY FROM IT…..ANYONE who loves this great country and wants to feel it’s greatness ever again will never ever put another repulsive war mongering republican back into the Leader position………it’s bad enough that american voters disloyal to this country, put republicans like boehmer, mcconnell, paul, marcus & those “kind” into the government to rob tax payers and obstruct recovery from the GWB years of war. American soldiers gave their lives for this????

    • kenhowes

      Do you actually know any conservatives? Or are you one of these whacko lefties who associate only with other lefties and go by what your professor or your “community organizer” says?

  • Craig Edwards

    This guy is a nut, since when does he run the United States ? I thought we elected a president and Vice president. He sounds like Chaney and everyone knows he’s the anti-christ.

  • redhand126

    Are we supposed to bomb /invade every predominantly Muslim country? If they dont hate us now, they sure will then..what a tool

  • Jim M

    Another chicken hawk willing to send kids to war as long as his ass isn’t on the line. Just like Bush and Cheney.

  • redhand126

    We’ll form a volunteer army based in south carolina if you’re so chirped up about the idea..Send YOUR freinds and neighbors’ children. You’ll find out quickly what a great idea it is


    I can’t help but wonder if guys like Graham would be so war hungry if their kids were being sent to the front lines. I’m not a pacifist by any means, but some of these guys annoy me so much with how they think of our military as pawns in a game of chess. The men and women serving this country are our most valuable asset. We should be very protective of those assets. Give Lindsey an AK and send him to Syria.

  • Les

    Someone has to protect this country, and it sure isn’t gonna be that ‘dip’ in the WH!!!!

  • Les

    ‘king’ obama has a plan for the USA, and, it sure isn’t what you are gonna like!

  • mqg25

    Let Graham and McCain be the first two with boots on the ground. Better yet I would like to see McCain’s daughter, Megan, right behind her Daddy hitting the ground fully armed then I will know that it is a just war. Until then I want that pencil neck, limp wristed Graham and his blood thirsty cohort McCain to STFU.

  • lonestarlady36

    I’m gonna hafta to pull my peace shirt and beads out of the mothballs at the rate things are going

  • lucky dowwg

    i say we stay and use ww2 tactics they would over rule the whole fing area and put the good in camps and the bad in prizon its you crybabys that keep it fro0m going tooooo far same with vietnam they wnated to keep kikcing ass and go to china but you chicken shit librals wouldnt allow past the 79th parrel i say over take the whole god dman country and stop thei nonosense o0nce and for all we are supposenbly the big super power we join with alll the good countries and fully over take the whole fing area over

    • lucky dowwg

      they wnated to keep going to the n viet nam border and over take the whole country but they only allowed em to a certian parrell

  • Bruce

    May we assume that this will silence the GOTP critics who continue to carp because the President hasn’t been able to COMPLETELY wind down the economic mess that our INITIAL military incursion into Middle East affairs caused? You know: BUSH’S off-budget, un-paid for DOUBLE wars?
    Of COURSE not– because when these whack-a-doodle ideas are put forth by THEIR icons, then an open checkbook is the order of the day! Freakin’ hypocrites…

    • bobbymike34

      Please name the GOP members who have carping on the President? Did you know that political parties can STILL have a broad spectrum of opinions on national security issues? Some may want a reduced international presence and some may want this role expanded. Political parties are not monolithic blocks of identical thinking.

      • bobbymike34

        Since 2008 the ‘war’ has cost around $100 billion/annum at a time the US was running TRILLION dollar deficits and spending about $3.5 Trillion in a $15.5 now $16 Trillion dollar economy. Approximately 2% of the federal budget and 6/10ths of 1% of the annual GDP.

      • stlbrz

        Look at the CON voting record. Whatever Obama proposes they ALL vote against it. They even voted against vets because Obama was for it. Disgusting.

  • PM

    What O wants is to open the floodgates of Hell to his radical muslim buddies for the continued destruction of America.

  • rmalozi0113

    We should have learned from Russia after they couldn’t win the war in Afghanistan after being there for 20 years. Wars today are about gorilla warfare. You can’t win in that situation.

  • MaryLou93063

    Need to be much more pro active against terror- I believe there are small cells all over the USA- that will act all at once-

  • Jeff195988

    It is extremely sad, to see how everybody is chasing after the effects of those that THINK, then realize Terror, without even going to the source of it. We will never make anything better, if we continue in this manner. We urgently have to find out WHO has an interest in so doing, and WHY, then how whoever it is finds ways to completely fanaticize originally beautiful and gentle human beings. “God”, of course, is central, yet many more iterations make their agenda slither into the people’s minds and hearts. Everything, every regime, every political force, originates in a certain view of the World. In a willfully decultured society, where people are “busy” (doing what???), do not read, do not think, do not listen, and do not exchange ideas, people have forgotten that, and reach for bandages, without ever going to the source of the disease. All the drones, all the weapons in the World, will do nothing, so long as we refuse to look for real.

  • BrawlinBetty

    Anyone else think Lindsey Graham looks and talks a lot like Beverly Leslie from Will and Grace? HAH

  • Bob Highsmith

    the pres seems to be one of those who thinks if you ignore it, it will go away.

    think this notion of hiding at home is no plan at all. it is just hoping things will work out and these places will not become hotbeds of radicalization and schools for bombers, etc/ Ignoring this, removing all the influence we can bring to it will prove a mistake and kill more of us in the end.
    you cannot turn your back on declared assassins.

  • JQPublic

    Time for Graham and the rest of the deficit hawks to put their money where their mouth is. How does he expect to pay for his strategy? Let’s see him sponsor the Graham War Tax so that this not another war put on the credit card, a war where the only sacrifice is borne by military families, a war paid for by our children. Tell me Lindsey, how much do you want from me to continue this battle?

  • L

    This is normal. The GOP will do what ever Obama doesn’t want. They’re suffering because the middle class is slowly getting away from paying for their bad habits. Obama should start doing wrong things then the GOP will automatically do what we want.

  • al

    What is the matter with Graham? I think he is loseing it. With that type of leadership,He should be taken off all committees. He is dangerous

  • dmm1047

    Hey, Ms. Lindsay is in the Air Force. Let him grab a gun and go wherever he wants “boots on the ground.” Oh, wait, he’s a lawyer with the AF, he’s never carried a gun.

  • Avatar

    Republican warmongering vicious morons have created enough foreign enemies for us to last us several life times over. We need to put these gasbags in Congress packing and sen them to the holes they crawled out of.

  • pendulumswings

    More US troops on the ground. Says it all, doesn’t it. Maybe we should require each congress person to serve a few months in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  • scohol

    Lindsay, get your grandchildren to enlist if you are so gung ho to have more boots on the ground! Is this the republican plan designed to cut the ranks of the unemployed? How about the VA costs that more troops will cost, where you gonna get that money from?

  • M. Twain

    Obama is a perfect reverse barometer. Whatever he says it’s wise to do the opposite.

  • raspooteen

    These GOP bastards are all in the partisan game, and gridlocks. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Last week they wanted Obama to stop with the drones, now they want more drones. Some tough this guy Lindsey is, he can’t fight himself out of a paper bag. Just to prove that they started the whole 9/11 money making lie, and the militaristic dictatorship at home. They also created Al Queda.

  • Josh

    If you talk to the real experts in the mideast, you will come to know that the terrorists are continually building worldwide and are even willing to take setbacks, but are convinced that they will one day rule the world. don’t be fooled.

  • Bob

    What we need is more military, bombs, weapons of mass destruction.. triple the drones and kill everything in sight. NOT!

  • ronbobel777

    republicans love war; so does the military industrial complex that eisenhower warned us against.

  • George Helm

    Graham is always a hawk for war and it’s a sure bet he won’t be in harms way on the front lines. I seriously doubt he could beat Lindsey Lohan in a hair pulling contest!

  • Joe

    I feel less safe everytime Lindsay Graham opens is mouth.

  • Bruce M.

    What does winning a war mean? If we won in Iraq (an country rich in oil reserves), then the first action we should have insisted upon was the our country be paid back for our expenses incurred by freeing their country from a mad dictator. Nothing wrong with the “victor” demanding financial reimbursement for our “help”. As for Afganistan and Syria, I agree that we should continue our drone survaillance and strikes, and perhaps take out Syrian airfields if poison gas has been used. Cerrtainly we should use intel to find and then destroy their WMD. No more boots on the ground though. We’ve lost enough of our you best young brave men and women. Our troops on the ground should be here at home, guarding our borders and defending our citizens, not putting their lives in jeopardy protecting citizens of another country. Those countries can use our help, but not at the expense of american lives. We can use our ships our missles, and our drones, not our children. And by the way, if the terrorists are destabilizing the region, we should insist that the “region”, ie, oil rich states that want to continue to be on good terms with our nation, pay for our help. Why should the american public need to be burdened by the cost of being the worlds policeman?
    We have the ability, and the technolgy to do it, but not the money. Let the other countries of the world, especially the oil rich countries pay us for helping them. And if they don’t want to pay, then watch as their government becomes a haven for terrorists, destabilizes, and becomes our next target for a police action.. with the other oil rich states paying us to keep the peace and let their oil continue to flow. We have the power. We use it. What we need is to have the balls to demand that our country not be drained financially for our “wins”. What country in history won a war and didn’t take from the loser at least to cost to recover their investment. Call it a tax, call it tribute, I don’t care. Just get the money and lighten the load on our taxpayers!

  • Spinnaker

    The Republicans who get A LOT OF MONEY from Defense Contractors and Black Ops are always ready to send out troops—–commposed primarily of the 47% who will never vote for them-into harm’s way. I would be in favor of this If Graham will be the one on the front lines. “Don’t ask–Don’t Tell”, of course

  • Jim

    Lindsey Graham is just puppet for the Israeli lobby and gets most of his campaign contributions from the wealthy Israeli supporter of the lobby group. They want the U.S. to use American money and blood to fight Israel’s enemies just as America did with Iraq. This will make it just that easier for Israel to continue confiscating Palestinian land and building illegal Jewish settlements until they drive all the Palestinians out of their land. And the U.S. isn’t helping matters either by giving Israel $11 million a day, each day, 365 days a year, for the past 40 years, $3.6 billion in military annual aid. We have built a monster in the Middle East. If the U.S. really wanted to fight terror, then the first step and the most important step would be to get tough with Israel and stop their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Is it any wonder why the Arabs hate us?

  • krazzicraig

    Just what we need in congress , another war monger.

  • David P. Turnbole

    Being on the Armed Services committee simply means he has given access to the war machine manufacturers and is bribed to keep that war going. The long they can produce multi billion dollar weapons systems the longer they want this war to continue.

  • Doxymom1984

    More deafness to the desires of the people, listening only to their corporate masters. The GOTP – Stuck in the early 1800’s and moving back.

  • BobHains

    Repub’s aren’t happy unless they are invoking fear in the population and in a war. Let’s waste human life if we can, unless of course it’s in the womb. Let’s create a war machine stronger than no other, but lets cut anything of benefit for our poor and downtrodden…

  • Geo

    Graham is owned by the miltary industrial complex. Anything to spend more tax money on bombs and killing toys.

  • LM

    Why not ask the terrorists what they want? Have a big UN summit, invite them all in and take a poll. I’m pretty sure it would open eyes all over the world when the truth comes out. These zealots believe that if you are one of them, ok. If not, you should be killed. Men, Women, children and old folks. They don’t try to hide that.
    We in America are being brainwashed with this tolerance and diversity nonsense. They are not held to that standard. They don’t want to give tolerance and don’t want diversity unless it is for their benefit.


    How many wars would the Republican Party like to fight. We’re just drawing down from Afghanistan and Iraq (hopefully that’s finished). Now they want us to take on a civil war in Syria. Can’t understand it at all, except to think that the Republicans are tied at the hip to the Military Industrial Complex and they’re just doing their master’s bidding.


    Fine Asset, I agree it’s time to come home. The Party’s well and truly over and I think even the President knows that and that’s why he’s getting us out. But why should they change just because we’d like them to? As long as they leave us alone, I don’t much care.

  • William J. Hamilton

    You can’t kill a wasp with a sledge hammer. However the GOP gets paid by people who make sledge hammers so that is what we do. It is breaking the country precisely the way Osama Bin Laden planned for it to. You have roaches. Graham wants to send a bulldozer to level your house.

  • Joe

    Drones I can agree on, but more boots on the ground? What, the deaths of 4,400 young men and women were not enough for you?

  • Jim

    The GOP never met a war it didn’t like. Both of these South Carolina senatorial war mongers need to be voted out asap.

  • fldpwrman

    funny how miss lindsey is so gung ho on getting other peoples kids killed.

  • Richard Ramos

    Polls again show American public want the end to wars. So naturally Republicans have to go in the other direction.

  • sundancer1776

    Pack that stupid chicken hawk Southerner up and put him in battle. It is not up to us to be the world’s protector. Boots on the ground cannot happen. I detest these Southern morons not fit to be in Office.

  • sundancer1776

    Just what we need is to financially again bankrupt ourselves. No wonder they want to cut the elderly and the hungry. They want to get us in another war. Toss them out in 2014.

  • sundancer1776

    Lindsey smarmy Graham can shut his mouth.

  • Disgusted With It All

    Whose pockets will be lined by the blood of this war?

  • ycplum

    Here is my theory. Barring genocide or a cattle raid (a raid to steal something of value), there is no such thing as a “military solution”. Almost all conflicts are resolved with a diplomatic solution (e.g., peace treaty, ceasefire, regime change, etc.). The job of the military is to create conditions for a favorable “diplomatic solution”.

    Using a football analogy, the military is not the quarterback, reciever or one of the backs. The military is the offensive line. The military buys the quaterback time to pass or opens up a hole for one of the backs to run through. The military does not score. They help create a situation for the others to score.
    The problem I saw with the Iraq and Afghanistan was no one thought about a diplomatic solution. Everyone was thinking about military tactics. As a result, our soldiers were dying and getting wounded buying the quarterback time or openning up holes for the other backs, but they simply stood around leafing though playbooks trying to figure what to do.
    I do not believe we can say we should never intervene in the Middle East. I am saying that we should have clear goals and a strategy to end teh conflict both militarily and diplomatically as a requirement for militarily intervention anywhere in teh world.

  • Priness

    If this guy wants fighting to continue, send him and his cronies there and bring our young men and women home. The Republicans want to stay just so large corporations can make more money on the war machine. 45 years ago, young people (and a few older ones too) protested in the streets against Vietnam and Nixon finally pulled us out of there. I have long thought the Watergate mess was a set up by his fellow Republicans as a way to keep him from pulling out. He did it anyway and they destroyed him. Maybe I’m a conspiracy theorist, but I thought that then too and I was just a jr. high kid. Pull our troops out, put our scientists to work on defensive weapons in case some of these countries decide to get cute and attack us again, and put our service people on the southern border and in the inner cities where even the police won’t go.

  • TimJoFred

    Army veteran and former MP: GOP, quit it. You are behaving like little children that are jealous of the other kids with the ball. There is only one government for this sort of thing. The President was duly elected to be in charge. Noy you. Anything else and you are coming perilously close to treason. As a military officer, Sen. Graham should know this and understand the chain of command. He and the rest of the trigger happy GOP should learn to behave as patriots and adults.



  • Carl

    Of course it would all be paid for by the taxes of the top 1%.

    • Nowhere1111


  • Don Bacon

    A 2008 RAND research effort investigated how terrorist groups have ended in the past. By analyzing a comprehensive roster of terrorist groups that existed worldwide between 1968 and 2006, the authors found that most groups ended because of operations carried out by local police or intelligence agencies or because they negotiated a settlement with their governments. Military force was rarely the primary reason a terrorist group ended, and few groups within this time frame achieved victory. These findings suggest that the U.S. approach to countering al Qa’ida has focused far too much on the use of military force. Instead, policing and intelligence should be the backbone of U.S. efforts. . . .

    Key to this strategy is replacing the war-on-terrorism orientation with the kind of counterterrorism approach that is employed by most governments facing significant terrorist threats today. Calling the efforts a war on terrorism raises public expectations — both in the United States and elsewhere — that there is a battlefield solution. It also tends to legitimize the terrorists’ view that they are conducting a jihad (holy war) against the United States and elevates them to the status of holy warriors. Terrorists should be perceived as criminals, not holy warriors.

    • Colin Clark

      Excellent points, all. Sadly, rational thought on national security issues on Capitol Hill is pretty rare these days, aside from professional staff.
      Colin Clark
      Breaking Defense

  • ahrcshaw

    N Korea is a great example of government controlled wars, it does not work! When the middle east gets over its religious infighting there may be peace there, and all we can do is isolate the country. The UN is useless, talks or bribes are useless so it ends up as destroy or nothing.

  • RJ

    The Air Force should cut a set of orders assigning Col. Lindsey Graham for a one year deployed rotation to Syria. He is a service member and he should serve in a forward location.


    Have you ever seen The Ten Commandments? What did Pharoh do when the Red Sea opened up? He stayed on high ground and sent his army into the situation . That;s what the GOP wants American soldiers to do! Keep getting killed by roadside bombs for the next 20 years!

  • Meanstr

    Yea let McCain take the over he knows who to give help to and those againist helping Al-Qaida and their Sunii allies to destroy

  • Liberty

    In 2014, remember the GOP will send your children and grandchildren to war so that defense contractors can have a never-ending stream of revenue. Jesus was a peacemaker and real family values are not having to bury your children in wars for profit.

  • Bill Povse

    I thought the GOP were against the use of drones?? The reason the terrorest hate us so much is because of our presence in their countries. How would you feel if Russia decided to send troops into this country to make the GOP and the DEM’s sit down and start working together? It’s almost the same in those countries. Two parties that cant stand each other.

  • Mary MacElveen

    As a Marine Mom, I say STFU to Lindsay Graham. You do not play God with my son’s life or the lives of other Marines. The GOP wants sequestration, just how will they pay for War on Terror 2.0?

    • Helen Alphonso Ross

      mam all due respect you are a fool!

      • bejasc

        You have been calling everyone a fool that does not agree with how you feel. What you should be doing now is signing up for the War on Terror 2.0, and gladly give your life for the GOP/Big Oil/Big Corporate agendas. In case you did not know it, it has now been revealed that the Bush administration got us into the Iraq war, only for the OIL and not because of the lie of Iraq having WMD. Get educated before you open your mouth and put your ass in it, please.

  • IndyTom

    Want to eliminate protracted war against the US? Stay out of other countries business, get our own energy supply, warn once against agression, and if someone attempts to start something or actually attacks, retaliate at 5X their aggression, no second chances, no more words. Overdo the response. Not measured, but brutal. As an example, Russia is starting to have internal terrorism issues, but in general, countries don’t probe their defenses because Russia is fierce. I am not willing to sacrifice one service member for political posturing and nation building. While I’m glad Sadam is dead, the second Iraq war was stupid, and to continue to remain in Afghanistan as long as we have is stupid. Put purselves in the position where other countries are afraid of us, and there will be peace in our part of the world.

  • jimmy

    why don’t mr graham pack a rifle and do some fighting, talk talk talk is all he ever does and gets other people killed for his Ideaology

  • Glenn Nelson

    Hate to say this, but the good Senator is an asshole

  • stlbrz

    More stupidity from the party of stupid.

  • Bruce

    Anybody surprised that this announcement of a “new war” came from chickenhawk Lindsey Graham? It’s pretty easy to “commit America to a war” when YOU have no skin in the game…

  • qcubed

    Brought to you by the assclowns who complain about drone strikes like a dog barking at its own shadow.

    • Helen Alphonso Ross

      let me know how you feel when king obama sends one for you!

  • TheHighForester

    Lindsey Graham has come up with a formula for more US casualties and expenditures which will bankrupt the nation.

    • Helen Alphonso Ross

      We have to protect ourselves….you people honestly are not this stupid, are you? my God!

      • TheHighForester

        I suspect that I have spent far more time in actual combat than you have, Helen. I am confident that I have devoted more time to study of history, national policy, and international affairs than 99% of Americans. And I can assure you that I do not simply mouth platitudes derived from my favorite media “personalities.” Engaging in endless foreign wars, spending far too much of our national resources, and sacrificing the lives of our young men and women on foreign shores has not proved to be an effective way to protect Americans from those who despise us. My point is that if something is not working, then it would be foolish to simply do more of the same. We should have learned that lesson in Vietnam, but ambitious politicians inflate their own egos by talking as Sen. Graham does–they do not offer new or effective ideas.

  • moore

    You’re too late Graham, Obama already won the war, terrorist are no longer a threat to us.

    • Helen Alphonso Ross

      you’re a FOOL!

  • Charliepalms

    McCain, Graham and GOP systematically blocked funds for Veterans administration, Military training. They just want to give blank checks Defense Contractors. We need a realistic strategy, thinking and training when fighting enemies who do not wear uniforms. Mission objectives, entrance and exit strategies must be well defined. Also we cannot afford to wage wars on borrowed money unless we cut funding for DoD contractors, cancel subsidies to greedy oil, and eliminate tax loop holes for the billionaires

  • Bracketed

    Graham is a tin soldier. He has never been in combat but he struts around talking tough and pretends he knows the horrors of war. I was in Viet Nam in 1968. I still haven’t got over that shit. Screw Graham, he even looks soft.

    • Helen Alphonso Ross

      screw graham? you sound soft!

  • justicespks

    When are these Republicans going to have a war on unemployment?
    Where are the jobs they promised?

    • Helen Alphonso Ross

      that makes no sense whatsoever!! wtf you blaming republicans for? a####le obama has been “your” prez for 5 friggen years!he has done nothing but proclaim his love for gays and illegal aliens

  • Helen Alphonso Ross

    someone needs to think about protecting The United States obviously the nobama admins does not!

  • scottdrums

    Uh,let me guess,this ahole is NOT a veteran.

  • magus47

    Ah yes the GOP, Those military experts. Their ‘new’ plan is the same as their
    old plan. You know the one that gave us Iraq and Afghanistan. Look what a great
    idea that was. We spend TRILLIONS to insure we have the best ARMY, NAVY and AIR
    FORCE in the world. We go against folks who have NO ARMY, NAVY or AIR FORCE and
    we are losing.

    The problem is the GOP thinks they know it all. Their solution to a problem
    WORKS. Might I suggest the read ‘Mao’s Book On Guerilla Warfare’ and ‘The War Of
    The Flea’.

    As for those of us who DO have some knowledge of the subject it is
    disheartening to watch our government DO EXACTLY WHAT THE ENEMY WANTS time after

  • Honest Ed

    The war on terrorism should begin in this country with the do nothing Republicans in Congress. Clean house in the next election and the country will be better off.They have stifled the economy. The lobbyists are running the country. And absolutely nothing gets done.Everything that the President is for they are against. They are a total disgrace and should be removed from office. But with gerrymandering they keep getting back in office. What a travesty. Graham is one of the worst and Mc.Connell is close behind. They have to go. They are the obstructionists along with some others.

  • Gunner

    The Republican’ts love the very expensive version of the IED. They can kill without getting their hands dirty.

  • Mike

    The limit of hypocrisy is that few of the Republicans are veterans… Far more members of Congress are Democrats…..The Republicans are for fighting as long as it does not endanger them our their children….

    • Mike

      make that far more veteran members of congress are Democrats…