Thunder alley

An Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt fires its massive 30 mm cannon in training.

Today, the US Air Force announced that squadrons grounded since April, from combat units to the famous Thunderbirds, had the funding to fly again – for now. Congress had given the service permission to move some $423 million from other programs into the training budget, enough to keep planes flying until October 1st, when the next fiscal year begins and the military’s money problems may start all over again.

To get the money for that short-term fix, however, the Air Force had to cut back on long-term investments. That includes almost $20 million in new missiles, $50 million in new C-130 transports (mostly the souped-up Special Force version, the MC-130), and about $70 million in upgrades for existing aircraft, from B-1B bombers to F-15 fighters. That’s particularly troubling at a time when most Air Force fighters were built during the Reagan buildup and are wearing out, with one 27-year-old F-15 literally breaking apart in flight back in 2007. (Bombers, on average, are even older, although they aren’t flown as hard). But the service bit that bullet and decided near-term combat readiness had to be the top priority for limited dollars.

“I think they feel a sense of responsibility to be prepared to ‘fight tonight,’ knowing that the longer they are grounded, the more and more resources it’s going to take to dig out of the hole,” one Congressional aide told BreakingDefense’s Colin Clark. “But it also is a double-edged sword because it shows that they can ‘live’ under sequestration, albeit just in the short term.”

Sequestration” is the term of art for the cuts imposed on federal spending by the Budget Control Act of 2011, with half the bill — $500 billion over 10 years — falling on the Department of Defense. Certainly, the Pentagon could become more efficient and save taxpayer dollars. Just as certainly, not training for combat is the least efficient and, for that matter, most dangerous way to save money you could think of.

Grounding pilots is particularly problematic, because flying an aircraft is not like riding a bicycle: If you haven’t kept in constant practice, you can’t hop back in the cockpit and trust it will all just come back to you. Pilots who haven’t flown in a while spend a lot of time in simulators, but they still have to “re-qualify” when they get back in actual aircraft before they can start all-out training for combat again. You get a lot more combat readiness for your dollar if you keep on training at a steady pace than if you stop and start again.

Yet budget shortfalls have forced the military to cut back training across the board, not just in the Air Force but in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps as well, and not just for pilots but for warships and ground troops too. (I’ve asked the other services if they have any good news coming comparable to that from the Air Force, since their reprogramming requests have presumably come through as well, but as yet I don’t have answers; stay tuned). The Army, for instance, has cancelled major training exercises for 78 percent of its combat brigades, basically everyone not heading to Afghanistan. The Navy even “delayed” — indefinitely — the deployment of the aircraft carrier USS Truman and its escorts to the Persian Gulf: That’s not just a training cut, it’s a 50 percent reduction in our carrier force keeping an eye on Iran.

The problem is political. When Republicans and Democrats couldn’t compromise on how to cut the federal deficit in 2011, they instead came up with a plan to force themselves to compromise later, somehow. If the two parties didn’t make a deal on what to cut by January 1st, 2013, the Budget Control Act said, a process called “sequestration” would automatically slash the same percentage of almost every program in the budget. (Almost, that is, with the huge exception of entitlements such as a Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which depending on how you count them make up 45 to 62 percent of federal spending; legal mechanics make entitlements much harder to cut than “discretionary” programs that have to be re-funded every year). Republicans bet Democrats would agree to anything to stop domestic programs from getting sequestered; Democrats bet Republicans would cave on other issues to stop cuts to defense. Both sides were wrong.

A last-minute, short-term deal on New Year’s Day raised taxes and staved off sequestration until March 31st. A few high-profile programs like federal air traffic controllers then got exempted from the cuts to avoid a public outcry. But every budget item that’s exempted requires more cuts from all the rest. Pay, healthcare, and (most) benefits for military personnel are exempt, for example, but civilian employees from Pentagon bureaucrats to tank mechanics are being furloughed – leave without pay – for 11 days this year, while weapons buys and combat training are being cut back.

The armed services have some legal leeway to move money around to fill the worst holes, and Congress’s approval of their “reprogramming” request granted them more. But they have to use that flexibility first and foremost to find money for their most urgent priority, units either currently in Afghanistan or soon to deploy there, which means everyone else suffers even more.

Nor will things get better on October 1st, when the new federal budget year begins. First of all, no Congress this century has passed the necessary spending bills on time. Without proper appropriations, the Congress relies on stopgaps called “continuing resolutions” that basically tell government agencies to keep spending what they were spending, plus or minus some percentage, without any leeway to start new programs or, for that matter, to stop spending on ones they want to cancel. It was shortfalls from the Continuing Resolution for fiscal year 2013 (which, confusingly, started in October 2012) that drove the Navy to keep the USS Truman in port, as much as the sequestration cuts themselves.

Continuing Resolutions, though, are at least a short-term problem, albeit a hardy perennial one. The Budget Control Act cuts continue for ten years. Defense programs, in particular, will take a $50 billion hit every year for a decade. Yet at the moment, the White House, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and the Democratic Senate have all approved budgets that assume the cuts will be much smaller, somehow, with each party proposing alternatives that the other won’t accept. If Washington can’t come up with a compromise to repeal or at least modify the Budget Control Act, then any budget above what the BCA allows will simply get trimmed, automatically, by the across-the-board cuts of another sequester for fiscal 2014.

That won’t just cause a repeat of 2013’s short-term training shortfalls and long-term investments foregone, however. Instead, as deferred maintenance and unpaid bills pile up, the problems will compound like interest on a credit card. The odds are things will just get worse.


Colin Clark also contributed to this story.


  • Dave

    Funny how the Air Force found enough money to fly Obama to Africa along
    with a transport to haul cars, helicopters and every little luxury he figured he

    • Diane Santucci

      Yup! BO’s abuse of power does not stop!

      • Christine Bindas

        Let’s pay for more OBAMASS vacations.

        • Northampton

          Lord knows we paid enough for the Bush clans

        • Michael Hill

          Bush took 1020 days vacation. And your point is?

          • diane

            At the ranch where he entertained leaders from all over the world. Most were more like working vacations. It was a less formal atmosphere to talk with the leaders about solutions.

          • Rue

            but just think had Bush not put 2 wars on credit, and given all his buddies those giant tax breaks they did not need we would never have been in the position we have been in. Pres Obama has done a hell of a job consider the House has done nothing but vote on sex on omen and blocked bills for our vets blocked vets to help recovery and they absolutly refuse ro talk about jobs no they ould rather spend 1/2 million of our tax dollars 38 times to tey and stop the ACA a program america should have had 50 yrs ago.

          • abinc

            Aw, what IS the point? Bush was crap, too! What is the expression, “Same sh1t, different a$$hole?”

      • Tenderlies1

        You people are so funny, The President started working and warning Congress long befor the sequester and they did nothing, Boehner even said he liked it. But by all means blame Obama thats the program for all the Republican Tea Partiers

        • FedUp

          I see the 96% share liberal media, Obama’s lapdogs, did their jobs well. So confident was Obama the media would repeat the lie that the sequester was the GOP’s idea, and therefore any pain felt would be blamed on the GOP, they barely even tried to cover their tracks. The sequester is and always was

          Obama’s baby. The day this lawless, scandal-ridden, Constitution-shredding, democracy-killing, anti-business administration is gone, is the day we can start rebuilding America.

          • Michael Hill

            Boehner and Cantor voted for it. They own it.

          • Christopher Koda

            But who signed the dam thing into law? Why what do you know the failed social experiment.

          • Colin Clark

            PLEASE folks. The President signed the law. Boehner and Reed and their colleagues wrote it and passed it. They are all responsible. BUT it is Congress that must actually change the law now. The president can certainly do a much better job of pushing the HIll to act, but he cannot make them act.

          • Patriot

            Amen Brother!

          • abinc

            You sound like me. Hmmm. I wonder if I wrote what you posted! The excuse that Obama is doing what the other presidents did really is sour. First, remember the adage: “When you are in a hole, stop digging.” The Obaman knows that he is in the public eye. It would behoove him to do those things that show he “feels your pain.” Second, I KNOW the Obaman is a Marxist. And, “Yes”, I DO know the meaning of the term! He fits what Karl Marx described to a “T.” As for the GOP leadership, you are right there too. We do not need Boehner’s “accommodations.” He is a big disappointment. Just think, if the Obaman AND his stooge — Biden — are not able to serve as president, the post goes to >groan< Boehner!

          • john chapman

            Well go ahead and wait. I just bought my first investment property. The country is doing well you schmuck.

          • Rur

            Obama’s media do not make me laugh check these facts~the media is oned by 3 major corps that 97% of all the media, those 3 major corps are owned by teaparty/GOP. so u see their is NO liberal media not one oh did I forget to tell you the 3% not big corp owned are owned by religious groups?It is ignorance that will put this once great countrey into the facist hands and if u do not have the money to compete ith the 1% you and your family ill be like everyone else orking for a dollar an hr no medical no help just slaves to the facists.

        • God

          Well, guess what we haven’t been invaded buy the Russians since we cut back on defense.

      • peekaboo

        We ALL need to stop calling the KING on the carpet just because he insults our faithfulness to the King every day!!

    • beelp

      That money came from one of the various social welfare programs for the ghetto thug.

      • Rue

        the money u speak of comes not from the pres but since fe of u here have no idea how our government orks I ill tell you the money that goes to anywhere be it domestic or forgin comes from congress not the pres. sorry broke yet another GOP bubble.

        • beelp

          Try it again, this time in English, the language of the land.

    • dave100

      Don’t think the Air Force has much choice, unless they to get him to fly commercial.

      • metusmetu

        That’ll be the day! The “KIng and Queen” of American fly commercial?!! LOL

        • Colin Clark

          OK — I just can’t stand by and let this silliness continue. EVERY president is hostage to the Secret Service. They protect him and he is loathe to act against their wishes. So EVERY time the president goes somewhere — ANYWHERE — the Secret Service and the military plan how to get him there in the safest and most expeditious manner. Every president since FDR has done major trips in a modified aircraft. Armored limos, support staff, the folks who carry and protect the Football — all these things travel in a secure manner with the president. Almost all presidents have a favorite place where they kick back and try to recover from the enormous burden they have willingly taken on. Truman went to Key West on a regular basis. Kennedy went to Palm Beach and Nantucket. Nixon went to San Clemente. Bush II went to his Texas ranch. Clinton went to Nantucket. Obama goes to Hawaii. Do any of you honestly begrudge any president the right to some time off? I sort of understand if you don’t like a president and want to engage in partisan posturing, but blaming a president for the cost of the security and other arrangements required by the Secret Service and military is just beyond the pale. Anyone who continues to beat this dead horse will find their post deleted — no matter which side you’re on.

          • metusmetu

            An I’m not going to sit by and take your threats of deleting my posts either. I have the right to say what I want on this sight as long as it is legal, and if you see different, then you obviously do not uphold the Constitution. Don’t worry about deleting my posts, I don’t care to associate with Communistic Boards like Discus. I’ll not be back!

      • abinc

        OK by me if the Obaman flies ….. one way!

      • Rue

        actually it is not his choice how he travels the type of man he is I am sure he ould enjoy flying ith everyday people but the secret service just ould not allow that.

    • psterry77

      Along with a billion dollars to Africa while our military suffers.

      • ed

        Hussein does have his priorities

        • Michael Hill

          Asshole Licker

      • Michael Hill

        Dick Licker

      • metusmetu

        You mean while the American People suffer!!

    • xve298

      Different cost center.

    • cef911f1

      I was part of the military support that flew the President during the Nixon years. One of my friends son’s is part of it now and has been since the Bush years. Obama hasn’t done anything any of the prior POTUSs has done. BTW, we made a lot of trips both abroad azs well as to Key Biscayne and San Clemente. We often took the limos, food and even the cooks along It wasn’t at the insistence of the President but rather at the insistence of the Secret Service.

      Basically, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Semper Fi

      • Freedom Forever

        I disagree. Obama has had achieved the impact on the Military he sought. The long term investment in the future protection of the United States.

      • MoreThanFedUP

        Then again, none of the other Presidents were Marxist-raised Socialists hell-bent on remaking America in his own Big Government, anti-Free Enterprise image. In the Socialist mind, one huge step toward putting America on “an equal playing ground”, something which Obama unabashedly advocates, is the systematic weakening of our military.
        Proof again of the equal playing ground Socialist mentality is to travel to Africa to support natural gas drilling on that continent but refusing to encourage the same in our own country, a process that would make our dependence on foreign oil null and void and create

        tens of thousands of jobs. Your defense of him in any way, shape or form makes me ashamed of you, Marine.

        • samtman

          Anti middle class lackey to big oil, pharma, health insurance racket wall street and the defense industry.

          • God

            That’s why we voted the repubnuts out to end the corp. control of America. Ever hear of the Consumer Protection Agency that is for the middle class to protect us from the 1%. Do you know who did that. What party voted for bank reforms and don’t guess it was the baggers. Who restored the gift tax cut for the rich? Not the repubnuts.


            God, I think you may have come from a hell of your own creation. Good luck!

          • God

            There’s no hell I made that up to scare weak minded people into doing good deeds.

        • Eileen Smith

          I for one did not see that at all. He is trying to just say an objective fact according to his close ties to the facts. It would be presumptuous to jump to any conclusion about his personal opinion of Obama. How dare you tell any Marine that served at the expense of his very life to keep you free that you are ashamed of him. God bless cef911f1.

        • TheArmada

          You should be ashamed of yourself. First off, you have no right to insult any of our armed forces. Second off, Obama is not a socialist. You have no clue and I feel sorry for you, you paranoid wreck.

          • DBAtwill

            Armada…you really should pay more attention. In a recent speech, Obama himself said, “These days, I look in the mirror and I have to admit,” Obama said. “I’m not the strapping young Muslim socialist I used to be.”
            Try to keep up. Pay close attention as he ruins our country.

          • God

            You can get the internet under your white hood?



          • smooth

            He was telling a joke, you fool.

          • God

            You can never argue with racists their minds are already closed and shriveled.


            Couldn’t agree more…exactly what you sound like:)

          • God

            Sorry racism not my thing and there is nothing racist in calling out a racist for what they are.


          Now someone is making sense. Obama has had one mission and one mission only…to weaken us and try to maintain control, in the long run, as a dictator. Everything he and those around him have done are specifics to control this government. Many of the decisions that have been made are completely without democratic vote. What’s sad is that most Americans are so self involved today that they are truly not paying attention. Back in 2007 after reading everything I could get my hands on I told those around me that this guy wants to be King/Dictator. He’s a Marxist of the top degree. He loves the life he’s living and doesn’t give a damn about what’s happening to those below him….including blacks. He’s partying with the elite (if you want to call them that) and loves being a PooBah (look it up…). He will use and take from those around him who trust him….his “people”, the poor, the Hollywood elite, those on welfare/disability/foodstamps/etc. anyone who belong to the gimme gimme society that have contributed nothing. What is so sad is they will be the last to know how badly they have been used. Depressing. Night.

          • qcubed

            Better end yourself now and avoid the rush.

          • God

            He’s a dictator who has won two elections LOLOLOL what will Hillary be when she win the wicked witch so funny baggers

      • Patriot

        cef911f1 – I here ya but during those years we had the money but now we are 17 trillion dollars in debt and 21 million Americans are still not working while Obama lives the good life leading from behind and wasting every dollar he can get his hands on.

        • TheArmada

          Really? We had the money during the Carter and Ford years? With all the deficit spending, we didn’t have it during Reagan either. And why are you insulting Obama? he is one man. If you want to go after those living the good life go after the Koch brothers and other billionaires.

        • God

          What 7 millions jobs created under him, stock market record high, inflation under control and very low, deficit dropping by 100s of billion this year, housing recovering, auto industry saved yep nothing but failures LOL

          • Earl

            Better check your sources and take the blinders off…WE as a nation and people are in a very bad place.

      • diane

        I don’t believe you really were or your son either. I wasn’t sound asleep during Nixon or Bush. The figures were released recently. Just on vaacations in 8 years Bush spent 59 million. Obama has already spent well over a Billion heading to 2 with a B on vacations.

      • GrauDay7

        Good show, you layed it on the line just like it is. These bad mouthers get all their “facts” from Fox News, Which is not news or facts. Keep up the good work.

      • Bo

        Dave does know what he’s talking about. When a household is doing well, you take the kids to disneyland. When dad gets laid off, you give up the satellite tv, the steaks on the barbie, and most certainly the uneccesary trips to disneyland.

      • samtman

        Most of these Tea Party people are just ignorant but just repeat what they hear on right wing propaganda radio talkers and Fox News.

        • Eileen Smith

          It can go both ways. That is why I am neither.

          • God

            If you are intelligent, well read, you don’t need talking points from either side however…….

      • TheArmada

        As someone looking forwards to joining the marines, I say you told them alright.

      • God

        Those were white presidents that’s their issue blacks presidents should stay home .

      • Colin Clark

        Thank you for introducing some facts and rationality into this amazing discussion of presidential travel.

    • ed


    • Kandila_ana

      You read my mind.

      • Michael Hill


    • Michael Hill

      Worthless, useless moron.

    • metusmetu

      That money came out of the Social Security Funds.

    • George Georgiadis

      dont forget the first lady ( aaarggh ) tagged along for the ride

    • A Reasonable Guy


      You just made the best observation in this whole discussion…

      It’s a pity that the news media pundits cannot have the same clarity…

      I guess they are blinded by their own political interests and lost thei journalistic objectivity…

      Such a point that you’ve made should be clear to everyone…!

    • Eileen Smith

      It wasn’t the Air Forces idea. Obama rules.

  • Mike Dills

    what happened to the 600 to 700 billion dollars a year since REAGAN was in office? what does that work out to about 9 trillion dollars im sure they could have bought a few pieces of military hardware.

  • Tiffany Jump-Killion

    Cut out the Military funding/weakening our military/depleting our gold/weakening america, weakening our military/weakening america. Our government is focused on one thing, weakening america. Ecuador has asked for their gold back. Why have we only produced 1/4 of it? Other countries are noticing that we are broke, making our military weaker, and spreading what military we have left out. But lets all just go to bed in our nice warm beds tonight and pretend like the jerks we voted for have our best interests at heart. WAKE UP people.

  • Don Bacon

    “I think they feel a sense of responsibility to be prepared to ‘fight tonight,’ — one Congressional aide

    Gotta fight tonight? The Canadians and Mexicans getting a little rowdy?

    The last time the U.S. was invaded was by General Francisco Villa by cross-border raids in 1916 and he met his maker later when he was shot up in a Dodge touring car. Pancho won’t be back.

    So much for Congressional aides.

    • Bob Thompson

      Thanks for the perspective. It’s a good thing our country slept through that little skirmish people used to talk about. World War something or other. Yeah, aren’t we all glad that was just a bad dream and didn’t really happen. Sprechen sie Deutsch?



    • Michael G Quigley

      Europe gets nothing from this country except fascism.


        No offense but that is one of the most idiotic statements I have read in a very long time.

      • G L Warn

        You need to do a little research.

    • Patriot

      Not going to happen under this President – He doesn’t know how to take care of a country only how to ruin one. He can’t even protect our Ambassador you know the one who died in Libya along with 3 other brave Americans. Good job covering it up though.

      • samtman

        It was your Republican Congress who introduced this bil and pushed it trough. This sequester law also affects every dime spend by the Federal Government including the cost milk to poor white children in West Virginia and Mississippi.

        • less

          The cost milk= The cost of milk
          To not just (White) Poor Children but all Poor children. When you pass out milk we don’t look what race they are, they are all hungry. .
          Slow down and read before you press the reply button. But first get you facts straight, Democrat’s voted for it to, needed their votes to pass.

          • Rue

            no did not need the dems it was the House who did all of this and they still are we have an incrdible surplus yet the GOP keeps playing games because they do not like a this pres. I personally feel they do not like him because they feel no black gunna give us orders but that is my feeling, anyway the house is GOP ruled so it neds not even one dem vote and if something isn’t done to stop the GOP their will soon be no min wage no food stamps no medical botom line nothing to help the middle class or the poor. I just pray americans wake up and boot those men out and puts in those who really want to listen to their bosses the american people.

          • dfinch

            I pray that you learn to read and process information. You haven’t a clue what you are talking about. If you think the GOP is all about food stamps, welfare, free medical, no taxes you are really in trouble. The party that will lose everything without these would be the Donkey party. Oh, by the way, are you on these programs and if so why are you so threatened and angry. Republicans/Conservatives give more to “charity” (that’s what these programs are} than any other group in the country. You might think about that before you end up losing everything. Which will happen when there isn’t any one left to tax….good example Cuba. Oh…Biden, Sharpton and Jackson would be on the dole if it weren’t for followers such as you sound to be. I guess the motto should be think before you speak. NIGHt!

          • realityanvil

            Do your parents “rue” the day you were born? If they happened to read your semi-literate post, that would be a great possibility.
            “incrdible surplus”? Are you out of your mind? Barry Soetero’s spent more unfunded money than ALL the presidents prior to Bush COMBINED.
            And your personal feelings are quite illustrative of your own racist attitude. Maybe you should have come out of the Choom Cloud you were in during your supposedly “educational” period: The Executive Branch (i.e., the President for those of you in Rue-ville) doesn’t GIVE ORDERS to anyone. Its purpose is to EXECUTE (get it?) the laws passed by Congress. You know, like protecting our borders? Like prosecuting thugs at Philadelphia polling places? Like defending American property under attack by Libyan jihadists instead of toddling off to bed?
            The GOP bent over backwards to work with Obama and he’s refused to even have them over, unless it was some greatly-publicized photo-op. Here’s a clue: it was publicized because it was UNUSUAL. It was NEWS when Obama mixed with the hoi-polloi in the House…

            Oh hell, I don’t know why I even bother.

          • cimmo

            “Care to bring some substance to the debate? Or are smartarse comments all you’re capable of?”

            ‘”Capable of”?? Learn your grammar, moron.’

            That is a situation I should have thought of.
            Never use a prepostion to end a sentence with!
            I can see it is behaviour you will not put up with.

            Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re unable to argue against the facts I’ve presented. I guess that indicates you agree with my position. Or probably just too ignorant to recognize any errors?


          • tarskarkas

            You should follow your own advise about slowing down and reading before posting , ” get YOU facts ” , ” voted for it TO ” , (TOO ) .

          • Dream

            tarskarkas: You were able to read it, that’s what matters, silly.


            Go for it!!!!

          • Voice of Reason

            You are on-point, less. tarskarkas is a sniper…

        • kathy

          it was obama who introduced the sequester, not rebuplicans


            here here……God forbid people should know the facts……….:(

          • Curtis Conway

            It’s “Hear Hear”.

          • Robert

            Most definetly..

          • stepheneng

            Obama introduced the idea only after Boehner refused to take his own proposed solution to the debt crisis to his own House for a vote. The President (mistakenly, it turns out) believed that the Republicans wouldn’t want to see America’s defense system crippled. Turns out he was wrong on that: they don’t care any more about defense than about starving children or unemployed workers.

          • PolicyWonk

            It was the republicans – Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, who announced to their minions that the GOP “got everything they wanted” out of the sequester.
            Now, as is typical, they are too cowardly to accept any responsibility for their actions (and/or lack thereof).
            But lets not let facts enter the discussion – baseless opinions always work better for what passes for the conservative of today.

          • Jack

            And it was republicans that made it happen.

        • dfinch

          It actually was Jack Lew’s input that recommended sequestration. When it came time for it to take affect the republicans allowed Obama and his merry men to move around money as they saw fit but Obama refused. He wanted it to hurt.

        • Rue

          you are a breath of fresh air, you actually know your facts ~ thanks


          “through” “spent”…..whatever ……sequester was a compromise accepted by both sides. Obama voted for it for Gods sake (even though he never thought that one through). Nobody likes it but the message is clear….cut spending…that is the SERIOUS issue which will effect everyone directly in this country in the long run and partly in the short run for many many years.The cuts are clear and necessary, like them or not, although I have to say the President lost on his message by not letting the “people” visit and see the White House. BIG mistake….the cost of visits by those who pay for the “HOUSE” is minimal next to that stupid trip…VACATION…he and his family took to Africa. Let’s see this is the (not sure of the exact number but ridiculous) ?# of vacations, golf trips and parties for our brilliant “celebrities” from Hollywood who (other than acting) haven’t a clue when it comes to National and Foreign Affairs…..much less local. A true sad “state” of affairs.

          • qcubed

            Well, it’s fewer vacations than Bush. Can’t say about the costs in total, but it is probably very similar.

          • Voice of Reason

            Wrong. Fail. Not even close…

          • stepheneng
          • Shepardwong

            Thanks for the link! I wish more people would read the article associated with it, along with the two links at the bottom re: Obama’s greatest accomplishments as well as failures. Of course many people would believe anything written in these articles anyway, they’ll only believe what they want to believe.

          • qcubed

            Not even close. Please stop living the life of a drone.

          • G L Warn

            Bush spend his vacations on his ranch didn’t he and Camp David? Odumo’s trip to Africa costs us tax payers $100 million!

          • qcubed

            And Laura Bush’s trips were free? She admitted to going there four or five times and her husband went twice, costing the tax payer more than Obama’s single trip. But you had no outrage then, did you?

          • Jack

            And how much did Nazi Bush African vacation cost us?

          • herromerr

            dude..this country can whip up a string of whatever jet it wants in a wag of a dogs tail at any time and on any given day.

          • Voice of Reason

            Dude…we no longer have a machine tool industry. We are no longer the greatest nation in the world…we now count hamburgers in our GDP…

          • Scott Thrasher

            Yep those are Part Time jobs they are counting as NEW JOBS not full time Manufacturing Jobs. In Fact they can’t find people to FILL those jobs because we have become a country of “University” wags. We have a President that couldn’t run a night crew at the Local 7-11. He would be FIRED from running the back drive up window at McDonalds.

          • realityanvil

            We have cut funds from the very organizations which ensure the survival of this country in threatening times, and left untouched the 60% of money spent on entitlements. Pay the “entitled” back what they contributed and call it a day. If they didn’t contribute, how about we go back to CCCs and put them to work? Our military is the ONLY branch of government who have consistently operated as requested, in spite of the idiots in government who control them from time to time. The Welfare System is the second-most damaging, system of oppression ever saddled upon a group of people in this country. It’s ensured the failure of a whole race.

          • Jack

            Yes welfare to Wall Street is damming and so is the military industrial complex.

          • PolicyWonk

            Wrong. That trip was partially a diplomatic mission, and the other part was pure business-oriented (before you post nonsense, you should really know something about what you are posting). The POTUS went to Africa to promote and ease the way for more American investment and sales of
            American goods to the entire African continent (where we have been notably been lacking, and would provide entirely new markets for American goods and services).
            This has been a common activity for every US president for almost all of US history.

          • Jack

            What king of uninformed pos can say Obama votes.

        • Rosie46

          Is that also the Obama’s billion dollars in vacations and his golf outings? Maybe he and the royal family should stay home and save some money like the rest of us.

          • stepheneng

            Are you REALLY dumb enough to fall for that nonsense? Or is it just a game you’re playing. He’s played less golf than Clinton, taken fewer vacation days (by half) than either Bush or Reagan, and he didn’t haul his entire family (at taxpayer expense) to the Peking Olympics or on an African safari.

          • zoltan

            Billions of dollars in golf and vacations, come on Rosie you know that is false. What is not false is that Bush wasted $2.2 trillion dollars when he illegally invaded non threatening Iraq.
            That’s a fact Rosie, how come you didn’t mention that?

          • Scott Thrasher

            IS a FACT that the Weapons of MASS DISTUCTION we are seeing Syria actually CAME from Hussain’s Iraq. When they were transfered there by the Iragie Air Force just prior to the first Iraq war? Stated so by a Iraq Air Force General.

          • alouisis

            Please tell us how it is you know this, but no one else does.

          • Jack

            Billions wasted on teabagging scum.

          • PolicyWonk

            This demonstrates a level of ignorance that is profound. Unlike his predecessor, this POTUS works HARD, even when on “vacations” (according to his staff).
            His predecessor, couldn’t even be bothered to read the one-page summaries of the 40 page reports his staffer prepared for him. So now you have an idea of why so many lousy “decisions” were made by the “decider”, who also had the shortest average working day of any POTUS in history, and spent more time on vacation than any POTUS in history (Obama, in this respect, doesn’t even approach a decent fraction compared to GWB).

          • Gregory Hinton

            billion dollar vacations is nonsense, fool.

          • God

            Billions lol

          • ICU812

            I’m no O fan but he’s our pres.. They all take breaks .So would anybody with the presssures of that office.That doesn’t mean I like him or his distruction of this country ,but bit***n about takin breaks ??

        • independent80951

          BS: you know full well this was OBama’s idea, HE signed it into law…. just another example of why liberals have no credibility; no matter what BS they come up with, it’s always the “other guys” fault!

          • PolicyWonk

            NO credibility? Before you shoot your mouth off about credibility – and spew how wonderful everything is/was under what passes for a “republican” administration, consider this simple comparison:
            State of the Union inherited by George W Bush, versus State of the Union inherited by Barak Obama.
            After 8 years of republicans (and Fox News) telling the nation how great everything was under GOP “management”, all we got was:
            – The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression
            – the worst string of foreign policy and national security disasters in US history (by far)
            – The largest exodus of US jobs and dual-use technology in history
            – And the rest of the worlds population considering the US a larger threat to world peace than IRAN.
            Any questions?

        • 1950semperfi

          Lets see a $100 million for vacation in Africa,8 $billion gift for his home land, he is spending money like a drunken sailor but you and the other brain dead still think he is the greatest

          • G L Warn

            $7 billion, but yes, we don’t have the money. I guess just keep going into debt to China and let the next president worry about it.

        • Voice of Reason

          How about a little common sense. I was right there when Bush turned into a fiscal idiot in his last term, so I can speak the truth now. We have a finite amount of money unless we want to go bankrupt. A lion’s share of the money is being spent on giveaway programs. The giveaways CAUSED the sequestration. Don’t blame the repubs (at least this time around), blame the giveaways.

        • Ralph

          What’s this “white children” crap…sounds a little racists to me!

        • MeMe29

          The President signed this horrible bill. Blame him. He did not have to.

      • v

        It’s the Republicans, stupid.

      • God

        You mean under any president and we don’t give any welfare to Europe. How about those jet liners smashing into buildings good job Bush. LOL

      • qcubed

        Get over your tea bagging queen.

      • Adetunde

        Or any other one either I guess the aid to EUROPE and Israel started with the half white mutt… Obama…please. like he is liberating the disproportionate rate of black men in US jails , or giving aid to poor African and other struggling Black countries like Haiti or giving unbalanced aid to blacks right here in America! ..I imagine if he did you so called patriots head would explode. He is following the agenda that has been laid before him.. just admit since he half black you just cant stand it, I would respect you more , instead of suggesting that he is doing anything other than promoting the all European agenda. Just for the record I don’t like his ass either but obviously for different reasons.

      • tikitools1

        much blame goes to Mitch McConnell and the lame congress that works against us, congressional budget cuts to embassy security also led to tragedy in Libya there is much blame to go around

      • zoltan

        LOL, you obviously have no idea how our 272 over seas missions are run. Our President whether Bush, Obama or whomever has nothing to do with over seeing these 272 missions. Neither does the Sec of State who is technically in charge.
        Do you really think Obama or for that matter Clinton would be in the know for a request for 6 additional soldiers? Only an uneducated or an ignorant moron would make such a statement as your’s .

      • Gregory Hinton

        that Ambassador refused military help more than once. No cover-up because unlike the little bush administration this one doesn’t out CIA operations or agents.

      • Jack

        Benghazi CIA gun runners are not ambassadors.

    • v

      You don’t even know how little that is, do you George?
      Just pass the paranoid prattle.

      Look up how little we spend abroad.

    • Stryker218

      More like cut the aid to South America, Africa, middle east and the rest of the world, when did America become the handout country, we might be rich but we’re 17 trillion broke, and infrastructure is totally falling apart, we need that money!

      • God

        We have been giving a extremely small amount of our treasure as aid we have spent far more on Iraq I bet then the total foreign add since WWII


          Why in God’s name do you call yourself God? We have done nothing but give…give…give and Iraq is a drop in the bucket. No offense but I think you might be an idiot (oh, for future reference…love the word).

      • Rue

        have u looked around?? stock mkt is golden, do is golden, jobs beginning to open, oh yes and we have 11 billion surplus well go figure that. the GOP ants people to think we are circling the drain, well big business is making triple profits riding high as is the 1% but they do not want u to kno that so their media keeps lying to those who only listen to them and then crys how bad it is. with the GOP the only ones to feel bad will be the middle class the poor theyare making sure of that

        • qcubed

          I think quantitative easing is why the stock market is up the way it is….

    • Brendan

      You should learn something about the budget before posting and know that how DOD chooses to use their money has nothing to do with foreign aid.
      But, hey… don’t let facts get in the way of your outrage.

      • PolicyWonk

        How right you are. There are so many lame-brained trolls here that are pretending that their opinions are somehow supported by facts is incredible.
        But that seems to be the Tea-Party way.

    • Robert

      How about QUIT some of the Welfare pay outs here to the 47 % who are on some sort of Government hand out…Sorry folks, but I am getting old, I can’t keep working my tail off forever, some of you able bodied and Mexicans that arent even suppose to be here are going to have to get a job, yes, get of your computer, find something you can do with your exagerated back injuries. We can not sustain you any longer…And George, thier are no “welfare payouts to Europe”, matter of fact, we owe A LOT of money to foriegn governments,,China ring a bell?

      • PolicyWonk

        Wrong. This claim is asinine, and has been debunked many times already. The VAST majority of those you claim are getting something “free” are retirees that PAID their taxes their entire working lives.
        Millions of new recipients of food stamps, welfare, and unemployment were put there by GOP polices that disenfranchised these workers by sending their jobs (and many thousands of dual-use technologies, and the tax base) to Communist China – solely in return for short-term profits for their supporters.
        Read Pat Buchanan’s many editorials on this topic. Your statements were even debunked by Fox News.

    • Zoltan

      The biggest recipient of what you described as “welfare payments” is Isreal, we give them almost $4 billion dollars a year.

    • radsenior

      Quit all the BS – It doesn’t matter who you want to blame – They are all to blame! Two wrongs cannot fix it right! Sequestration is in effect and the two-year olds are still pouting over the presidential race! If the Congress finally gets together and passes the laws for the land, things will happen. Till then, suffer the children!

    • alouisis

      That does not amount to enough money to fix a thing.

  • StevenRobert

    No question readiness falls off with less training, and probably is most acute with fighter aircraft.
    Simulators can maintain some skills, and simulators are probably being upgraded as well, and virtual reality may make it difficult to tell the real from simulated missions.

    With electronic warfare, there may not even be visual cues.
    The planes are getting old, if not wearing out, and the main replacement, the F35 joint strike fighter still is not replacing front line aircraft in any numbers, and F22 production was cut short, and I think there were 187 operational aircraft. It is primarily air superiority, however set up for ground attack, however why they would ever use it in ground attack with 150 million fly away cost is beyond me.
    B52’s are probably going on over 50 years old.

    Aircraft seem to be lasting longer than ships with maintenance, refurbishing and upgrading.
    Still other countries, China and Russia are certainly building up their military forces right now, with newer highly capable aircraft being developed, and advances in missile technology in both anti-air and anti-ship missions. Iran also is developing it’s technological base as fast as it can.

    The only option the US has presently is more intense training to develop superior pilots, and crews to get the absolute utmost out of the older aircraft and technology, in hopes of competing head to head with countries which are rapidly incorporating advanced technology into their armed forces.

  • (O_o)

    Was wondering about all the inane comments… Then I realized it’s summer vacation.
    And the children are on their parents computers…

  • River Hawk

    the man and woman in our government are hideously evil. they are so bad now they are placing our great men and women in great peril. they are just pure wickedness!!!!

  • TeaPot

    Maybe, just maybe if congress allowed the military buy only what they need, things may get a little better

  • Duane

    B-52’s are over 60 years old and still the backbone of our long range strike forse capability. Build’em right and they’ll fly forever.

  • Douglas Merkel

    The congress wants to keep making 3000 new tanks in OHIO when there
    are 5000 tanks in storage in Arizona not being used. But that would
    create unemployment in a republican controlled district in the house.
    So you can see the congress does not care about wasteful spending.
    only being reelected.

    • metusmetu

      You’re right! What the heck we need all those tanks for??!

      • abinc

        I’d like to have one to drive the 405 between the Valley and Downtown.

  • The I

    We have 10 air craft carriers and the cost of operating 10 air craft carriers. Russia has 2 and the cost of operating two. Germany has none. Portugal has none. China has 1. So who is the US preparing to fight? God? It doesn’t look they are preparing to fight too many forces on earth.

  • Mike

    Of course we can cut some of the defense industry. We spend $687B and there is no where in the budget to cut? We dont need to wage a war on drugs or terror or women.

  • george S

    Tell me again why we need to spend 8 times more money on military then all militaries in the world combined….name something beyond wall street greed and having too many generals and admirals looking out for their jobs. Don’t use anything having to do with fear because that is paranoia created by the super rich.

  • oneeyedpiraraterebel

    I don’t get why we give all this money to Syria,and Africa? When we can’t even fund our own military first? This tells me Obama is not for America. Sorry if the truth hurts.
    You really think giving our money away is doing us good? NOT

  • Altered

    …I see posts stating past Presidents have done the same as the present one….my question would be..does not this fit in the area of ‘Change’?…should not the currant President be more Frugal and set a new stage for future Presidents to follow?…should not the ‘Change’ start right from the Horses mouth?…Pathetic is what it is…as far as ‘all the glory of being on that staff and helping the President’s spend ‘Our/We’ the People’s hard earned money..not much to brag about…

    • Eileen Smith

      Very good point.

  • Concerned

    From someone who was a military spouse for fifteen years, this is the best written article I have ever read about the reality of our American Air Force’s situation. Sad the air superiority that has protected us for so long is in jeopardy. Would you climb in an almost 50-year-old jet built in 1965 and plummet towards the earth hoping the stress fractures didn’t give way? Many brave men and women who do this everyday. I thank God they do and I pray our country decides to do the right thing. To stop all the bailouts, the handouts and start protecting us all once again. And defending your right to completely disagree with this opinion.

    • Eileen Smith

      And this my fellow Americans is what the whole point of the article was all about and said with style. Thank you “concerned”.

  • Bud Holzman

    If the President would not spend 150 million on his vacation to Africa maybe our jets could fly again.

  • Guest

    What do you want with a socialistic countr? Obama does not care. He goes around campaigning on our tax dollars and having fun…

  • nancypray

    What do you want with a socialistic country? Obama does not care. He made too many promises that were broken. He goes around the world campaigning on our tax dollars money and having fun.

  • topperG

    I wonder how many air force civilian employees are furloughed….

  • Grego Kennedy

    End the Federal Reserve!!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    I wonder who is responsible for making the U.S. more tactically vulnerable to it’s enemies by grounding the military? I wonder who is calling for a world-wide reduction to elimination of nuclear weapons, once again a tactically unsound move that places us in a state of partial not complete readiness to repel an all-out attack by a foreign power? I wonder who is making less money available to the public with greater tax burdens and now having to pay for healthcare that many suggest is needed despite an economy that is less then sublime? I’m not sure what the answers to all these questions are but maybe the problems they invoke will disappear in January, 2017.

    • Eileen Smith

      There is an old saying “when pigs fly”, comes to mind.

  • b

    I guess the 100 Million Obozo spent on his little side trip to Africa could not have waited, One thing he sure is constant about and that is not having any sort of gauge of priority . I could name many things he has done so out of order. What was SO important about the trip to Africa that it takes priority over military readiness?? any of you paid for libs wanaa comment I am sure many of us would LOVE to hear the BS you must have ready

  • Grego Kennedy

    Also. Cut all aid to Israel, the country that steals and gives away our military industrial technology to China.

  • Steve in DC

    Since Homeland Security and the US citizens do the bulk of actually defending our country now…. let’s do some updating: Keep the Coast Guard… and some of the Air Force, the Army and the Navy… and spin the rest off…. privatize the larger part…. They can hire themselves out to big corporations and other gov’ts. Maybe lean on some countries to earn some money.

  • Let’s Keep The Record Straight

    The author has forgotten to prominently mention that “sequestration” was an idea directly from the Obama White House… President Obama, earlier this year, fibbed and tried to say that the Republicans had authored the plan. Actually, President Obama, through his minions, presented the concept of “Sequestration” as an assurance to the Republicans that they were negotiating over the 2013 budget in ‘good faith’… That is, if both sides failed to strike a successful deal, they look bad on the national stage.

    It looks like the author of this article, not unlike President Obama himself, has forgotten whose plan Sequestration was in the first place,

    Since it was President Obama’s idea originally, all of the “fiscal pain” that results from this “melodrama” is his, as well…

  • diane

    i have a good solution cut budget for Air Forse One to zero. Have all politians fly commercial.

    • Eileen Smith

      spell check please.

  • Greg Schaper

    And yet we have $7,000,000,000.00 to give to Africa for electric power. Huh?

  • Keith Gagomiros

    Wannabe Pundits!

  • Pastori Balele

    Please don’t blame President Obama. President Obama laid
    down his budget to Congress. But the greedy Republicans and leadership of
    Cry-Baby Boehner stalled the budget in Sequester. So please don’t vote for
    republicans next year and in 2016. Let them go home and manage their

    • Just Me

      We have not had a budget for 5 years. Two of those years were fully controlled by Democrats. So why is this the Republican”s fault? Get the facts right before you point fingers.

  • samtman

    Hard to believe that just a 5% cut back in expenses can cause all of these reduction in defense activity.

    • suddie

      Thats the way obama wanted it.

  • george jack arnold take your p

    not much here but a bunch blow hard ignorance

  • jed

    Hey, the rest of us have to budget on LESS!!!
    IF they would not waste money on foolish things maybe they would have funds for real needs!!!!

  • slboudet

    Imagine if That Palin LAdy and Mc Insane won back in 2008?
    we wouldn’t worry about silly stuff like this because there would be no economy, no electricity, no food, no education, no police, no army.. the world would have ended by now.
    Thank GOD FOR OBAMA!!!!!!!!

    • suddie

      obama is the enemy within.

  • suddie


  • suddie


  • harry

    Stop all welfare payments everywhere here and there or to recieve welfare you have to work for it even if it is sweeping streets see how long they stay on welfare

  • Ruth Harvey

    The Defense Department must have the ability to provide, plan and buy methods that will defend the United States of America now and in the future. I would like the military and civilians who work for the Defense Department to buy (contract or perform) the duties that give Americans the most safety.

  • Rich

    The president and his family spend enough on vacations and needless trips to
    keep the entire air force running for a year.. Discusting.

  • denoferth

    As usual, more American service men and women will die in the next inevitable conflict because of the inept actions of this governments illconceived actions.

  • guest

    we can’t fly our military planes but Obama can go home to Africa and promise them 7 billion dollars this is bs and he should be impeached over it

  • Don Mason

    Stop sending money to the countries that hate us and take care of the USA first you EFFEN MORONS.

  • Skip Manley

    It’s ok, BO got his African vacation..

  • sunnyone

    Duh….Only Democrat presidents are stupid enough to make cuts to our Military. Two Russian subs went undetected in the gulf of Mexico until later when they were leaving a month later.

  • CA Dreaming

    We know retired military personnel – from MP’s to the Managers of the Commissary – that are now able to rent condo’s, villa’s, apartments, etc. all over the world for $350 per week. They never have a problem booking – the rentals are usually empty – even in Europe and the Carribbean – and have told me numerous times that they can get multiple rentals for guests and it’s cheaper to rent the whole week even if you stay one day. Why do we have these rentals? The property taxes, the upkeep, the maintenance, the legions of people that must be employed to book, rent and follow-up. For what? So a retired clerk can stay somewhere cheap? So some MP can stay where a General can also stay? What employer in the entire world does this for eternity? The hidden waste in our government is horrific and then they have to nerve to write a sob story. Cry me a river and sell the thousands upon thousands of properties around the WORLD that the US owns for pure leisure purposes and lets see how much money that generates.

  • Mike

    Ground AF 1 will save this country more than money but also face!

  • Jim M

    Why don’t we just invite those who hate us to comeon in and take it all? if we are going to cut our Miltary back so much, remember wold war two? we had large ct’s ten and look how much it cost us..

  • Catalina Hime

    They also cancelled all of the airshows :-(

  • Judo Chop

    I have to poop.

  • bosco

    Why are we even training pilots anymore? Unmanned aircraft are a better idea. They can just train on computer simulators, then fly drones from a trailer somewhere, miles from a battle area, while sipping a coke. Hell, let the kids fly the drones. They’d probably do it for free,and they’re better at it anyway.

  • Cappy2

    Lets sequester AF-1 this week-end,park it on the apron, and take a couple of suburbans and go golfing locally. The money saved there alone should let the school kids tour the White House through the end of the summer.

  • Mix

    Drones are the answer. 10th of the cost. Why put another dime into any manned military aircraft? Forget all the political crap, get real. Our millitary costs to much!

  • Darrell Elmore

    Piss on Egypt, Iraq, afghanistan, and Syria and keep Obama at home! Lots of money wasted there!

  • Sarah

    The media at large no longer knows (or cares) how to report unbiased honest news so that people even have a chance of knowing FULL news stories so they have what they need to make informed decisions. Politics has taken over countries truthful reporting. Many of these comments are right on and written by people who seem to search out truth. This country is dying and it is Washington that is driving it and most people seem to be more wrapped up in their little lives not even noticing. The way we are going is the way many have gone before us and guess what—-they don’t exist anymore.

  • Dave

    Bet the first family vacation and excursion budget remains sky high. Time for another $100 million dollar trip with no sequester applied. Nice to be King. (well he hasn’t been told that he is not)

  • Ted

    good then we wont have to help other countries when they need our help we can finally use the money for whats important who needs air force during peacetime anyways?

  • Brendan

    Whoever put this article together was lazy in their research about the Thunderbirds.
    The attached photo is an A-10 Thunderbolt and has nothing to do with the Thunderbirds. When doing an image search, they should have typed more than just the word “thunder” when looking for aircraft.

    • Colin Clark

      It’s an A-10 Thunderbolt — not the Thunderbirds. The A-10 is popularly known as the Warthog, but it’s formal name is the Thunderbolt.

      • Brendan

        Yes, I know. That’s what I wrote. Why are you telling me that?
        I was correcting whoever attached a photo of a Thunderbolt to this article about the Thunderbirds.

  • Kevin2013

    Do you think the war on so called “terror” is free it has bin costing America an American tax payers billioins since the beginning of the first world war… What America needs to do is let these people do whatever they want to do in thier own countries ans stop snooping, these people never attacked America, but we spend billions in troops, transports an salaries taking the war to them and FYI, its the republicians thats always blood thristy for war, from Korean’s, to the Germans, to the Soviets, to Arab’s, to Afirca’s, to Communist Cuba, back to Arabs…. Why dont we jus mind our own business, and why dont you stop blaming others when our leaders are at fault, I think the real reason America cant bring our troops home is because we wont have jobs to stick them all in or debrief and desencatize them… Wake up America, the more we call for war is the more our milk, heat, housing an taxes go up, we’ll be the tool of our own demise….

  • David Kirk

    More than one way to reduce the military power of the U S A …eh…Obama????

  • Kevin2013

    we’ve fought almost every race that walks this eartjh even “WHITE EUROPE” so its not race or tribe, we jus can’t mind our own business and its costing us… who insures our war planes, guess what they aren’t, so when a 60 million F22 gets blown out of the sky its gone at own expense, when we spend billions on aircraft carriers, choppers and troops, what do you think will happen back home, come on guys, we support blindly and don’t see what its doing to us internally… regardless of what state agency we belong to, we need to think about home first, bring our defences home and protect us if the fight ever comes and chances are, no one will because America is Hard Core, we jus need to mind our own business, if Arabs want to behead their own and opresss their own let them and if Korea wants to be communist be my guess, because America is for Gay rights don’t see them attacking us for what we believe in, why should we attack them? Just leave the bastards alone

  • GHH

    Funny how there are billions to give other countries that hate America and make it very clear. There are millions for Obama to take his family on needless vacations across the globe yet no money to take care of America.

  • Gabe G

    423 million to keep these planes flying til October. That’s just four Obama family vacations, folks!!

  • gradkiss

    I was not impressed with the size of the Nimitz … but I view the united States another way than most people….I see people when others see coins…I see people when others are reaching for guns.
    They can park the thunderbirds somewhere where everyone can look at them and forget the presidential libraries. Films and books work real well for Presidents.The survival of people should be the priority when there is a bad economic event going on anyway…that usually prevents crime and also helps the military’s dependants.

  • qcubed

    Cut pensions and bonuses and raises for the high command. As a start.

  • angelluck59

    They cut the full time workers one days pay a week. Come on they don’t make that much as it is that the government had to cut the there pay. What about cutting all the for non Americans coming into this country. No, they cut our hard working full time National Guards, where would be with out them they protect us. What a shame they should come up with something better. My brothers pay was cut one day a week Air Force National Guards over 32 years in full time federa; government employee. My point cut the dam non Americans coming into this country. Sorry, but when you cut pays then you know there not doing something right.

  • A. Patriot

    Doesn’t that BOTHER ANY LIBERALS ?????
    ====== AS SOON AS POSSIBLE =======

  • Dirk

    Apparently we can afford to send F-16’s to Egypt, but can’t take care of our own country’s military needs. What a failure of an administration.

  • jamine

    Obama could have given up the very expensive Image enhancer (yes, I jest) trip to Africa with way tooo large an enterage…and contributed those saved dollars toward the military necessities. Reallocation of spending; that is what we all would do in our households if funds were tight. What’s good for the goise

  • Willie Smith

    WTF If you idiots say BENGHAZI one more freaking time…. 4 people died that day and many more will die on the streets of America tonight! Stuff happens! Turn of Faux News and forget the Benghazi crap it’s so ridiculous it’s funny

  • Stew

    What kind of President leads a military in not providing training for it’s military??? What kind of President cuts it’s military personnel and in turn severely weakens that military in it’s ability to defend and protect American’s at home and abroad???? In these very uncertain times world wide.
    We have a President who is leaderless idiot!!!

  • toad

    If Obama would keep his nose out of issues such as the Zimmerman case and stop his crusade to eliminate personal weapons and focus on trying to get some kind of budget compromise for the country we might be better off.

  • Peter Brown

    It’s about time we stopped wasting billions on a defense budget that is bigger than the next five countries combined while having some of the worst medical and educational facilities in the world.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez

      Do you believe Michael Moore’s movie Sicko is correct?

  • Sherry

    So we can give jets and billions away to countries that house terrorists but we cut back on our military?

  • WildPete

    There is always tons of waste in all budgets, Its a good time for the government to look at everything and tighten thier belt.

  • Kevin L.

    …and the ‘Blame Game’ continues to flourish. Everyone playing politics while the country spirals in the wrong direction. Why can’t you all see that this is your number one negative issue? It is a huge fault, and will eventually end badly; very badly.

  • ELP

    Brilliant, it will take at least another 3 or 4 months to get those squadrons up to speed again… and then what will the budget idiots do? Down more squadrons? And while the rule goes for 1 month being down it takes at least another month to get a squadron back up to basic competency, if it is done for too long, it could take it a year before a squadron can pass a readiness inspection.

    • Colin Clark

      The dance on operating budgets between Congress and the Air Force and Navy — not to mention SOCOM — is going to get really interesting once the new fiscal year begins in October.

  • chuck

    There are 3 brand new dodge chargers in front of the recruiter office in our town. do they really need these? cut this perc and they would have enough money to fly jets

  • bill

    I was fishing in the Lower Potomac Saturday and several of those Wart Hog jets were having a good time flying overhead. Quiet a sight! Very interesting looking airplanes when viewed up close, and they were flying very low.
    From the PAX River naval base I would assume, which is near by.

  • Ratsass2

    They can cut our military by not training pilots but they have money to send planrs to Egypt and train their pilots Obama is selling us out

  • Bearseas

    Take the money from Obama’s “I need to go play golf” budget and there would be a surplus.

  • Bearseas

    One more FACT: The sequester is a “Reduction in the amount of increase of the budget”. That means that they are spending more this year than they did last year. They are just not getting the 5 or 10 percent increase that they wanted. On my drunkest day I could manage the BUDGET better than the fools in Washington.

  • rlpl02

    Congress grows fat while the country becomes weak.

  • JoeC

    This administration is doing what Jimmy Carter did and Bill Clinton did and what all modern era demoncrats have done and dismantle our military in favor of their special interest programs. It took Ronald Reagan to rebuild us to a force that has lasted this long and has been able to do so many amazing things. We still are flying the B52 which has been in service for almost 60 years!!! We need an administration that will defend this nation against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. You know that silly little oath they swear to when they are sworn into office.

  • oandroplex700

    why dont we cut back on obama multi million dollar bogus trips and tax payer funded vacations, that would save us untold millions

  • Altered

    ..does anyone know if Obama Golfed before he became the President?

  • jamiealex1569

    I have a few easy solutions. Cut EVERY ILLEGAL off the American entitlement tit, Stop sending trillions every month to foreign aid (Esp. to countries that want to kill us, and countries that don’t try and help themselves first. They just depend on handouts) Stop ALL funding to racially motivated groups like the NAACP, ETC. Do NOT allow anyone from any other country to collect social security. Hell they didn’t put into the S.S pot to have anything to claim. Stop hiring Spanish speaking teachers to schools just because they have Mexican students who can’t and don’t want to learn how to speak English. Our ancestors had to learn English right away when they came to this country. NO ONE in congress, senate, government needs to make a half a million dollars a year. They work for us the citizens and the government thinks we should be able to make a living off of minimum wage well so should the governments employees! If it’s good enough for us to have to do, then it should be good enough for them to do. Hold the “To big to fail” banks, mortgage companies, Wall street, ETC. Basically everyone who was bailed out to pay back EVERY DIME that was sent to them in the bailout with interest. They fucked up, got greedy with other peoples money, and even after getting bailed out gave their CEO’s millions of dollars in bonuses with the bail out money. If your company had to be bailed out, then I damn sure don’t think ANYONE in that company deserves a bonus! This is just the tip of the iceberg of things I can think of that would save America trillions of dollars EVERY MONTH! I could keep going, but I think you all get the point!

  • Mark Adams

    So Obozo the clown can spend 100 million plus on a trip to Africa for his family but we’re grounding our planes?

  • guest

    obama is an orator, not a leader…he nows how to talk and lead the people into his way of thinking ……. kind of like hitler did back then!

  • rightsright

    Every day we hear of another cut to our security(supposedly because of money)actual
    projects wasting our money and then we hear about FEMA coffins and Concentrations Camps all around our nation? Are we starting to get the picture of Obama’s agenda?

  • Schlep

    What a sick joke… The “sequestration” is nothing more than a reduction in the INCREASE of spending! There are NO spending cuts! If the govt. is shutting something down it is a direct finger in the eye of the dumb taxpayer.

  • rightsright

    There is one trip I would like to see the Obamas go on, both Obama and Michelle. One of the Shria(not sure of spelling) law countries. We have figured out that Obama is Muslim and I would like to see how Michelle is able to go there with him as his equal, so to speak. He is a phony Christian. Also he pretends to want tolerance from blacks and all against George Zimmerman, while he has instructed Eric Holder to push it to the hilt.
    Divide, divide, divide, until we are helpless!

  • Stevojax

    The sequester seems to be a good thing because no one has the political will to cut anything including defense. It should be done like this all the time. The defense should be able to get by with more than 700 billion annually in non war funding.

  • ccrazyvwdude

    Praise King Insane Obumer he will save us all I am sure of it what once made the US great is in the past. The King, King Insane Obumer will now save us all and that my friends is horrifying. Do you s Russia or do you see the Germans cutting back on there defence of there country??????????????????? Why should we because King Insane Obumer said so?????????????

  • rightsright

    Willie smith
    Benghazi! If you would listen to FOX you would find out that something sinister has gone on that led to the death of 4 Americans and it is all being covered up. If this were under George Bush or any other Conservative, would you not want to hear the word


    How much did Mr. Obama spend on his African Vacation (don’t even try to say is was more productive/purposeful than a vacation)……$100,000,000? How much for sending the family & friends around the world on vacation over the past 5 years?….golf?….new ride? The men & women of the Air Force deserve a boss (don’t have a leader) that respects the fact they keep him, his family, and the rest of us (the commoners and useful idiots) safe. For what this regime, George Sorus, and others are intentionally doing to this country, instead of a library, a prison should be built to remember their actions…..a really big prison….with free lodging for the people who participated in this coup (media, regime, race hustlers, education/university re-education camps, George Soros, and the other malicious people behind the scene). Enough is enough! AIR FORCE AND THE OTHER BRAVE MILITARY BRANCHES…..WE SUPPORT YOU, WILL COVER THE EXPENSES YOU DEEM NECESSARY TO MAINTAIN THE BEST MILITARY IN THE WORLD! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US SAFE! THANK YOU TO YOUR FAMILIES THAT GO THROUGH EACH DAY WITHOUT YOU AND KEEP IT TOGETHER. PLEASE KNOW WE ARE BEHIND YOU. FURTHER, PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY FOR A GOVERNMENT THAT HAS TURNED/WORKING AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE AND YOUR MISSION. AS WE WORK THROUGH THIS MESS AND A GENERATION OF USEFUL IDIOTS, STAY FOCUSED, AND KNOW WE ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS SMOKE & MIRROR CIRCUS THAT HAS TAKEN OVER OUR COUNTRY!

  • kellyboy

    Ground our own planes, all the while giving them to other nations. Seems there is something very wrong with this picture.

    • guest

      yes , it’s the people who voted obama in again.

  • ta1wing

    Butthead gives his muslim sisterhood buddies billions but we can’t get money for our United States Air Force… The word “Treason” come to mind

    • guest

      no,, impeachment comes to mind!!!

  • Trenchtown Rocket

    And yet we are still giving away BILLIONS of dollars to Egypt among other undeserving nations. When will the so called ‘leaders’ – read pandering, opportunistic, bought and paid for politicians – of this country finally learn that we have an OBLIGATION to take care of OUR OWN NEEDS FIRST and FOREMOST before we go shovelling our hard earned and BORROWED money into the corrupt, greedy coffers of those who could care less if we survive as a nation and a people? It is Americans and America FIRST and ALWAYS when it comes to MY TAX DOLLARS!

  • jerome ennis

    I have a novel idea, how about curtailing The Obama’s Big Adventure Tour of the World to entertain their Chicago Cronies, who they carry on all their extravagant vacation excursions, and cut out Obama’s one million dollar golf outings with celebrities. Their vacation spending alone, which is around 3 billion dollars since taking office in 2009. That could have more than funded the Thurnerbirds, a National Icon, and also in upgrading the aforesaid aircraft and missile programs, with enough left over to fund the White House Tours and other Public Service programs. But, the Obama’s own conspicuous consumption at tax payers expense, takes precedence over the military and national defense. We have to end the Obama’s Big Adventure and Tour of the World.

    • guest

      like i said before on the site..impeachment comes to mind!!!



  • jerome ennis

    I have all along called the Obama
    Presidency: Mooch-Elle and Barack’s Big Adventure at tax payers
    expense. This is what you get when you elect Entitlement-Minded
    miscreants to any public office. This is running all around the
    country at local and state levels, but Obama is the first
    Entitlement-Minded Affirmative Action POTUS and he and his brood has
    brought Conspicuous Consumption to new heights as long as the Tax
    Payers are picking up the tab for their extravagances.

    • guest

      WOW..a lot of 50 cent words in their . i am impressed

  • Phil the vet

    This is why we should get all democrats out of Washington. The “Sequester” was set up to stop flagrant misuse of the taxpayer’s dollar. The Senate, controlled by Democrats, put the biggest cuts into national defense and saved their pet welfare projects. So, the prime purpose of the federal government, by constitution, “provide for a common defense’, has been abrogated to provide for the common welfare recipient

  • grandma 54

    THE PRESIDENT IS AN IDIOT!!! NUFF SAID, IMPEACH HIM!! he won’t be happy till the united states is broke!!

  • Falcon

    George, I agree… The Obama-Wamma Administration is bound and determined to take us back to the prior date of World War II, where we were caught with our pants down. It always seems when the demos take control of our nations defense all goes down the crapper. Stop funding Egypt and other foreign countries the billions they get every year, while laughing at us as they put those funds in VIP’s personal piggy banks. I doubt, if at all, they are required to account for ever dollar sent or spent. The Middle East is not going to change. It hasn’t changed for the past 2000 plus years. It’s the only section of the world where blood is spilt in the name of God or Allah… Now, it splatters the ground just because tribal sects just hate each other and fanatics brainwash suicide bombers to think they are martyrs with virgins waiting for them in heaven. How stupid is that? Besides, if anyone was really stupid enough to launch a full attack Israel, the nukes would end the war within a week… So just quit sending money there, Obama-Wamma, you are embarrassing us to no end. They are laughing at us…

  • Zoltan

    Get rid of the F-35, that will free up over $400 billion dollars and counting. It has doubled in price and is still years away from being combat ready and delivering on what was promised.

  • Fisherman695

    Quit buying off these other countrys with billions of dollars and use it in the USA

  • abearcomes

    RAISE TAXES to the level which was 1960s..we paid for VIET NAM…many ways but we paid for it.. not like the BUSH FAMILY as to the two Gulf Wars.. CLINTON fixed DADDY but so what he had a little fun in the oval office many POTUS are worse then him.. SONNY sat on his ASS during 911. then shoved the PATRIOT ACT down our throats and did another war.. REGAN had CHARLIE WILSONS WAR..COVERT CIA…1980s and amost started WW3 w ABLE ARCHER games.. we need to get back the money these people gave to people as tax breaks..and make people under stand.. U cant fix a problem with out MONEY where do it get it exc earn it, tax it, spend it and well for the worst part PRINT IT..

    • abearcomes

      government can not create jobs…business does.. and as long as the GOP sit on their ASSes and do nothing to help the economy one will win..exc the rich earning intrest and investing over seas..we allow people in this country some good some not so good..but we do it..what is FAIR…thats the bottom line.. OBAMA CARE wont work if its not fully funded by all concerned and controlled..

  • Fred

    I totally agree lets fix our problems before we even consider helping others

  • Missing$1200EachPaycheck

    I cant believe that you didnt say ANYTHING about the 600,000 DoD Civilians who are giving up 20% of their paychecks for 11 weeks in order to support all of these new purchases. Are you kidding me? 600,000 people giving up thousands of dollars just so Welfare, the perpetual poor peasant class can continue to sit on their backsides doing nothing.

  • Observer1051

    Just Obama’s way of weakening our military as much as possible… It will take years to recover.

  • Bonnie

    We just had Boston, what do we need another 9/11 to get the president and these morons in Congress to get their act together and start leading and protecting this country.



  • William Popp

    No one has mentioned the cut in the Cola they want to put in effect for the next four years locking it at 1% instead of the 1.8% that is writter in law. And that is for all branches.

  • Praesto

    Long story short we need to spend less. Feel free to argue the truth, but America spends more on their military then the next 10 countries COMBINED.

  • Scott Thrasher

    IF anyone one MAN or WOMAN service person is killed by this “sequestration? IT can SIT squarely on the shoulders of Barak Hussain Obama. He developed it and he said in a speach HE would VETO ANY attempt to override it. So here we are. He is the Man that has Caused it. NOT CONGRESS nor the House. But, Barack Hussain Obama. The Man who thinks he was made King instead of only the President. They should GROUND HIS JET in this “Sequstration”. Take away his TOY. Maybe he would Then be more willing to do some of the WORK that he is ALWAYS running away from in WASHINGTON.

  • Chaddy

    It’s a little scary, when our newest airforce aircraft was built during the Reagan era. We do have a few new ones in the army and the marines but the airforce is our air fighting force and should be the ones with newer aircraft. It might be a good idea to put some money from those $1000 toilet seats and million trips of the presidents’ for vacation, into new planes with alternative fuel sources.

  • Norse Thunderstorm

    “No Congress this century has passed the necessary spending bills on time.” – An obvious attempt to cloud the truth by making Obama’s failures seem commonplace. They might also have said “…this milennium.” Obama’s administration doesn’t deserve a pass on this failure, because 1) he’s been acting president for almost half of this century (or milennium), and B) his Congress hasn’t passed spending bills AT ALL – not late, but ever. No budgets while he’s been Finger-Pointer-in-Chief. A new record.

  • Josh

    So that the US One can fly to golf vacations in the name of speech making.

  • LA2 in PA too

    If Congress really had intended to motivate themselves before sequestration took hold, they would have included THEIR pay, benefits, etc in the mix, instead of unloading on the working-class man and woman who themselves have to bear it. Instead of the civilian employees losing 20% or more of their pay [the people paying the taxes that pay for all this in the first place], Congress, the President, his cabinet, etc [the people that should be working hard to resolve this situation] should have all been forced into a lost wage/benefit position. And that should have also been in a way that was not later paid out retroactive to the beginning of the sequestration.
    Just my dime’s worth.

  • Lelia

    Sequester cuts need to start with government top pols getting their operational budgets cut immediately, like grounding all transport planes except for necessary travel for the president, without staff or family. No vacations that include staff and family, no cars to and from capitol hill, etc. Just cut out the cream, folks. And, payments to foreign government should come to a halt. Some of those are shameful anyway. It’s stuff like that breaking our backs.

  • MeMe 29

    So my husband and I along with thousands of other DOD civilian are furloughed and all of a sudden the Air Force found money for these planes to fly????? I love The Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels, but, people should come first and not these plains. We should be able to go to work and get paid our full salaries. This is wrong!

    • Colin Clark

      The money came from existing accounts. It wasn’t new. Congress gave the Air Force permission to move it around.

  • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

    Why do you need a great trained pilot in the Tech age? Is one going to outfly a laser guided missile? I mean if you don’t jam it from receiving the signal what are the odds on you ejecting out before it reaches the aircraft? It aint like a P-51 or 40 of them after a ME 262. And far as bombers the same thing, the target illuminated by GPS or whatever. I can’t see the waste and money for a lot of training. The Tech age has reached War hasn’t it?

    • ycplum

      LOL. Out fly a laser guided missile?!?!?. What laser guided anti-arcraft missle are you talking about? It is ironic that you named the one missle guidance system that a plane can out fly.

      • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

        Well thanks I’m corrected and of course you wouldn’t see the meaning. Aircraft versus aircraft. Not us and Iran or Iraq but us and the Chinese or Russians. I think both firing are going to find out they aint out-flying anything without a jamming signal no matter the pilot.

        • ycplum

          Presently, there is a cat and mouse game going on. Any anti-aircraft battery is vulnerable to attack if they have their radar on. That gave birth to the Wild Weasels during the Vietnam War. Planes would fly toward a know AA battery. When the radar came on, they would fire Shrike missiles, later HARM (Hi-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles), at the battery to destroy the targetting system. They would then outrun or dodge the missiles, much like a weasel would dodge around a poisonous snake. Later, the Israelis used a new tactic, they flew a bunch of drones at the Syrians, who lit up their radar and shotdown the drones. The Israelis with a wave of real planes behind the drones, destroyed the AA missile batteries. I remember the incident well becaus eteh Syrias claimed they shot down a hundred Israeli planes and teh Israelis said not were shot down. Later, the US sent either stealth planes or Apache helicopters (flying nap of the earth) to take out the air defenses. It is a more challenging environment for pilots, but they are not out of the job yet. LOL

        • ycplum

          A for air to air, the advantage will probably go to the side with the best ground or air controllers. The planes can’t afford to go active too early. They use ground radar or AWACs to locate the target (froma very safe distance away) and then vector fighters, flying dark, to the target.

          • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

            Don’t you think in 20 years we will be way out-numbered in that by the Chinese?

          • ycplum

            In twenty years, they may approach us in skill – in my opinion, of course. Can’t seem to get my crystal ball to work. Developing operational skills means everyone from the private, up to the general has to work fluidly together. That level of instittional training is much harder to develop than buy high tech equipment. That is also why I do not think the Chinese carrier will be a threat in the near future. You want o talk about complicated? LOL I am not talking about just carrier operations, or naval strategy, but how it can be used as an instrument of national policy.

          • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

            Now I’m not positive on this but I read that the Chinese will have 2/3rds of the Worlds Middle class in 20 or 30 years. Now you are talking that should make them the most Economic market and with the numbers they should become the most powerful of maybe all the countries in the History of the World. So if they are educated adequately they would seem to have coming the most power militarily too. I would think countries would start to turn away from us and towards the Chinese. We will have to take a backseat. And should the Chinese decide to go to war with someone I think they would have the numbers to back it up and in 20 years the tech to go with those numbers. Hopefully they will grow into more a society for the good of the World and for Human Rights. If they go for you are not Chinese so we are taking what you got then I don’t think they could be stopped without the Nuke card which I think they have a Good hand to play that if they must.

          • ycplum

            It has been said that the foundation of all national powers (cultural power, technical power, educational power, miltary power, etc.) is economic power. So eventually, the Chinese can field the most advance and largest military. That may be a while. However, a world ruled by the Chinese is not inevitable. If China acts too agressively, the rest of the world will unite to counter the aggressiveness. Also, economic trade will entangle the Chinese economy so that large scale military adventurism would be extremely counterproductive. It make military agression unlikely, but not impossible. There can always be misunderstandings and miscalculations.

  • G L Warn

    More B-S out of Washington! The waste and fraud by the military and the feeding of the war machine (defense contractors) is unreal. Let’s see a $34 million building built in Afghanistan, not needed, not wanted and now to be torn down? Sheath Bombers at a billion each but can’t be flown in bad weather. The Osprey, not needed and real expensive, now they are going to spend $400 billion on the F-35! Let’s spend the dollars wisely, the generals need to decide how best to spend money “we don’t have” on new toys of war! Stop aid the foreign give aways!

  • Nicarol

    The US has a ridiculous military budget compared to other advanced nations (if you can call America advanced). Other countries spend the bulk of their national budget on silly things like education. I watched a show recently that enlightened me to the fact that we are paying the bulk of the world’s military expenses, even for countries whose citizens have more disposable income (and better quality of life) than the average American. The show started off with a ficticous man running for president on the platform of reducing the military budget to be in line with the rest of the world, and to stop footing the bill for other countries that can bloody well pay for their own military. It begged the question, “Would America ever elect such a person?”

  • PolicyWonk

    But the service bit that bullet and decided near-term combat readiness had to be the top priority for limited dollars.
    This is the only way to go, and as usual the Marines led the way: when sequestration hit, they decided (correctly) they’d rather be a smaller but lethal force, than larger and less ready to fight.

  • ycplum

    Personally, I would like to see elections for all the elected officials if the budget is not passed. Rather than point fingers, just let the people decide if their elected official is doing their job, or just being partisan and blindly voting with their party. Multiple elections (say one every 3 or 6 months if budget not passed) weakens the Political Parties and special interests since each election bleeds their bank accounts. At some point, it will just be about what the candidates did (or failed to do) and not the size of their campaign warchest.

  • Master Wong

    Obama is a jerk needs to be impeached!

  • Gregory Hinton

    nonsense, the military needs to be cut much, much more.

  • Robert Williams

    As a member of the Armed Forces this whole we have no money for defense thing is false. While on tour in Iraq my unit received 7 vehicles each costing 1.2 million a piece five of said vehicle rotted in the motor pool because we had no use for them. After my third tour my unit returned home to find 4 brand new up armored Humvee costing 250,000 apiece sitting in the motor pool rotting and some idiot had even ordered the wrong turrets, so we couldn’t even finishing assembling them, nor could we return the turrets. These are just two examples of waste I have seen in my eight year career. There are 100 more I have personally seen. And lets not even talk about the billions wasted on D.O.D contractors who sit side by side their military counterparts doing the exact same job only the contractor is making over 100k while the soldier is making 21k-55k depending on rank. These examples happen all across the Armed Forces instead of asking the unit commander what equipment he/she needs big brass up top just keeps ordering stuff we don’t need nor want. But it’s not just the top brass its also congress I read an article a while back where congress refused end a contract with a tank re-purposing facility because they didn’t want to loose jobs in their districts even though the generals said they had no use for the tanks. Waste fraud and abuse!Those three reasons are why the Department of Defense is broke.

  • Chuck

    HOW…Did America “EVER” get by in 2011, when there was Less spending, than today under the so-called Sequester? There were Air shows then, there were wars being fought then, no furloughs then…what are we NOT being told here?

  • Beebster

    Every country that we send money to hates us. Stop all foreign aid and let them hate us for free.

  • clark

    Yet we are going to give weapons and BILLIONS of dollars to Arab fanatics in Egypt because they are “special”,,disgusting…

  • Dave

    When you mention spending like Medicare and Social Security, you need to also mention that this “spending” is only giving back the money that taxpayers gave to the government to hold until retirement. This is much like a bank emphasizing the cash outflow without noting that the money came from deposits entrusted to them.

  • sbruce1154

    Mr. Obama should be ashamed of himself and at the same time should also be arrested for treason. Bring our military back or be removed from office Mr. Obama

  • zabada

    Let’s see, no one could reasonably disagree with the fact the Pentagon, particular the civilians involved with procurement, could do a FAR better job for us taxpayers. But emotional, liberal thinking has us redistributing wealth, so that as we reduce our ability to defend ourselves, the world will automatically become safer . . Liars and Morons ALL! What we are doing is redistributing wealth long enough to be forced in to conflicts we may not win and then EVERY AMERICAN can do without . . such brilliant strategy . . if your a terrorists, or foreign government bent on our demise!

  • thagoodsport

    They should show a the starving out of work family next to the F-15 so the public better understands what the Military budget is doing to Americans….we have to vote out Republicans before we can start really helping America the way it use to be when Bill Clinton was in charge.

  • Maxine

    Don’t think senators, etc should have lifetime paychecks from the government.
    This could be spent for the poor and the defense of our country.

  • Sharon Kamp

    Oh sure, sequestor took away from our defense and that means pay cuts for civilian workers… IE.. case in point on the news last night… Man’s wife had a stroke and he got cut hours which will cost him close to $600 a month and maybe his house now! But we can send money to Afghanistan, Egypt and a host of other countries which in my opinion don’t deserve it … why wasn’t foreign aid cut first because of sequestor before the government started hurting it’s own people, schools, food programs and so on and so on and so on!!!

  • Papabare001

    I still feel the budget cuts should start at the top, ie, the President, and his cronies, the Congress, and their pork buddies, and work it’s way down, But NOT THE MILITARY, We live in the land of the free, because of the brave……

  • Larry

    If Obama was the “leader” voters thought they voted for, he could have made intellegent cuts. Instead we got a mant to hold down the floor tiles in the white house. He’s nothing more than a “paper weight” .

  • SillySue

    8.5 million dollars are being spent to buy land, or compisate military land, because somebody decided, that a diseased rodent is more importand than people. The rodent in question is not marked as an endagered speices, but some rat huggers think it should be. 8.5 million dollars would go far to help important things like families in need , or to save jobs.

  • voteRush2012

    If you are truly interested in how got to the poin we are today, and how truly corrupt our government is simply watch this documentary titled, “How Money Became Worthless.” It will blow your mind!

  • Jack Nebula

    whenever someone makes a moronic statement about the president that facts disagrees with, there are a lot of upvotes. Are there that many people on here who are immune to facts?



  • Christopher Koda

    Colin, This President is such a poor leader that I am glad he was not an officer when I was in Vietnam. The crap they put in place in the name of sequestor was so blatantly anti citizen it makes me want to puke. The 85 Billion could have been cut and the sequestor taken care of by one simple act for one month. He just had to stop holding up wall street for one month by not having the Treasury purchse bonds from the market and we would have saved d85 Billion dollars. But then brain dead liberal are just that they believe evrything their party and POTUS tell them blindly.

  • Jack

    Cut the military industrial complex budget until ity wil fit in the kitchen sink.

  • aeronut

    Re-elect no incumbent ( Dem. or Rep.)! Clean house and start over. Send the message that “we the people” are fed up and will not continue to send these self serving beauracrats back to washington to continue their piss… contest across the isles of congress.

  • M&S

    Sigh. It’s so simple.

    Nukes and discount F-xx to Japan, Korea and Taiwan in trade for U.S. withdrawal from the region and a ‘minimum ten year guarantee’ on consumer price as trade balance forgiveness at todays interest as exchange rates.

    Let the Chinese be the ones who worry about nuclear armed -Western- states sitting on her border for once.

    Pull whose 35,000 out of Asia and redeploy them on the border with Mexico where half our ‘entitlement problem’ comes from.

    Do the same with Europe and let NATO ride instead of having the U.S. sponsor 75% of an alliance which is _still_ based on the feudal city state model and will never change their ‘respect us as a nation state, just don’t expect us to be a continental one’ so long as we foot the bill for the majority of the Alliance.

    Rinse and Repeat with the rest of the border.

    Pull out of SWA, _now_. In fact, Republicans should jump-gun Obama to make sure it looks like they want his spending ideas to be what short changes any promises we have with Karzai. The Taliban will be back in charge in a year but we knew that when we decided to leave in 2014 anyway.

    From each mission category choose two assets, not including those not already in-inventory and trash all others. C-17 and C-130? Fine. But no more C-5M.

    F-22 and F-16? Fine. No more F-15A/C/E.

    F/A-18C and F/A-18E? Fine. The Harrier is gone.

    Wherever we have 1.25:1 manning ratios, bump it up to 1.75 or even 2 if need be.

    F-35 is done, cancelled out of hat.

    B-52 and B-2? Fine. One wing of each, all B-1’s (which have always been Red Ball Express maintenance pigs since they entered service) _gone_.

    For heavy assets like ships, choose One. DDG-51 or LCS? Arleigh Burke it is.

    50 KC-46 or rewing/reengine 150 KC-135? One or the other, _Gone_.

    Any hull older than ten years which does not fulfill a no-other-asset-available need? _Gone_.

    Any Carrier older than 20 years? Gone.

    Any LHA/LHD which can be replaced by a carrier as the Kitty Hawk was ‘converted’ off of Afghanistan? Gone.

    ONE heavy maneuver division for the USAr with all support units _attached_.

    One medium maneuver division for the USMC with all support units _attached_.

    All other independent brigades not specifically designated in rotation with the Border Defense mission: Gone.

    With the above in place, I would allow the services to do group mission as modernization trades, selling off hardware for FMS credits so that they could force-fill within a SINGLE service asset of their choice, provided the tooling to manufacture it was still extant.

    Sell Abrams get ACV with the understanding that it would be compatible with the USAr GCV and that if they could not get both capabilities they would flip a coin to see who got the _mission configured_ (no more hybrid-does-nothing-well nonsense) version for both services.

    Similarly, if the USAF wanted more F-22s with F-35 strike capabilities to leverage the JSF techbase (EODAS, EOTS and groundmap as well as sustainability where appropriate) I would allow them to trade 1:3 as F-15s or 16s sold off for Raptors in trade.

    I would force the services to accept a separate Defense Science Council type system for all future design of fighter and bomber aircraft with the understanding that they would not receive what they wanted but what a separate panel determined was useful to a changing mission environment.

    We would begin this process with a promise of further neckdowns in trade for continued R&D investment in critical ‘no training needed’ areas like the UCAV (one model, all services) and a theater hypersonic strike platform with carrier capabilities. (one model all services).

    Where it was deemed necessary to offload flight hours for high O&S platforms like Stealth, we would make a one time purchased of 200-500 T/A-50 or Mako which would then take over all day to day training and Homeland Defense missions using rotating FOLDETs.

    All services would contribute to common mission capabilities like the NGJ. And all services would have expeditionary capability to go to sea with JPALS and AAR systems for UCAVs and carrier-ops trained ground crews from a single squadron per wing.

    This would lead to a neck down, in less than five years, to ONE SERVICE for all airpower mission doctrine needs. And ONE service for all ground force doctrinal requirements and ONE service with control over all Sea Warfare missions as platforms. You would not be a Marine Pilot you would be an Aerospace Pilot provisionally attached to the Marines. This would lead to completely unified logistics and training and warfighter mission planning. This would let the services retain some control over their destinies by writing doctrine to which the separate technical administrative group would be responsible for matching systems designs to.
    In 7 years we would go from a 1.5 million man service entity to an 800,000 man entity and then a 500,000 man entity by no later than 2025.