Apache Helo China

UPDATED: Latest Theory Is The Helo Is From Chinese Museum. No Proof.

A photo of a helicopter that looks quite a bit like an American Apache AH-64 attack helicopter on a truck has surfaced in China. The experts agree on one thing: they aren’t sure what the aircraft is or what it portends.

What do we know? The Chinese have been trying to develop attack helicopters like the Apache for more than a decade. One is a variant based on the Z-9, but it reportedly has limited manueverablity and a pretty light weapons load. The WZ-10 flew at a Chinese air show last year, with its designer claiming it’s already one of the three best attack helicopters in the world.

(This video from Chinese television shows the WZ-10 in flight. The similarities to the Apache are self-evident: the two seats “staggered” one above and behind the other, the sensor pod on the nose, the weapons pylons. But there are several key details that let you tell them apart — see below)

We also know — as Dean Cheng, the Heritage Foundation’s respected expert on the Chinese military, points out — that the Chinese “are very good at deception.” (“All warfare is based on deception,” wrote Sun Tzu millennia ago). Why, Cheng wonders in an email to us, is this helicopter not covered as other prototype Chinese aircraft have been over the last few years? Why is it being moved out in the open on a clear, bright day, on a civilian flatbed with no apparent security? Who took the photo and allowed it to be posted? With China, he said, “we always have to wonder, at least a little, why we’re being allowed to see things.”

Cheng doesn’t rule one way or another on which helicopter this is. Instead, he says, “it would be interesting to see flight-tests, etc. of the helo, before determining whether this particular version is real.” The WZ-10, on the other hand is “at least in prototype flight testing.”

But the chopper in the picture sure looks like an American Apache, not a Chinese WZ-10: It has the Apache’s distinctive side bulges below the cockpit (which house electronics), smooth curves, and its single-canopy cockpit, as opposed to the flat sides, sharp angles, and dual canopies of the WZ-10 (and, for that matter, most non-US attack helicopters). If it’s not a real Apache, it’s a pretty good mock-up of one.

Real or fake, why has this photo surfaced? If it’s an actual AH-64 or a working clone, why on Earth is it riding around in broad daylight with no security? Perhaps, just maybe, to freak Americans and our allies out?

Bottom line: “That the Chinese are working on an attack helo (or perhaps even more than one) is almost certain. Whether it looks like what’s on the flat-bed truck is much less clear,” Cheng writes in his email.

We contacted two other Chinese military experts, Larry Wortzel of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, and Albert Willner, director of CNA’s China Security Affairs Group. Willner said he just couldn’t offer an opinion. Wortzel said speculation in the Aviationist covered most of the bases.

The photos first appeared on the China defense blog.

Finally, our readers will remember that Pratt & Whitney was fined recently for illegally supplying engine technology to the Chinese which was used to help develop the WZ-10 helicopter’s engines.


  • SF manluver

    Yes it’s an Apache. I’m willing to bet if you were to take inventory of Egypt’s Apaches,..you’d find one missing. Payback for us supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and stopping aid, and the Chinese were only too happy to take it.

  • poontofview

    It’s obvious to me that China used one of those new 3-D Copy Machines, I mean those things can duplicate just about anything except a human being, but I hear they’re really working on that as well.

    • john

      The we come up with something ,I don’t care what it is someone else can make it better for just a little more compare with what we got in it!

  • Bob Highsmith

    china has been robbing us blind for years…remember the Chinese at the nuclear development facility and missing materials? our “secrets” are a secret only to our own people.

  • robertstone1robert

    China sends spies under the that their defectors. If they display knowledge of physics they’re immediately invited to join our secret projects without proper vetting.

    • Taylor

      Either that or among the thousands of H1B visa employees hired by Tata or Wipro servicing our defense contractors. Then add in all of the foreign students sponsored by American corporations who waltz into engineering jobs at the same companies. Then we are surprised when our technology bleeds overseas and they are deploying our technology before we even decide if we going to build it or not.

  • mike

    Yea and what china got a kinda copy of it and any jerk in the U.S. can play a PC game of the copter , fly and shoot it . Pic’s of the inside are posted all over google this is like 20 years ago old.



  • ttrexxx

    Really…in an age of nukes and chemical weapons..we worry about helo’s that can be downed with bad weather…lol…

  • Steve

    Where to start. The fact that China blows away kids in Tienemen square but instead of imposing sanctions, the 1% have their minions (aka Congress) ship all of Americas manufacturing jobs there. Now that they have all of the manufacturing know how, the nitwits in the defense department put these designs ONLINE (as in – there was an Ethernet cable connected to the box)! Yeah we know, they were password protected LOL.

  • GeorgeWoodman

    There is nothing new about this method with China. “The Chinese are coming” was the slogan of the 1960s, only to be ignored. We, the USA chooses to cut our defense by 1T and I estimate another 20% next year. China is pumping out ships and our great Navy slips. Is it one ship being built in Newport News or two? I am deeply concerned; especially with morons running our nation.

    • Elroy_Jetson

      I would be more worried about those morons running the country and their borrowing habits (i.e. continually raising the ‘imaginary’ debt ceiling). After borrowing out medicare and social security funds, the rest of the borrowing is done by selling securities that the Chinese are happy to purchase, with the same dollars we use to buy all our goods from them. Therefore, I would not suspect war, I would more likely suspect the Chinese to Foreclose on our debts. Everyone should learn to speak Mandarin now.

      • totall

        You did not seem to be worried when the bushes used up all of Uncle Sam’s credit cards on their oil wars. When that happened they just borrowed more from China and Japan.

        • Billyblade

          First off , Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi wrote the spending bills …the spent then just like they spend now , GW approved the spending because …

          A.) he wanted funding for the war so to keep them happy , he approved everything … ( look at his VETO record )


          .B) He Didn’t realize they were setting him up by tacking on more spending to every defense bill…

          The crash, This recession and this horrible economy are indeed GW fault ,

          He Let the Democrats have their way, He gave them everything they wanted from social programs to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac

          they abused us into this place and now we are faced with a giant social program that we are forced to have by Jan 1st

          And we all Just sit there and watch

          • Alex Yamach

            In 2005 George W. Bush sign a transportation bill passed by the Republican controlled House and Senate with over 6,000 item of pork in it.

            Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/11/04/AR2005110401840.html

          • LeftSeldomRight

            “The crash, This recession and this horrible economy are indeed GW fault…”
            Disagree bud. You can point to the mortgage meltdown as the nucleus and to Clinton’s initiative regarding home ownership and mortgage rates as the fuse that lit the fiscal meltdown. Certainly, not the only reason, but it was the unintended result of another government intervention into the private sector intended to disperse real property. (Too Big to Fail, NY Post, etc.)

          • D

            Many ignore the make-up of Congress when blaming or touting what happened during any given administration. It is all too convenient to not understand or simply ignore the responsibilities of each branch & just put it all on the President-good or bad.

        • Jnest

          Oil wars? What oil did we get from those “oil wars”?

          • k-rod

            we got the free flow of oil at market prices thats what we fought for if we didnt have an “oil war” you would be paying 29 dollars a gallon and waiting all day in line to pay that amount

      • Jujube

        Foreclose on our debts? What a laugh. It’s the debtor that has the advantage not the debt holder. Ask any banker.

      • Alex Hernandez

        I love Chinese food let them come we’ll go over there 😉

    • richh19191

      all of this babble you spout sounds great and I agree about the morons running this country, but the fact is in2012 the US had a 39% military budget, China 9.5, Russia 5.2, the UK 3.5, Japan 3.4………the US spends more than all of them combined, and you say we have a problem with spending in the military

  • Rob Sheffield

    if it’s like most every other “copy” looks like the original but is truely a POS !!! at least the crap they sell us !!!

  • Neal99

    Experts cannot determine if the Helo in the picture is an Apache or a fake? Hello. Does it really matter? We have been buying Chinese knock offs for years and they perform quite well. So no matter real or fake it still flies and shoots. BTW. Isn’t China a communist country? If so why is America trading with the Chinese? Why are we buying their goods?

  • Magnolia

    Heck no, China didn’t steal US secrets. Presidents Clinton and Obama GAVE THEM to the Chinese.

    • Elroy_Jetson

      Agreed. Sometimes I believe advanced weaponry is ‘purposed’ into Chinese hands for their reverse engineering use. Otherwise, how would our military justify spending billions on the development of newer, better weapons systems – if they are not necessary. Gotta keep the ol’ war machine going!

    • totall

      Do you represent the Chinese side and were in on the transactions ???

    • Juan M Rivera

      small mind

    • Roby Statzer

      I don’t know about that, but the Chinese did loan Bush Jr a lot of money to invade Iraq. His father and Reagan sold replacement parts to Iran’s military when there was a law against such things. Maybe this is just republican business as usual.

      • satanisin

        The Republicans made the law to keep the Democrats from giving the secrets to the chinese.

        • Roby Statzer

          Yeah, right. Whatever you say. Sheesh!

      • LeftSeldomRight

        Or a Democrat pick and choose out of context…or are Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS audits of political foes, all exempt from your critique?

        • banker

          Thirteen Benghazis during Bush reign . Thriteen Embbasy attacks and Consulates. Where was their protection . Bush was given prior knowledge about possible attacks on some of these facilities and did nothing. Sure he sent help after it was all over TOO LATE, and no one was ever captured and held responsible. But that’s OK it is better to have 13 embassy attacks than just one.

        • Roby Statzer

          I didn’t bring up any right wing “witch hunts.” Fast and Furious was starting during the Bush years and both Benghazi and the IRS, so called scandals amounted to pretty much nothing, even thought he republicans did their best to get them to stick to Obama. They all took up a lot of time and amounted to nothing. Come to think of it, that could be said for the Tea Party since 2010. A lot of noise and very little progress.

      • Marvin Williams

        The Chinese have loaned Obama tons of money. Obama has troops in Afghanistan who are getting shot in the back by Karzi and his Army. Real smart !

    • PolicyWonk

      Maybe you should go and re-read your recent history. Because Patrick Buchanan wrote MANY editorials decrying the Bush Administration’s (George W) total disregard for the American manufacturing techniques, and many thousands of dual-use technologies that they permitted the transfer of to the ChiComs. Included in his complaints, were the millions of US jobs (and the tax base) that was being transferred out of the country (causing many of the 8.2 million people who’s jobs were moved to China to move onto welfare, unemployment, and food stamps the republicans now want to take away).
      The technology transfer of these many thousands of dual use technologies on the part of the G W Bush administration makes the antics of the Clinton and Obama administration’s combined look pathetic in comparison. In fact, according to our National Intelligence Estimates (and Buchanan himself), they gave away far more technologies and caused more damage in 8 years than the Soviets got in 60 years of cold war.
      The Chinese are now using those manufacturing techniques the GW Bush Administration gave away to rebuild their military (in addition to the massive amounts of cash during this extraordinary and deliberate transfer of wealth to the Communist Chinese, solely in return for short-term profits for their benefactors).
      Your comments are DEAD WRONG, and HISTORY does not support your opinion. The giving way of all these technologies amounted to one of the most appalling national security disasters in history – and the vast majority of it happened during 2002-2008. That is, according to the authorities who have serious skin in the game and do this research for a living.
      If you have proof to the contrary – I’d like to see it. For all the faults of the democrats (and they have many), none of them ever oversaw the deliberate giving away of the strategic manufacturing base, and the technologies used to create it – for that unfortunate (for all of us) chain of events, the evidence solidly points to the Administration of George W Bush.

      • Ray Brown

        And who was president when our country was sold to China and
        who was forced to give his kickback money to China and then retook the money
        before leaving office and no it was not G.W.? In all honesty, can we say that
        none discussed including the present leaders are any different???

        • cal3301

          Are you forgeting the fact that one was shot down in tact in Karbala in 2003 and the pilots were captured and shown on tv with the helicopter. The Pentagon later said it was destroyed in an air strike. We already know the Chinese are good at copying just about anything.
          To Mike.hate to be a buster but GW left Obama a plan before he left. My father Was over 30 years in the Corps and I glad he never saw Obama. This man does not like the military, has no knowledge of proper protocol, and when people were standing with their hands by their hearts during the national anthem his were at his crotch.

          • Zephon

            Don’t be surprised that the Apache was carted off in 30 minutes and replaced with a cardboard replica that our Fast Movers gratefully blew up making our Intelligence Agencies happy with case closed.

          • cal3301

            Given the Pentagon, you’re right. Policy wonk should rethink his remarks as both Clinton and Obama side stepped Congress on several occassions in dealings with foreign countries. One that really should be of interest is what Obama is doing now. Selling all of America out to all foreign countries.
            Below is from a posted article.

            “Despite the government shutdown, the Obama administration has continued secret negotiations to complete what is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP.

            The expansive plan is a proposed free-trade agreement between the U.S., Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

            The agreement would create new guidelines for everything from food safety to fracking, financial markets, medical prices, copyright rules and Internet freedom.

            The TPP negotiations have been criticized by politicians and advocacy groups alike for their secrecy. The few aspects of the partnership leaked to the public indicate an expansive agenda with highly limited congressional oversight.”

            “Hightower wrote the deal would “transform Internet service providers into a private, Big Brother police force, empowered to monitor our ‘user activity,’ arbitrarily take down our content and cut off our access to the Internet.”

            Indeed, Internet freedom advocacy groups have been protesting the TPP, taking specific issue with leaked proposals that would enact strict intellectual property restraints that would effectively change U.S. copyright law.

            The Electronic Frontier Foundation argued the TPP would “restrict the ability of Congress to engage in domestic law reform to meet the evolving IP needs of American citizens and the innovative technology sector.”

            In a petition signed by over 30 Internet freedom organizations, the group warned the TPP would “rewrite global rules on intellectual property enforcement.”

        • T-Man

          The answer to that Question is Richard Nixon

          • Ray Brown

            The one and ONLY Bill Clinton….

      • Mike

        Policy Wonk, Thank You.!… I agree with EVERYTHING you have said here… Although I have a background in Special Operations, my area of expertise leans to the financial markets, so consider this….. In my opinion, in 1982 the date of the Republican Revolution, we started down a road that we had traveled down shortly after the turn of the century and that period of Republican Domination resulted in the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression…. Between 1982 and October 2007, the same financial safeguards were removed and dangerous trading practices allowed as happen in the run up to the Crash of 1929… I am a believer in Kondrotiev’s Long Wave Cycles (1923)… I see October 2007-March 2009 as much the same as 1929-1932….. And 1932-1936 much the same as 2009-2013… The damage could have been worse in 2007-2009 (only 1.3 years as opposed to 3 years), had not Obama and a majority of Democrats been elected who took measures within 3 months similar to what FDR did in 1932…

        • PolicyWonk

          Indeed – I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. It was WJ Clinton who singed the last major deregulation legislation, that allowed almost unfettered expansion of financial institutions into other markets they had been traditionally exempted from.
          During his signing statement, Clinton did say that we would have to keep a careful eye on what happened as a result of the legislation, and instantly correct any bad behaviors, imbalances or improprieties discovered. Those warnings started coming in in mid-2001, and were totally ignored by both houses of representatives and the white house, until the entire economic roof of the USA caved in in 2008.
          Hence – that neglect on the part of the POTUS and both houses of representatives caused the worst economic disasters since the great depression. And according to the subsequent Congressional Budget Office report, the VAST majority of the damage occurred during the time period of 2001-2006.

          • Mike

            Dear Policy Wonk,
            Long ago, I learned that what appears in headlines or on one political party’s pages seldom tells the whole truth. A few rocks need to be turned to get the real story… That legislation brought was to remove The Glass-Steagall Act, which gave backbone to the economic recovery .after FDR and a majority Democratic Congress were elected in 1932… G.S. was brought in 1933/34 by two Democratic Senators after the Pecora hearings brought to the average citizen, what had caused the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. That legislation worked very well for almost 70 years…

            In 1999, three powerful Republican Senators, Gramm/Leach and Blyle brought legislation to remove Glass-Steagall.at the behest of the leader of Travelers insurance who wanted to buy a small bank called Citibank… G.S. prevented him from doing that…. At the same time Senator Barney Franks was trying to bring legislation to reduce the lending standards for home purchases in the inner cities. The idea was that home ownership would stop the blight.. It was a good idea, but the GOP held a majority in the Congress… In order to get a veto proof majority the Republicans offered to carry Barney Frank’s bill if he could bring Democratic votes to make the veto-proof majority for the removal of G.S.

            Come forward and the votes where gotten, the removal was brought, Senator Franks bill was passed, with the “inner city” restriction removed, and Treasury Secretary Ruben counseled President Clinton that he should sign the bill…

            Soon after, Ruben left government and took a position on the board of Citibank until, many years later, that was reported by a New York Times reporter… With the “inner city” restriction removed , what became known as the “liar loans” spread across the country and brought a housing speculation bubble and finally a crash… Incidentally, the majority of those loans that did not default and are still viable are being paid by homeowners in the inner cities..

            With the important regulations of G.S. removed, much of the same types of highly leveraged and highly dangerous trading was allowed and once again as the leverage level of 40:1 was reached in October 2007 the markets once again began to melt down and another financial panic occurred, again under another Republican Administration…..

            This whole story was told by Bill Moyers of Front Line a number of year after the meltdown on PBS..

            Incidentally, Senator Elizabeth Warren (Harvard Business/Economics Professor), a Democrat, currently is trying to get Glass-Stegall returned to law….

            In my opinion, the current rally from March 2009 is still at jeopardy until that legislation is passed…

          • PolicyWonk

            You could very well be correct, and I agree that Glass-Stegall should be returned as the law of the land. But what kills me about all this, is that the GOP, after the crash that had their fingerprints (footprints, etc.) all over it, tried to pin the entire real estate crash on the democrats, when they were at least as guilty (w/r/t the real estate sector crash).

            During those years, control of the economy was solely under the purview of the POTUS and his administration, and the GOP representatives were spending like crazy, because they knew they had a POTUS who couldn’t find the veto line on a spending bill, while the financial crisis (and all the warnings for each of these vital sectors) were totally ignored, until the economic roof caved in.

            Yet now these blithering idiots are back to pretending they are true fiscal conservatives, while history does not support these asinine claims.

            But that’s typical – since these cowards can’t accept any responsibility for any of their actions, they might as well try to blame the problems they created on anyone else.

            And now we have idiot/anarchist Cruz, lying to his Tea Party minions that they “won a great victory”, when everyone else (who live in the real world) is saying they lost, to quote Dick Cheney, “Big-Time”. I’ve heard there are lots of donations being made for what will perhaps become known, as the “Great Republican Circular Firing Squad.”

          • Mike

            I must admit, that I was not surprised when I saw the legislation to remove in 1999….. A long time ago, between the military and college, I became familiar with the Long Wave Cycle theories of Kondrotiev…. He is not well know as his theories were published in 1923 when he was living in Stalinist Russia…. Soon after Stalin had him shipped to Siberia were he perished….. Roughly I believe he forecast that Russia would go broke in the 1990’s… In my opinion, Star Wars was an attempt to bring that on sooner. In my opinion, we knew that worked when Gold topped and began to fall on April 11,1987

            My take on his theories is that the Conservative Ultra Wealthy (CUWs) come to power ever 40-70 years because all that had lived through the deprevation of the last Stock Market Crash and Depression have died and the story has gone cold and the voters are encouraged that the Far Right had a better way. Then the average citizen gets screwed, the CUWs make billions and then in their headlong rush to greed they blow it up all over again and another cycle begins….. Incidentally, 1932-1982 was 50 years and the time from the Republican Revolution until the next Stock Market Failure was 25 years….

            Personally, I look at 2009 (Obama) as 1932 (FDR) all over again. Both brought an end to the Stock Market Failure within months of being elected….. Thankdfully, this time the failure stopped at a 40

          • Mike

            Policy Wonk,
            Something is amiss here as I sent you a detailed response some 5 hours ago and it has not shown up… Editor: Can you do something about my missing response to Policy Wonk?

    • Alex Yamach

      Just like Reagan committed treason by selling weapons to Iran, an avowed enemy of the USA, who 7 years earlier took 52 Americans hostage for 18 months. That would be the same as Bush selling weapons to Al Queda after 9/11.

      • SF manluver

        He has moron, in Libya and Syria. Democrats would sell us into slavery as long as they are retained as taskmaster and tax collector. Traitorous scum, they should be hunted with dogs.

    • William Thomas Rogers

      Magnolia, you’re pathetic! But then you’ve bought into the Repub/Bagger HIstory Lessons and there’s no hope for you anyway!

    • Marvin Williams

      Well Clinton “never inhaled”, nor did he” have relations with that woman”, and as far as that bother guy, Bush was wrong to raise the Debt ceiling, but that’s what he did. He`s a liar, and a clown. No credablity

    • Mike

      I will make it more clear than Policy Wonk. You have your political head where the sun is not shining… A statement that stupid and untrue makes me wonder if you are not one of those out of work stooges that now work part time for the GOP as paid commentators….. You could not be more wrong. What you are viewing after Obama’s election in 2009, is the start of a new cycle within which the GOP is once again going to be relegated to the woodshed for basically doing the same thing to the average American that Hoover and his GOP predecessors did to the average American between 1929 and 1932….. That means that your bosses are going away for just about 50 years…. And this stunt they just pulled for the last two weeks has guaranteed that come 2014, they will finally realize that 2009 was not a fluke… 2009, gave us the most diverse members of the House ever and they were all Democrats….

  • Elroy_Jetson

    Well, it’s not like America just leaves those things lying around in Iraq and Afghanistan, or sells them to nations of questionable intent (whom we choose to be friends with and ‘provide’ military assistance, equipment and money. Let’s see, how much military hardware did we actually bring back from Iraq? Not much.

  • Lavender

    Big deal what makes one think that were the only country that can build machines of war without having to copy them.

  • Fatman littleboy

    All china has to do is watch the military channel and get a ton of info on our weapons. I don’t think we would put our stuff out there if we didn’t have something better tucked away under area 51.

    • Wizard of Oz

      Dude. Didn’t you read this article “all war is based on deception.” Area 51 really isn’t anything special. Just like all the gold that isn’t at fort knox. It’s deception. No different than that which China trys to use to toy with the U.S. It’s rediculous really. And every American with half a brain knows it.

  • Robert Haight

    Like Greek students of mine told me years ago: America is like ancient Rome. It will implode from within

    • Taylor

      Excellent point. I think we are already there.

    • Alexis Elizabeth Drob

      It’s already starting to. you can even see the cracks in the walls if you look close enough!!! :)

      • Zephon

        Or bridges, roads, railroads, airports, pipelines, electrical transmission systems… and Universities to Elementary schools!

  • Jeffrey Broadnax

    The Chinese are a crafty and wise people. One thing is for certain based upon the footage in this video – they can handle themselves against anyone on the world stage. On a more personal level, I am highly impressed in that they can sell fried rice, and chicken wings in the worst neighborhoods of the world. This is a culture that is capable of meeting any challenge they face.

  • Jay Addis

    obvious no one proof reads what is posted.

    China may have successfully copied it fort the first time.

  • john

    keep buying that shit made in china drink the kool aid that says chine is not a enemy of the US

  • Billy Blade

    China didn’t steal anything …Jeff Immelt CEO of GE opened a manufacturing plant in China making military air travel components …this was Obama’s Job cration chief …

  • heikhali

    The highest monkey on the food chain has just developed another way to kill everything else, or …himself.
    Greetings from 21st Century man.

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      Add that to Mother Nature and the odds are stacked against us. Boy I hope the young coming up are smart!

  • John Cooper

    Not to worry, Obama said China is our friend and one of our allies. And he would never deceive the American people.

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      He also said we was better as Hitler or Tojo would tout. I hate to hear him say that. We got great people but so does the rest of the World. I’m not one of them, stay in my cave and let the Nuke come to me.

  • Matt

    You can fake the look, but you can’t fake our advanced technology.

  • badcountry

    america can take helicopter back to america, no china keep it, china can copy steal, ussr russia can copy steal, iran can steal

  • BadMotherDucker

    Let em build their junk. If it’s anything like some of the stuff they ship to sell in the USA then those china choppers will be falling out of the sky like rain.

    • robin

      Yeah I’ll bet your computer, cell phone etc is made in China.If you think they are junk then get rid of them, then try and buy any electronic product not made in China. Have fun.

      • brodster

        are you stupid, some products are only manufactured on china and engineered and designed in the u.s.

  • Luis H. Sarellano


    • lacyleight

      Because they’re Republicans.

      • 1Max_Wedge1

        You are such a moron.

  • Col Wheeler

    If you notice the tail rotors are differant,also One would think that the US would know where all the Apachies are weather they were destroyed,crashed or what ever.

  • illinoisal

    If this helicopter is built with the same lack of quality that China makes it’s other things with, it will fall apart in a month!

  • Guest

    Oh, no—the Chinese have got hold of United States helicopter technology from the early 1970s! At this rate, they will “catch up” in 40 years—if we stand still, that is.

  • Battshitt Shabazz

    New Africa

  • V. Sealy

    The fool is one who underestimates the opponent.

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      Also the one who doesn’t bring enough stuff to get rid of the opponent. A lot of Green Zones don’t count!

  • No Name

    Its a bit fuzzy but it appears to be an AH64D Apache. If its a copy its a damn good one.

    • No Name

      I want to also note that since Egypt has these as well, could our previous Allies in the Middle East selling these to China? The fact that China has one does not mean much though. Physically I have seen knockoffs of all kinds of equipment and they look very good. Operationally they fail horribly. With out US assistance that aircraft will be obsolete, and if it was from a foriegn country it will not have the same systems our military has. What they have there is a shell, if it has us systems in it then I can see a concern.

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      Even so if it flies over someone on the ground with a grenade launcher and one gets near that tail rotor that baby is coming down. How much is a grenade and the launcher versus the Copter?

  • Alex Yamach

    The Chinese steal everything. Why spend billions on R & D when you can steal and copy it for nothing. A couple years after the U.S. Drone crashed in Iran, the Chinese were producing drones identical to it. They’ve even produced a B-2 like stealth bomber from the remains of the one that crashed in Bosnia during the war there in the 1990’s

  • ycplum

    Form follows function. I wouldn’t get bent out of shape with some external similarities.
    Don’t get me wrong, they will try to get whatever info they can get their hands on, but then again, we would be doing the same if they were in the lead.

  • MarkZ

    Well said Mr Woodman. Finally an intelligent perspective.

  • mwood13

    i suspect there are people in our government that sold the plans to china

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      I suspect it is a plan of our government to sell the plans.

  • Taylor

    It’s probably an actual AH-64 variant and not their latest and greatest effort or we would not be seeing it as the author suggests.

    It would not be too difficult to obtain all of the technology through industrial collaboration with our defense contractors combined with espionage and overt illegal activity as with Pratt & Whitney.

    You can bet if we are seeing it they have something even more sophisticated in the pipe or near deployment.

    I encourage all of you to read the “The Great Pacific War” by Hector Bywater. A Clancy-like book written in the early 30’s predicting the coming war with Japan.

    Unfortunately while we see parallels today, the next pacific war will be a death struggle in the form of a street fight. Cyber attacks and their “Assassin’s Mace” strategy will determine a victor quickly.

    We won’t have months and years to retool and catch up as we did before. Unless the imbeciles in Washington can control spending and get us back on a development and rebuilding trajectory we are doomed.

  • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

    Thinking on this did we copy the P-47 from the Germans FW-190? I would think the Chinese would have no trouble making an attack helo.

  • Intheknow

    In the case of the Apache, they have had them for years. There is a musium in China with a runway built inside a mountain. They have the first airplane they built, copied, captured or shot down lined up on display. The Apache was one of them. The problem was, the US sold them the Apache but they would not allow them to get parts for the engine or send them back to the US manufacture to be overhauled.

  • Kenneth Archer

    Isn’t a simple internet search amazing! They probably got a full set of downloaded plans for $24.99

  • Mrlnbd1

    United states gave them to china

  • charlesschmidt

    womp womp womp

  • BrainCitro

    The AH-64 first flight was 1975 and has been in full production since 1982. The design hasnt been a real secret since China has been making Toys of it since the late1980’s.

  • Shell

    Technology almost always originates in the USA where the mind is free to think, create, explore, uninhibited and with results that the rest of the world will do most anything to steal.

  • never illegal

    I wonder what day, month , and year it was, when this country saw its best day. Its been awhile now.

  • Makko

    Nothing new. The country is sold out by our leaders all for the almighty dollar!
    An attack will be heading our way in the future…You can count on it.

  • Mike

    China doesn’t need to steal anything-they have their own engineers

  • Glenn Thompson

    What does it matter if the Chinese have a carbon copy of our attack helicopter? Do you really think they are going to fly it over here and attack us with it???

  • Alexis Elizabeth Drob

    The United States of China… the future is coming!!

  • John Taylor

    Similar functionality will result in similar looks.

  • Brian

    That’s what happens when you let China hack into your military systems and steal vital prototype information on our aircraft. Hellloooooo?

  • ahorvath

    While the NSA, CIA, FBI are spying on American citizens, the Chinese are stealing our secrets and technology.

  • Dude

    I know that Clinton had a lot of secretes over to the Chinese, specially with that whole spy plane crap that you know any pilot would sooner fly into a mountain than turn over to the enemy. If he really did do it, it was because of the same idea that worked with Japan, that is we gave them technology in-order for them to see the benefits of capitalism and it worked with Japan. It has, in a perverted way, worked with China too but I sure as heck wouldn’t say that they are anywhere near democracy nor even capitalism but something new and disturbing.

  • Al Schrader

    The 5D printer I invented can make a much better attack helicopter than that and do it in about 25 minutes.

  • BrianW517

    It’s the real thing, don’t kid yourself!!

  • William Thomas Rogers

    Why is everyone in such an uproar? Didn’t the Russians after WWII, ‘copy’ the B-29 from the nuts and bolts up? And the story on how that happened is well worth reading about. Why would/should we be surprised at anything the Chinese do? But not to worry, people. We’ve already experienced Chinese Technology in just about everything else that they ‘send over here’. Remember the ‘Chinese drywall’? The ‘lead laced products’? If it has a “Made in China” tag on it, better trash it now before it trashes itself.


    Anyway, we spend way to much money on the military…………… The U.S. always has to be involved in everything and helping everyone else besides its own people, we don’t have to be the most powerful nation to be the greatest. Hopefully either Hillary Clinton or the New Jersey governor who will both most likely run will realize this

  • Frank

    As far as I have seen, everything is – Made in China – anymore ! LOL

  • bill

    It’s not an Apache. I work on them and the tail rotor in the pik is all wrong.Ours is more of an “X” not a plus sign like this one.

  • Tojo

    This is exactley why America is fast becoming a second rate country. The Chinese can make things like this and also make half of anything good in the US, while Obama worries about his “Peeps” getting enough freebies from the American taxpayer “Nameen?”

  • Peter Brown

    So the Carlyle group now has competition in the arms to money game in the Helo market. In the good old days of George Bush and Dickie Pooh that was enough to start a war, luckily we have a snaer head in charge now.

  • ClintandHilary

    Of Course they did; and they saved 100 billion in development costs.
    But the Liberals will say the Chinese are your friends…..
    and Clinton gave the Chinese ICBM Launch and Guidance technology and assistance.

  • alpambuena

    I think we can thank the Clinton’s for this…after all the chinese had a permanent room at the whitehouse for a long time.

  • Jean-Joseph Durand

    China is stealing everything from the US. Like a French paper said this morning,
    ”Wake Up Jefferson!”

  • jrg973

    “remember that Pratt & Whitney was fined recently for illegally supplying engine technology to the Chinese which was used to help develop the WZ-10 helicopter’s engines.” They pay a fine and carry on. It should be “No Business for You” Snowden let the cat out about spying on American’s and other countries and the Government wan to crucify him. Show me the logic there.

  • ronaldclick

    looks like a cobra

  • ronaldclick

    we need to pull out all us companies from vchina and watch em fall

  • ronaldclick

    china dont won america we own them. without americas companies china falls

  • Roger Land

    The Chinese have never made anything, themselves, but they are masters at stealing other peoples ideas.

  • Tom R.

    What is the big deal? Any time you want you can go on the internet and pull up the specs for almost anything. Up to and including an atomic bomb. They didn’t steal it they googled it. And if you can’t find it there then just go to the public library.

  • egs

    They steal our military and commercial secrets,……..our dept should be forgiven.

  • fewins4

    Tail rotor is wrong for an ah-64D as is the break at the top over the canopy. Also the IR countermeasures turret is missing from behind the rotor drive point. It’s a nice mock up but definitely not a perfect copy. The classic over sized cheeks is something that really came on the late AH-64’s which would have to peg this as a D model. The blades of the tail rotor are also evenly spaced where they are not on a AH-64. And where is the turret? That’s a pretty hefty bit of hardware on these helis.

  • Stewie

    And WE are buying Communist Chinese by the truck load.

  • Jack Grenan

    We have much more serious than this!!!

  • jennifer stewart

    everyone copies everyone else their carry on

  • KoonVillNews

    They make most of the parts .. some FLOOR sweeper son Bought the rest from EBAY !!


    Like anything else made in CHINA . I will be broken in no time at all .

  • JC Wright

    3$ Bill Clinton gave the Chinese our nuclear tech. from Los Alamos Lab., Gave them our Neutron weapon, Which they tested.
    Israeli’s sold the Chinese a copy of our AWACS plane.

  • SF manluver

    Yes it’s an Apahe. It probably came from Eqypt, as payback for Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s terrorist allies. China was only too happy to relieve them of it. It’s uncovered, as a message to us they have it. We did the same thing, obtaining Russian hardware throughout the decades.

  • SF manluver

    Yes. It’s an Apache. No, it’s probably not one of ours shot down in battle, no damage. Chances are Egypt has one less Apache that they did a month ago. Payback for Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. We acquired Russian Migs in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s much the same manner. It’s also how Russia got a pair of Tomacats from the Iranains in 1980. It’s uncovered, so we’ll know the Chinese have it, rubbing it in our faces.

  • LCON

    Its a Mock up of a Apache. The Chinese did this in the Past when a 1:1 Scail F16 suddenly appeared on Chinese media.

  • Mark A

    The more interesting question to my circle of friends in that community is not whether or not it is an Apache (it clearly appears to be one), but where the photograph is taken. If it is truly mainland China it is quite newsworthy. If the photograph is in fact taken in Taiwan, which has recently ordered Apache’s then not so interesting. I think it is the later.

  • That guy

    Maybe its a prop for a movie?

  • Speck

    Considering the complete lack of discretion, it could just be a movie prop designed by someone with a general impression of what an Apache needs to look like. China’s entertainment market is also undergoing explosive growth, and besides, it’s not like you don’t see things that would cause just as much of a stir getting openly trucked through the streets of anytown, USA: http://assets.dnainfo.com/generated/chicago_photo/2013/08/transformers-4-filming-at-uptown-1377817367.png/extralarge.jpg


    There’s enough information concerning the Apache attack helicopter on the internet for China to reverse engineer a copy and with US National Debt borrowing $1.79 Billion-per-Day from China, they can afford to develop such an helicopter using interest payments that Congress just provided by increasing the Debt Ceiling so the Obama Administration can spend even more money.

  • Redblue

    Working AH-64 Apache? On civilian flat bed truck? Don’t be stupid. It might be just a model Apache bound for some amusement park. Heard they have a life-size Optimus Prime on an amusement park somewhere in China. Does it mean they may have a working Optimus Prime?