WASHINGTON: The Marine Corps has long championed what are called non-lethal systems, designed to stop mobs from killing Americans without us having to kill them. After all, Marines are responsible for defending American embassies and consulates around the world, which are all too often threatened by rampaging crowds angry with whatever the latest American perfidy is seen to be. The Marines have also often done the nastiest close combat, so they appreciate the ability to fend off bad guys and have more choices than just killing the other guy — if they don’t have to.

In fact, Gen. James Amos, the commandant of the US Marine Corps, is the so-called “executive agent” leading the Pentagon’s multi-service Non-Lethal Weapons Program. “I remain committed to ensuring the Department of Defense’s leadership is aware of the state-of-the-art technology which is available to the joint force and am bullish about the role of systems such as ADS and how they may play in future operations,” Amos said.

That’s ADS as in Active Denial System, a Raytheon-built experimental weapon that use millimeter waves — close cousins to the microwaves you use to nuke your frozen burrito — to zap the surface of the target’s skin, producing intense pain without actual injury.

active denial system chart

The system has been in development for years, including one abortive deployment to Afghanistan (it was never fired in anger). But in recent tests, the Marines and Army expanded the range of uses for the system, using it to repel boarders from small boats — as might be done to stop Somali pirates trying board a civilian ship or to keep Iranian small-boat swarms from getting too close to a warship.

An official news story says this was “the first time the system fired from aboard a boat, performed vessel-to-vessel engagement and deterred human targets aboard hostile moving watercraft.”

The test used small boats that could threaten “the safety of military vessels and every one on board.” The test demonstrated the Active Denial System’s ability to “keep hostile targets at bay without having to lethally engage them with machineguns or cannons.”

I’m stupid enough that I subjected myself to the Active Denial System described in this video. The system pictured in the video is one of three delivered six years ago under an Air Force contract. I’ve got first-hand knowledge of the system’s effectiveness. At the big Association of the US Army conference in 2008, I voluntarily pulled the trigger and shot myself — several times — with the heat ray it generates.

Here’s how I described it at the time when I was editor of DoDBuzz:

“Reporters can be really dumb. There I was in front of Raytheon’s booth at the Association of the US Army’s conference with a little button under my thumb. I hit the button. My lower thoracic area got very hot, very fast. So I waited for the machine to recycle and hit the button again. This time the pain was more intense — I wasn’t screaming or anything — and my skin felt like it was about to catch fire.”

The Raytheon system beams millimeter wave energy out to roughly 250 meters. The waves penetrate clothing and the top layer of your skin — but there they stop, and there’s a built-in safety so no one gets seriously injured. As you watch the Marine journalist in the demonstration, you’ll see exactly how it works. Beam hits you. You hurt. Your instinct is to pull away from the beam. You do. Pain soon stops. The system can sweep across a crowd or target a few people at a time.

Many of the non-lethal technologies the Pentagon has worked on have been abandoned because policymakers feared — irony of ironies — they might hurt someone. Under international law, it’s okay for military forces to use weapons that kill people, like bullets, but not ones that incapacitate, like tear gas or lasers that produce (in theory) temporary blindness.

This one has kept the faith so far, even though non-lethals get used a lot less than their early promise seemed to herald. Maybe one day, when Americans are in danger, we’ll actually see microwaves fired in anger  — although it’ll be a lot less “in anger” than shooting someone with a bullet.


  • Scott Morgan

    Cool, so can we do something about the firearm problem our country is facing.

    • Keith Jones

      Yeah. We can all carry around four ton military future weapons for when some punk off the street tries to murder us for our cash.

    • sadfan

      yea scott morgan we can,,,,,,, now go sign-up for your obamacare package, we know you got one for each of your family members for xmas!

  • Scott Morgan

    Don’t judge me until you read my facebook!

    • sadfan

      all i need to do is read your insult to my rights that you posted here!

  • Kevin

    Macrowaves, not Microwaves.

    • jimmie58

      What is the meaning of “macrowave?”

  • DennisTheMenance

    Replace or another TASER? IMagine Smaller Rifle or Pistol Size?

  • Munihack

    CUTTING Foodstamps and Social Security and Medicare. Our Bridges and Highways are Rotting away and Falling into Rivers and Sinkholes. Schools are Closing and Class sizes are Swelling and Kids are Graduating High school that can’t Add and Subtract, and the Pentagon is spending $6 and a Half MILLION dollars on a RAY GUN ? ? ?

    • M82A3

      Maybe it could be use to melt the kids fat.Just kidding.

      • Bubbasayswhat

        Well, it will at least make them run!

    • jimmie58

      Yes, my problem with this is that it does not PERMANENTLY remove the threat and appears to me to be easily defeatable. This acts the same way as your microwave oven so it would appear to me all you need is some type of microwave proof shield or blanket and they just wasted 6 mill.

      • Joe Bronson

        Then we’ll shoot through their blanket with bullets

        • jimmie58

          I like that idea but Hillary and Obama just signed the UN Small Arms Treaty which is intended to disarm the “citizen soldier.” Time for “Mad Max” tactics.

          • Joe Bronson

            Drugs are illegal too, and we see how well that works out

        • robe

          exactly its called a Third worning like when your mom counts to three five times ….. maybe if they dont respond you turn a knob to popcorn setting and then they explode

        • Steven LaRose

          lol yep always have a back-up plan

        • thetoad

          Careful. In a few years it very well might be you, your family, and neighbors that are going to be on the receiving end of this little taste of madness. It seems it would be a lot cheaper to find a way to grow some male genetalia on our president and congress, so we can, at the appropriate point, just shoot whatever has become a legitimate threat. The Marines are only resorting to this as their backup plan. They have a proud history of defending this country with lethal force. This type of “politically correct force”, if there is such a thing, would not be necessary if congress and the president did not get us in these compromising situations in the first place….and then further complicate things by wimping out. It isn’t particularly feasible, and will never happen, but there is a lot to be said for putting the decision-makers on the front lines.

          • Joe Bronson

            Calm down there Toady.

          • sadfan

            wow your comment read like the obamacare paperwork…..i need a room full of lawyers to decode your meaning!

        • FEDUP365

          Who’s blanket you talking about shooting thru. Are you one of the so called new toy soilders and signed a pact with the UN to shoot on American citizens if told to. Got news for you being an ex Marine myself that I better not see a soilder shooting American citizens.Not on USA soil.

          • G.E.R.R.Y.

            “I better not see a soilder [sic] shooting American citizens.Not on USA soil.”
            They won’t need to. The police are being militarised enough for the job. Take a look at the OTT equipment they’ve been acquiring, everything from Kevlar to personnel carriers to tanks. Try a little experiment. Walk up to a policeman to ask for directions and watch the wariness in his eyes and maybe the hand placed a little closer to the holster. They’re starting to be scary to even approach which, I think, is the goal.

      • MrKnobs

        The civilians (us) they intend to use that on aren’t likely to have protective gear – although I think the proverbial “tinfoil” might work just fine.

      • wingsandwaves

        Faraday Cage.

    • Tori

      What are we doing today Brain?
      The same thing we do everyday Pinky, Try to take over the world.

      • robe

        no we dont take when we fight thats one of the problems …. as i recal kuwait was Iraqi at one point and then we gave them there freedom back, what did we get from the largest oil rich country in return 4.00 gal gas ….. if we fight lets take … why lose live for nothing

        • sentinel12

          Believe me there are some who got what they wanted out of those wars. They will send you to fight, bud it doesn’t mean you will rip the benefit. That is the gas price may not go down even though indirectly they may control the oil mines.

    • gm sellars

      Munihack, one thing you don’t do, “Cut back on military defense” ! I’m a former combat veteran and I want the advantage when it comes to war, etc… Evidently you’ve never served in the military or in combat, otherwise you’d say the opposite. Blame the lack of funding the other issues mentioned on the current political leaders running our country. I’m surprised they funded this new weapon system.

      • lonewolf nc

        i am sure you dont want to cut back on military spending because all of your perks will be cut!

        • Patrick

          Perks? How about compensation well earned. You want to talk about perks look no further than you political representatives. Rehabilitation for vets that give us our freedom? Spend some time in a real war situation instead of playing on your x box. You get shot or injured you don’t get to restart your game! These injuries last your entire life. Go to the Walter Reed medical center and tell the Vets about their perks.

        • Christopher Duncan

          …………. ………….. ………….. ………. …….. ………. all of my perks? Did you… did you honestly just write that down for others to read? You must be a troll because no one can honestly be THAT dumb and ignorant. It’s just not effing possible.

      • TheOldPoet

        I have utmost respect for vets but cutting military spending does not dishonor them. The $1.5 trillion spent on F35 could have given $26 million to family of every soldier killed/wounded in Afghanistan/Iraq. And that WOULD be money well spent!

        • sadfan

          thank you , and your a good person in my book, most ppl are afraid of saying anything about cutting back , you will be anti….

        • David Aliff

          You are correct, if you compare our military spending with
          other world powers, we are out spending Russia for example
          10 to 1 in spending ratio, We spend almost by ourselves, equal to what all the countries combined.. One third of our entire budget is Military spending.
          To continue with that huge amount, we will have to cut aid
          to the poor, elderly , as well as education, and cut social
          security, as well as any food stamp programs, which they
          already are beginning to do.

    • OneMercilessMing

      Food stamps needs to be cut. If you ever worked in the inner city, you would find that their sense of entitlement to funds and benefits knows no bounds. Everybody owes them a living just because they can quit school and pop out a baby a year until their uterus collapses.
      If your bridges and highways are rotting, look to your LOCAL politicians, not the federal government. Schools are closing because they SHOULD be shut down! People are sick and tired of funding schools where the parents don’t make their children study (why? the can get Welfare!), and the kids play their video games, but won’t do homework or study. If they can’t read or do math when they graduate from HS, it’s their OWN fault. NOT that of the school.
      It is much more effective to control crowds than it is to fire bullets into them. That works on foreign affairs and domestic issues!

      • Johan

        If you did a little research instead of listening to FOX droppings, you would find out that a majority of people on public programs assistance work. In fact a number of these companies that pay minimum wage or near minimum wage (mostly big box stores and fast food) tell their employees where to get government assistance. It is a back door welfare program for large corporations while they make billions in profit.

        • Thomas Wasser

          Laughable response…. what percentage of people work in big box stores? And if these people work minimum wage why don’t they get something else? Why don’t you hold this adminstration responsible for all the promises that they have made over the last five years. If what you say is true, Why doesn’t the president stop this or veto the bills.
          Fact is… your post is nonsense and typical MSNBC, liberal check-casher tripe.

          • Charles

            Time for you to wake up. What he said is true. There is no left or right. Just the 1% that control everything you see and hear on the MSM. What has the republicans changed when they had the power? Nothing that’s what.

          • KayO

            Maybe you could get Pelosi to locate her $30 million that came up missing when she “misplaced it”? Maybe she lost it when she transported her friends and family on Air Force One when they all got drunk-both the flight and the booze was paid for by U.S. citizens, or at least some of us. What’s that about the Republicans?

          • GoodGeorge

            That is pocket change! How about the 2.3 trillion that went missing from the Pentagon Rumsfeld talked about the day before 9/11.

          • DL Hancock

            What hjas O)bama changed but made everyone EXCEPT BIG Corps alot poorer.
            The ONLY People that have prospered under the Obama dmin are Big Business, NOT the people.
            At least under repubs, Everyone prospers, NOT just the selected few.
            This admin is the most corrupt and racist group ever

          • David Aliff

            Really now, Ronald Reagan raised taxes more then any other
            President in history , He also increased the national debt by 3 trillion dollars, by today’s standards, that would equal to 10 trillion dollars, the middle class lost ground, and the rich gain
            wealth, more then any time in recorded history. Google it,
            its true. Keep watching Fox News,

          • sadfan

            one name !!!! ready…..BUSH! yea it started there thanks, now Obama has to clean it up and its impossible that why you let a black guy in to fail, so you can point out why it was a bad idea, now your going to let a woman in to finish trying till you figure out how to fix it then a rich white guy will be back again! enjoy your tea flavored koolaid!

          • DL Hancock

            Sadfan, you really are an idiot arent you.
            Bill Clintons BS collapsed during Bushes term, thats all and its going to happen again b/c Obama is doing the exact same thing Clinton did.
            After everything we’ve went through b/c of the Housing crash and Clintons Community reinvestment Act 1999, Obama has ordered financial inst to do the exact same thing again. Finance people that cannot afford to own a house, but they get whatever they want again and we’ll ALL pay for it again.
            Demorats and Liberals have ruined this country, they have bakrupted this country and it is ONLY getting worse b/c of IDIOTS like you.

          • Poncho

            Dl, there is no point in arguing with completely stupid people like sadfan (at least his name fits). Remember, he an others like him actually think Bush caused Hurricane Katrina to flood New Orleans and didn’t tell the people living there to leave. I’m pretty sure that if I lived 10 feet below sea level and I KNEW a huge hurricane was coming that I may plan to do something BEFORE landfall. And these are the same people who voted for Obama and STILL defend his antics. Hopefully, sadfan and his kind will feel so bad when Obama is gone they will take themselves out. Doesn’t hurt to hope.

          • PKThunder

            You’re so dumb it’s sad to know people of your caliber live in this country. Yeah, someone making minimum wage should definitely have to get a second job and work 80 hours a week just so they can support themselves. God damn you’re a fucking idiot, just kill yourself, the less of you that reproduce the better. Fucking idiot.

          • Tom Nash

            Nothing wrong with working multiple jobs to support yourself! I’m in my 60’s and use to always work more than one job, the same with many others in my generation and past generations. My father use to do that as well. It’s called being responsible! You legally do what you have to, to get ahead. None of us relied on the government to supplement us, we were perfectly capable of working so we did. It’s people like you who have the attitude that government should supply and reward those who believe the government owes them a living, that’s hurting this country. If you think you and others have it bad, maybe you should take a long look at how people survived back in the depression era that started in 1929. Back then, people did what ever they could to survive and most did it legally. We became a much stronger country after that era, but now we are digressing under this administration, which is partially due to government growth and entitlements.

          • David Aliff

            Percentage of low income workers in the United states. 1in every 2 workers qualify for income assistance. Your answer
            is of course wrong. 50 million without adequate health care.
            They don’t get other work, due to our congress giving tax
            breaks for outsourcing, Job creators, are using the Government tax incentive programs, and depositing profits
            over seas, Trillions of US made profits, sit in foreign banks.
            This is not nonsense. It is the truth. This country is not
            run by our elected officials, but by mega giant corporations
            who decide who gets elected, and who doesn’t.

          • DL Hancock

            We can tell, look at Obama. The idiot wouldnt normally be allowed to run a paper route.

          • Tom Nash

            You mean outsourcing like the way this administration outsourced this PPACA computerized enrollment system, to a Canadian Company?

          • David Aliff

            Really , outsourcing is s business model, of every company in
            America, and it didn’t start with the Obama administration, it
            started with Ronald Reagan, that combined with the generous
            Bush tax cuts, it made it impossible to keep American profits
            in the United States. This is , and has been going on for the
            last 40 years. Every Congress and President is part of this
            destruction of the middle income worker.

        • lonewolf nc

          you are full of shit as a christmas turkey!

        • DL Hancock

          Fox is the ONLY station to get ANY truth about this sorry azz admin.
          As far as welfare programs and such, even many in the military have to signup for food stamps and such.
          As far as the majority of people on welfare/food stamps being workers, thats BS. There is a number that receive reduced amounts towards food stamps and such but the majority goes to lowlifes who have never had a job or ever want a job.

      • lonewolf nc

        said like a true american,i agree 100 percent

      • sadfan

        wow you must be drinking what billy orelly is giving you haha

        • DL Hancock

          You must be kissing whatever Barry is putting in your face.

      • DL Hancock

        I agree and I see it daily. All of these rich white kids that get on here and talk about helping the poor in which they’ve probably never even seen a poor person and their sorry azzes get to vote while they live with mommy and daddy and M&D are paying their bills, for their cars and everything else but their stupid choices & votes, we have to live with.

      • XSF5thGP

        You NAILED it !!! The big problem it is not politicaly correct therefore in this country its meaningless.

      • Jim

        So, then what if you did not drop out of school and have college and or advanced degrees and still cannot make a living such as in the case of most educated minorities and unfortunate whites? The reason those in the inner city are like that is because they lack opportunities and role models in their neighborhoods. If your neighbor has a college degree or advanced education and they’re unemployed or earn less than you do in your blue collar job or via government handouts then where is the incentive? That’s why some in the inner city opt to take the illegal route because they do not want a handout but are summarily arrested and or chastised for trying to support themselves in whatever way they can. It’s just that for most they’ve simply lost all hope.

    • Thomas Wasser

      Wrong Munihack… You forget that stimulus 1 and stimulus 2 were supposed to fix all that. why don’t you ask the president why he didn’t fix those things and instead wasted BILLIONS with companies like solindra and fisker.

    • Ray Brown

      The same amount Obama gave to the failed Canadian company
      that was fired by Canada for malfeasance and they failed his Obamacare web site
      as well, but we think the payday was a big one? Now he is spending millions of
      our tax payer dollars flying around the country trying to convince people that
      his failed systems are really good and for whom? He visits Dallas, Texas today
      11-6-13 and also must attend two cocktail parties as well all on our debtor dollar,
      not his.

    • herbysailor

      6 and a half million works out to 2 cents per American citizen. Yeah, lets mow down the baddies with bullets to save those two pennies. Then you liberals would be screaming about the evil military.

    • TheOldPoet

      Let’s see, government spent 1.5 TRILLION on the F35 and you are complaining about 6.5 million for a device that will probably save lives.

    • KayO

      Are you sure? Obama is telling us that things are great, and have never been better. Oh, that’s right, he has a ray gun, so why would he worry about being truthful?

    • DL Hancock

      Well, the problem hasnt been money. You MUST be fairly young b/c our taxes have went up yearly and each time they tell us that money is going to fix the roads and the bridges but for some reason ( Social Programs), they never get fixed.
      The people have paid more then enough for every road and bridge to be replaced and sorry azz politcians keep wasting the money, just like this admin is doing.
      Instead of using the money where it was intended, they always use it for Pork Barrel BS or to pay for some other welfare program.
      You friggin kids only see what is hapopening today, you have not seen whats happened over the last 40-50 years, my toilet paper is older then most of your opinions.
      The govt raided Social security many times, the govt lost all of the money in the stock market and now expects everyone else to replenish what they wasted. Thats why none of this every came up before the Housing crash. In the Housing crash govt, unions, everyone lost the Peoples money and instead of someone going to jail, they expect us to replenish it again and again and again.
      I’m SICK of paying for everyone elses mistakes and laziness.

    • 10579

      the teachers in this generation are the best paid under worked and worse producers of educated children. But there union grows just like our gov.. No more cart blanch for teachers unions merit raises based on the education of students, no more tenure.This generation of teachers have produced a generation of skill less, mind less lazy government dependent boobs who know nothing about there country but know when justin beiber is going to crap or do something stupid like going to a brothel.

  • Keith Jones

    Did you notice the song in the background was “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails?
    “You let me violate you. You let me desecrate you. You let me penetrate you…I want to %#*% you like an animal.”

  • JeffAHayes

    The Marines (and other branches) have had this weapon now for GOING ON 10 YEARS, yet they’re “afraid” to actually deploy it in any sort of combat situation. I’ve seen it AT LEAST TWICE on “60 Minutes.” From all I can see, this thing is far less dangerous (and probably also less painful, so long as someone gets out of its way) than even a taser (not to mention the fact that most of the tasers actually include little metal HOOKS that jab intor your body like you’re some sort of largemouth bass, or something!).

    CIVILIAN heads at the DOD keep getting freaked out that if this is deployed, it’ll end up being primarily used in crowd control cases, probably also in situations where there are a lot of “ethnic civilians” involved (i. e. Arabs, people of Southern African descent — GEESH the euphemisms we have to use these days to avoid calling a race by its official name, although I can say I’m “Caucasian” all day long, etc.), and that such uses will almost immediately precipitate charges of mass racial attacks, and so forth.
    Instead, they’d prefer to allow things like the swarming of our Iranian embassy in 1979 (Almost ALL Iranians are Caucasian, by the way), or the boat that rammed into the U.S.S. Kohl in 1999 and killed 17 sailors, or the continuing pirate raids off the horn of Africa, or literally dozens of other examples.
    Yes, I can easily entertain circumstances where such technology can be ABUSED. I can see it RIGHT NOW, in my mind, having been used to disperse “1 Percenter” crowds in NYC and other places a couple years ago. Then again, a cop walked up to a dozen or so women in that group who were standing BEHIND Police barricaids, being civil, maybe yelling a few things, and BLASTED ALL OF THEM RIGHT IN THE FACE with Mace. HE should have GONE TO PRISON FOR ASSAULT!
    And there’s the rub. Approve the weapon. It can save MANY LIVES. When and if people abuse it, whether it’s a commander who goes overboard, or some Sergeant, Private, or some cop (assuming police get them), then prosecute on a by-case basis, and PROSECUTE VIGOROUSLY. MAKE EXAMPLES of abuse and abusers of power. Their sentences should be for assault, and if serious, should be the maximums, and those using such weapons should be told, repeatedly, that if they abuse the use of such weapons THEY WILL BE PROSECUTED.
    Then let it sort itself out. First time someone challenges such rules, THROW THE BOOK AT ‘EM! The rest will get the idea what TOLERANCE is about.

    • rex

      Remember, we overthrew their democratically elected leader and installed a dictator that would kiss our behind. Iranians had every right to rebel1979 just as we did in 1776. We are not always the good guy in the white hat.

      • JeffAHayes

        You obviously must not have read many (any) of my prior posts about Iran. President Mohammed Mossadegh was overthrown by a military coup that installed the Shah in 1953, which was largely aided by thousands of “street protesters” against him who were almost entirely PAID by our CIA to hold the signs they carried (which the CIA provided to them) and conduct the protests. WHY?
        Well, up until WW II, BP, that beloved company that so generously donated 207 MILLION GALLONS OF CRUDE OIL to our Gulf of Mexico just three years ago was used to getting oil from Iran for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR. But after WW II, when most of the European nations decided to give up their stranglehold on most of the middle-eastern nations, Iran’s new president saw how much his oil was worth and wanted BP to pay fair market value. Well neither BP NOR Britain liked that, so the British govt. went to President Truman in 1952 and tried to convince him Mossadegh was a COMMUNIST!!! who was going to sell all his oil to the Soviet Union (right on their border, yaknow). But Truman had just gotten us out of Korea and he smelled a rat, and wouldn’t go for it when Britain tried to hornswaggle him into getting the CIA to support a coup (which they also did to MOST of South America in the 1950s).
        So they waited until Eisenhower was in office and hit him with the same story, and HE BIT (he may have also gotten some of the proceeds, since I’m told he entered office with just his military pension and left a multi-millionaire).
        We all have all these heroes in history we think are so great. But they were all human. And most politicians make or made deals they wouldn’t want everyone to know about.
        Rex, I’m happy to be an American. Proud? Not sure I can say I’m proud about much of anything these days… I sometimes see acts of valor on the news that make me proud for OTHER people. America’s still better than most other countries — lots of “nasty history” to go around.

    • treadmazda

      The reasons the device is not used overseas are not the ones you mentioned. It has not been used overseas simply because we are afraid that one of the systems will be captured by our opponents, who will then be capable of using it against us. We are an equal opportunity military, and will happily engage our enemies regardless of their race, religion, or gender. Please also note that the machine can be modified to dramatically increase its lethality, so you definitely don’t want the other side to get their hands on one. In the 1980’s, at Dugway, Ratheon was attempting to shoot down cruise missiles with millimeter-band radar-like devices. Wouldn’t something like that, in the hands of our enemies, screw up our current tactics?

      • JeffAHayes

        Doesn’t stop us from having everything from 50-caliber machine guns to grenade launchers to tanks to missile launchers and probably even tactical nukes on battlefields abroad (when I say “tactical nuke,” there have been some made that can be launched out of, for instance, an 80mm artillery cannon, and carry a yield of something like 0.5 Kton, which is still the equivalent of 500 tons of TNT, but “miniscule” in terms of a nuclear weapon (the Hiroshima bomb was 20 times that size, Nagasaki was 40 times as big — ICBM missiles are hundreds to THOUSANDS or more times as powerful).
        So yeah, I can see them not wanting it to fall into enemy hands. But I seriously doubt that’s why it hasn’t been deployed overseas, if for no other reason than the fact that the American military since WW II has ALWAYS been arrogant enough to think NOBODY can get its hands on our weapons (regardless of facts).

      • sadfan

        your wasting time with Jeff, he signed up for obamacare the first day, that should tell you enough to stay away from his post….

  • MJZeigler

    Outside with no cover on?

  • willijo

    Coming to a city near you.

    • robe

      really when the food cant get to your city this will the streets

  • LTTR136

    The way things are going in America, I’m sure the military will have no qualms about “testing” them on American protesters and/or rioters.

    • jimmie58

      If they do it is on orders of your Commander in Chief.

      • LTTR136

        Yes it will and all his hand picked commanders will jump to do his bidding. He has gotten rid of more upper echelon brass than any other President. 197 and counting.

        • jimmie58


          • Mickey

            Oh Yeah !!! There are TOO MANY flag officers now anyway !! More than we had in WWII, and we were fighting wars on numerous continents! at the same time!!! They have made it their career to protect themselves !!! get rid of most of the top echelon!

          • Tom Nash

            Is that your EXPERT analysis?

          • DL Hancock

            Told by someone who knows nothing about the military or how it or anything else works.
            For one, Just before WWII, our military was so small that we couldnt defend the corner grocery store if wer had to.
            I would hope in 2013 with at least an additional 100 million people in the US then we had in 1940 that we would require more military and officers. We ALSO have a thousand times more cops then we had 1940, if not more.
            Govt has at a minimum quadruppled since then.

          • General_Chaos

            No, he is right. See the chart below. during WWII there were 2 general/flag officers per 10,000 uniformed personnel, now there are 7. Everyone who knows the military knows there is bloat at the senior officer level.

        • sadfan

          im glad now we have more money going to the right ppl instead of old white cigar smoking racist!

          • DL Hancock

            Now you have it going to old black cigar smoking Racist

          • LTTR136

            Q – What is the difference between genius and stupidity?

            A – Genius has it’s limits.

            Apparently, sadfan, your are not a genius.

          • 10579

            Plus there is no cure for stupid.

          • malcom

            please feel free to self abort. you traitorous lib t ard

          • 10579

            that in itself is racist you liberal troll.

    • James Meritt – NOAA Affiliate

      If someone else uses. SOME pay attention to the Constitution of the United States…

      • LTTR136

        The military will get their orders from the “Commander In Chief” and the hand picked brass will deploy the units, and the troops will do what they are told. The more liberal the troops, the more willing they will be to carry out their orders.

        Some may not want to, but they will any way.

    • snow white

      The French have allready ordered 12 unit to stop the demonstrations

      • Floridastraightshooter

        It will only melt their cheese into Fondue!

    • malcom

      especially on WHITE Americans.

    • Michael Thomas

      This is old technology, and some people say they are already using it domestically.

  • Charles

    Several years ago there was charity golf match in Monterey, Ca ; members of the United States Military were in attendance. Samuel L Jackson ( the actor ) was signing autographs. Jackson refused to sign autographs for any service member in uniform..

    • jimmie58

      That’s because he’s a POS. Another user not a contributor. You want o rail against the “1%”, there’s a perfect example. I can only hope that if there is an afterlife that whoever is guarding the entrance slams the gate in his face.

    • Tom Airhart

      Make sure that your statement is true before you have the nerve to write something that is false. Whatever beef you have with Jackson, saying something like what you said just makes a fool of you.

      Let me guess, you heard this from a friend of a friend of a friend, etc. ad nauseum.

      • Charles

        By your defense of jackson ,in my opinion you are probably a democrat. I have a relative who is a liberal, but still joined the Army & was stationed in Monterey, Ca that’s how i found out about it. Normally liberals are cowards and would never join the military to defend the United States of America….jmho

  • M82A3

    How to keep the emenemy away? DEAD.

  • jed

    “Thank goodness,” the US Politicians say!
    We finally have something to control mobs in this country so we can go ahead with f___king up this country and do not have to worry about an overthrough of the government.

    • thetoad

      Now you’re starting to home in on what this is really about. Couple this with homeland security buying up billions of dollars of firearms, ammunition, humvees, and even tanks – and the American people will never see it coming, until it’s too late.

      • Flomox

        not to mention de-sensitizing soldiers that christians are hate groups which makes them “easier” to fire on if you dehumanize them.

        • oldiron4me

          You mean people like “Sadfan” here, who would be happy to turn against “cigar smoking racists” ?

          • DL Hancock

            funny part about thaT IS SADFAN is a bigger racist then any of those they are talking about. This admin is the most racist admin ever.

          • White guy

            If it wasn’t for cigar smoking white people SADFAN’s right people would have to work

      • 10579

        everyfederal agency now has its own quick responce force which is armed to the teeth, to put down and uprising by we the people. Doesn’t anyone remember when Obama said he was going to have a home land civilian army. well he has one in every agency in the federal gov. i’d like to know why the irs needs an armed force.

    • Kmcc

      Yeah, but people like me and I’m sure countless others will make it a priority to capture these machines and turn them on those defending the Washinngton Gang in the event of an uprising to take back our coountry.

      • FEDUP365

        WE the little people do not have that kind of expensive gadritry so we have to rely on using real bullets to take these machines away from the elite at the WH

        • 10579

          where ther’s a will there’s a way.

          • jimmie58

            Hear that Will?

      • XSF5thGP

        Get your squirrel gun and attack that combat experienced Marine Infantry Company, the one right next to that Abrams Tank !!

        • jeanette18411

          Speaking of Marines; don’t forget November 10th is the Marine Corps Birthday!!! Semper Fi!!!

          • 10579

            GOD bless the Jar Heads, Semper Fi.

    • Edgar Longenecker

      The mobs, as you call them, are, Americans, fed up with lizards at law, and a lieyer, run, diaper load, of, invisable, govern mentals… slithering, under, color, of, law…. and, who’s to say, that, toadies of organized crime at law, can be trusted, not, to incinerate, examples, must be made, cases, as, they, choose…??? Since when have, lizards at law, been proven, honorable…??? Edgrrr…

    • treadmazda

      Jeff, you responded to a response I made, and I can’t seem to link back to the specific response (wow, is that tenuous, or what?). I was responsible for the rotation and positioning of tactical nuclear and chemical weapons in Europe for about 10 years. Our stockpiling of tactical nukes doesn’t go any farther east than Turkey (near Balikisir). We’ve recalled, and largely, although not completely, destroyed our chemical weapons, simply because they’re not particularly effective against soldiers. Some of the things that you mention, are, in fact, illegal to use against human targets. These include, bullet calibers above .45 (it’s illegal to use a .50 cal against people) and, of course, smoke – white phosphorus in artillery rounds, as well as flachette-type ammunition. I’m not familiar with .5kt nuclear explosives; the smallest I’ve ever seen is a 1kt. It would fit in a five-gallon bucket (not a plastic bucket, because of the weight). That new Ratheon device is, well, new. We probably don’t want anybody else to get their hands on it. These MM band systems have progressed to the point that they have a range of about 50 miles. Why is that important? Well, the Earth’s atmosphere is about 40 miles deep. I’ll let you figure out the rest. Thanks for responding. Tom.

  • rex

    Well Homeland Security folks just bought millions of rounds of hollow point bullets. So who are they going to target? As our economy crumbles and the 1% get richer every day, devices like the ADA may well be used on Americans demanding their Constitutional Rights. Taxing the poor and cutting social help programs while not additionally taxing the rich (who can afford it) is road map to 1776.

    • growlrr

      Billions of rounds – not millions. And I can just as easily see a scenario where they are used to deny our constitutional rights as the current administration decides our Constitution needs “revisiting and revising” to allow the government to “help” all of us who apparently can’t help ourselves…

  • cinorjer

    Oh yeah, and the taser was supposed to be safe and only used instead of lethal weapons and sparingly at that. As soon as law enforcement gets their hands on a pain inducing ray, they will use it on peaceful demonstrators not to mention let’s just stick someone like a prisoner in a cage they can’t escape from and hit them with the ray over and over. And let’s just add a pain inducing ray to our arsenal of torture implements like the water board, shall we?

    • Tom Airhart

      I’m liberal, probably you are as well but please.

  • Junkyarddragon


  • Junkyarddragon

    More toys to crush our right to to protest. We didn’t stop the Nazi’s in ’45. We just brought them across the Pond and called it our government… Because we didn’t stand up when they started this crap, it’s no one’s fault but our own . The “SS” will gun us down in the street.

  • http://john101b.ipage.com/globalwarming/climatechange.html Jack Everett —– Mato

    Why would the marines be concerned with killing terrorists trying to murder our embassy workers? How do we have money to develop this nonsense when we are allowing our own country to fall apart right in front of of us and allowing our own children to go hungry so we can waste more money on this military industrial complex? This is just a trial like the drones and when it is perfected it will be on the streets of America to stop peoples right to protest.What will it take to wake up citizens to the fact that a dictatorship is being set up right now and we are nothing but disposable pawns?

    • Tom Airhart

      The dictatorship was set up under the previous administration by none other than DC and DR. President Obama is doing his best to reverse that. Opposition is coming from the Republicans and the TP.

      • Curtis James

        Your president Obama is doing his best to ignore that pesky old constitution. How many executive orders so far? 400+? But not the one he promised Congressman Stupak, to prevent taxpayers from funding abortions.

  • Barney Frank

    Excellent for disbursing gay mobs and muslim mobs.

    • robe

      hey thats not right !!! maybe they will use it against STRAIGHTS who are mobing the gays ,

  • iamthetruther8

    That is not acceptable in one country in the middle east, their preference – weapons to kill.

  • JR

    I think this is Fantastic!!! I would love to see this in real time and how it effefcts the human threat. Great job Raytheon!!

  • Katydid

    Maybe our government is anticipating large groups of angry people…somewhere.

  • Fix your own home first

    Have we EVER developed ANYTHING to improve our OWN HOME !! eg. Better Schools, better Veterans post war car, better Foods, better Family programs. Why are WE as Americans ALWAYS developing instruments connected with violence.

    • thetoad

      Maybe it’s because of our propensity to keep picking fights, coupled with the super-glue bond between military suppliers and the executive and legislative branches.

  • Brian Anderson

    It is proposed as
    a ‘non- lethal’ weapon. Yet, has it been asked, “What happens if it is actuated
    on a person- such as (and for a lame example simplifying the “defensive
    weapons ” argument without introducing the ‘offensive weapon of coercion
    and intimidation to meet a frauds end’) -a bystander in a wheelchair that is
    knocked over by the fleeing crowd and cannot move from the application of the
    beam? Does prolonged exposure to the sun dehydrate a person? Moreover, what has
    been spent- in the interest of “defense” against such a weapon- towards being
    able to prove that the weapon has been applied where it has not been prudently
    or morally actuated- such as to coerce fear in legislators who don’t have body
    sized polished shields like a mirror, or any of a number of echelen grating
    diffraction surfaces? Would Frank Lucas and Ike Taylor have used such a weapon
    to subdue the country to an overdose of drug smuggling beyond capable
    rejection? Back in 1999 it was published that the Space Shuttle Columbia was to
    be retired in space as a space based T.H.E.L, Tactical High Energy L.A.S.E.R.(Light
    amplification through Stimulated Emissions of Radiation) of the Ammonium Fluoride
    type- or capable of cutting through non polished surfaces with prolonged
    exposure and amplification. Prior to that the Russians had plans to launch the
    space mirror intending to project sunlight on the apogee hemisphere from the
    perihelion hemisphere (The excuse cited was to project sunlight onto a city in
    riot such as the L.A. Riots) All of these approaches towards subjugation of the
    thirteenth amendment are all argued as budgetable under the guise of defense.
    Yet, none seek to defend against the attendant circumstance anticipating the “riot,”
    or march for replevin against ‘Pareto Optimali’ vertical anti-trusts! And, in
    the interest of defending against use of the surreptitious offensive weapon of coercion
    epiphany that to some degree all of them are reproachable with – for one- a
    polished surface area or a diffracting lattice. The greater the amplitude-The
    greater the polish needed on the surface area! Finally, the points served in
    this response do not intend to convict the military as a subjugation entity
    that is –prima facie- admitting in plain sight that they have the weapon! The
    concern is the character of the peoples that may or may have during trials use(d)
    the weapon- the logistics of which is nothing new!

    • jimmie58

      I’ll have mine crispy fried.

  • Steven LaRose

    Well the way I see it anything that can minimize use of true deadly force is a good thing.But like almost anything else less than lethal can be. Like going to the doctor is a chance you wont make it out alive but we still go. More people die each year in auto accidents than less than lethal weapons but we still drive. Things have been done in both to help minimize loss of life..More people live from less than lethal than die the same can’t be said about being shot by a fire arm.I like my chances with the less than lethal. But I will do my best not to get in a position where ether have to be used on me

  • PatrickPain

    There is actually clothing that will protect you from this beam. As far as assualt on our embassies i wouldn’t use non lethals, why? They will come back and try and kill you again. I say wipe them out!

  • Dwayne

    It occurs to me that if this gets deployed, there will be a big market in mirrors.
    X billions of dollars for a weapon that can be rendered useless by a simple and cheap commodity. That’s our tax $$ being spent wisely.
    Of course I’m sure such a device will be very useful for interrogation purposes.

  • mrsroberts

    Bravo, I knew it could be done! Brilliant!

  • Steven LaRose

    Well this wouldn’t work in mid east temps. get over 130 so what now??

  • OneMercilessMing

    Yep–when you got ’em by the bllz, their hearts and minds will follow.

  • Ron Peck

    Never take a weapon to a fight that you yourself would not want to be used on yourself, because if it’s taken from you. It will be used against you. 2 points,one on earth and one in orbit could be used on grid of “cell” towers and directed to anything that’s on that grid or in a section of that grid. Thanks to google earth I can keep an eye on you. Google maps lets me see you up close.
    BOOOOO! gotcha

  • wesdfs

    so now the zombies want their food microwaved—sheesh you just can’t please them

  • Kenny-San

    We need to install these on top of our foreign embassies pronto.
    It can be funded by the foreign aid that we provide since it’s only 1 % of the budget. (Dem talking point)
    While we’re at it, on the Mexican border too.

  • NamVet_822

    I think it could have a positive use in many situations.

    • Kenneth Archer

      Yes, like controlling demonstrators in Washington DC, mob actions over food stamp cuts, Marshall law enforcement, FEMA population control at camps.

  • Galileo

    Bet Raytheon put some serious dollars in some lobbyist pockets to get this thing funded by Congress.

  • gsandersjr

    “causing a feeling similar to being on fire”. Kind of like water boarding, does not hurt you but severely scares you…Is this to be considered torture?

  • Kenneth Archer

    Bullets are a more positive deterrent except for zombies and bath salts.

  • http://DISQUS.com/ William Dungan

    Fantastic device. Every police force in the nation should have access to this new technology. Too many police shootings in our country. This will save many lives.

  • Francis Donald Ranski

    “Non-lethal”? Then what the hell are we supposed to do with all of the non-dead enemy combatants, tell them to go home and behave? Sounds more likely that our government is preparing to use this stuff against us after they announce a suspension of the Constitution because it’s ‘out dated’.

  • ort

    obama has been purging the military of all officers and generals who say they will not fire on American citizens. Don’t think for a minute that this illegal administration won’t use it on you. FEMA camps await.

    • dogsnoseknows

      Ironically, perhaps your tin foil hat and apparel will protect you from the heat beam. Or, maybe you will just cook like a baked potato.

      • ort

        And you think I give a flying rats behind what you think…..why?
        Pipe down. If I want to hear from a sphincter, I’ll fart.

        • dogsnoseknows

          Sounds like you just did, again. Guys like you stink up the web.

          • ort

            Ooh, the all powerful, I’m so much smarter than you dogs azz has to open its yap, yet again. Do the world a favor and donate your organs–now. You might as well serve some purpose.

          • dogsnoseknows

            My purpose? I already did, Jack Azz. 5th SFG, 10th SFG, 12th SFG, Rangers. Mosul, Iraq ’07. Donated my blood and sweat.
            You? Right. Thought so.

          • ort

            A real hero doesn’t brag like a total tool. The real heroes don’t run their mouths. The real heroes don’t feel the need for constant butt kissing.
            My father was in Okinawa and Guadalcanal during WWII. He was a corpsman. He was also in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 3 weeks after Fat Man and Little Boy were dropped. But I had to drag that out of him. You might want to learn from that.

            The way you go about it makes me totally ambivalent.

          • dogsnoseknows

            Ort, you are just a peach. I’ve learned so much from your intelligence, wit and wise counsel. Thanks, and have a great life. Out.

          • ort

            You too. So now, we will do each other the mutual favor of never, ever commenting on what the other posts.
            You fired the first volley, as you often do, and you seem to take delight in doing so. This, from you, I do not need. This isn’t your first rodeo with me, either. I don’t know why you do this so often. You seem to thrive on confrontation, and when someone doesn’t want to eat what you are dishing out, you ramp it up. Stop it already.
            You have a talent for bringing out the worst in people.
            So just leave me be, and I will do the same.

            My nephew just joined the army, so I do have respect for the military. You just pissed me off royally. And, in regards to that, I apologize.
            But…….just leave me be. Thank you.

          • dogsnoseknows

            Get some help, Dude, I’ve never posted on this site or any other in response to you. Look at my profile. I only have the few comments in this thread and one other, ever.
            Breaking contact now. Leave it.

        • dogsnoseknows

          You just did. Again. Maybe you try a change in diet. It might make you less gassy and irritable.

  • Brian

    In the case of the Somali pirates, I’m still in favor of shoot to kill.

  • lonewolf nc

    coming soon to city near you and meant to be used on americans!

  • Mokhsein Abdullah

    Whoa Nelly ! Look at the size of that phaser. As I recall the Star Trek boys had these things way back in the sixties. I can still hear good old Captain Kirk saying “Phasers on stun boys”.

  • Rob Harper

    It is comforting to know our military is concerned about the welfare of Somali pirates. I say arm the crews of cargo ships on the high seas and allow them to fire on anyone who approaches them in open water. Problem solved.

  • exoticdoc2

    Oh, good idea. Let’s relieve out enemies of the fear of death when attack us. Let’s just warm them up a bit so we can deal with the same enemies over and over and over again.

  • chse84

    Pretty cool, but is it enough to stop a riot or an attack on an embassy? I would prefer something a little stronger for home defense.

  • roger

    non lethal when it is set at stun.
    wait till kirk says set the setting to kill

  • midwestmarketingexpert

    I love how they use the term “non lethal weapons”. Just a reminder, it was the military that said soldiers would not be harmed when they watched atomic bombs being exploded in the New Mexico desert in the 40’s & 50’s. It was the military that said “agent orange” defoliant didn’t cause any harm to humans as we sprayed the Vietnam jungles in the 60’s & early 70’s. I think they should rename these weaspons as “delayed death” weapons. Come back in 25 years and see the cancer rates of those exposed to these rays as opposed to the general population. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. Fool me three times? You got to be kidding!

  • CW5Pete

    Sounds like an excellent weapon to use against the pirate threat

  • RadicalCentrist

    I wonder if it could be repelled by wearing aluminum foil?

  • escalonz

    nightmare scenario considering what we have in the White House today. Truly a
    dictator’s dream come true…………..

  • KayO

    Hmmm. A new weapon to use ON Americans, right?

  • Paul

    This seems like an ideal system for American embassies. They could disperse angry crowds before things get too intense. I’d also advocate for some mini guns on the roof for other eventualities, but that’s just me…

  • flagrante_delicto

    Great, microwave your enemy just enough for them to retreat to plan and return again.

  • Treeclimber

    Coming soon to a public gathering near you.

  • Cautious

    How much radiation is this thing putting out, and what post effects does it have on the human body, all I see is more wasted research and development, cut their budget for another failed deterrent product, maybe next time they will invent a teleporter and transport people to the next county or suburbs

  • durvesa NYC

    “We’re in the last stages of Rome & no one has a fiddle.”

  • Chuckie

    Amazing how most people see this, not as a non-lethal weapon for the armed forces and ships at sea, but as a means to threaten them at home. Not much respect for the military anymore….most commenters seem to consider them as lemmings who will do anything they are told…even if it would be illegal.

  • Tholzel

    That’s odd–I thought this board was supposed to be commentary about the subject at hand. Instead it’s filled with old farts lamenting the last two elections…

  • scum

    Or President has gotten rid of nearly all the terrorists involved in 9-11 to protect Americans. But you moronic right wingers still believe he’s a Muslim helping terrorists and out to kill Americans. You need to be shipped back to Nazi Germany.

  • GlobalThinkTank

    Yeah, but; imagine this device cranks up and used/abused to harm people to nuked level output…that’s what I am afraid of. Remember Tom Cruse’s, War of the World?; how the alien pod creature toasted it’s victims? That’s what I am talking about.

  • Albert Gazalooch

    The first place this weapon will be used is on the American people protesting government abuse.

  • John White

    I have seen this, they tried to use it on the Hulk. It only made him angry.

  • darrell wiseman

    Perfidy? Do you even kow what the common usage of this word means? Phuck you Huff post!

    • http://www.breakingdefense.com/ Colin Clark

      Yep. It’s act of faithlessness or treachery.

  • Aforallie

    This will be a great tool for torture.

  • ConcernedPatriot

    All well and good until someone can’t get out of the beam and it irreparably blisters their skin so that not even skin-grafts can save them. At that point it becomes a lethal weapon, murdering someone who may have just been using their freedom of speech to voice displeasure against the latest American policy/action. How DARE you demonstrate against our drone strikes that killed your innocent family? Here, I’m going to FRY your ass like a piece of bacon in a microwave. Sorry you couldn’t get out of the way because you were handicapped….

    • http://www.breakingdefense.com/ Colin Clark

      As I mention in the story, the system includes a built-in failsafe to prevent that. Also, it would be very difficult to stand in front of the beam and not move. It hurts!

  • jefe gordo

    Who is your censor? I posted a comment 30 minutes ago and it has not appeared..

  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    Mmmmmmh, that antenna doesn’t look like it can stand up to a few rounds fired through it…

  • raaspooteen

    Yeah A-Hole, we’ll see you guys after the Great Comet hits the earth soon…You guys will be treating everybody like cattle…Sayonara!!!!

  • october71777

    What is thy bidding my master?

  • Wolf

    well okay it cxauses intense heat and makes you feel like you’re on fire..it only penetrates 1/64 of an inch.because it has a safe guard?….we all know whats next…military geniuses take off the safeguard and cut people in half if they pizz them off… the Death ray of Comic book legend has finally arrived…dressed in sheeps clothing but carried and used by some serious wolves

  • Fred

    Will it work on zombies?

  • Soulaugh

    My skin might handle 130 degrees briefly, but what about my eyes? If a crowd all had large reflectors or mirrors, could they deflect the ray back or in another direction? Hey, I don’t watch Marvel movies for nothing. “Just don’t make me angry… You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…”

  • Connor

    How stupid do they think we are? Just because it has a non lethal setting, doesn’t mean they can’t fry you like an egg on the sidewalk.

  • Gordon

    This is why it’s a good thing that I’m not very, very rich because if I were I would buy one and be screwing with people all the time.

  • Brtutal

    Non-lethal??? How about developing cancer years later from the concentrated radiation this weapon uses. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a great idea, but I would be doubtful if they can state with certainty there are no hidden affects from this weapon system.

  • Ptaray

    I see the future of college campus protests being well controlled by the new paramilitary police we have grown since 9-11. What pepper spray can’t fix & political courage tries to change… slight skin frying is the new wave of keeping the peasants in check?

  • dont seem right

    the nazi’s would have loved it
    these are weaapons to use on the people
    not armies

    • agb1953 .

      All tactical weapons are used on people. You really think an infantryman with a rifle is supposed to take on an army?

  • kyfatman

    I retired @ 56 ala option ; having busted my butt as a salaried employee donating bookoo overtime to resolve project development problems. Now @ 80 have continous concern that fourth generation welfare recipient numbers have grown so severely that they assure continued Obamalism( socialistic, democratically supported world order with muslim bias) ; which erodes this great nation (derived through blood ,pride,sacrifice & swet of our founding fahers.) Perhaps using Raytheon’s defender to warm their lazy asses as they play out their welfare would be its greatest benefit. Lets start a poll to identify agreements vs disagreements.

  • William Popp

    I wonder if they can use it to heat up their MREs. :)

  • John Xiong

    use tax payer money items on tax payers great idea, when I become king, I would love to do that also.

  • Dman

    Why is the government concentrating on crowd control weapons? Heat beams, disorienting laser beams, and concentrated sound beams. They must think that something is inevitable. Must be a result of pissing us off so much.

  • Opie916

    I wonder how far they can ‘pump up the volume’. We could have used a couple of these units at Bengahzi. Let’s learn from our mistakes.

  • jefe gordo

    The second sentence in this otherwise excellent article is dead wrong! “After all, Marines are responsible for defending American Embassies and Consolates around the world”
    I had occasion to visit an American Embassy in a third world country recently At the invitation of the U S ambassador and found that security is administrated by State Department Bureaucrats and manned by third world, non English speaking “Renta Cops” I was told by the Gunnery Sargent who was the senior Marine assigned to the Embassy that the Marine detachment consisted of only 8 enlisted Marines who were charged with only protecting the CRYPTO Room. ALL other security both inside and outside of the Embassy walls is left to the local RENTA Cops, I was met at the “Visitor’s Door” by two tommy gun armed locals who spoke no English, and held until my loud swearing attracted the attention of a passing American Consulor Officer who came to my assistance
    We had armed Marines in Terhan in 1978 but they were forbidden to use their weapons. Now we just don’t use marines as Embassy Guards

  • AndrogynousPenguin

    They’ll be using those at the FEMA camps for sure. The Army sure runs a nice fleet of ships!

  • rumsey

    my only concern about this system is what it would do to some one who might be protesting in a crowed that has a pace maker an what it would do to them . if there is no harm done to them with this I would say go for it an use it with out regret on those who would brake the law an riot an protest an do damage to privet property

  • hardworking mom of 3

    ok everyone should settle down a little bit. i agree this is a waste of resources when there are many more important things to focus on. i vote we do it like the irish and give angry protesters a knuckle sandwich!

  • yoosoo dum

    looks like the weapon “yo-momma” has been looking for to control civil unrest.

  • lowlife2012

    Good use them on drug corners

  • Ed Forney

    A big mirror may be the defence of the future.

  • calvinb1nav

    I wonder if Raytheon has looked at using the Active Denial System for bird-control at airfields… Seems like it would be more effective than sound cannons and more humane than shooting the birds. Birdstrikes costs lots of money not to mention the loss of aircraft and life and if the ADS could prevent more of them, it would pay for itself….

  • John Taylor

    Bet they end up using it to fry eggs.

  • omnimax

    get real-the main use for this weapon is against US citizens

  • agb1953 .

    So, now all we have to do is take this ship into town and we can stop a riot.

  • agb1953 .

    And I’ll bet this thing can be defeated by just wrapping yourself up in tin foil.

  • Rotten Doodoo

    A piece of cardboard and some aluminum foil and the heat ray is rendered useless. Yes, it will repel crowds that are nor prepared, but once prepared this weapon is ineffective.

  • ed

    The cops won’t like it, they want weapons that kill

  • psy

    looks like a really nice target for RPG . USA mounts them around a base or diplomatic bldg. . enemy takes as long as needed to figure out how to take them out

  • psy

    have to wonder just how hard it would be to switch from non lethal to lethal ? maybe just a button inside the joystick ?

  • BigDan Bigdan

    And I am proud of this?

  • Frank J. Austin

    Reflective Mylar clothing…

  • Chuckawobbly

    You have to ask yourself why the military is going to use this on ‘mobs’ of Americans. This is in case, we the people, decide we’re pissed at the government or Corporate America and attempt to take our country back. This assures us that won’t happen. Be afraid.

  • Doug

    Oh this is nice. Now if we as citizens complain about our politicans we’re gonna get microwaved like a TV dinner.

  • dfrags

    I hope someone is worried here besides me because our right to protest just went up in microwave dust. Lets just think of this in practical terms. Now they can send a few of these and just move everyone to the concentration camps for reindoctrination and if you don’t conform to societies demands…. well Hitler done showed em what to do. I am sorry my children for the screwed up world I am leaving you. Wish I could drop a bomb that destroys technology and leaves people free again. it may take awhile but I am sure we could get the buggy to go.

  • dfrags

    Time to go underground I think, yeah it is just about upon us. We maybe should begin the rebel alliance before Mr. Vader gets his voicebox fixed.

  • AtlasShrugged

    Anyone see that shipment of aluminum hats … sure they’re around here somewhere.

  • david

    the way I see this device is a way to stop would be murderers without killing them so they have a chance to try again later. That’s just plain stupid.

  • ainitfunny

    Any exposure TO ANYTHING that causes the skin to heat to 130 degrees will after 30 seconds cause second degree burns, BLISTERS AND SKIN SLOUGHING OFF. LONGER EXPOSURE, EVEN AT THAT temperature can cause third degree burns and nerve damage. According to another government website.
    So what happens if you are “trapped” by other people in a crowd, UNABLE to move yourself out of the beam, or you are handicapped, blind or injured? What if those using that beam decide to act like bad cops who use a taser to torture and get their jollies? How long could you take your eyes getting heated to 130 degrees?

  • oplix

    Directed energy weapons that the US military possesses is Hitler’s wet dream.