We’ll let this video speak for itself. Frank Kendall, undersecretary of Defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, spoke with Breaking Defense at Farnborough this afternoon.


  • Don Bacon

    I should be doing his Job. Just look at my track record. He has nothing on me.

  • Don Bacon

    Kendall on F-35 export:

    Obviously we want to protect some of our technologies that are most important to us and precious to us. So we try to reach reasonable accommodation with them. And I’ve had several discussions here with some of our international partners about making progress on those issues.

    The export F-35 is not the same as the US F-35, and I discuss that in this article A Tale of Two Lightnings .

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      Your article? What the heck! You are a journalist too now? What else are you? Scientist, investigative journalist, aerospace engineer, ex military, political commentator, disqus champion! Did I miss something?

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        He’s the next best thing since George Washington. Pitty that the Don wishes to be anonomyous and not shine his way in an open fashion, disclosing his identity, credentials and expert qualification.

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    Severe weather forecast on east coast for the next couple of days.