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PARIS AIR SHOW: After investing 20 years, substantial amounts of cash and using the time of some of its vaunted and scarce Skunk Works engineers, Lockheed Martin today announced it is handing off its Hybrid Airship to a commercial reseller. While Orlando Carvalho, head of Lockheed’s mighty aeronautics business, made clear to me that the… Keep reading →

Imagine Iran, for whatever reason, is threatening the Fifth Fleet, pledging to use its patented swarming boats to whup us.

Well, the Army has spent almost $2 billion developing a capability that can track and provide “target-quality data” to protect the Navy from swarming Iranian attackers. It can also track and help kill cruise missiles. But the service seems reluctant to spend some of the remaining money in the budget to actually use it. Keep reading →

Blimp news: Logos has $111.8 million contract with Navy’s NAVAIR for 22 Kestrel surveillance systems for Afghanistan – SydneyFreedberg

Launching drones/blimps as communication relays after disaster would do more harm than good, say AT&T, Sprint, & APCO: SydneyFreedberg