Helicopter lands in brownout - Army photo

AUSA: The Army is groping for solutions to the worst threat helicopter pilots face in Afghanistan,  Iraq and other sandy places – brownout and other forms of Degraded Visual Environment (DVE), which from 2002 to 2015 caused nearly 400 aircraft losses in combat operations at a cost of 152 lives and roughly $1 billion. “Of… Keep reading →

The Army will test a new system designed to lessen the worst danger military helicopter crews and their passengers have faced during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — blinding sand, dust or snow that can cause pilots to get disoriented and crash.

Sierra Nevada Corp. thinks its Helicopter Autonomous Landing System (HALS), which the Army will test in five UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters in Afghanistan for a year, may be a giant step toward conquering what’s often called “brownout,” but is more technically known as Degraded Visual Environment, or DVE. Keep reading →