WASHINGTON: To boldly go in a revolutionary ship where no one has commanded before. Why the clumsy Star Trek reference? Because the Navy’s newest, stealthy, most radical ship, the USS Zumwalt, will be commanded by the fabulously named Capt. James A. Kirk. The Navy couldn’t make something like this up, could they?

Capt. James A. Kirk

The Zumwalt, launched on Monday, contains a plethora of new weapons, a radical power plant and a controversial new hull design designed to reduce its radar signature. And it really is commanded by Capt. James A. Kirk. As aficionados of the original Star Trek series know, the full name of the USS Enterprise’s commander was James Tiberius Kirk, so there should be no mistaking the two men.

How important is the first of the three Zumwalt-class ships to the US Navy? One of America’s preeminent naval experts, Norm Polmar, put it simply:

“The Zumwalt introduces new hull form and machinery concepts that could be the harbinger of the next generation of surface warships. In some respects the advancements are comparable to the Monitor of Civil War fame that revolutionized naval ship design.”

One of the country’s top defense lawmakers, Rep. Randy Forbes, tells us the Zumwalt and her sister ships “are poised to define surface ship design for years to come. It is game-changing technologies like those found on the Zumwalt-class that will enable the Navy’s future dominance in the decades ahead.”

What makes the ship so powerful a tool? Polmar says “the ship is the perfect platform for deployment of rail guns and laser weapons because of her electric-oriented power plant.” That advanced power plant provides much more power — up to 78 megawatts of power, enough to power about 47,000 American homes — that can be used by weapons than existing non-nuclear ships. While it was originally designed to provide land attack support (think a high-tech battleship), that role has been supplemented. Missile defense now features more prominently. Polmar’s assessment needs to be taken seriously. He has advised three Navy Secretaries, two Chiefs of Naval Operations and has 50 books — mostly on the Navy — to his credit.

Scott Truver, a respected consultant on naval issues, pointed to the Zumwalt’s much smaller crew size as another fundamental shift for the Navy:

When upwards of 70% of the total ownership cost (TOC) of an ship class is directly related to people, anything that can reduce manning — without diminishing warfighting-first and readiness capabilities, of course — will be major contributors to keeping TOCs in check. The DDG-1000 (Zumwalt) class is the first U.S. Navy warship to fully embrace the precepts of human systems integration in the design and engineering phase—when some 60 percent of a warships’ TOC (Total Operating Costs) are already locked in…. In short, lessons learned from Zumwalt have the potential to ripple throughout the service, generating a real revolution at sea!

He also notes the exotic weapons the Zumwalt can use: “The power-generation and switching and all-electric propulsion systems will enable truly exotic weapons—lasers and electromagnetic rail guns and who knows what else—to be fielded.”

USS Zumwalt rendering

One of the longer term, and most interesting aspects, of the Zumwalt class is the fact that growth has been engineered into the system. “The fifteen-thousand-ton ship has a 10 percent growth margin, equating to some 1,500 tons of potential increase that would enable the ship to host new sensors and weapons as technologies evolve. Inserting such systems into DDG 1000 throughout the next decades and then improving on them, based on their operational effectiveness and ability to deal with emerging threats, will define what the Navy will look like — and how it can fight — in the future,” Truver and co-author George V. Galdorisi wrote in an article for the Naval War College Review three years ago.

The Zumwalt has run into rough seas during its development. Several years ago a prominent naval architect claimed its striking tumblehome hull could lead to the ship rolling over in heavy seas. That assessment appears to have been put to rest by detailed tests of a one-quarter model. And the class shrank from a projected 32 ships at inception to just three. In part because of the shrinking size of the class, the cost per ship ballooned.


The first ship in the Zumwalt class was dealt a final indignity during the shutdown of the federal government. Its Oct. 19 christening was postponed.

“It is incredibly unfortunate that we are being forced to cancel the christening ceremony for this great warship,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in a statement, “but the ongoing government shutdown prevents us from being able to honor Admiral Zumwalt’s memory with a ceremony befitting his and his family’s legacy of service to our Nation and our Navy.”

But now, at last, the Zumwalt — and Captain Kirk — are on their way.


  • Gary Church

    I read up on the program and it is not a very inspiring story; but that is absolutely the coolest looking warship I have ever seen. I just cannot bring myself to post a negative comment. It really is something different and catches the eye like no other ship I have ever seen.

    • disqus_GOTHZbVHu7

      It looks awesome but I imagine living on that thing would suck. You look like youd be trapped inside the entire time.

      • 02bin3

        Probably not much different than being on a submarine.

        • Philadelphia Steve

          Or an aircraftr carrier where many never go on the flight deck (a dangerous place to be).

          • Ed W Brown

            Obviously you have never been on a carrier, I spent two years on the USS Ranger CVA61, there are lots of safe places to get fresh air, including places on and around the Flight Deck.

        • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

          Except when this goes down it goes down. But the plus is I am sure with this being so advanced they have also advanced the routine of service to maybe a week more than usual and sure they also advanced the cost of that service to be a lot cheaper?

      • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

        Wait til they find out they couldn’t fund the pipes for the bottom of the Gold toilet. Tech and Science hand in hand all the way to the bank, bypassing the homeless and starving of course but telling them because they are homeless and starving they can be Free!

    • Denis Pascale

      yes…indeed. It is such a “cool” ship. It goes from zero to 60 in under 4 seconds. With a funky moonroof and rear view monitor for when you park it



    • shipyardtrash

      you should check out the LCS program-their ships are cooler looking.I help build them.

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      It reminds me of Churchills Ice Carrier.

    • T_Edward

      It does look different but if you want a vision of raw, naked power, choose a Battleship!

  • Don Bacon

    Several years ago a prominent naval architect claimed its striking
    tumblehome hull could lead to the ship rolling over in heavy seas. That
    assessment appears to have been put to rest by detailed tests of a
    one-quarter model.

    The $3.5B Zumwalt, a destroyer the size of a battleship, has a tall wood composite superstructure plus that delightful tumblehome innovation.

    Buoyancy? Maybe. Check out this document. It’s a lot of bytes so give it time to load. The tumblehome hull design with less buoyancy plus the high silhouette with high wind loads could be a problem in higher sea states 8 and 9.

    • Gary Church

      From Wiki:”there were concerns regarding the Zumwalt’s seakeeping.[69] However, in a 1/4 scale test of the hull design, named Sea Jet, the tumblehome hull proved seaworthy.”[88]
      There is no free lunch- it is probably not as stable but is stealthy. I would say that the smaller radar signature may mean the difference between getting hit with an anti-ship missile or not in many circumstances. There is a choice to be made about steering toward a typhoon but there is none for a warship concerning going “in harms way.” That said, I am very critical about much of what the military buys and this ship may very well prove to be too radical.

      It still looks so cool.

      • Bill Quigley

        This ship goes along with the joint force fighter the F35. Originally conceived in 1998 under The Reagan administration, this plane is plagued with design problems. Full deployment is now projected to be completed in 2022. The projected cost has ballooned to between 1,2 and 1.5 trillion dollars. With such a long design and development timeline, the plane will likely be antiquated the time its fully deployed. Like the ship above much of the TOC is associated with manned occupancy. Drones can now do the an equally good job for a fraction of the cost. Our military brass is more set on perpetuating itself, than in protecting us. Dwight Eisenhower warned us about this more than 60 years ago, When the primary contractor got the contract for this plane they immediately found subcontractors in 44 states to protect the project. Now virtually every congressman has a vested interest in keeping the project going regardless of cost!!!

        • huh?

          1998 under the Reagan administration? What are you smoking? :)

          The JSF development contract was signed in 1996, and it was awarded to Lockheed in 2001… at least attempt to get your facts straight before posting this know-it-all trash..

        • Philadelphia Steve

          $1.5 trillion. And Republicans told us Obamacare was the end of the world because it cost $800 billin over ten years.

          • Adam G. Hall

            Steve, I feel that you don’t truly understand what this is all about. If we peel away all of the politics and name calling that the left and right both take part in, there is one thing that we should all agree with. We the people DO NOT NEED THE GOVERNMENT making decisions on what is best for us. I should decide where my money goes! I should decide if I want to go eat an unhealthy meal! I should decide what my children will be learning in school! The problem is that the government is trying to control every element of our lives, and one very easy and effective way is to make UNINFORMED VOTERS (not always citizens) feel that they are getting something for nothing. We have the right to decide what is best for us, not the federal government! That big house on Pennsylvania Ave. is the people’s home as well as everything else that is payed for by taxpayers. WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION! I don’t mind helping people and doing my part, but at the end of the day it is my decision where my money and efforts go, not theirs!

          • bllshtfreezone

            78% of this countrys budget allready goes to entitlements like welfare foodstams and ssi 3000,000 people jus had there insurance dropped due to obamacare , the ones that made it on the site found that their insurance thru obamacare would be up to 10 times their previous plicy cost and when ask the democrats say those people will get subsidies t pay the difference , how many billions you thinkthat wil cost ?

      • Steve

        Not stable but stealthy…great, now no one can see when it tips over.

  • JD Lee

    well no more food stamps.

    • Bruce Wayne

      just millions of illegals using taxpayer dollars

      • toshiro nakanishi

        stfu a**h*** .. worry about those nappy h*** killing and assaulting innocent people…. some skittles???

        • LA the Great

          tn, You’d look good in a hoodie!

        • franciswalexander

          More apologists for Neanderthal descendants killing innocent pure humans because of their skin color.

    • JIMMY


      • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

        What you want a leaky roof in America?

    • Elroy_Jetson

      Yep. Billions for defense, while our elderly starve on social security and go without meds on medicare. By the way; let’s keep giving billions to other nations (leaders) so they will be our friends, too.

    • Elroy_Jetson

      PS: http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig10/marshall10.1.html

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      It was just like the stimulus for that. And also some part of the Congress used something also involved in that. The stimulus was suppose to stay in effect so this Great Recovery of our Money problems got fixed. It cannot be fixed. American Greed has no fix. A ship as the Zumwalt proves it.

  • terriminx2

    I have no experience just common sense, but I just see a schoolboy’s dream that could not possibly work for real.

    • goldcds

      Common sense can never take the place of technical knowledge and experience. Many thousands of very technically brilliant people worked on this development and YOU who admittedly have none think you know better. With all due respect it is obvious that you have no common sense or you would figure out that you, with no technical knowledge, could not know that it “could not possibly work for real”. Back in the Wright brothers day you would have probably been saying the same thing about flying or better yet say the same thing about other great designs like the F117 Stealth Fighter or the B2 Stealth bomber. Why is it that dumb people think they know so much – maybe because they are idiots.

      • terriminx2

        I said – did I not – that I had no experience of such and that I just saw a dream that ‘could’ not possibly work for real?

        I did not state incorrect facts

        I did not attack anyone else’s comment personally

        This forum is for comment – anyone’s

        Common sense is also a powerful tool which is under-rated – it has often proven some ‘up themself’ idiots who think they knows it all, quite wrong in the eventual outcome.

        I have the patience to wait 😉

      • douglastone

        Name-calling the last vestage of the truely uneducated, ” it is best to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt,”

  • Yankeelouie

    You don’t want “ELMO” to tickle you.

    • gwbush

      maybe just a test tickle…..

  • Natalie Steutterman

    Although it is assuring that we can defeat any enemy with this ” Stealthy baby”, I only wish our governemnt would put HALF the resources into taking care of it`s citizens as much as it does into “War Machines”, and killing. Sad.

    • 1stlttightwad

      There is more to taking care of citizens than handing out money. Try security.

      • Ray Drozd

        I no right who care if we be at 17 in edukation we be good at winning war with kool toys!!! USA! USA! USA!

        • Dasrge

          Oh lord! Please tell me that the manner in which you wrote your statement was meant to be a joke. We can have a world class navy and education to. Just take the indoctrination centers out of the hands of the regime and have the individual states turn them back into schools.

          • bjreg3

            D, “you can’t fix stupid”…………he’s helpless.

          • bob sol

            you mean the individual states that teach creationism and have segregated proms? religion in school? that’s not indoctrination, right???

          • Ray Drozd

            I fortunately do not speak or write that way, I did in fact mean it as a joke to highlight that we spend 2% on education and over 20% on the military. However if you spend a couple minutes reading comments you can see there is a great portion of this country who does write like this and speaks even worse. While I agree that you can spend on defense and education we spend too much on defense and too little on education.

      • Natalie Steutterman

        That is also true………. I was only giving one example. But I DO like the ship anyway 😉

    • 1racechaser

      Well, I like my tax dollars building a ship. I actually have something to show for them. When I see,”taking care of it’s citizens”, I see a three hundred pound woman at the grocery store , with 5 illegitimate kids. In her cart are potato chips and hostess snacks. I’ll take the chips.

      • Philadelphia Steve

        You buy into the FoxNews world scenario of America

      • Natalie Steutterman

        I agree too ,that seeing our tax dollars going to “worthy ” causes is a “good” thing. When I say “our citizens”, I mean the eldery who eat cat food to survive, and vets who get the shaft, homeless and mentally ill with no help available. THAT kind of thing. I AM TOTALLY AGAINST HANDOUTS to the likes of the people you described in your post ! Lol… I`ll take the chips too BTW……….:)

      • Steve

        At least Hostess is back. Gotta love those Twinkies.

    • sundance69

      I love when the uninformed comment on something they know nothing about. We spend over twice as much on entitlements(9.7%) as we as we do on national defense(4.7%). With the Chinese building their naval and air defenses on the interest the US pays them for our debt service we will be lucky to keep up. At some point it’s time to get a job.

      • john maccallum

        Uninformed? How about the US accounting for over half the planet’s “defense” spending. Entitlements? you mean like the social security we paid for or veterans benefits they fought for? You must be joking.

        • sundance69

          No I mean food stamps, school breakfast, lunch and dinner programs. Disability payments for people that are not disabled, Section 8 housing, Medicare fraud,etc.. If this government would requalify these scammers on an annual basis and prosecute those that abuse the program there may be a lot less people on them. We were forced to pay into SS and I have done so for over 45 yrs., that’s my money. Isn’t it sad the welfare programs never seem to run out of money, only the SS and Medicare programs. Something is wrong with the picture……

      • Philadelphia Steve

        Entitlements including Social Security and Medicare. Things you Ayn Rand types want to abolish.

        • sundance69

          I don’t see SS and Medicare even mentioned above. I mean the waste and fraud that occurs in almost everyone of the programs.

      • Natalie Steutterman

        First of all, you have NO IDEA what I know, and don`t know! Secondly………I said NOTHING about the “entitilements” to the lazy leeches out there.I was merely stating that there are “some” that need more” help”. Veterans, the mentally ill, elderly people eating cat food to survive. THAT kind of thing. I have NO problem keeping us on top of the defense chain. The gov`t created the mess they are in ,and now we have to suffer and pay for it!! How many more trillions will be added to the deficit when they are through with “STUPID” spending , and with those “entitlements” they so freely hand out !! I am in 100% agreement with you on THAT. China may very well OWN US one day if we don`t smarten up ! And why get a job when Uncle Sam will support your lazy ass !!! ??? THAT MUST END!!

        • sundance69

          I was replying to your initial statement. It is very vague, you sound like a liberal, thanks for clarifying.

          • Natalie Steutterman

            No problem. And NO,….NOT a Lib. Everyone is very “touchy feely” these days with all that is going on in the country !! Lol. Peace………….. lets hope for the best!! 😉 Better to be prepared , and NEVER have to go to war and use those ” tech marvels”, than to be the sorry, weak victims , right?

          • sundance69

            If you like to read or have Audible check out “One Second After” by William Forstchen. It can happen and it will scare your pants off.

          • Natalie Steutterman

            I love to read, and yes, I will check it out. Thanks for the tip. A doomsday scenario I presume? Winter is coming , and will be a fine time to curl up with a good book 😉

          • sundance69

            Check out “One Second After” by William Forstchen if you like to read. I got on Audible, it can happen and it exists.

          • Natalie Steutterman

            It`s on my “to read list ” for this winter. Thanks again Sundance 😉

    • LA the Great

      ns, The US under the O regime has put more people on welfare and disability that any other administration….we have 50% of the people NOT paying any income tax and you want MORE spent on “its citizens”? How about some of the leeches going back to work and paying their fair share?

      • Lester39

        yah thanks for the Bush regime and his lying bodies about none existing WMD and “we want to kick some ass” they put this nation into the poor house. The three trillion dollars was tax money and was stolen by the croux by deseption, killed five thousand plus, wounded and crippled 35 thousands US solders. The factories closed and moved to China, big corporations get big tax cut, unemployment was booming under the Bush addministration. I wonder where you were on those day? in the cave and smoking pot?

      • Natalie Steutterman

        SORRY you misunderstood my comment. I IN NO WAY want that!! I mean help where it SHOULD be. Yes…….I AM against this Obama regime. TOO many entitlements have been given out! I only want to see the Veterans, the elderly , homeless and ill get the help they need. NOT A FREE Obama PHONE and EBT cards for food stamps that the leeches use to busy drugs, cigarettes and booze with !! MAKE them go to work ! AGREED. But BO will never do that! THEY are the morons who voted him in , and will continue to do so as long as they think they will get their free handouts!! Defense is something we DO need ,and I have no problem with that. But “defense” is the key word here.

    • Feedupwithdafed

      Not only do we put way more than we should into “taking care of citizens” We also waist money in taking care of non citizens. Wake up America the madness needs to stop before we bankrupt America

      • Philadelphia Steve

        Tell me when you want to stop feed NeoCon wars and subsidizing bridges to nowhere in Red States and I’ll believe you mean it.

      • Natalie Steutterman

        I DID not mean THE LEECHES!! I meant the veterans, elderly, mentally ill and such. THOSE need the help. Put all the lazy ass entitlement grabbers out to work,and fend for themselves! .Also,…CLOSE the borders and send back the illegals! YES……I AGREE.we spend way to much needlessly ,while the TRULY needy suffer !! Thank BO for the mess we are in now!

    • rational2012

      Sweetie pie, there wouldn’t BE a US to take care of its citizens if we couldn’t defend ourselves against the wretched refuse of distant teeming shores.

      • Natalie Steutterman

        Yes, you are right about that, but all I meant was that alot of misused, ill spent money could have gone to feed the elderly and homeless, take care of our Vets more ,and help the ill and mentally ill. NOT give out billions and billions to lazy, money grubbing leeches that suck the country dry , and take away from the TRULY NEEDY. I am all for defense. God knows I despise the radical, Islamic enemies that want to “eliminate” us ( as they have said in their own words), as well as any other enemies that want to destroy us. The government needs a major “tune-up”.!! And BO must GO. He is a big part of the problem. Supporting our enemies is what a traitor does. HOPE YOU ARE NOT A DIE HARD LIB !! LOL

    • Feedupwithdafed

      Natalie, take a second to think! How do you expect the government to “take care of its citizens above and beyond what it already does. Free housing, cell phones, transportation, health care, education, food, utilities, lap tops, internet access, and even cable is available to welfare cases, what more could you want?

      • Natalie Steutterman

        Sorry you misunderstood me. I mean that what is being spent, is being spent on the WRONG element of society . NO free handouts !! I am totally against that! That $ could have went to our Vets, the elderly , homeless and mentally ill etc. Also……….too much is given out to the illegals. Close the borders and send back those who snuck in and are here illegally now We have enough problems taking care of our own ! ALL that free “welfare” crap MUST end!!! AGREED. Use it where it is truly needed!!

    • Steven Rowe

      The government spends a huge amount on “entitlements” compared to what it spends on defense of the nation.
      Fully two-thirds of the federal budget is on auto-pilot entitlement spending. Of the remaining third of the budget, 20% (roughly) is defense spending. So yes, I wish the government put ONLY half of what it spends on defense into buying the votes of the lazy and the stupid.

      • Philadelphia Steve

        Tell that to all your Red States who live off the federal government.

        • Steven Rowe

          The facts are there to be seen. That you deny the truth and ignore the facts speaks only of your inability to face the real world.

          In simple terms: Grow up.

      • Natalie Steutterman

        I agree with you that WAYYY too much is spent on entitlements!! The leeches that receive this $$ ……MOST do not NEED, or deserve it ! They only know how to “play the system” !! What I meant was for that $$ to be used MORE where REALLY needed. Like helping our elderly, our Vets and the mentally ill and such…..I have no problem with defense.

    • Robert McGrath

      Why? Are you an entitlment seeker? Maybe if your president would have created ONE job in the last 6 years you might be the one who go it, and wouldnt sit around and cry cause the taxpayers do not send you money,,,WE are the Government you idiot,,,the money comes from the tax payer…

      • Natalie Steutterman

        Excuse ME!! How DARE you call ME an idiot !! You know NOTHING about me!! And NO….I am NOT NOW, and NEVER have been an “entitlement seeker”!! I have worked and paid my fair share since 16 years old…….was single mom who worked TWO jobs to survive, and never took a red cent from the dam government! What I meant was we could have used that “ENTITELMENT” money the leeches out there get NOW form Dumbama the Moron , to go to our VETERANS, THE ELDERLY, HOMELESS, AND SUCH! The ones who REALLY could have used it !! Asshole!! SO I KNOW MORE THAN YOU WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM!!! I AM THE TAXPAYER ! JERK!

    • Robert McGrath

      Oh and I would much rather see my taxes spent on a nice war machine, rather than sent to the likes of you that think your entitled to “other” peoples money..Ever thought about simply buying an alarm clock and working? God you people make me sick..

      • Natalie Steutterman

        No..it`s assholes like YOU , who make US hard working taxpayers sick !!! Judging by your pic, you look like a snot nosed college drop out that needs something to do during the day sitting on HIS ass !! So you insult people who have BRAINS!! I worked since 16 years old, supporting 3 kids MORON! Those ENTITLEMENTS to the leeches out there make ME sick as well. Get yout facts straight before you post TO, and about people you know NOTHING ABOUT!!

    • Robert

      Natalie, providing national defense is the primary responsibility of a government. In fact, the union was formed (when the constitution was ratified) in response to the terrorism of the Barbary states so that the states would have a unified front against them and other international threats.

      • Natalie Steutterman

        Absolutely Robert. Defending our nation, the constitution and OUR people are top priority.Without that………….we HAVE no country to defend. I hear you. When I said we needed to care more for our citizens, that meant the veterans who actually DID, and DO still defend us, the elderly living on cat food and no meds, the mentally ill and homeless, etc. NOT the freeloader leeches out there exploiting our system. We have many enemies, and I agree we need the best to keep them at bay.

  • Steve

    Instead of 32 of these ships we will build – three? And they say we will dominate? dominate what? The local public swimming pool?

    • Jim

      I’d rather them only build three for now. Then down the road they can figure out what needs improvement for the other 29.

      • Philadelphia Steve

        At $3 billion each, how do you propose to pay for them?

        • Kyle4318

          A $2,190 tax on each abortion would pay for one a year.

        • Adam G. Hall

          Maybe stop dishing out billions in aid to nations that hate us…or start making people (majority but not all) work and pay their own way in this great nation. Maybe stop the billions of dollars going to this socialist health care system and put it towards defense and or guarding our borders. Just a few suggestions, I have many more if you’d like me to continue.

        • bllshtfreezone

          wel first the obama care will eat that on a weekly basis and if we stop the obama suuport team from defrauding the goverment out of billions of dollars ever month in welfare and ssi as well as failed food stamp programs we could build one a month

      • Steve

        Ya but Obama has already declared he’s down sizing the fleet by 35 ships. He isn’t going to authorize any more of these no matter how great they prove to be. We need a new president long before we can get one.

  • Geof

    I wonder how many captains applied to command this really cool ship – got to be way more interesting (fun??) than, say, and aircraft carrier. Have to admit the captain looks a pretty sharp guy – has to be!

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      He’ll run it aground when he figures out he can’t see out of it. Don’t forget it’s breaking tech and with breaking tech comes breaking new problems as the nerd watching the ‘where we are going meter’ is texting to his little honey back at home telling him they cut out the food stamps and a gov shutdown is upon us once again and the PX is closed, the babies are crying and the Prius needs a new battery.

  • liephman88

    They mention the Civil war iron clad Monitor yet this ship looks more like the souths iron clad C.S.S. Virginia. Little historic note: As the Civil war was ending the Virginia was destroyed by her crew in order to keep it out of the Northern army’s hands, nothing remained of the ship. Back some years ago Navy historians discovered the USS Cumberland one of the first victims of the CSS Virginia with rammed the Cumberland in the shallows of the Bay. When the Virginia rammed it she became stuck at first then her ram broke off into the Cumberland as she backed off. As they were recovering artifacts from the wreck they found the Virginia’s ram still in the hull of the Cumberland, like the knife of the killer left behind and it is the only part of the Virginia ever recovered.

    • Charlie Curcio

      Love history notes on ships. Thank you

    • mlp2

      I really does have lines similar to the Virginia (Merrimack). I guess some aspects of history really are cyclical.

    • madfam004

      And the Civil War CSI strikes again. Great story.

    • Doug29681

      I love this information and have been to see the H.L. Hunley and was amazed. To bad all these political nuts below turned this into a whole different discussion.

      • Marie

        I saw it all, and it sickens me! God bless our US Navy and God bless America!! VERY PROUD Navy Mom X 2…

      • qcubed

        Yea…sad those political nutsos rail against all this ‘necessary’ billions of dollars of spending, when they could be hating on all the starving kids and families whose SNAP benefits are wasting the taxpayer’s money. We should be spending that money on WAR MACHINES to kill our ‘enemies’ instead.

        • Dick head

          BOO freaking hooo maybe ppl should not have kids they cant affored get a freaking life looser !

          • silence-is-golden

            affored? do you mean AFFORD?
            looser? as in loose as a goose? or do you mean LOSER.]
            Now, go to bed and let the adults type.

          • qcubed

            This is the response I expected from the selfish, hating, right wing.


            Left Wing Loser.

        • ali

          That’s right COMRADE !!!!
          By the way, what branch of the armed forces did you serve in?
          Oh, ……..

    • Vincent Baretti Jr.

      Hello liephman. Thanks for the comment about the Civil War. I agree. As a navy vet that served on two ships I am saddened and excited whenever ships like the Zumwalt are developed and built. I’m excited because of the technology and what these ships mean to our country in terms of strategic defense and offensive capabilities in case of war. Keeping the sea lanes open and free is crucial. I’m saddened because as a ship and boat lover this ship is ugly. Gone are the graceful lines of classic destroyers ( and cruisers too ) from before and after WW 2. If you admire ships ( as I suspect you do ) then you know what I mean here. As an aside, today’s cruise ships are just as ugly as this class of destroyer in that cruise ships today lack the graceful designs of liners from the 1910’s-60’s. Today they look like condominiums on a hull!

      • UH34D

        Can’t live in the past Vincent. If the form used was the only way to accomplish some stealth, we don’t have much of a choice. The real question is, will it all work as it’s supposed to? Are we buying a pig in the poke or, a real warship?

        • shipfixr

          Nothing in Zumwalt that isn’t proven already…..this is just the first time it’s all coming together in one (very ugly) ship.

          • Johnnie Velasquez

            Ever think that ugly can be beautiful? Take your wife or mother or sister. Ugly is not what we think it is.

          • captzot

            and 1960 cars had tail fins

          • qcubed

            Ugly gets the job done, just look at hookers.

        • Vincent Baretti Jr.

          Not living in the past UH34D! Admiring and appreciating ships MEANS having to reminisce about the past and compare what we had with what we have and what will be the future. Are you a vet? Do you study ships? The military? I suspect not, otherwise you would of understood my original point and not thought that I am living in the past. In an oblique way you did touch on why we have the forms we have today though. Radar and electronic warfare technology means the end of past warship designs.

      • NotLoco

        The classic lines are gone, no doubt about that, but this ship redefines the term dreadnought. The original HMS Dreadnought (1906) was no thing of beauty but it struck fear in the hearts of the enemy. This ship will carry that tradition well into the 21st century. I would not want to see this naval Death Star approaching on the horizon, and neither will our enemies!

        • shipfixr

          I disagree, compared to her pre-Dreadnaught predessesors, Dreadnaught WAS a thing of beauty; starting a long line ending with the U.S.Navy’s Iowa class.

          • Fred

            Right on !

          • NotLoco

            Having assembled plastic models of the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri in my youth and having taken the tour of the USS Alabama in Mobile Bay, I am on board ( pun intended ) with your comment. The Wiki pic of the HMS Dreadnought (1906) makes her look a little homely to me, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Certainly, the HMS Dreadnought was a game-changer, so I am not dissing her.

        • Vincent Baretti Jr.

          Agreed NotLoco. The HMS Dreadnought is one of my favorites too.

          • Gary Church

            I think the Dreadnought turret arrangement was no good. The two forward, two aft arrangement in later classes was more pleasing to the eye as well as more functional IMO. The Warspite was always my favorite British battleship. The Alabama with it’s single funnel is probably the coolest battleship left afloat.

          • Vincent Baretti Jr.

            Hello Gary! I agree. If you want to see one of the coolest battleships ever built with the smoothest most graceful lines check out the H.M.S Vanguard, the last battleship the British ever built. It was completed in 1945, too late for WW 2. They cruised it around throughout the rest of the 40’s and 50’s in joint exercises with other navies before they scrapped her.

      • Peter Sullivan

        I’m sure the enemy won’t care how ugly or beautiful the ship was that fired the weapon that killed them or destroyed their ship. Also, I’m sure the sailors and marines who’s lives are better protected by the ship despite its ugly design don’t care what it looks like when they step onto the pier safely to the waiting arms of their family. The mustang was a classier looking plane than the “stealth fighter”, which cockpit would you want to be in when facing the enemy? These ships are being built for unknown enemies 20 years from now (the most basic ship is capable of firing a cruise missile and taking out Muslim extremists and the Taliban doesn’t have a navy) but somehow I’ll be ok if the enemy can claim that their ship has better lines as its going to its final resting place at the bottom of the sea.

        • Vincent Baretti Jr.

          I just made what I thought was an innocent comment about how a modern ship looks compared to what we had as a nation/navy in the past and all the arm chair admirals come out of the woodwork. Amazing. Relax Peter Sullivan. Your attitude is flippant and it’s unwarranted and not appreciated. As if I don’t care if our troops come home safely? Let’s put in some classic lines and run up the casualty list in the next war? That’s what you think I want? You read too much into what I wrote and you seem to have come to the wrong conclusions. With all the bravado in your response I hope you served. During the era that I served they taught us respect and graciousness towards strangers and people in general. If you served you seem not to have carried that quality forward in life; or maybe they don’t teach that anymore? By the way, I’d take the B-1 obviously, although in it’s time the P-51 was a game changer for the 8th Army Air Corps against Germany. It was the first fighter to have the range to escort bombers ACROSS Germany and back.

          • sandman7733

            Well said. I enjoyed the comments liephmann88 and yourself made regarding the Civil War ships, etc.. Personally, I can’t get enough of the old WWII planes and battleships. The old P-51 Mustang and British Supermarine Spitfire are, in my opinion (not that it’s worth much) two of the most beautiful planes ever built. You could not be more correct when you say that the P-51 was a game changer. I had the privilege a few years back of meeting one of the “Tuskegee Airmen.” He had pictures of one of the “Red-Tails” that he flew. Gave me goosebumps. I have fond memories of being a kid and putting together those old “Revell” model airplane and battleship kits. I wish I had kept them. Don’t know if you have ever seen the movie of a few years back called “Battleship.” While it was a corny, over the top action movie, I couldn’t help but love seeing the U.S.S. Missouri. Wonderful works of engineering. Thanks for your comments!!!

          • Vincent Baretti Jr.

            Hello sandman7733. Thanks for your kind words. Speaking of planes, one of my favorites is always forgotten because it came too late to see action for the U.S. in WW2. If you get the chance, research the Grumman F8 Bearcat. It basically was scheduled to replace another kick ass plane,
            the Grumman F6 Hellcat ( and I still say the F4 Wildcat held it’s own against the Zero and we could of won the war with that plane too, given the quality of our pilots and training VS what the Japanese put out from 1943 onwards ) If the Bearcat came out only a year earlier along with the Hellcat the Bearcat would own a lofty place in history. Instead, it just bid it’s time for the navy until the first jets arrived in the years of peace immediately after WW2. I read where the French airforce used Bearcats in 1952-53, basically for ground support of their troops when they were losing French Indo-China, soon to become Vietnam. By the way, I built many model ships in my youth too!

          • Peter Sullivan

            Vincent, I am sorry that you took my post so personally. It’s also worth noting that you responded similarly to my post on another post but that person actually did write about your comments in a personal manner even though it was fairly mild. The only thing I was guilty of was having the opinion that the lines of a ship take a back seat to the function of the ship and thus the safety of the crew as well as the ability to carry out the mission. I didn’t address you one time nor did I even get near the neighborhood of suggesting that you don’t care about the troops coming home safely. Now in your response you personally attacked me and criticized my attitude thus I would be justified in getting personal in response but I did no such thing in my original post and I will continue to keep this non-personal from my side. Everyone is entitled to a bad day and to read things into an opinion that just isn’t there. I’ll just chalk it off to something like that.

            Actually I have pretty thick skin and knowing that I didn’t do any of the things that got u so worked up I was able to let it go. However, I do have one suggestion for you. You seem very fixated on someone’s service history or lack there of. Having served in any branch at any time doesn’t make someone’s opinion more or less valid. In fact, we serve so others can voice their opinions. Having an opinion that if you served then your opinion means more defeats the point of serving and isn’t becoming of someone who did serve.

    • shipfixr

      Ironic, the U.S.Navy burned the USS Merrimack to keep it out of the Southern army’s hands…..it ended up the CSS Virginia.

    • CD_Eps

      Good history ! Thanks

    • Jared Epstein

      Guys welcome to the future, not the 1900’s. Things are not gonna look modern forever.

    • qcubed

      The last time baggers did anything right.


        Rather be a Tea Bagger than a Scum Bagger.

        • racytalker

          There’s a difference?

    • Dan Winters

      Actually several of the guns from the Virginia were recovered and moved to Fort Darling up the James to defend Richmond and are likely in a Navy meseum in or near Washington. Some 30 years ago on a visit to the Museum of the Confederacy I found on dispaly what was presented to be the propeller shaft of he Virginia. Craney Island is now covered by a massive land fill. So, whatever has been recovered is about it.

    • RadicalCentrist

      Interestingly enough, the amphibious operation which resulted in the C.S.S. Virginia having to be scuttled at Norfolk, VA was initiated and directed by a Union government official present initially an observer – none other than President Lincoln himself!

  • Gary A. Markette

    Sub-mariner: “Oh goody, another target.”

  • Vilma Blanco

    It looks like the Nautilus in the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentelmen.

    • John Gesselberty

      Ha, ha. My thoughts, exactly. A knife cutting through the water.

    • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

      I think they got the ideal from their kids Lego set!

  • Dislimpet

    It looks like a giant box cutter.

    • Steve

      Great, now we can’t take it on airplanes.

  • msgtroyfoster

    The USS Zumwalt is as deadly as AGENT ORANGE in honoring ADMIRAL ZUMWALT who warned our government about the deadly consequences of AGENT ORANGE that our government classified for 20 years letting our men and women exposed to it die without help or knowledge of what was going to attack them for years till they die. CRIMINAL TYPE ACTION BY OUR GOVERNMENT against our veterans. SHAME ON THEM ALL !

  • msgtroyfoster


  • rpike418

    It was Captain James T Kirk, not A……..stood for Tabius

    • ok-johne

      If you read past the second paragraph you would have seen the noted the difference in the two’s middle name and it’s not Tabius genius.

      • Larry A. Altersitz

        ok-johne: More info on the Razor, please. First I’ve heard of it. Thanks.

  • Al Schrader

    A beatufil ship. Would be better if it had the Razor. What’s the Razor ? It’s an underwater rocket shaped like a sword blade that stops torpedos.

  • Dave Kelly

    The allusion to the USS Monitor made me uncomfortable also, as the original foundered and sank while being towed to Charleston SC to join in the blockade there.

  • Kenyan1

    Go Navy! Without Freedom – The Morons who attempt to read and dare write comments will be sadly missed.

    • Philadelphia Steve

      Why do you hate your fellow Americans so much?

  • ChiefWuh

    As a U.S. Navy veteran and a destroyer sailor, Spruance class, all I can say is send it on a 6 week North Atlantic test run, go above and east of Murmansk, just “try it out” up in that area, in the spring or fall. That’ll prove it this hull, and ship in general, can hold up to what the oceans have to give. It is cool looking, just hope it can live up to it’s name.

    • Justin Ray

      Thank you for your service

  • Navy Junior

    Let’s see how she does during CSQUATS

  • Michael Miljour

    A sad comment of our society – 100’s of billions for “war machines” that are justified as “defense” by those who build and profit from these devices.

  • Michael Miljour

    Mr Bush’s invasion of Iraq killed 60000 plus innocent people and justified by “we want to kick some ass”. It has wasted thousands of lives and 100’s of billions on a few mens ego’s and greed.
    No we do not need a ‘bigger set of balls” than our neighbor has.

    • LA the Great

      MM, I looked in the dictionary under “pussy” and your picture was there!

      • Don Atkins

        Agree with you LA the Great. He will also be the first one to ask for help. So lets let “O” MM best friend shutdown the Military all together and see how long it will take for MM to ask for help. Pussy… The only mistake that Bush did was to declare that the war was over. Most of the people of this USA do not know and do not need to know what was all
        uncovered in Iraq. So think what you want since you most only listen to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC and what is that guys name…. Piers Morgan!!!!

        • Joseph Sinkovic

          And what the fuck do you listen to?

        • Philadelphia Steve

          And I suppose you DO know what was “uncovered” in Iraq that justified more than $1 trillion and counting?

          • michael elliott

            Remember when Bush said that Iraq sent their WMD’s to Syria and the Dems scoffed at him? Remember Syria using WMD against their own people? Do you ever wonder where Syria got their WMD? And Obama bowed and bowed and I was waiting for Obama to start kneeling and kissing feet.

          • weakglovehand

            really? what is that, a couple of Solandrya? less than a years work at the Obama Fed printing press.
            Had they just used a lasar guided (drone) missle when Sam Donaldson went to interview Hussain, none of that spending would have been necessary, and then Hillary could have PROUDLY said during the investigation, “at this point Senator, what difference does it make?” yea had BHO been president, the killing of Americans is no big deal. Heck, there might be another federal holiday to honor Donaldson.

    • bjreg3

      That “invasion” you left wing loons cry about was voted on by all of the democraps, so STFU a** H***. Talk about wasting billions of dollars, your “messiah” has done well there with doubling of the debt, increase in unemployment, dearth of part time jobs not full time jobs and his war in various places in the middle east let alone on the American people…..the food stamp president…..billions to his friends, the shaft to the taxpayers. Your numbers are also not true, skippy.

      • Alex Yamach

        Yeah the Dems voted for it because they were presented with cherry picked trumped up info. The was just as much intelligence saying their were no WMD’s and there was saying there were. But Congrews was on shown the info supporting WMD’s being there. UN Weapons inspectors had been in Iraq 3 times before for the war started and found no WMD’s. But Bush and Cheney refused to accept their findings. So they started their campaign of misinformation and outright lies to achieve their agenda.

        • Biggus Ballus

          Yup and the dbaggers saddled us with their own verified WMD – the big O heself.

          • Richard Bagenstose

            obama is more like toxic waste

        • bjreg3

          ….With Clintons intelligence and urging..or have you forgotten that? How about the Brits and Russians intelligence that they shared? Forget that too? Atleast Bush got everyone to sign on before bombing, different than Obama bombing Libya and sending arms to Al Qaeda…….of course, the drone strike that missed the main target and killed 30+ innocent children and women is so conveniently ignored too… So, where did the WMD’s go? Syria?

        • Adam G. Hall

          Actually Alex, you are wrong. Some of us were in Iraq throughout 2003 and and have made a few trips since. I can say with absolute certainty that we (soldiers) did find small amounts of chemical weapons and vehicles crossing from Iraq into Syria with traces of both chemical and biological weapons. Some of you think that your government is telling you everything and that everything they say is the truth. I have news for anyone who feels this way. Government by it’s nature loves to grow and regulate. Now our government is WAY too large and we the people are all getting the shaft. The problem that we all seem to have now is that we have a war between right and left when we should have a war between right and wrong. This is a battle between the political class in this country and the working class, and as long as the politicians can keep us divided, then it takes the target off of their back. It’s not governments job to regulate every aspect of our lives, it’s government’s job to ensure a safe environment for us to enjoy our PERSONAL LIBERTY and FREEDOM while also being held PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE.

          • Shepardwong

            Adam, you mean to tell me that the United States and their allies formed a coalition and invaded Iraq on the premise of WMD which could never be substantiated. Then, when even a “small amount,” as you put it, of chemical weapons are found by the military it’s kept secret because the government isn’t telling us everything? That was their get out of jail free card and they didn’t play it? I find that hard, no make that impossible to believe!

          • Kenton Davis

            Right on, Adam. Well said. Why are people stupid enough to think this whole thing is about Dems and Republicans?? They treat politics (and elections) like this is some kind of a football game or something! We are in a battle here for freedom, liberty, and human decency! A battle for the survival of America and core American values. I don’t care what label a person wears…. be he/she Dem or Republican, if they do not stand for moral truth and for the prosperity of the American people OVER making government bigger (and richer), then they are ignorant, destructive enemies of this great nation. If you love America, you will support values, and people who are truly FOR America – not for filling their own pocket or promoting their own agenda. The government SHOULD be a SERVANT to the people… not the other way around. Wake up, America!!!

          • Love my country

            I read ALL of these comments and have to say..Adam G. Hall is the only one that made his statement have validity. He didn’t tear into anyone but just stated the simple and rather obvious.. GOOD JOB!

        • weakglovehand

          much as we’re seeing today with Bengazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, unemployment, ACA sign ups, inflation, NSA spying, IRS targeting, voter registration, gun laws, and immigration.

        • Richard Bagenstose

          well that is the dems fault . they where in controled congress and approved it

      • Shepardwong

        The point is that it never should have come to the floor for a vote in the first place. Especially when the facts for going to war were misconstrued (WMD’s). Congress, the American people, the world were sold a bill of goods based on fabricated “intelligence.” A President shouldn’t bring a vote to go to war against a country because “they were looking to kick someones ass.”

        • UNCCHeats

          There were WMDs, Saddam used them against Iran & the Kurds. Some were sent to Syria, others destroyed before invasion.

      • mmoscho

        Your awesome Republicans voted for it too! My numbers are accurate. Why didn’t you provide the accurate numbers if you supposedly know???

    • Spanky

      Oh how they forget how leading democrats like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore and more, were clamoring for an attack on Iraq even before George W Bush became president. In fact Nacy Pelosi Said this in Dec of 1998, “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”
      There are plenty more documented letters to President Clinton while he was in office, and plenty of quotes, and letters sent to President Bush, even before he was given dissenting reports from the CIA. In fact the only thing President bush did wrong was choose the wrong CIA report to believe after years of top democrats claiming that Iraq was developing WMD’s and demanding military action. But, as is the case with any zealot, why let facts get in the way, saying you want to kick some ass after years of prodding for an attack by top democrats is certainly a reason to blame everything on Bush, because he most certainly should have said, “I hope Saddam finds a way to win this war and they can learn how to speak Iraqi in northern Virginia”.

      • weakglovehand

        Don’t let facts confuse the low information crowd. This is what the MSM told them 1000x’s so that is the truth as told by the propaganda machine. Blame Bush makes it easy to explain, and holds harmless those who voted for and promoted the war.

    • Billy Beacham

      FDR bomb German cities killing millions of kids , women and old folks , so whats the deal ..war kills there are no innocents in war , oh and a democrat drop the nuke

      • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

        That’s how you win a war. That’s why what we are doing these days will end up to that again. But first we have to get rid of our supplies of Green Zones and money we hand over to those we build the Green Zones for.

      • Richard Bagenstose

        what about the 100rds of thousands of babies dems kill every year giving millions to planed parenthood. same thing killing kids. but that is ok. i think hitler did the same thing. killing kids because of not being the super race

    • Biggus Ballus

      Funny how today Iraq is asking the President for military aid.

      • Richard Bagenstose

        good luck with that one. he only sends weapons to the muslim brotherhood and al-quida

    • MMoscho

      Actually…..160,000 Iraqi civilians confirmed dead, estimated numbers of actual Iraqi Civilian deaths 400k or more.

  • LA the Great

    With the O regime in power It’s strange that the Zumwalt was ever finished! 3 billion would have gone a long ways buying low information voters for the DemWitOcrats!

    • Don Atkins

      Hey LA the Great… “O” will give it to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran one of his brethren country’s.

      • crabbyj

        Ok…prove it. Of course, Reagan did, both Bushes did, Clinton did, but since you seem to have special insight, why don’t you prove your statement.

        Also, since POTUS is American, how are those countries our brethren?

        Going through life being ignorant, or a liar is not a good look for you, but we’re grateful that you’ve proven that irrational hate prevents common sense from taking root.

        • Don Atkins

          Ok Crabbyj… Good one on the come back “Going through life being ignorant, or a liar is not a good look for you, but we’re grateful that you’ve proven that irrational hate prevents common sense from taking root.”
          I am not saying that I know more but the public does not get or need to know all!!! When you have been in the military you come to understand there is more that is not given out. You are the one implying hate I am not. It is a fact that “O” does not like are military. I have noting bad to say about the ship. I think it is a cool looking ship and will most likely be a good ship after they get all of the bugs worked out. That will take time for any new weapon system. I do know fro a fact…. You have your opinion that “O” is an American and I have mine. “O” does lean to the Muslim side of the world.

        • dougw252

          Crabby…. Do you really think that O is American ???? And do you really think that he is a Christian ???? Time for you to drink some more Kool Aid from your DemoRAT Party….

      • Roby Statzer

        Nice one Don. Yuck, yuck.

    • Go Navy

      was thinking it would be named Obama, destroyer of a nation..

      • Alex Yamach

        Well they named a ship after Reagan who committed treason by selling arms to our avowed enemy Iran, so anything is possible.

        • rastus johnson

          Or the Clinton who sold Neutron bomb technology to the Chinese.

          • Roby Statzer

            No, you got it wrong again. That was George W, and he sold the Neutron BONG to the Chinese. They have been higher then a kite ever since.

        • Jim

          He didn’t know anything about it remember? Just like Obama doesn’t know anything about anything at all ever…a bit different….hmmmm….Yeah …at least Reagan was for this USA not against it you have to admit that…Don’t remember him ever “bowing” to foreign Kings or not saluting the Flag.

          • Roby Statzer

            Wow, your actually going for the bowing to kings line? Pathetic!

          • coalminersdaughter

            He is correct to think it was a despicable thing for him to do. He sees himself ( and the US) beneath the Saudi king. He, being the President,should not bow to anyone. They are on the same keel.

          • enders1961

            Americans dont bow to kings. Its against everything we stand for.

          • Mark

            Funny Bush bowed to the Saudi king and Republicans didn’t say any thing than, i wonder why that is, oh yes, he was Republican and Republicans can do no wrong…..LOL….

          • Rich39

            It’s not a bow, it’s a head nod. 80% of the world greets people this way.
            Of course Bush and the GOP kiss their butts.

          • Bonzo

            He was a great co-star to Bonzo.

          • Ed Stearns

            I remember Reagan bowing out, or running from WWII due to an, uh, eye problem where he couldn’t see fighting with the men. I remember the Beirut barracks that were bombed, killing 300 Marines and Reagan did nothing. I remember Reagan tripling debt, running unemp from 7.5% to 10.8%, highest since the GD.

          • alohageedub

            Do you remember the 58,000 in Vietnam?

          • Ed Stearns

            What’s your point? GWB pretended to be in, but ran way and Clinton used deferral and then signed up in 68, got a high number. Not sure if your point here.

          • Rick Badman

            GWB was flying planes in the Texas National Guard that for some reason weren’t the type flown in Vietnam and Clinton lied his way out of being drafted by telling the commander of the Arkansas National Guard he would sign up when he returned but refused to honor his word.

          • Curtis James

            Bush flew F-102s. There was a detachment of F-102s in Thailand flying recon missions when I was there, I flew F-105s.

          • Curtis James

            “I did not have sex with that woman” dodged the draft by Joining the ROTC and then quitting, All records of that were taken from the ROTC files one night by some “suits” who gave no authority.

          • Ed Stearns

            1) So he got a BJ and lied? WOW, what a criminal.
            2) Clinton used his academic position to get waivers, then signed up in 68, got a high number.
            3) As for GHWB, yes, he maneuvered too, he was a slimy dodger. Reagan used his favor too, guys like Elvis refused that favor and so many served honorably like Eddie Albert and many others.

          • GMC/USN

            Reagan – WWII; like most actors made training films and sold bonds for the war effort. Beirut barracks bombing – We attacked Syria over that (funny you don’t remember Jessie Jackson going there after the Syrians captured a downed Naval Aviator). Unemployment – 9.6 in 1983 (The result of Jimmy Carter’s recession) but you fail to mention it was 5.5 before he left office. Debt – It doubled not tripled (that is the problem with liberals…the truth is never bad enough. They feel they have to embellish it), but that is really nothing compared to what Obama has done with it.

          • Mark Samuels

            Reality, it was not Carters recession, it was the debt from the Viet Nam War, that led to his problems. Also, you failed to mention “Black Moday” another legacy of Reagan, or better, his being found complicit with the Keating Five his buddies who almost killed off the credit Union industry. Or letting a war hero take the fall over his arming the Contra’s

          • Songline

            Do you remember that Reagan increased the military budget
            and that caused the Soviet Union to collapse? That money was well spent it saved us trillions in military costs.

          • Rich39

            The Soviet Union was going to end no mater who was president.

          • abinc

            You would say that — Now.

          • PolicyWonk

            That is BRAVO SIERRA. Because all Reagan did was follow 40 years of policy that was started by Democrat Harry S Truman. Reagan just got lucky w/r/t to the timing – even the CIA didn’t have any idea the USSR was on the verge of a total collapse.

          • Gary Church

            We called Reagan the teflon president because nothing ever stuck to him. If you want to know who was really running the country watch Michael Moore’s Capitalism a love story.

          • Alboka

            Duh! If it weren’t for capitalism and capitalists we would probably still be an agrarian society.

          • Steve

            Ahhh Michael Moore, an American toad.

          • Shirl

            I thought he was a Canadian toad???

          • Rick Badman

            Why was the economy better under President Ford than under Carter even though the war officially ended while Ford was President when South Vietnam fell to the enemy we had fought against? Why wasn’t there double-digit unemployment, inflation, and interest rates while Ford was President but there were while Carter was President though he was more than a decade removed from the Vietnam War?

          • DaWorks

            and WHO got us into VietNam? That would be Kennedy and Johnson….. more Liberal “kindness” taking over after the French had been stymied. So a Democrat incurred the debt that made another Democrat look bad, seems fair to me! Except for one thing, the American People were the ones who got killed AND taxed!

          • coalminersdaughter

            Nothing compares to what Obama has done to this country.

          • Mark

            You mean Republicans that have destroyed the Country, get some Facts……

          • Rick Badman

            Did you complain about the budget surpluses we had when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress during the mid-to late 1990’s? Sure it came at the expense of the military which Clinton diminished. But did you like the reversal of the National Debt under the Republicans?

          • len5

            It’s easier to run a surplus when there are boom times.

          • glazyway

            They were “boom times” because we had a conservative government, dumbo!!!

          • qcubed

            Hardly. It was all circumstances. But is sure as heck is Obama’s fault for the sluggish economy…remember, circumstances…

          • 2eREP

            And it is easier to have “Boom Times” when the money is not ALL in the hands of the corporations and the wealthy!

          • qcubed

            Baggers won’t get that. They think things are great when the wealthy have all the cash, and don’t understand why the economy won’t grow with out SPENDING AND INVESTMENT.


            Wow, 17 Trillion in Debt,wuth the worse Economy.

          • RaiderRune

            has anyone thought of the lighter side of this? Like calling his head engineer Scotty? his head medical Bones? etc etc…. they have got to be having fun with this!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Marti Londot

            Clinton got lucky he just happened to be president during the dot.com boom that was responsible for our ‘great economy’ during his term. That said, he STILL managed to destroy our economy. Derivatives was a new banking practice described by Warren Buffett as “financial weapons of mass destruction.” Clinton STILL caved to bank lobbyists and refused to regulate derivatives even though he was warned of its dangers by the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, Raghuram Rajan, and auditor Joseph St. Denis quit in protest because nobody in the banking industry was being held accountable.

            Derivatives, or credit default swaps, eventually grew into a fifty trillion dollar UNREGULATED industry, and when Bush became president our financial sector was already a ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, he was blamed for the 2008 financial crisis that was caused by Clinton’s policies (the Affordable Housing Act, the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, refusal to regulate derivatives) even though he was the one trying to fix it. (Search Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.)

            Clinton, as usual, got off scot-free.

          • nmm62

            We had a surplus in the 1990’s and the deficit was gone because of the 1992 budget which was passed without a single Republican vote. You cannot take credit for something you did not earn.

          • Netty

            NO personal responsibility and NO truth. Democrats have destroyed this country and the one in now is the worst of the bunch. Republicans actually care about America. They were even ALL born here.

          • Cody

            Actually, both Democrats and Republicans have destroyed this company. Factions at all will be the largest factor to America’s downfall. Please don’t contribute to that by being close-minded as the rest of anyone else here arguing for either side

          • Skye Ryder

            Really? Did you know the last 5 GOP presidents increased the National Debt and the last DEM presidents actually lowered it? Get your facts straight…


            17 Trillion in Debt on Obama;s watch and growing.

          • Juan Rodriguez

            Idiot Ted Cruz a Republican was born in Canada

          • qcubed

            LOL….idiot. If that were true..YOU WOULDN’T BE TRYING TO DESTROY RIGHT TO ABORTION AND SNAP AND ACA. You care about NO ONE but yourselves. A more selfish group I have yet to encounter.

          • 10579

            you have read Sol Alinski’s Communist manifesto for radicals. That says blame the other guy for every thing even though it isn’t true.

          • qcubed

            Seems the Tea Party is practicing it, verbatim.

          • Ima watchingu

            I love the coolaid drinkers who make comments about the tea party when they know wnothing for what they stand for. Do a little research and get your head out of the ass of cnn.

          • farmivy

            Oh please stop letting your politics distort the facts. The Republicans brought America Civil Rights Legislation, freed the slaves and kept God above our Nation. Woodrow Wilson (a democrat) entered the United States into WW I and created the Federal Reserve (a private corporation owned by member banks). Franklin D. Roosevelt entered the US into WW II and created the welfare state. LBJ expanded the Vietnam War from 38,000 soldiers to 425,000 in 30-days and expanded the welfare state. And now we have Obama, the worst yet. Keep it real.

          • Rich39

            Name one bad thing?? Sorry you don’t like minorities, but they are here to stay.

          • Doc

            When all else fails……use the race card because it works.

          • 10579

            How did we get away from talking ships?

          • qcubed

            It works when there is truth behind it.

          • pat

            it is nothing to do with race it is one man and his crew destroying our beloved country. Get over the race card, that’s a cop out.

          • Jay Leno

            So is trying to throw the “oh, that’s what you always say” card.
            That card does not excuse the fact

          • qcubed

            Yea, Grover Norquist and his Koch buddies. Empowering the baggers to hate, divide, and conquer the ignorant.

          • AlBoka

            I think you are correct that many took race into consideration when voting for this zero. Too bad! There are several “blacks” that would be much more favorable to American values and, at the same time, have sensitivity towards assuaging the situation facing many minorities in the country. We need to rid ourselves of Obama.

          • 10579

            Obama does not have american values he was raised and educated by a card carring communist, davis, and the white family in hawaii were socialists.

          • Bill Palmer

            Obamacare, foreign policy, immigration, close ties to all muslim countries, lack of leadership, and the division of this nation

          • Gregory Hinton

            delusional or drunk bill?

          • SHIRLEY

            neither – RIGHT!!

          • David Letterman

            “Obamacare” will help to insure millions, making sure you don’t have to help pay for so many non-payers coming into the ER. The current issues are with the computer system.
            Foreign policy? There have been more captures/kills of enemy leaders with Obama as President.
            There can always be more done about immigration, no matter who is president.
            And scare tactics from the right, and smack talk back and forth from both sides has divided the nation, not the President.
            You need to pay more attention to everything, don’t stop watching when you think you’ve figured it all out on someone else’s opinion.

          • Fred

            Does obama know about this ??????

          • Steven Williams

            If he does, he’ll deny it like everything else that goes

          • David Henderson

            Pass a law Insure 15-30 million Americans that will eventually Un-insure 93 million Americans. That the Government is waiting to collapse so it can collect all these premiums itself and rations care cause it this government still does not give a fu*K who you are.

          • qcubed

            You are merely guessing right now.

          • shirley

            Good kool aid, eh??

          • qcubed

            Better than the crap you are eating.

          • Erik Baran

            The “division of this country” is caused by the juvenile actions of the right. If they can’t have the power, nobody can, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep anyone else from exercising legal authority, regardless the damage to the country.

          • qcubed

            Clearly your braincells stopped dividing decades ago.

          • bigalfree1

            Obama is the man….you had your chance now we going to have ours….

          • Prong of Neptune

            Really? Heck, guy, Mr. BO has run this country, over the last 5 years, into the dirt with his idiotic policies. Here’s a man who promised his way into the White House based entirely on lies and half truths. He was elected because most people believed that he would fulfill his promises. After 4 years of stumbling around we were stupid enough to re-elect him. Obama is nothing more than an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the US economy works, no understanding of the way the world works and no balls. We get nothing from him than abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of of any real substance. Quit blaming Bush and everybody else for your failures, Mr. Obama. Stand up like a real Commander in Chief and take responsibility for your party’s miserable record. Your excuses and blame-throwing are getting very, very old.

          • JGlasko

            I think he’s done a great job recovering from the failed Bush presidency. This country is a huge ship that changes direction very slowly but after heading towards destruction under Bush, Obama’s finally got it turned around. Tangible, identifiable strides in the economy, equality, health care, anti-terrorism, corporate corruption etc. Scores A’s across the board.

          • IThePeople

            Economy? Obama has incurred more debt than the sum of all presidents before him, from George Washington to George Bush. He has borrowed money from China and has a huge deficit. Not to mention overprinting money.

            Healthcare? can best be described as Calvin Ball. Forbes sites: “In California, Obamacare To Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums By 64-146%”

            Equality? He got as Peace Prize before he’d done anything.

            Anti-Terrorism? He knew nothing about Benghazi, blamed it on a video in California. He has snubbed his allies who won;t support him in his efforts now (GB for example). not to mention the terrorist attack of the IRS on its own people who don’t side with obama.

            Corporate Corruption? Amateurs compared to obama’s Chicago style corruption on a National/international scale: IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, NSA, etc.

            You are a wonderful spin artist and will have a great career as a Liberal obamacrat – Congratulations!

          • me

            if all fails, blame Bush still HOW many years later? Seek help for your delusions.

          • Erik Baran

            Since the right continues to spread the lies about the alleged failures of the last four years, it seems you need to be reminded which administration nearly destroyed this country.

          • Steven Williams

            Well, George W. Bush only ended with an approval rating of 38% to only beating out Nixon with a 29% approval. With that bad a rep you’re going to get hacked on!

          • 10579

            yea were heading now for a reef.

          • Gjohn1957

            I agree, good post

          • Erik Baran

            What policies have run the country into the ground? The crybaby Republicans and ‘baggers haven’t let him do much of anything. And the country was already below grade when he took office.

          • Gjohn1957

            Dude, you need to get laid….

          • Steve

            Actually, you’ve had your’s. I doubt the Clown will make it 3 more years without getting impeached.

          • Jimmy Fallon

            That’s funny, this “clown” would get elected for 4 more if it were possible. Eat that

          • Fred

            yeah by all the dumb wits out there aka low information voters

          • thedofuss

            truer words were never spoken, certainly on this site. id just add, in the interests of clarification, its generally “no” information voters. you deserve a star my friend, yet all i can do is hit that silly “up” arrow for approval on this ineptly constructed site. sorry about that.

          • Shirley

            BRAVO – ZERO information voters.. seeking freebies. Like the one who thought he’s pay her car note and mortgage! haha! Brilliant voters like THAT!!

          • Shirley

            Well he CAN’T and THANK GOD!!!! Eat THAT!!!

          • Mario Mims

            Is the food stamp program being cut to pay for this boat ?
            Jest askin’

          • Steven Williams

            We can hope and pray for that salvation!

          • BOB


          • Erik Baran

            Because starting an unprovoked war polished up our image sooooo much.

          • David Henderson

            You, sir are an idiot.

          • THIS IS MY NAME

            STANDING OVATION!!

          • Steven Williams

            Obama’s time is messing up this country. Open your eyes and ears and look at the “facts”. According to “GALLUP”, the president’s “average” approval rating runs from a low of 38%
            on Oct 17 in 2011, to a high of 69% on Jan 24 in 2009, with a term average of 49% from Jan 20 2009 to present. However, his current “average” is only 43% as of Oct 27 in 2013. So at least 50% of the country does not have faith is his ability at this time and 7% having no opinion. Moreover, Obama has never had an approval “rating” over 54% at any given time. What does all this information suggest you ask………. “LOSER”

          • Robert Cerani

            Obama is an AH

          • thomasstewart

            Hay Hey Rich39 Lets Start And End With “Obamacare-Less” Our Usurper Pres Is A “Joker Chi-Town Gay Style”!! Read One Book “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair” Yikeess, Impeachment Is Around The Corner!! God Bless America & GOP Tea Party Patriots

          • Erik Baran

            “Patriots”? What a joke. You don’t care about anything but yourselves. Religious hypocrisy, greed and massive fraud permeate the right.

          • MoonBeamWatcher

            Reich39 . . . RACE card Ace! Obamm was NOT elected by Negros, Blacks or Latinos which ONLY comprise 23% of USA!
            Barrack was elected by self-loathing whites. (today “WE” move from the Cotton Plantations to the Government Owned and Oporated, Food Stamp, section 8 and Medicaid one!) Must give the 1/2 white fellah credit for loving the poor so much that he struggles to create MILLIONS more!

          • Steven Williams

            I would say your information in out of date there MoonBeamWatcher. According to the United States Census Bureau for the year 2012, which is the most up to date records. The Black population percentage was 13%, and Hispanic
            population percentage was 17%, totaling 30%. Next, you would have to consider all the non-legal Hispanic immigrant population as some have false documents, SSI numbers, and drivers’ licenses allowing them to vote. This total illegal population was estimated at 3.7%. So your 23% falls way short!

          • shipfixr

            Minorities? What in the world are you talking about……do YOU know??

          • Shirley

            Oh QUIT IT!! PLENTY of us have NO love for plenty of Obama’s policies, and that has nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with the color of his skin but the fact that he tearing America down! Put your race card away – the duct tape won’t even hold it together anymore!

          • Brad

            With Obama cutting the defense as much as possible.I’m glad they made this electric.We could not now afford to put gas in it

          • 10579

            I told you not to call me shirley

          • CD_Eps

            Ridiculous, he’s done everything he possibly can to bring it back after Bush, Cheney and their Wall Street money hogs nearly destroyed it.

          • Erik Baran

            Isn’t it a shame what’s had to be done to clean up the mess left by the previous administration?

          • Steven Williams

            “CLEAN UP” in what country is that happening? Here in the U.S. it’s only been getting worse!

          • Erik Baran

            Soooo, what flavor is the kool-aid YOU’RE drinking? You should see the number of large construction projects around my metro area. They’re everywhere. The housing industry is up, unemployment down, new car sales are up, etc., etc. But then, we weren’t hit as hard as you red staters.


            And where do you think it’d be had the wing nuts not been bent on making Obama a one term president? Or recorded a record number of filibusters? Or tried to overturn Romneycare 42 times in the last four years? See a pattern here, Spark?

          • Erik Baran

            Right. In my twin cities there are construction projects all over the place. Car and home sales are up. Unemployment and foreclosures are down. Maybe in your typical red state you’re still in trouble, but here in blue state land….not so much.

          • Skye Ryder

            I agree! the economy is improving the stock market has never been higher, unemployment is starting to go down….:)

          • qcubed

            Yea, like trying to help students get loans, helping women get equal pay, feeding the poor and elderly, getting HEALTH CARE ACCESS FOR ALL.

            Damn socialist.

          • Mark

            Love Republicans no Facts as usall wonder why that is………

          • Rick Badman

            Just because you don’t like the facts doesn’t mean the facts are wrong. That’s the big problem with Liberals. They believe lies they want to believe and use the circular argument that because they believe something, it has to be true because they believe it is true.

          • Derek

            Typical republican distorting historical facts. What Reagan did was to attack the tiny island of Grenada a couple of days later to draw away attention from the Beirut blunder. He sent over 300 military personnel to attack about 25 unarmed Cuban soldiers helping to repair the runway at Grenada’s little airport, and to rescue American medical students who were peacefully asleep. Students by the way who were pretty pissed off because took them out of their little paradise and felt no need to be rescued since they were under no threat from the Grenadian people. Besides the barracks bombing two more US embassies were bombed that same year. One prior to the barracks bombing and another about a month later. Reagan did nothing except like Bush attack the wrong guy

          • abinc

            That’s not the way it happened! The students were grateful for the support and Beirut had nothing to do with it, at all.

          • randy

            And now you know why we need to instill history back into the schools, so we can argue these facts in an educated fashion.

          • thomasstewart

            Good Golly Miss Miley You Colored Folks Must First Learn To Read??? Now Stop Drinking That Free Obama-Kool-Aid Given To All GMC Workers, Yikeess, Only Time Will Tell If GMC Will End Like Obamas Solyndra, Because Obama Talk Is Cheap Around The World, China/GMC Is Very Close. God Bless America.

          • j

            Uh…It was 10,000 US combat troops against 65 Cuban Civil engineers. The rest is correct. This was my war, part of what I like to call Reagan’s “Global War on Tourism.” it was not much but it was a smarter choice than Iraq or Afghanistan

          • bob

            On 14 October 1983, a party faction led by Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard
            seized power. Bishop was placed under house arrest. Mass protests
            against the action led to Bishop escaping detention and reasserting his
            authority as the head of the government. Bishop was eventually captured
            and murdered along with several government officials loyal to him. The
            army under Hudson Austin then stepped in and formed a military council to rule the country. The Governor-General, Paul Scoon,
            was placed under house arrest. The army announced a four-day total
            curfew where anyone seen on the streets would be subject to summary execution.

            The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), as well as the nations of Barbados and Jamaica, appealed to the United States for assistance.[2] According to a reporter for The New York Times, this formal appeal was at the request of the U.S. government, which had already decided to take military action.[12]
            U.S. officials cited the murder of Bishop and general political
            instability in a country near U.S. borders, as well as the presence of
            U.S. medical students at St. George’s University, as reasons for military action. The reporter also claimed that the latter reason was cited in order to gain public support.[2]:1, 57 It was later revealed that Grenada’s Governor-General, Sir Paul Scoon, had requested the invasion through secret diplomatic channels. Scoon was well within his rights to take this action under the reserve powers vested in the Crown.[13]

            On 25 October, Grenada was invaded by the combined forces of the United States and the Regional Security System (RSS) based in Barbados, in an operation codenamed Operation Urgent Fury. The U.S. stated this was done at the request of the prime ministers of Barbados and Dominica, Tom Adams and Dame Eugenia Charles,
            respectively. Nonetheless, the invasion was highly criticised by the
            governments in Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom. The United Nations General Assembly condemned it as “a flagrant violation of international law”[14] by a vote of 108 in favour to 9, with 27 abstentions.[15] The United Nations Security Council considered a similar resolution, which failed to pass when vetoed by the United States.

          • usaf_ted

            Derek u are nuts…I was there and there were more than 25 Cubans, many many more…and they were not repairing any runway…I know an AF fighter base when I see one…that is what they were building….and the Granadians were kissing our feet for freeing them from under the Cubans who were raping their women among many other inhumane acts peppetrated on the locals…sooooooooo talk about getting facts straight…I was there and the locals could not thank America enough for ridding their island of the Cubans….and where on earth did u get the unarmed Cuban thing from…they had armored personnel carriers armed to the teeth and they were most certainly shooting at US forces……Democrats never get the facts ….

          • Ed Stearns

            1) No, Reagan was enlisted for 5 years/commissioned soon after entry, Pearl Harbor happened and they called him up for duty, he then declared he had poor vision / astigmatism. The Greatest Generation was all about doing more with less, we know some soldiers had minor disabilities. He played football in college, acted, but time for war? No thank you. Eddie Albert founght, so, so many actors fought. Elvis enlisted and refused special treatment. Reagan was a fraud. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_did_Ronald_Reagan_do_during_World_War_2

            2) Beirut barracks bombing – where do you get that info? How was anything we did in Syria related to the Beirut barracks/Embassy bombings? You’re grasping at straws – post some info. Meanwhile, look at all the abuse we took in the 80’s and did nothing in retaliation: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/target/etc/cron.html

            EMBASSY: “The U.S. government took no military action in response to the embassy bombing, although, according to retired Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, a covert military team entered Beirut in order to gather intelligence in preparation for retaliatory strikes.”

            BARRACKS: “Instead, President Reagan ordered the battleship USS New Jersey, stationed off the coast of Lebanon, to the hills near Beirut. The move was seen as largely ineffective. Four months after the Marine barracks bombing, U.S. Marines were ordered to start pulling out of Lebanon.”

            We did nothing, as I said.

            3) Unemployment – It wasn’t 9.6%, it was 10.8% in Dec 82 (U3) from 7.5% Reagan inherited from Carter and it wasn’t slamming up thru 7.5%, it was fairly stable. As for recession, that was largely Reagan’s mess, he tightened money supply squeezing it upward.

            Unemp was 5.5 as Reagan left office, just to enter a major recession for GHWB due to tripling the debt. You can buy jobs thru gross deficit spending and Reagan proved that. He inherited a debt scenario that wasn’t even a factor. But he made his friends millions.

            4) Debt doubled not tripled – no, it was triple to that of what he inherited. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-10-17/how-u-dot-s-dot-debt-per-capita-has-changed-under-every-president-since-jfk

            Reagan’s policies added double to it, but he left it triple, so he tripled it. IOW’s, if he inherited $1T debt, left with $2T debt then he doubled it. In Reagan’s case he inherited a stable The link above shows you who the debt disasters are, Obama inherited a debt increase of over $1T/year and worsening. Reagan added 190%, so he left it 290%, IOW’s he virtually tripled it and again, it was stable as he inherited it. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-10-17/how-u-dot-s-dot-debt-per-capita-has-changed-under-every-president-since-jfk
            If you look at debt per GDP, Reagan was a killer, meaning he bought whatever successes you accredit him with, bought on credit. Look at Carter and esp Clinton, they were awesome with the debt.

          • Hla187

            Wonder why Carter only lasted 4 years?

          • BoDitty

            because he was white ! now if he was black then he would of had 8 years for sure.

          • IThePeople

            I like his habitat for humanity program. But inept as a president.

          • Shirley

            It isn’t “HIS” program!”

          • URA Moronic Maroon

            Do you know what year this is?? What Carter did in the 1970s is IRRELIVANT! (you’re sounding desperate.) The American people are NOT blind, dumb idiots – and we know what’s going on! Well, except you and a few others. It’ll sink in one day and you’ll say DUHHH they were RIGHT!

          • UR Anidiot

            pssst this is 2013 – OBAMA is President. 1980 is LONG gone. Didn’t anyone tell you that whatever YOu say Reagan did makes NO difference TODAY? Obama is ruining the country TODAY. THAT is what matters DUH!

          • Ed Stearns

            Oh, so the massive debt Reagan built when we were a country that didn’t deficit spend, that doesn’t matter? Reagan changed the fabric of our country in a way that has negatively and forever changed us. Pretty ignorant to think not learning from history is a good idea. The 1.8T to the debt isn’t the biggest mess, chopping taxes from 70% to 28% and thinking we can just keep stimulus spending was the real killer. Then GHWB and Clinton got us thru it, so now GWB comes along for a replay. Fodder for idiots to wholesale chop taxes and that made many millionaires/billionaires as well as millions of impoverished, that’s why Reagan was awfully significant.


          • bob

            What I see is someone that says it’s wrong another president increased the debt, but it’s ok today because his guy is doing it. That tells me you can quote all the stats you want, but your not credible. When you can’t relate the things you see wrong in the past to some things happening today , you are wearing blinders.

          • Ed Stearns

            With any leader, be it president, CEO, etc, the important thing is to move the nation, business, etc in the right direction. Every leader inherits a certain set of attributes a company has, then moves it one way or the other, or perhaps it stays somewhat the same I guess.
            Obama inherited a $1.3T annual debt increase, auto, banking and many industries on the brink off complete failure and now things are becoming successful. It required a lot of deficit spending to overcome the GWB tax cuts and the wars, but we’re close. OTOH, GWB inherited a gem and turned it into a turd. Clinton inherited an economy in recovery and turned it into a gem. GHWB inherited a complete Voodoo mess, he did what he could with it and set Clinton up for success.
            So my position is that what’s important is that the margin move the right direction more than a president spin gold. As for party, look at the Great Depression, the 3 stooges, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover took a post war economy t hat was all of the sudden bad at war’s end, improved it a bit and then created a nightmare. Congress was completely Repub-controlled all 12 years except for the last 2 years, the House was Dem.

          • UR Anidiot

            BTW — Bush left us with FIVE trillion – Obama has 17 trillion and getting HIGHER. NOTHING Reagan nor Carter did has ONE thing to do with Obama’s budget. NOTHING. Stop making excuses for failure beyond any pale at all. Unstick lips from behind.

          • Paul C. Bastante

            People just cant handle having a black president. It eats at you day and night, you pubs are complete racists!

          • alboka

            Paul, while there may be some who fit your description I know of many who do not. They do not like Obama because of his being half black and would rather see a complete black person as president but one who holds true American values…there are certainly a few that come to mind.

          • Shirley

            Dr. Ben Carson!! If they want a “completely” black person” – and most of us want an intelligent, caring, brilliant, amazing man for our next President…so no, it isn’t the “color of their skin” as some say. Obama is INEPT, there are no other words after SO many lost their health policies after his “PERIOD!!” promises even and he cannot run this country without destroying it. Perfect ticket for 2016: Dr Ben Carson/Ron Paul!! In the VERY least at least Dr Carlson running! THAT is a brilliant man who can get us OUT of this mess! We just MAY learn to love each other again too. There’s always HOPE! (and I DON’T mean that LOUSY “hope and change” bill of goods people bought!!

          • randy

            Is an idiot a race of its own?

          • shirley

            I am SOOO beginning to see that here, Randy. You’d think they’d give it up. The race card is so overused that the duct tape holding it together doesn’t even hold it anymore. Plus the guy IS half white..he is not an actual black..BUT hey, the race card is all they know. It surely couldn’t be that we feel this way because he is INEPT, could it??

          • Curtis James

            Even the non-white republicans? The race card is tired b.s.

          • papabstr@aol.com

            If you want facts, just look at what the president has done FOR this country. Did you notice that there was nothing good? Keep your eyes open, because there is a lot more of that coming. That useless piece of crap should be hung!

          • PolicyWonk

            I actually failed to notice there was nothing good. For example – if you look at what he inherited from he predecessor: 2 unfinished wars; the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression; 7 million newly unemployed; the worst string of foreign policy and national security disasters in history; and the rest of the planets population believing the US was a larger threat to world peace than Iran. Yet YOU think Obama should be hung?

            Given the above, I’d think you *might* cut the guy a wee bit of slack, after 8 years of republican incompetence.
            With “patriots” like the GOP – who needs enemies?

            However, Obama did: stop the recession from becoming a *depression*; he has done much to restore the US’s international reputation (we’re no longer the lowest forms of life on the planet); he’s managed to isolate Iran far beyond anything GWB did; he’s (unlike his predecessor) not kow-towing to that crackpot Netanyahu like Bush did; He’s cut the deficit down to half of what it was under Bush; he got the ACA passed – a piece of legislation that everyone in the GOP supported until HE got it passed, which is a step in the right direction w/r/t health care reform; he’s massively increased anti-terrorism efforts around the world – and made it a priority to have Bin Laden killed (after Bush let the trail grow cold, and let the entire Bin Laden family fly away ON 9/11); and the economy has been growing steadily since – without ANY republican support whatsoever.

            Like him or not – while hardly perfect – he’s done a pretty good job (especially given GOP resentment for losing the White House after the worst presidential performance in over a century) by any *reasonable* measure.
            And them’s the FACTS.

          • Shirl

            I have FOUR WORDS for you — HIS PREDICESSORS ARE GONE!!!! SIX years so far (almost) of his nonsense! Even Bush who you LOVE to blame is LONG gone! BUT you use others because you cannot think of a single GOOD thing Obama has done – we get you loud and clear!

          • PolicyWonk

            I have two words for you: LASTING EFFECTS. Just because the collective memories of GOP voters are dead after 2 minutes, doesn’t mean everyone else on the planet is brain-dead. Heck – republicans deny what they said even after the video is played back for them!
            Other nations on the planet have LONG memories, and with good reason distrust the USA.
            And you FAILED to read my comments above – because I came up with a whole bunch of things he did that were positive for the nation.
            We see your failure to READ and COMPREHEND. You may now don your dunce cap and sit at the back of the class.

          • Shirl

            AMEN!! What about Dr Ben Carson? He is 100% black and I would vote for him all day long! Family values loving, caring, brilliant, he has it all and he’d whip this country into shape AND close the divisions in this country!!

          • John Grieco

            half black- and most of us wouldn’t like him if he was white. Don’t put words in anyone’s mouth you troll.

          • Larry Lang

            Mr. Pot…… meet Mr. Kettle.

          • Shirley

            Yeah that’s it – I hate certain policies because I judge them on the color of his SKIN. WHAT is wrong with you? If you were NOT racist, that would have NEVER been brought up. IS it because he is gay too? Or didn’t you read that book? OR is anyone ALLOWED to not like what he is doing to our country? SMH It couldn’t be that just that HIS POLICIES!! THAT makes TOO MUCH SENSE!!!!!

          • 10579

            spoken like a true racist liberal democrat socialist.

          • bob

            you are an idiot. someone call the village

          • randy

            Regan was the last true American. Too bad there are so many dim witted people that have listened to the stories people have made up over the years about him. No president can hold a candle to him since.

          • Gregory Hinton

            nonsense,he was a pathetic bumbling fool.

          • Steve

            Yeah, Reagan wasn’t even close to the clown we have now. THATS for sure.

          • REDPILLED

            At least spell the anti-workers’ bastard’s name correctly! It’s Reagan, as in Raygun.

          • Hla187

            Thank you

          • Edwbiker

            Sure they are lies… but they OUGHT to be true. It’s how they think.

          • Fred

            Does obama know of any of this…………..I think not

          • Henry Salo

            Not actor James Steward (Academy Award winner- 1939). He was one actor who fought at the front lines. Steward flew bombing missions over Europe during WWII. Steward didn’t want any special favors like bond drives, state side. He wanted to be helping his fellow service men during the war. He obtain the rank of general in the Air Force Reserve.

          • Shirl

            You mean James STEWART??? (God rest his amazing soul!) The man is a legend..please spell his name right. Thank you.

          • Godot

            I remember Joltin Joe Biden dodging the draft FOUR times, with sudden onset “breathing disease” which came on suddenly after his glorious high school football carreer. Interesting how the faint rattle of muskets will make some “men” choke..

          • Rich39

            Remember for every Democrat who received a deferment, 10 Republicans received one. One president joined the guard then deserted. Just left.

          • hdprent

            I don’t know where you get this stuff. All of the recent past presidents were in the military except for Clinton and Obama. As far as Bush in the air national guard maybe you should look into how the National guard flier’s preformed in Iraqi and Afganistan.

          • Curtis James

            And in SEA.

          • Steve

            It’s cute the way the dems want to cut down a skill like flying fighter planes. Wish they’d do that in a bar frequented by fighter pilots! LOL

          • PolicyWonk

            Nice try – but Bush deserted his post in the Texas Air National Guard during wartime. He got a leave of absence from the ANG to work on a senate campaign – and if you’ve EVER been to the Viet Nam memorial in DC, you’ll see that there were 55,000 names on that wall that would’ve loved to have daddy get them a “leave of absence” to work on a political campaign, and not get tossed into prison for not ever coming back.

            GWB the coward also lost his certification to fly, because he failed to show up for his medical exam at the flight surgeons office. If it wasn’t for daddy (again!), his sorry tookis would’ve been send to the front lines in Viet Nam.

            If it wasn’t for daddy calling in political favors – GWB would just be getting out of military prison now (if they didn’t shoot him outright).

            If he’d spent any time on the wrong side of a real weapon, he might not have been so eager to send so many to fight terrorism were it wasn’t – Iraq – without ANY: strategy to win; sufficient resources to get the job done; clear political objectives; or plans to bring our troops home.

            So, you can stop pretending that Bush’s poo-poo doesn’t smell bad. He earned his spot as worst POTUS in over a century in every scholarly Presidential Ranking Study conducted since.

          • shirl

            Obama served WHEN? DID he even register for the draft – which is still mandatory I believe.. when did YOU serve?? Oh yeah, kissing O butt duty – still serving

          • Ed Stearns

            I’m not defending Biden, I’m just saying that historically Dems are the warmongers.

          • tikitools1

            Joe is in the elite company of Chicken Hawks along with Limbaugh, Hannity, Cheney, etc etc

          • PolicyWonk

            Except in the case with Joe, he was the only one in either HoR that actually had a son serving in active duty.

          • Rich39

            After our Marines were killed, what did Reagan do? Ran like a dog. Then attacked Granada.

          • Shirl

            Why were our Seal Team SiX ALL on ONE helicopter with Afghani soldiers and prisoners? OH didn’t that heli CRASH? But you kiss his bottom you darn fool!

          • Shalebrook

            Wrong on several counts. But for example-Reagan inherited stagflation from Jimmy Carter. Turned arounf the nation in less than two years and reduced unemployment dramatically to the mid single digitss. Check the government’s own web sites for the preriod from 1980-88. And then give yourself a good spanking for perpetrating a myth.

          • Shalebrook

            Reduced unemployment from 6.3% to 5.7%, fixing the problem he inherited from Carter in the process which caused unemployment to spike to over 10% in the third year of his administration. .

          • Paul C. Bastante

            Yeah, convenient, and Obama inherited NOTHING from BUsh, right? LOLOL. Republicans as a whole are a dreadful lying dying breed. And I hope sooner rather than later, the Tea Bag party, working every day to rob you of your precious party’s integrity.

          • Charlie

            To all racist people who now hide behind the tea party, WAKE UP the rebulicans dont give a s–t about you just using fear mongering methods. I cant understand why poor so called middle class white people vote for the Rebulicans they nothing for you. There agenda is being propelled by the billionaires in this counrty that want to make us a third world country. First they want too tell women what do with there bodies and not pay them the same as men. Secondly knowing that 53% of voters are women now want to change the voting laws as to make it harder for them to vote. And by the way look up saria law it is everything the rebuplicans are trying to do to women in this country not the President.

          • Shirel

            Oh please! Women in this country are whiners and I AM one! FREE birth control gimmie free birth control! I am so empowered doing men’s jobs instead of taking care of my family and being a MOTHER! Yeah they are real role models alright. The same women who call abortion a “woman’s health issue!” THAT’s funny….get rid of a baby because they haven’t the integrity to raise a child just get rid of them instead. Pay me like a man because I look and act like one. There’s a vast majority of your liberal “women.”

          • Shirl

            I have NO party, NOT a party person but at least I see the Repubs caring about PEOPLE OVER PARTY. Quit whining…sober up. At least the Repubs KNOW what integrity IS!

          • Ed Stearns

            And Carter inherited that from the energy and other crisis from the early 70’s, from OPEC. Reagan handled stagflation by contracting the money supply, along with Volkers and this ran unemp to 10.8% in Nov 82. http://data.bls.gov/pdq/SurveyOutputServlet
            Your 2 year figure, by Jan 83 unemp was still 10.4% so if that’s fixed I guess it was. BTW, Reagan inherited 7.5% unemp with a slight increase. It wasn’t until late 81 that unemp started blowing up.
            I posted the BLS data, go spank yourself, spank your monkey while you’re at it.

          • Steve

            Yes, and he tried to reign in spending but the Democratic Congress and Tip would not go along!

          • Rick Badman

            You conveniently forgot that we experienced an economic growth rate over three times that of Obama and real employment growth instead of shrinkage we have experienced with Obama. If the guards in Beirut had been allowed to be armed and could have shot the truck bombers, we might have not lost more than a few Marines. Maybe the reason why Reagan had to triple the debt was because the military was a shadow of its former self and needed to be beefed up. What is the real reason why Obama has nearly doubled the National Debt? It can’t be for making the military stronger or increasing employment which has decreased.

          • hdprent

            Do you remember Reagan took over from Carter and the U.S.A. was going down hill in a tail spin? Do you remember the 20% home interest rates? Do you remember Americas lack of respect in the world which he brought back. Do you remember the military embarrassment after the Iran catastrophe , Reagan turned it around and their pride continues to this day. Reagan was a stand up guy who promoted responsible citizens not free loaders.

          • Ed Stearns

            1) The economy was stagnate, it wasn’t dead and blown up. The debt was very manageable, Reagan tripled it. Reagan’s debt per GDP shows you how he borrowed whatever successes he was credited with. Unemp was a stable 7.5%, Reagan blew it up to 10,8% by contracting the money supply before he deficit spent to bring it back down, tripling the debt in the process.

            2) Who didn’t respect us, the USSR? Who cares? Who else? The Iranian Hostage Crisis was ended by the Algiers’s Accord, not Reagan inaugurating.


            “On July 27, 1980, the former Shah died; then, in September, Iraq invaded Iran. These two events led the Iranian government to enter negotiations with the U.S., with Algeria acting as a mediator. The hostages were formally released into United States custody the day after the signing of the Algiers Accords, just minutes after the new American president Ronald Reagan was sworn into office.”
            The fact that Arab extremists, Hezbollah, et al bombed our embassy and barracks in Beirut under Reagan shows you how they feared the senile one. The fact that Reagan did nothing in retaliation shows they were right, Reagan wasn’t to be feared or respected.
            Deficit spending to astronomical proportions is respectable and responsible? 17 debt bumps defines responsible?

          • Azjim11

            Carter’s was over 12% read, learn, don’t look foolish.

          • Ed Stearns

            Carter’s what was over 12%, fool? Unemployment? We are talking U3 numbers here, so if you’re referring to U3 unemployment then no, Carter’s highest was 7.8%, fool. http://data.bls.gov/pdq/SurveyOutputServlet

          • Henry Salo

            You should read up on Reagon and the military. Reagon enlisted in the Army Enlisted Reserves on April 29, 1937 as a private assigned to Troop B , 332nd Cavalry at Des Moines, Iowa. On May, 1937, he was commissioned a 2nd Lt. Reagon was ordered to active duty on April 18, 1942. He was more state side. It doesn’t matter if a military person is state side or overseas, that person is still in the military. I don’t know where you got your information that Reagon bowed out or ran from WWII. Reagon was in the military that time.

          • Ed Stearns

            I have read volumes and what you post is correct. Reagan was ordered to duty into one of the theatres to fight just after Pearl Harbor and he then developed an eye problem. He played football, went thru college and served 5 years in the military and all of the sudden he has an eye problem and cant fight with t he men? Don’t be naïve, he ran like a GW Bush from combat, have you heard of glasses? BTW, why was his eyesight good enough to pass military physicals, yet not good enough to fight in war? Just keep pumping him up; live the façade.

            “Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, Reagan, who had been a member of the U.S. Army Cavalry Reserve since the 1930s, was called to active duty and commissioned a second lieutenant. His nearsightedness kept him out of combat, and he spent most of the next three years in the Army Air Corps First Motion Picture Unit.”


            Hear of glasses? What a joke, he used his influence to dodge war.

          • Henry Salo

            Dodge the war. Your conclusion. You can add LBJ to it. I lived in a neighborhood and there was one man who lived there with his family. He was in the Army during WWII. All the time he was there, he was never sent overseas. He was state side during WWII. He was manning the guns at the coasts. Plus other duties. He was not into politics, wasn’t rich, no health problems. All the time, he was state side. He passed away in 2004 and was with full military honors. Some people use vicious words for these men, calling them Gold Bricks. This man followed his orders that the military gave him

          • Ed Stearns

            That’s different, Reagan was being processed to go to a theatre and thought fast, used his alleged eye problem to stay stateside. So while you’re right, in this case with Reagan it doesn’t apply.

          • Russell A Roe

            Try as you might to bad mouth President Reagan at his worse he was a 100% better than Obama ever thought he was.

          • Nomad1963

            Perhaps you could stick with reality.
            Reagan took unemployment from 7.5% to 5.5% , took inflation from 12.5% to 4.4%, 15-16 million jpbs were created under Reagan, productivity increased 15%, economic growth of 3.4% versus 2.7% for the 8 years previous and 2.9% for the 8 years following (4 GHW Bush, 4 Bill Clinton).
            Beirut is something I hold Reagan accountable on because he was President, though it was actually the responsibility of others that were providing poor intel and advice but Reagan was President.
            It was not 300 Marines but you are not far off so it is close enough.
            Not sure where you get your Reagan numbers, but it probably is the same place some get numbers falsely claiming Obama has spent less.
            This is about a ship, not Reagan or Obama though.

          • Ed Stearns

            1) “Reagan took unemployment from 7.5% to 5.5%”

            – as long as you ignore the stop at 10.8% that’s true. Not to mention he deficit spent his way out of that 10.8 mess, evidenced by the debt at % of GDP figures which I will post again if you would like.

            2) “15-16 million jpbs were created under Reagan”

            – True, 16M which = 2M per year as opposed to Carter’s 2.3M/yr or Clinton’s 2.9M/yr. How does 2M/year sound now all while hammering the debt which the other 2 did not?

            3) “productivity increased 15%”

            – When you say productivity, are you talking GDP growth? If so, productivity is an odd way to state that. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://economyinperspective.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/Annualized_GDP.80143921_std.JPG&imgrefurl=http://economyinperspective.com/gdp&h=547&w=800&sz=35&tbnid=475VxuP9E65HKM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=132&zoom=1&usg=__szQO8HoxZe3cv3K__-aUg9J5EYE=&docid=6onle8lWA5bEMM&sa=X&ei=qAh0UqC3NqfXyAHZlYGoCA&ved=0CC4Q9QEwAA
            Woops, doesn’t really support your point.

            4) “economic growth of 3.4% versus 2.7% for the 8 years previous and 2.9% for the 8 years following (4 GHW Bush, 4 Bill Clinton).”

            -Well, 3.3% for Reagan according to my chart. And your slippery numbers, include Nixon/Ford with Carter’s numbers to dilute them, which Carter’s numbers by himself are 3.4%, slightly more than Reagan’s. And then convolute/dilute Clinton’s numbers with GHWB’s numbers, Clinton’s number is 3.7, so as long as you spin it just right then it makes sense. As well, where is your chart for debt as a % of GDP? That means, if you deficit spend then that isn’t real growth, it’s borrowed, bought and paid for growth. Since you’re not credible enough to post it I will: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/79/US_Federal_Debt_as_Percent_of_GDP_by_President.svg&imgrefurl=http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:US_Federal_Debt_as_Percent_of_GDP_by_President.svg&h=618&w=984&sz=65&tbnid=hpoeYoI7u0aghM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=143&zoom=1&usg=__nk9sDUa5pTjjARk4JzA5ztovrVM=&docid=LSMaxoLQyO582M&sa=X&ei=Cwt0UrC6E-moyAHdloDICQ&ved=0CDIQ9QEwAg

            Reagan borrowed his way out of the mess, he deserves scorn, not praise, any check writer could do this.

            5) “Not sure where you get your Reagan numbers, but it probably is the same place some get numbers falsely claiming Obama has spent less.
            This is about a ship, not Reagan or Obama though.”
            – I’ve posted them with sources. They are correct and credible, I ask you to show otherwise.

          • shipfixr

            You’re showing ignorance here Ed; I was in USS John F Kennedy when we flew the airstrikes against the Syrian positions in retaliation……also watched USS New Jersey sending them 16″ calling cards. You are also wrong about the unemployment rate…..check on the economic conditions he inherited from Jimmy Carter….not very well known as he didn’t spend the next eight years blaming Carter for everything.

          • Ed Stearns

            So ignoramus, show me data, evidence that the strikes against Syria were because of the Beirut barracks/embassy bombings. Just because we struck them doesn’t mean we did so in retaliation for the bombings.

            How many times do I have to post the BLS unemp rates, I’ll do ti again: http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000

            So clink on the date range and then admit you’re ignorant, calling others ignorant.
            No, he spent the next 8 years spending, tripling the debt, making it appear as tho he fixed anything when in reality he left a nightmare for GHWB and Clinton, then GWB jacked it again so here we go once more.

          • Robert Cerani

            I remember Barak Obama screwing up this country like no other president ever. I guess he’s your Idol? What a joke. Why don’t you wake up little man,and see what is going on. Just look at what this president has done, Guess you are a Socialist. Grow up “Little Man.”

          • Ed Stearns

            Little man, what a puke. I’ve posted volumes of data in this thread, you, all you can do is repeat yourself. Show me how Obama has made this country worse than when he inherited it.

          • Robert Cerani

            You are a little man and you do not deserve to be in this country LITTLE MAN. So please get out and take your president with you. AH.

          • Ed Stearns

            Deal with it, dickbag; I enjoy that you hate it. Still no rationale as why you feel the way you do? Short or words / short on brains.

          • Robert Cerani

            Hey jerkoff,can’t take it. Just want you to know that there are people following AH’s like you just to “Get You.” and I Guess I “Gotcha”, Why you might ask, Well because I do not like Liberal assholes or socialists. It’s people like you that are ruining MY country just like the jerk in office now. So ,You see I have to assume YOU are just like him, ok? So I will not reply anymore, I will let you off now Dickhead.

          • Robert Cerani

            1. Obamacare,2.He Racially divided this country, 3.We all know now he is not a leader,4.He has driven up the debt more than 10 trillion,5.He lied about the IRS, 6.He lied about Obamacare,remember? you can keep your doctor,7.He knew about ISIS one year ago and let them kill 2 journalists,and said “I don’t have a strategy” further allowing ISIS to eventually come to the US.Nice guy you have you voted for,you should be real proud little Puke.

          • qcubed

            THANK YOU.

          • Mt Thunder

            Dumb ASS

          • coalminersdaughter

            You are calling ‘Jim’ a dumbass but have you really thought about what all Obama has truly took the blame for? Unemployment is not at 9%, it is more like 17%. And let’s not forget all the people that worked and risked their lives to mine the coal that produced our electricity for the last century. The entire regions that mined are destroyed. These people have nothing to work at. Obama doesn’t care one iota, he, along with the rest of the people invested in ‘green’ energy are set to make millions, in the meantime entire communities are starving and doing without any money.

          • Mt Thunder

            Your even a bigger dumbass, the Great Recession was caused by cheney/bush economic policies and tax breaks. And welcome to the new world, coal is not the only industry that is changing, the whole of the American economy is changing, that is the FACTS of it and cheney/bush and the GOP did more to bring on this change than even Regan.

          • 10579

            Hey DA we went into the recession knowing what obama was going to do to the nation. during bush we had 4-5 % unemployment and 3-4 % growth.

          • Mt Thunder

            God your DUMB,,,,,,,,,,,,with bush we had the BIGGEST ECONOMIC DISASTER SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION

          • Rick Badman

            So why did the economy recover after 9/11 to produce an unemployment rate of less than 5% and a growing economy that was stronger than Obama’s? Also, you forgot that once the Republicans regained control of both houses of Congress while Clinton was President we had surpluses and the economy collapsed once the Democrats took back control of both houses. Bush and Cheney wanted us to be energy independent when Democrats didn’t and Bush wanted to investigate Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac when leading Democrats opposed an investigation which might have prevented the Great Recession the Democrats brought us by letting people that couldn’t pay back loans mortgages they couldn’t pay back which destroyed the housing market.

          • 10579

            Well what do you expect from a dumb ass kool aid commie liberal.

          • Godot

            Obama went out for Trick or Treat dresssed as Sgt. Schlutz.

          • Mark Samuels

            Really, Reagan in signing the Tax Reform Act of 1983, gained the authority to become the first President to drain the Social Security surplus. But wait, before doing so, he increased the percentages going into the fund, hoping to ensure it had enough money to cover his tax breaks. It did not, and he added 3.5 trillion to our debt.

          • coalminersdaughter

            The robbing of the social security fund we all pay blindly into was first raided by none other than JFK.

          • Rick Badman

            You forgot that the Democrats included Social Security into the General Budget to give LBJ a surplus in 1968 and never removed it so it could be independent. Also, the National Debt was over $930 billion in 1980 and less than $3.3 trillion in 1990 after Reagan had been out for a year. The GDP had also increased from nearly $2.8 trillion to over $5.8 trillion from 1980 to 1990 thanks to Reagan’s economic policies. But if you think Washington is more capable of spending our money than you can, the IRS will be more than happy to accept your contribution.

          • Lee McKinnon

            Obama didn’t make decisions based on Astrologist predictions. If you think about it, Reagan remembering anything was a problem for a good while. Just say no to drugs and flying them in by the C-130 full, where they were drugs for guns. Wasn’t it that president who needed 2-3 Central Bank bailouts to save the economy from bankruptcy?

          • coalminersdaughter

            A bailout from Reagans’ Presidency? Never heard that one. His memory is not too much of a problem because of all the staff he and other presidents have.

          • enders1961

            No Obama makes decisions to weaken the U.S. I think he and his wife have made it clear, they dont like th U.S. As for Reagan under him we prevented war maybe even nukes from destroying Europe. And jim is a Dumd ASS.

          • Rich39

            I loved the stories of Reagan talking about his war experience , and Nancy saying, Ronnie dear, those were movies. You were not in the military. And Reagan saying.. huh? And what year is it?

          • Paul C. Bastante

            dude, you reside in LA LA land! Made it clear they dont like the US??? LOL. This is why you cant take republicans seriously. Care to back up your opinion with facts? Didnt think so, repubs think if they say it then it is true. Cmon, fess up, you don’t like the guy because he is Black, am I wrong? NOPE! You just can’t handle it, it makes you bind up and embarrassed that a Black man is running the country. Stop being a racist thug anytime please!

          • Rich39

            Reagan was for the USA? Remember Reagan was like the two Bush presidents. He attacked nations just for the hell of it. It has always amazed me that republicans don’t care about how many troops we lose in FAKE wars. Or how many Wounded Warriors we have. Or how many trillions of dollars we waste. You should stop watching Fake News. You just might learn something.

          • Paul C. Bastante

            oh, shut up already. All you have are your opinions. And theyre completely biased and partisan along party lines. The guy could cure cancer and youd be waving your “he’s not a citizen” flag at the ceremony. Idiot!

          • nmm62

            Reagan had Alzheimer’s while in office. He told people that he helped to liberate a concentration camp during WWII. In reality, he never left California during WWII.

          • campbell

            At least he didn’t hold hands with Saudi Royalty as seen on the book cover of House of Bush House of Saud.

          • qcubed

            Reagan was too senile to recognize what the flag was. As far as ‘bowing to foreign kings’, it’s a sign of respect, fool…about which you know NOTHING.

        • rrufner4

          Alex Yamach,

          Why is Iran our avowed enemy?

          What have they done
          to us without provocation.

          On August 19 the United States and United
          Kingdom excuted a coup d’état of Iran called “TPAJAX / Operation Boot” and
          overthrew the “Democratically Elected” Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad

          Mossadegh sought to reduce the semi-absolute role of the Shah
          granted by the Constitution of 1906, making Iran a full democracy. He
          nationalized the Iranian oil industry and vast oil reserves of the Abadan
          Refineryowned by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company a British corporation known as


          Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of
          Defense representing Reagan provided Iraq anthrax and bubonic plague used in the
          1980-88 Iran-Iraq war. Along withthe flow of money, agricultural credits,
          dual-use technology, chemicals, and weapons.

          The United States had Israel
          supply weapons to Iran to overthrow the Ayatollah who came into power after the
          US overthrew the Democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad

          Now the tail that wags the dog, “ISRAEL” wants the United
          States to attack Iran. Israel wishes to be the only “Uninspected Nuclear Power”
          in the Middle East.
          Alex, you have to get your facts straight.

          • Brian Shepherd

            You people sound stupid arguing over who’s fault everything is. Both parties are corrupt elites that can only agree on war and spying on it’s own citizens. They not only relish our in-fighting but it is paramount to their survival!

          • Edwin Masters

            Excellent comment Brain Shepherd!

          • Ed Stearns

            Yea, vote for Libertarians who aren’t like either party….no. Some say they’re disgruntled Republicans like Ron Paul, but no, not at all, no way.

          • Bucck

            TRUE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Natalie Steutterman

            You`re right Brian………..they WANT Us feuding amongst ourselves! Divide and conquer………..they ALL are corrupt and evil!

          • riverboy

            100% correct.

          • Mark Samuels

            Correct, both parties are in it for themselves, not the citizens. Hence we’ll continue to be at war, or arming others at war, to ensure the profitablility of our Defense Indstry, the folks who run our country, and own our politicians.

          • Gary Church

            I agree

          • ladkraemer

            They took our people hostages and made one of the hostage takers their president. They broke international law by not protecting our embassy. They killed some of our hostages. So they haven’t done anything against us. Give me a brake. Oh if you go their caring a bible you get arrested. They are a theocracy and not a free democracy. Their constitution is a joke. Remember, Democracies aren’t what they are thought to be. Also how can you say it’s a democracy when the Religious high arcy has to approve the candidates and they actually have control of the country. Every one says it’s a democracy, it’s not. It is a theocracy when a country is run by religion which is worse than communism.

          • PolicyWonk

            Go a wee bit further back, and you’ll find that the CIA engineered the coup that put the Shah of Iran into power (a true SOB), which is also against international law.
            So it isn’t like we haven’t done anything against THEM either.

          • ladkraemer

            You are a 100% right. But if you want peace and friendship you don’t do what Iran is doing now in the world. Also the regime now isn’t doing anything better for their people. They are just as impoverished and the woman are treated worse than before. There is any religious freedom and the Christians are force to obey sharia law when they aren’t Muslim. They need to reach a friendly hand out to us and free their people from religious law.

          • PolicyWonk

            Iran’s current behavior can be traced back to the previous administration. Iran was the first Muslim nation to condemn the attacks on the WTC, and to offer aid (they have lots of experience getting folks out of damaged buildings b/c they have lots of earth quakes). Iran also gave the USA huge amounts of actionable intel on Afghanistan, and offered use of hospitals and airfields, logistical support, etc, for the Afghan campaign.
            They also made it clear, that they were ready to put all issues of the past on the table, with the direct goal of re-normalizing full diplomatic relations with the USA.
            The Bush Administration responded, by adding them to the now-infamous “axis of evil”, and effectively told Iran they were next.
            If their shoes – what would YOU do? Especially after making so many concessions and giving so much useful information as *serious* good will gestures?
            They have since been making life as difficult as possible for the US. But the depth of the sanctions, etc., resulting from huge diplomatic efforts of the part of the current administration have essentially strangled them. Now, they’re saying they’re ready to come back to the table.
            We’ll see what they have to say; and we’ll see if what they say turns into concrete actions.

          • riverboy

            leave iran alone, they have done nothing to the usa..and could eventually be our partner and friend.

          • ladkraemer

            Why are you such an Iranian lover? Didn’t they do these things that I said? Taking hostages, imprisoning people for having a bible, etc. Don’t they also call us satin? So why are you defending a horrible regime that’s in Iran. it’s beyond me how you can reason this way.

          • Moadib420

            Speaking of someone getting their facts straight…. The Iraqis had 3 chemical weapons programs. Two fail: ’70-’74 and ’74-’78. The third program, Project 922, was successful. With the help of a couple of German firms, such as ‘Karl Kolb’, they were producing ‘mustard gas’ by ’81, Tabun and Sarin by ’84, and VX by ’88. CIA did provide intelligence in hopes that it would lead to an end of the muslim, terrorist dictatorship. That they did more was propaganda to tarnish Reagan’s legacy. It’s always interesting to hear people still refer to us helping, what some would call a dictator (like Mubarak or the Shah), against muslim terrorist,.. as a bad thing. obama influenced the military of Egypt to force out Mubarak in favor of elections… and what do they do…. they elect a senior member of a terrorist organization. Egypt, like Iran, was actually better off with these so called dictators, because they kept the true islamist in check. Christians could live in peace, women weren’t treated like cattle, etc… etc… Democracy doesn’t work, when true followers of islam are in the majority.

          • Godot

            And what would they do with the bomb material Obama is looking the other way on. Looks like the IDF will have to clean this one up.

        • Richard Bagenstose

          well at thye time iran was our friend and iraq was our enamy . and be for that iraq was our friend and we put saddum in charge. seems our government can’t figure out our friends from our enamies. but since obama took over that has solved that problem. now they are all our enamies

          • Roby Statzer


          • Jason

            The purposeful misspelling of words to a true testament to your intelligence.

        • Linda

          Do you mean like Obama and Hillary gave arms to the Libyans in Benghazi and they turned around and used them against Ambassador Stevens and the others and murdered them? http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2012/10/syri-o16.html

          • Roby Statzer

            Way to spin it. Tell us Linda, when did the Libyan government attack our embassy? I must have missed a rant by one of your golden boys. Rush and Hannity.

          • jeanette18411

            They attacked out Consulate (ANNEX) which is considered American Soil; and the reason is because we destroyed their country; before Obama had Kadaffi killed; they had Free Education, Free Gas and Oil; Free Utilities, Free Medical, No Interest on Mortgage for first home, etc., and now nothing is free and the Oil and Gas go to China and France… But, my question is if their Religion is so wonderful and paradise awaits all who enter; why aren’t the immans standing at the front of the line to blow themselves up?

          • Roby Statzer

            Who is “they?” The embassy was attacked by radicals and members of Al-qaeda. Who are you talking about? You seem confused about just what happened there.

          • Godot

            Wasn’t there a movie involved….. Hillary said so.

          • Lee McKinnon

            May I add, the indigenous people are also scared of the radicals.

          • jeanette18411

            Roby, well; they is not the mouse in your pocket… “They” are the documented group of Al Qaeda operatives; of which one was released to join the workforce from Gitmo… So, I think you are being a tad facetous when you ask the question… Hopefull so!

          • Lee McKinnon

            On a scale of regional destruction, destabilizing the Middle East with a poorly managed invasion in Iraq, based on lies, is Libya close to Iraq fiasco by the previous Administration? What did you say about foreign policy back then?

          • jeanette18411

            Well, I said; “Shades of Jimmy Carter” and his Irainain fiasco… Which, by the way; started the whole affair between Iraq and Iran, vis-a-vis; the United States; but, hey; whose counting the mistakes of former Presidents, eh?

          • Paul C. Bastante

            LOL @ Jeannette. You poor misinformed little girl.

          • Herb1949

            Just a little thought here.
            Foreign embassies/consulates are supposed to be protected by the host country. Since there were NO government troops/police involved, on our side, during the 7 hour battle, logical people would be likely to believe with dam good reason, that the government was in with the attackers.
            Or is adding 2+2 and getting 4 beyond your commprehension?
            Of course, since our government did NOTHING to assist our people, logical people might be led to believe the it is either totally incompetent, or also complicit in the attack. The question is…. which is it?

          • Spiderpoxy

            No, that’s a common Either/Or fallacy–casting the facts in a light so as to suggest there are only two possible explanations.
            In fact, actual logical people know that the world is rarely black and white–most everything has its share of grey.

          • Lee McKinnon

            The Consulate did have a avenue to ensure their own safety also. They could have shut down the operation in the face of a known threat, if it were that obvious. Hindsight is 20/20.

          • Rick Badman

            Actually, Stevens was dealing with Turkish representatives to transfer weapons to Turkey to be used in Syria. The attack had been planned for awhile by a branch of Al Qaida which opposed the Libyan government. That is what I learned from those who knew the facts.

          • Mt Thunder

            Tell me general, what strategic and tactical decision making experience do you have in the miliatray

          • Lee McKinnon

            Was drugs used to secure the weapons? That makes it different wouldn’t you agree?

          • Rick Badman

            I suspect that money was exchanged and promises that are as substantial as a light summer breeze.

          • Mark Samuels

            No different than Bush not telling the airlines of Intel about the hijacking of airliners and crashing them by terror groups.

        • Sheldon Carr

          Really all you can do is dig up up the past while O destroys your future.

          • ladkraemer

            B did a great job destroying our future also…

          • Lee McKinnon

            I think he was actually superb at it, better than great. His cohorts left in the House of Representatives and the Minority in the Senate still carries on the legacy.

          • Roby Statzer

            Yada, yada, yada! Obama was elected to two terms in the White House. Time to move on to the next democrat in 2016.

          • Godot

            I hear Weiner, Spitzer and Filner are running. Senator Byrd would as well but he, despite his popularity with the KKK is DEAD.

          • Natalie Steutterman


          • riverboy

            oh no, both dems and repub have got to go, to space asap

          • Gjohn1957

            I think you destroy yourself

          • Ed Stearns

            How so?

          • Lee McKinnon

            Are you really asking how did “W” destroy the future? Try the misdirected war in Iraq. Over 3K lives lost on the battle field, and an unknown number who’s lives were cut short. How many families lives are indelibly altered? Then it’s the collateral damage, the same as formerly stated. Lost goodwill; if you care to recall, it was global cooperation to avenge 9/11 until “W” screwed that up to quad-triple the number of terrorist groups hell bent on the USA destruction, a reversal of cooperation (Shoes anyone). We totally overlook the “IT” bubble, which is an unparallelled set back in Opportunity Cost. That is a game changer in the wrong direction exceeding as a negative effect of the “Renaissance’s” impact. The housing market bubble; his screw ups must be a Texas thing, seeing everything a “Bigger”. The collapse, blowing the surplus is no small thing impacting the future. Running out of space but his policy on taxes and education were great set backs to the future as well.

          • PolicyWonk

            Here’s a dirt simple way to determine who is to blame for the state of the economy:
            State of the union inherited by George W Bush, versus State of the Union inherited by Barak Obama.
            The money borrowed/spent by Obama that the GOP screams bloody murder about never would’ve been necessary if their incompetence hadn’t been the root cause of the Great Republican Recession that started in mid 2008 (according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office). This minor factoid is often ignored by the cowards in the GOP who haven’t the courage to admit how badly they screwed over the United States of America – let alone the Western world.

          • Lee McKinnon

            Tell me more about this O destroying my future? I need a few more details, because this is a serious claim. That Debt Ceiling default that was kicked down the road once again, was that his doing for not being a dictator to rule over the Legislative Branch, who’s duty it is to handle the People’s business?

        • idiotsensor

          not our enemy at the time, much like mubarich who 0 put into power,,,oh, and ahem, fast and furious ring a bell….selective idi0cy is unbecoming.

          • UCrazy99

            Mubarach had been in power since Obama was in college..What are you talking about?

        • mmoscho

          Reagan also provided RPGs to the Taliban, you know those guys that attacked the WTC (9/11), inorder to fight and defeat the Russians. Lets not forget that either

        • rog363

          You are of coarse right, what Reagan didn’t do, like Obama does constantly, was try to place the blame on others. He took full responsibilaty for his actions.

          • Jim_Lokus

            He most certainly DID NOT!! Maybe your revisionist history needs to be refreshed skippy. Reagen never admitted to knowing about Iran-Contra, even though it is widely speculated that he signed off on the whole thing. You te-baggers should stop sucking on testes before making idiotic statements.

          • Jerry

            A grown man calling someone “Skippy” that seems abit queer for some reason.

          • Godot

            And the obsession with “sucking”. The prancers are a vicious bunch. At least from behind a keyboard.

          • Liberal lemmings

            A grown man? I think he is twelve, since he is so obsessed with phallic topics.

          • Godot

            Note the use of the Marxist term “revisiionist history” ^ – the lefty extremist just can’t stop drinking the koolaid. Ummm, GRAPE.

          • Ed Stearns

            He sent Oliver North to forget everything and after it was obvious, after the congressional committee, he said, “well, I guess we did trade hostages for guns.” SO he back door said it’s his fault but never acknowledged really knowing when we know he did. To think he didn’t know would be to say OJ is innocent of 2 killings.

          • Godot

            You might want to read some history before running your mouth.

          • Mark Samuels

            He denied the Arms for Contra situation, allowing a hero to take his fall. He denied knowing the Keating Five, even though he was found to be complicit with them, as they almost killed the Credit Union industry.

          • Lee McKinnon

            How do you justify the Contra episode, and the shenanigans to not take blame, putting blame on a USMC Colonel to move drugs internationally? All those pardons.

        • aspergus

          Don’t speak of some thing you don’t know a damn thing about
          and just keep voting “D”

        • Ed

          Alex, what are you on? I’d quit before the rest of your brain bid adieu.

          • Godot

            And there ain’t much left, at that.

        • Godot

          They haven’t yet named one after Clinton who gave guidance systems to the Chinese, though. Call the ACLU

          • Mark Samuels

            Because it was Bush senior, not Clinton!

          • 10579

            wrong it was clinton who gave the LORAL corp. the permission to make the deal . also no. korea got that info first then china.

        • Brad Gilbert

          Well, ‘guess 0bamacare’s already kicking in. You’ve clearly gone off of your meds.

        • Gary K

          Funny how all the Democrats, here, want to say it was and is the Republicans who ruined the country even to the point of trying to bail out Carter but facts are facts. Democrats have had the nation’s leadership in the Executive Branch and in the Senate for a long time now and NOTHING IS BETTER but in fact things are WORSE.

          You have friendly nations that are now distrusting us because of us spying on them and their leaders and we are more and more isolating friends while we, as a nation, send huge sums of money to Muslim nations trying to appease them all the while not knowing where that money is going or what it’s being used for and still having all those nations hate us. Look at the Housing situation and the unemployment rate almost double what it was at Bush’s ending term.

          Facts are facts and the fact is that Democrats today aren’t the Democrats of yesteryear but instead are so liberal they are destroying the nation and seeking to solidify their re-election forever by making illegals legal so that they can vote for them. Our nation is reeling from all the unsupported handouts that are being done. We have far more on disability and food stamps than ever yet fewer and fewer working to pay for them. Democratic Healthcare AKA Obaamacare is destroying the best healthcare system and turning into a nightmare with never ending cost overruns and less and less service. More and more people having their jobs eliminated due to companies not wanting to pay their healthcare along with more and more being converted to part time.

          That’s all the Democrats fault .. not Republicans for no Republican voted for it .. it was the Democrats that pushed it on everyone else … pass it to see what’s in it all the while having to exempt their friends because of how bad it is and this is just the beginning. Give credit where credit is due.

        • Roman

          Republicans can’t remember beyond five minutes, and they flip-flop on everything that makes Democrats or the President look bad. Any one that thinks this way is anti-Amwerican, Regan wasn’t a super smart guy but he became President that yes got things done not because of himself but he had a congress that work with him to improve and move the country forward, they aren’t fight over issues, they are fighting about the man. Like they have had this great list of leaders,all of whom believed that the Presidence was ther birth right, Nixon, Regan,the Bush’s all who believe it was sucession of power that was their.

        • Fix your own home first

          yup, thats ALLL the USA is good at. Phamtomise a Scenario, create weapons of mass destruction, go and look for a wannabe enemy and go kill their children., while back home, our citizens are on Food stamps and in prisons. Greta Country.lamo.

        • geewiz


          You like Obama after his wife siad that and he agreed.

        • Backward Alex

          Alex – Liar Liar pants on Fire – and you are thinking of “Fast and Furious” aren’t you? Also, you don’t disrespect the dead. You’re a shameful little man aren’t you?

        • Steven Williams

          Yea, well he wasn’t the first president to do that. Heck, they don’t even have to buy them these days. Just lie to the US Government saying you want to be its friend and the weapons will be dropped off at your front door!

      • FUCBAMA

        ^^^^^^^HAHA love it ^^^^^^

        • Jim

          Did Romney see this ship yet…..huh…! He had the nerve to talk about the Navy being small during 2012 campaign… Hello Mr. Romney…. This is the technology Obama was indirectly telling you about so you could wake up, and climb out of 1975.

          • ErSwnn

            Given the length of time it takes from idea to functionally working product often takes 10 years or more so I’m betting this wasn’t started in the Obama years.

            And what are you talking about “….was indirectly telling you about…..”? Are trying to tell us Obama was attempting to share information which could have damage the re-election campaign? Um, yeah, right.

          • Rick Peterson

            You are absolutely right. In fact this ship was started before Obama was even in the Senate.

          • aviationfinance

            It is ONLY One Ship and hardly constitutes a Navy or a fleet….
            This project was already funded BEFORE Obama took office.
            Obama saw to it that the program was Ended……
            So, we may get one or two ships, that;s all.

            As Usual, Romney was 100% Correct…..

            AND, Obama is still lying, About EVERYTHING……

          • 10579

            This ship and the other littoral ships were on the drawing board long befor Obama came to office.But it was introduced after the Burke class destroyer,DDG 51. As a senator, Obama tried to stop funding for new weaponryThis technology is not of Obamas doing.

          • mark

            Look you ignorant fool. The USS Zumwalt is the culmination of a porject that began in the early 1990s called SC-21 (Surface Combatant for the 21st C). This was to involve both destroyer and cruiser variants (DD-21 and CG-21). This program was cancelled, then modified, and developed into the DDG-1000 (or Zumwalt program) in 2008. Bottom line, Obama had nothing to do with the development of this program. The technology/systems/development occurred long before he was even in Washington. It was basically the 2 Bush and Clinton administrations that were involved in the process. Obama just walked on the scene when the program was well “under weigh” (pun intended). This is very similar to the events surrounding Operation Neptune Spear (assasination of UBL) where Obama goes out and claims the lion-share of credit for the mission’s success (without really giving sufficent credit to the prior administration) when in actuality the establishment of the intel infrastructure and ground work was done under the Bush/Cheney administration.

      • Jim

        This is the few boats Obama was taking about during the 2012 campaign when your Romney was crying that we need much more ships and he said our Navy was small…..lol. Hello…… Thank God Obama beat Romney….

        • Linda

          It’s only one boat.

          • Roby Statzer

            Yeah, but it’s awful pretty!

        • Randy

          Yeah, and how’s THAT working out for ya? GOT AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE YET??

          • crabbyj

            Pretty good, thanks, and yes, I have affordable health care. Plus, my insurance company now has to use more of my premiums to put towards care, and not their bonuses, and they can’t turn away my wife for pre-existing conditions…yup, I’m Friggin’ thrilled!

          • Stupid is forever.

            Really, your paying for both O care and health care from your company. You need to pull your head out of where the sun don’t shine and see the real world. Both sides are killing this nation. If you don’t agree, why don’t you pay a big share of the national debt.

          • Lee McKinnon

            The bottom line, real numbers say you are wrong. It’s that fuzzy math that Conservatives are teaching people, get away from that failing irrational system.

          • Peter Johnson

            Your a clown! You are the problem. Your Crabby because Obama the socialist has added 8 trillion dollars to the deficit over the last 5 years, HELLO! I fought for this country. Have you????? You must be a part of the socialist club and belong in another country. Spying and Lying the typical Democrap!

          • Ed Stearns

            You cant even get your terms right. You’re trying to say, the debt when you say the deficit. Debt is the gross amount we’re in the hole, deficit is the annual estimate that we’re going to run as we figure the next year’s budget.

            “Your Crabby because Obama the socialist has added 8 trillion dollars to the deficit over the last 5 years”

            The deficit has shrunk every year since Obama took office. Obama inherited a $1.3T annual debt increase GWB’s last year. The debt has grown

            When Obama took office the debt was $10.7T, now it’s $17.1, so your $8T number is of course high, it’s $6.4T.

            As for wars, the Dems are warmongers, hate to show you that. I served in a time we weren’t in war but was ready to go. As for war cowards, Reagan, GWB and most of congressional Republicans.

          • Lee McKinnon

            To clear things, yes on serving in the military – I, as my dad and sons did honorably. In case you missed the news, Obama has turned the Conservative’s ever mounting loosing free falling treasury toward endless debt, that had collapsed, under the previous commander in chief, upward to a recovery of around $1 Trillion now, and moving on to cutting that down. You are mistaken and living in your own shared “obstructionist dreams”. The Conservative Echo Chamber is failing you.

          • 10579

            is it a tingle running up your leg?

          • Godot

            It’s a dribble running down.

          • Godot

            That koolaid “must be strong stuff. “You can keep your healthcare plan” We created that website for only 90 million, oh, wait a while, 630 million and counting ” but we’ll bend the cost curve for healthcare elsewhere.

          • Ed Stearns

            Yep, hasn’t happened before its in effect and somehow it’s no good. Great logic.

          • Lee McKinnon

            Yes, we have Obamacare, signed and sealed by the Supreme Court. Another thing we have, regrettably, are a bunch of frivolous law suits and obstructionism to keep it from being the best it can be. The web sites will come along, because we are America, an innovative nation; above the low expectations for a bunch that want to see more failure as the last Administration put on our future.

        • Herb Nap

          Ya,thank God. I love being lied to,the economy in shambles,and our allies hating us because we spied on them !

          • crabbyj

            Well…maybe you should go move in with our allies…who, by the way, are spying on us. You also might want to pick up a paper and read it now and again, O is improving the economy, but it’s slow-going since your pals in the GOP fight everything, to include, their own ideas, like the ACA, and pull stunts like shutting down the government, which cost us 24 billion dollars. You and your Obama Derangement Syndrome are a perfect example of what’s wrong in this country.

          • Herb1949

            You need to take your meds and calm down.
            Honest you will feel much better, and make more sense.
            Economy getting better? In the last year we haven’t even made as many new jobs as new workers in the work force…

          • aviationfinance

            Every free thinking person in this country KNOWS that Harry Reid “shut down the government”, not “the Republicans” as you say.

            The House passed a CR to Fund every aspect of the government but to Delay the Horrendous ACA that is now destroying healthcare and the economy from coast to coast.

            The disasterous ACA is ALL about moving tremendous POWER to the Obama Executive Branch and has NO POSITIVE effect on our healthcare system whatsoever.

            We could have Legislated simple healthcare reforms to address the small number of persons that were “supposedly” without and to modify insurance companies required benefits in order to address any other “deficiencies”.

            We did / Do Not need a Government Run Socialist Program that will suck the life out of our economy and our citizens…..

            You Marxist / Socialist types can keep on yapping about how the rest of us just don’t know what is good for us, but THIS country was founded and made great by Free Thinking Constitutional Republicans. Liberalism has been the greatest detrement and downfall to the United States and right now, it is ushering in the END to our great Constitutional Republic and Quickly turning us into a 3rd World Country.

          • Godot

            What planet are you from?

          • Godot

            Sgt. Schultz is giving 90 BILLION a month to his Wall Street buddies and the middle class pays for it. The ONLY reason unemployment is around 8 percent is the folks who have given up looking for jobs are not counted any longer.

          • ladkraemer

            Well those that love bush are now Obama haters and those that love Obama were Bush haters.

          • Jimbob

            I was staunch Repub before age 65. Now on medicare and ssc. Repub want to kill all entitlement and dems are thinking about shrinking it. Throw all the bums out and start anew.

          • Lee McKinnon

            I am not a Bush hater. I do refuse to forget or to rewrite history for him when lives, property and our security were jeopardized by his mismanagement as the Chief Executive. Personally, he as a person seemed to be an okay guy, just I wouldn’t vote for him or anyone like him on the basis of skills needed to match the nation’s demands. Mine are not personal attacks, but a message to those who want me to except the lies about his Administration as being good for the nation that I know better. Much as I wish he did not screw up, the facts are, he did. Ask folk who lost their pensions, like from Enron and see if they appreciate his Administration. Did he screw that up? Yes he did, so wear the blame and don’t make the same mistake in voting Conservative.

          • Roby Statzer

            You must have loved the Bush years then.

          • Gjohn1957

            My business and GDP is up since the great bush recession. Whats your problem? I think you put yourself in shambles

          • Lee McKinnon

            Who can disagree?

          • Ed Stearns

            Started under GWB you do know, right?

          • GMC/USN

            Actually started under Clinton. This ship was nothing more than a power point presentation for a lot of years. Before you start downclicking my comment look up DD 21 and DD(X). They are all the same program.

          • Lee McKinnon

            We should be thankful, seeing the collapse is in a good recovery. So, your reference about the economy is woefully misstated and it’s no shame in keeping an eye on other nations. Just a few years ago wasn’t a fall out about Israel, who gets a fair share in aid, taking an undisclosed inside look at our government? We are still good friend. What’s a little embarrassment in the scheme of security things?

        • dougw252

          Jim…. Do you really think you are better off today than you were 6 years ago ???? If so, you are one of the few and I could then understand why you are so Kennel Blind to O and the DemoRAT party……

        • udhoop

          Boat? You must live in Iowa. Try Ship.

        • 10579

          the zummwald is going to be Obuma’s yacht for family and some close friends.

        • Godot

          It ‘sgonna get buily up FAST at three billion a pop. Why there won’t be enough left over to buy the Marines unisex hats. Any of the those bullbleep new weapon systems OPERATIONAL yet?

      • Roby Statzer

        Only if you consider Al-Qaeda a nation.

      • Gjohn1957

        My business is up since the great bush recession. What’s your problem? Further, auto industry, housing, wall street, aerospace, energy sector and GDP are all up. But I highly doubt you even know what GDP is.
        I think maybe you destroyed yourself

      • Edwin Masters

        Just curious – does anyone have a comment about the USS Zumwalt & its capabilities? There are many political forums for those who want to express their feelings about President Obama.

        • HOlsen

          As usual, every discussion on aol ends up a political one.
          I too, would have much rather discussed the ship and what it will really mean to the U.S.
          All I see here is a lot of big mouthed ignorant people with few having anything worth saying.

      • Ed Stearns

        I’m sorry the 50M w/o HC will now have it, destroyed a Republican dream of exclusion.

      • Mt Thunder

        Your an unpatriotic moron………….move to Somalia

        • 10579

          And you are a racist.

          • Mt Thunder

            This from the racist right………….what a laugh!!!

          • 10579

            aren’t you taking a lot for granted? You don’t know my political leanings but I do know yours. You Thunder mouth are a loud mouth liberal,socialist. I will even throw in democrat progressive who is bent on seeing this nation be sent to it’s knees by obama, and his leanings toward the communist manifesto of sol alinski, and cloward and piven. It is you, rachet jaw,who is unpatriotic for what you want this marxist to do. get your history straight and know who you are calling right or left wing. Apparently you, if you served in the military, did not learn anything. and if you did not serve, that explains everything.

          • Mt Thunder

            Your eith grade education is showing…………..
            Vietnam 65-68
            STAT team leader
            2 purple hearts
            3 bronze
            How about you bubba??

          • 10579

            first off you didn’t learn how to spell in school or the service EIGHT is how it spelt. USN 1957-1961. Thanks for your service but you are still a dumb ass democrat/liberal.

          • Mt Thunder

            I was trying to make it easy for you to understand………….I have no further time for a small minded little racist bigot swabbie, huh a swabbie, what a laugh!!!

          • 10579

            I know that you must be looking and talking to a mirror. I wonder if your parents really liked you for you to be so hateful. Ah that’s ok the world is full of assholes like you. there is one in the WH.

      • Lee McKinnon

        Your comment is historically backward. Tell us how a collapse delivered by the last Administration is better than the recovery by President Obama? Did you get the new about the record breaking Wall Street increase? It was Not President Obama who wore down the military “going with the military we have”. Based on a lie we lost lives, wore out equipment and failed to get the top man responsible. It would be an honor for it to have been named for him, but President’s names are better given to Aircraft Carriers.

      • coalminersdaughter

        good one !

      • Larry

        Absolutely NOT. Obama would demand a Megatron on all sides with continuous loop of all his photo-ops. In that case they would have to rename it The USS Narcissistic.

      • Ron Halpern

        You know, my father used to say, “It is better to remain silent and be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”.

      • thomasstewart

        Right-On Go Navy, Everything Pres Barry Soetoro Touches Turns To Shit!!! God Bless America And The USS Zumwalt.

      • Sean

        Haha, nice

      • Jimmy Rivera

        you got that right.

      • fredrickb

        Sorry to break your bubble, the destroyer of our nation was the bushie gang nitwits.

      • Maddie

        Go Navy — YES! GO NAVY!! And yeah you’re also right in your comment too although I wouldn’t put that name on any of our awesome ships. Although…… a Destroyer would be an appropriate ship to name after him.

    • john gervais

      One of his friends must have got the contract.

      • Philadelphia Steve

        The contract was awarded before President Obama even came into office. But I’m sure in FoxNews world you believe what you said is true.

      • weakglovehand

        so you know it’s gonna sink as soon as its tested. One of Michelle’s kindergarden buddies owns the ship building yard. the USS Soros is the next launch.

      • ahalfelven

        …..or a relation of one of Michelle the Moocher’s sorority buddies.

    • rkeeeballs

      And the $24 billion GOTP government shutdown that was supported by dimwits like yourself……would have gone a long way to helping Americans…..

      • Jim

        The GOP is in such shambles at the time…. 2014 & 2016 looks very favorable for us Dems…. woo hoooooooo.

        • Richard Bagenstose

          just like nasa cut it and bum a ride to space with the russians. just wait till they stop looking for cures for deseases, because of the cuts coming to the health system

        • Justin Ray

          The GOP is a mess. AND the Dems are destroying the economy while the morons who still drink the cool-aid sing their praises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up people

        • Rick Peterson

          I am afraid that Obamacare is really an Obamanightmare that will make it difficult for the Dems to even hold the Senate. Obamacare is the only thing in a bigger disarray than the GOP. They will eventually fix the website but the underlying premise that the law is founded on is flawed. No way will enough young people sign up to make the coverage affordable. Many people currently covered will see their rated increase or get forced into a new plan. People are really sick of the government intrusion in their lives. I wish we had a third party that was truly interested in fixing the problems in this country. The two we have now only care about votes. Sorry to sound so cynical.

      • weakglovehand

        Hey as one of those dim wits, could you explain to me how if government spending is the answer to the economy, why we are not in one of the greatest economic periods in US history? BHO has spent more money and now is printing more money that any president prior, and probably more than all combined. As a seldom heard from senator, he was quoted as saying that raising the debt ceiling was irresponsible, well…………..can’t have it both ways, unless the media is in your pocket.

        • crabbyj

          Man, you really are a dimwit, aren’t you? It would be impossible to simplify economics enough for you to understand, especially given your proclivity to parrot easily-disputed claims from rightwing blogs, but nowhere was it claimed that only government spending will save the economy…in fact, the President has stated repeatedly, the need for the private sector to contribute. However, your pals block jobs bills, and seem interested only in transferring our wealth into the pockets of corporations and their CEOs by cutting their taxes, starving the government of revenue, and forcing us to pay more.

          You need to find another source of news, ’cause Fox and Breitbart, are making you come across as ignorant.

          • weakglovehand

            can’t explain it because its too much or you know so little? I haven’t watched Fox or read Breitbart. Just asking how the trillion dollar stimulus didn’t create the boat load of jobs predicted. Maybe you could explain how the states with fracking on private land are economically outperforming the utopian states where ample state land is available to provide jobs for energy development thus detaching us from supporting the islamofacists? Want to defend the Canadian pipline decision or the closing and restraining of offshore drilling? Maybe you could enlighten me how bailing out GM where 70% of the vehicles are made out of the USA created jobs? Or maybe explain how some 75% of the new jobs created are parttime because of the ACA rules? this is all the work of Fox News, Breitbart, and Bush (of course)? See it wasn’t so hard to explain for me,so who’s the nit wit here?

        • UCrazy99

          Just like the “individual mandate” was a Heritage Foundation idea until Obama supported it. Can’t have it both ways, unless Fox News is in your pocket….

          • weakglovehand

            that’s not an answer. I’ll ask this slowly, so explain to me like I’m 6yrs old, how government spending is the answer to the economy, and why with all the record government spending under BHO, we are not in the greatest economic period in US history?

        • David Ryan

          Obama must be a Wizard because somehow according to you and your ilk he’s managed to increase deficit spending but somehow he’s managed o decreased our deficit spending at the same time. The truth…I know, you and your ilk don’t want to hear it because facts are irreverent in y’all’s little world, is that the yearly deficit spending has dropped from $1.4 trillion in 2009 down to $680 billion today. Maybe if you and you ilk used your time on the internet to research this stuff instead of reading sites that feed you what you want to read, y’all would know that these right-wing pr machines are playing you because they know you’re too lazy to actually look into their rhetoric and you want soooo much for Obama to be a failure. Look what I found in 30 seconds when I googled: u.s. deficit spend by year and u.s. spending by year.

          Recent US Federal Deficit Numbers

          Recent and Budgeted* US Federal Spending

          I can hear ya know…”that isn’t true! That’s some liberal socialist communist sites making stuff up!” No, check their sources and you will see that they get their numbers from the same places Congress uses. So, what other right-wing pr myths do you want busted in 30 seconds or less by verifiable non-bias sites? The sooner you and your ilk wake up to the right-wing propaganda they’re trying to feed people in order to hold onto to a branch of the political tree while they’re falling down, the sooner we can get rid of the blockage preventing a full economic recovery and a fair balanced budget that cuts our deficit spending even faster.


        same ones,RK

    • weakglovehand

      with out a budget, those are the concerns of days past, raising the debt ceiling, thats the new budget. Now we print 1.2 trillion dollars every year, so we can’t be out of money, we still have checks!

    • Al

      You seem happy now that this 3 Billion is in the right hands (no pun)

    • Roby Statzer

      Well, the money wasted by the GOP shutting down the government would have paid for nine more ships. Please don’t preach to me about Obama wasting money.

    • Mt Thunder

      You are an unpatriotic and show distain for Americans service men
      Dumb Ass

    • Mark Samuels

      This DemWit served six years, what about you, just another little teddie nugent type all talk, no walk. Obama is the only President since Bush Senior to increase the VA budget, as for the mi.itary budget, its already doubled in ten years. Reality; EVERY single naval ship is pre-targeted by enemy missile systems, and would last minutes in a World War.

    • coalminersdaughter

      So true! Maybe even pay that towards the deficit. But no! That would mean the DemWitOcrats(love that, finally a comeback to all the slamming of Republicans) wouldn’t have as much money to give away,or spend on something truly stupid.

    • tikitools1

      Under Obama we still build Abrams tanks for Billions of dollars while the Army says we don’t need them, so the low information voters are on both sides of the aisles

    • madfam004

      Let’s just hope in that the ship “Somewhat” does not turn out like our Obama Care somewhat.

    • TheOldPoet

      Every president bows to the military industrial complex. The money spent on the F35 only could have given $24 MILLION to family of every soldier killed or wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • fredrickb

      Sure if the bush gang never started the stupid war we could have built 100 of these and still have money left over compared to what those nitwits made us spend with that useless war. So who’s the dimwit now, and why is it it’s always you republican conservatives always have to make political comments in places they don’t belong.

    • Vincent Baretti Jr.

      LOL LA the Great. You’re like me sometimes………The military and politics are connected so I understand why you made your comment, which was more political than a comment on military/ship design. Your politics seem like mine. Kudos to you for starting the fire storm here, drawing out like minded people like you and I and then people like Alex Yamach, listed below. I’ve never seen so many postings for an article before. This is my political comment/reply to you. If you care, scroll above for my overall comment on the original subject matter.

    • 2eREP

      Since YOU are clearly a “Low Information” voter did you get your check?

    • shipfixr

      She was too far along in the planning and advanced procurement stage to cancel; more interesting will be to see how many of her sisters ever get built.

    • Fred

      Does obama know about this ????

    • CD_Eps

      You don’t know what you’re talking about, this President has maintained a very effective spending profile on defense – true, other Democrats may not have but if you want to pick on Barack Obama find something real. This guy is not soft on defense at all.

    • CarolAnn

      So much for discussing the Navy ships anymore….. it’s Obama back and forth time. Thanks for changing the entire subject of this prestigious ship’s topic. (although you are absolutely right…….) but still……

    • baconoir

      the republicans build bombers and aircraft carriers. The democrats build fighters and submarines

    • qcubed

      Look, bagger, that three bill would have been better spent educating kids to become highly paid employees, or to feed families decimated by eight years of Bushonomics.

    • Eve

      Well it seems to me that from here on down on this comment board you all lose the conversation on what is the topic to start with it’s about a SHIP

  • James Meritt – NOAA Affiliate

    “has 50 books — mostly on the Navy ” What are the others about?

  • Winner!!!!!!

    ..and…………I bet it still can Sink!

  • thedofuss

    “run into rough seas during its development.” —in other words yet another F-35 fiasco, albeit with just a stupid pun in the beginning. somehow, they forgot to enter the cost of the ship, vs. the original budget. im betting they missed it by a factor 3x. but, of course the typical good news from every useless GOP program is that we have brought a high tec giant navy vessel into a street fight on land. if this were ww1 or ww2, we really would have kicked ass. just like we did in viet nam….what, not there either….well, at least the GOP stays true to its mission-never ever, under any circumstances do anything that might possibly improve the security of, nor add value to the USA, whatever happens. oh, and all the time enriching their large personal investments in our war companies while our citizens go hungry and unsheltered every night.

    please on a final thought, DO SOMETHING TO STOP PEOPLE FROM GOING HOMLESS HOPELESS, FOODLESS in our country…how do you live with yourselves—yea , i know, very very well. ha, ha. very funny—to you.

    • bjreg3

      it’s good to see that the dems are still populated by the mentally challenged and factually inept people. your ignorance is telling. Maybe if the people of the US would stop allowing the new voting block into the Country and feed, house and educate them over it’s citizens that dimbocrats would actually care for it’s people instead of treating their uneducated sheep as slaves. Shame on you for your BS. Then again, you dimbo’s always liked stick and stones. Technology and intelligence is something foreign to you.

  • John

    No money for food stamps for vets, but we always have money to build a new war machine. Priceless.

    • John Yowza

      yep, government shutdown, sequestration, furloughs, and $17 TRILLION in debt, yet CONgress approved this?

      • Marti Londot

        No complaints that Obama has spent more money than all presidents before him, including Bush? How partisan of you.

  • xavier pattonson

    Since it’s James T. Kirk, not K, they could
    have left out the middle initial for impact. (“T” for Tiberius–and let us have
    the initial too cool comparison).Tiberius was the son of Nero and Livia.

    Tiberius Caesar Divi Augusti filius
    Augustus; 42 BC – AD, emperor 14 AD to 37 AD.


    Tiberius, one of Rome’s greatest generals, laid the foundation
    for the north frontier–but is remembered as dark, reclusive, and
    sombre, never desiring to emperor; Pliny the Elder called
    him “gloomiest of men.”

    In 26, Tiberius exiled himself from Rome and left Rome in the
    hands of (unscrupulous) Lucius and Quintus. Caligula, his
    adopted grandson, succeeded the him on his death.

    PS: What is Picard’s middle name?

  • goomps

    fair winds and following seas to the brave and dedicated men who will man this magnificent ship. semper fi and carry on

  • Liz McGeehan Smith

    Best built is Bath Iron Works built!

  • James Alexander

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uczmTamhy8 I have been building these for a few years. I dont think they are the same type of boat, but I still think they are the badest one on the water. They will run around 50knots, and stop from full steam in the length of the boat. The can operate in around 12-14 feet of water. I checked, and you can get all this info from the net. So I hope I am not violating any clearance issues. Was not my intintion. Just proud of my work.

    • Marti Londot

      Cool picture. Thanks for sharing!

  • makeredhappy

    And we need this for what, and why? GOP working up yet another trumped up excuse for a brand new war?? No money for anything Americans NEED, but always money for war gear.

    • RockyMtnAl

      In case you haven’t noticed, the GOP doesn’t run the government, and hasn’t since Bush’s second term. The Dems had a monopoly on the federal government for two full years, still own the executive branch and half the legislative branch…but the only they’ve been able to accomplish is to force all Americans to purchase insurance and pay some of O’s buddies almost a billion dollars to build a non-functioning web site.

      • Marti Londot

        Bravo! My thoughts exactly. Democrats seem to have forgotten the words of another Democrat, JFK, because Obama has brainwashed them into believing they NEED the government to take care of them.

        “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – President John F. Kennedy

  • Denis Pascale

    WOW…I’m sure some war mongers will be sitting behind their computers with erections and everything. SO WE NEED a new $60 gazillion toy who’s shape will let it go undetected. OK…WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE HAD ONE OF OUR NAVY VESSELS SUNK that we need to spend such ridicilous sums of money on them? Someone was sucking off someone in Congress when they agreed to spend this much money for NEW SHIPS….as if our current fleet isnt capable of destroying half the damn planet right now. ONCE AGAIN we have an excellent lobbying effort on part of the military machine here in the USA. When will we learn that no one gives a rats butt that we have the mightiest military in the world?


  • Sue

    Is there any chance the Obama administration can take some time away from their Socialist quagmire and make sure the plans to this aren’t stolen by the Chinese like the joint strike fighter was?

  • Kimoni Kevin Johnson


  • Al

    To bad his last name wasn’t Nemo instead of Kirk.

    • Marti Londot


  • Alex Yamach

    Big deal. Regardless of it’s capabilities it can still be sunk by a torpedo or a missile just like any other ship. All the advanced technology can’t prevent that.

    • Marti Londot

      Not if it has the capability to spot our enemy and shoot them down first. I’m sure this ship has a lot of secrets we’ll never know about, and we shouldn’t know about. Nor our enemies.

  • paul

    Is domination of the world the aim of the USA ?? self defense would be a better project.

    • Marti Londot

      If we are perceived to have a strong military, then our enemies are less inclined to attack us. Why is that concept so hard to understand?

  • Leslie

    Wow, that is one cool ship. I wonder how many people does it hold? I don’t think they mentioned in the article, how many people it holds. Cool concept of a ship. I would like to design a ship, I have no experience designing a ship but I would like to try anyway, LOL.

  • RealEngineer2

    As a “technical deterrence” this ship is a bargain. The whole idea is never to use it. What navy with a brain is going to assault a stealth warship with lasers, rail guns, and Captain Kirk at the helm?

    On the other hand, if actually needed -the “class shrank” from 32 ships to just 3? China has a weapon that can knock out a carrier, Iran is nuclearizing, North Korea recently sank a South Korean war ship, Somalis are pirating freighters and USA shrinks a warship class?

    Most Americans take “strong military” for granted. Living in a third world dictatorship for 6 months should be part of everyone’s education, preferably while they are at a military stalemate with another third world dictatorship. The “real value” of being at the top of the military food chain would then be more obvious.

    The world is a very, very, very nasty place. Despite millions of years of evolution and the best “utopian” efforts of “nurture psychology”, “multiculturalism”, and “Jane
    Fonda”, think for just one second what would happen to all of us if suddenly we
    had no military, or if we didn’t have the “technical deterrence” of a machine
    like this.

    Anyone really believes there would be doves, rainbows, and some type of “unilateral disarmament”, or would “unfriendlys” immediately exploit the opportunity?

    • steve

      Klingons maybe?

    • Marti Londot

      Well said, Engineer. Yours is the best commentary I’ve seen on why we need to maintain our military. The rainbow ideology sounds nice, but it’s not realistic in today’s world. Our enemies would take us out in a second if they knew we were unable to defend ourselves.

  • Joseph Sinkovic

    Yo you asshole republicans on here . Think Whig Party. Thats where your headed.

  • duffy

    Great. How long before the Chinese steal it?

  • Jason

    Isn’t this the ship that was reported to be laughably easy to hack, and cost about 3Bil?

  • Kevin Marren

    I see Now the republican retards are at it … they just cant wait to put out their racist views …Maybe if they would spend More time …yelling at the idiots who screwed the country …aka Republicans and Tea party….this country would run smoothly…But hey it NP we kick them out in 2014 and 2016
    and all will be good

    • Marti Londot

      It has always amused me when liberals use vitriol to complain about Republicans using vitriol. Oh, the irony.

  • VoiceOfReason

    Fascinating looking ship. As for the idiots that are posting their political BS, they amuse me. No comment on the ship, just a continuation of their tirades about the government. Proves to me they didn’t read the article, but then again, they never do. Reading in not on the curriculum of their remedial educational program yet.

  • Ancient Pelican

    $3.3 billion for the USS Zumwalt future ships of this class to cost about $2.5 billion each. Not counting the cost of manning and operating the ship, that’s a lot of money.

    • Steve

      I got 3 bucks and some change in my pocket. Will that help?

  • Bill Morgan

    How much does this cost????Who is the enemy it is designed to fight????Where will the money come from???and what happens if some enemy’s cruise missile hits it and knocks out its sophisticated power system???? And it looks like the Olymopia, Dewey’s flagship currently rusting away aat Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia

    • Marti Londot

      Where will all the money come from? The same people who will pay for Obamacare. The taxpayers.

  • reb

    Design is much like the old ‘ironclads’ of the civil. Very progressive.

  • mrmacman65

    Great story, except the Navy CAPT is all caps.

  • richh19191

    unfortunately it can be all take away with just one air to service fired from hundreds of miles out…….this is a great ship to hold most nations in check, but certainly no match for technology of other world powers……..

  • Al

    “It is incredibly unfortunate that we are being forced to cancel the
    christening ceremony for this great warship,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus
    said in a statement, “but the ongoing government shutdown prevents us
    from being able to honor Admiral Zumwalt’s memory with a ceremony
    befitting his and his family’s legacy of service to our Nation and our

    Yet we can still afford to send obama and his family on Air Force I around the world on vacation that cost the tax payers approx. 50 million bucks every time Air Force I and it’s fleet of other airplanes that accompany it for an overseas flight are cranked up! That doesn’t even count the cost of motel rooms for all the masses that are tagging along.

    • Marti Londot

      So true, and that doesn’t include Nancy Pelosi’s frequent flights home to California. That cost alone would’ve paid for one of these ships.

  • Tommie

    $3.5 billion each for sea battles that will never come…hope the congressmen who got the jobs gets re-elected. Think what our schools could do with $3.5 billion x 3!

  • John Durant

    That thing looks more like a submarine than a destroyer. I am not so sure this design will fare very well on the high seas. Surface ships look the way they do for a reason…..so they stay afloat!!

  • sniperpitbull

    And the Zumwalt is going to be used to fight against whom? The Navy needs to stop fantasizing and realize that their last hour of glory when they engaged a navy from another country in a sea battle was in 1944. Now they have two jobs; lug Marines over the bounding main providing them with clean sheets, hot food and showers and their carriers that serve as floating airfields to support ground operations. As for the SEALS, they are under the direct command of JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command)
    And their last ship to end all wars was the LCWS (Littoral Combat War Ship) which looked good on paper but has proven to be an operational blivit.
    Clearly the Navy’s role has changed, the Navy needs to accept that fact and adjust their sights accordingly. John Paul Jones would be happy with that.

  • Kevin Marren

    INstead of cutting all the programs for the poor… perhaps they should cut out some of the overbloated spending of the Defense Budget…

    • Marti Londot

      All those programs for the poor will be useless if we can’t defend ourselves against our enemies. You’d think people would’ve learned that after 9/11.

      • Kevin Marren

        YES defend the USA…Not go out and start 10 year wars costing our Kids balloned up deficit… BUsh said that he fought two wars without costing america a dime.. yes its true…the Money of the wars didnt come in on his watch it was pushed to 2012 no matter who took over as president so in that fact he lied

  • Phil Schneider

    I wonder where the technology came from to produce such a weapon?
    It sure isn’t old fashioned American ingenuity.

  • arakam

    WOW ! a lot of “O” haters leaving comments . Too bad they don’t respect our Commander in Chief !
    A very cool looking ship, but in the Missile Age how practical is it ?

  • Robski

    Thanks for telling the World!

  • Mystical Knight

    I see a sea of drones in the our future. War by robot is the next progression to “feel good war” where our casualties are kept low.

  • Rick Belmont

    Captain Kirk, a Submariner, must be aware that an enemy sub could take him down in a minute! The DDG-1000 can use the electric power for propulsion or weapons, but his “Scotty” can’t divert power to shields! The Zumwalt looks a bit like the Confederate’s Merrimack, a conventional steam frigate. It would be much more “stealthy” if it could submerge. In the picture below, Merrimack is the one on the left.

    • ArtieBobo

      Merrimack was designed that way to deflect cannon shot.

  • jerome ennis

    Admiral Zumwalt, was the top admiral and was the new age admiral who took over command of the Navy in the 1970’s was the original Tweeter. He used to send out memos of his New and Radical Ideast to be carried out throughout the U.S. Navy and these memos came to be known as Z Notes. He was basically a lunatic who came up with many Non Traditional U.S. Navy Rules on numerous things that were traditional, including changes in the uniform, hair cuts, facial hair, etc. Real Military Men of that day despised Admiral Zumwalt and held great resentments towards his radical restructuring of Naval Traditions. Fortunately, eventually, most of the idiotic ideas of Zumwal were reversed by future Department of the Navy Admirals. Especially the enlisted men, the backbone of all military services, despised the changes and eventually the career sailors turned a lot of crap Zumwalt instituted around. Coincidentally, Zumwalt also served as Naval Chief under another lunatic, Jimmy Carter.

  • Hilly

    This is beyond exciting…We need to go attack someone…

    • terriminx2

      I am sure the US will, for practice purposes of course – don’t they usually?

  • Steve B

    That’s groovy, I wonder how many people we can kill with that one. I do not think since world war one, that there is a country we haven’t bombed.

  • JohnnieD

    Here we have the most revolutionary warship since the Monitor as we stand at a portal where the air craft carrier is becoming obsolete….and all we have is vapid commentary about Bush and Obama… You are watching a transition guys…wake up…! Rail guns, laser weapons, stealth presence, possibly cloak capability if not now on the horizon. Probably cigarette boat speed and agility. 200 years from now this will be discussed as the Japanese preeminence with carrier transition prior to demise of battleship doctrine.
    WAKE UP…!

    • Marti Londot

      I agree, Johnnie. The naysayers probably said the same thing about the Stealth bomber, but when it passed over a crowd of 60,000 at an airshow I attended several years ago, you could hear a pin drop. We were in complete awe.

  • SS BdM Fuhress ‘Savannah

    Ugly looking as Hell. And next a few billion for a balloon that carries a Death Ray. If we are going to break the bank we might as well bring out the Warp Engines and Phazers and put Kirk up circling the Earth. I just can’t see this stuff in this day and time. All you got to do is look at Germany and the Jets from WW2. Advanced, but too expensive and not enough. The numbers beat them. So we got 3 of these out there being stealthy and the Chinese or Russians have 10,000 men in rubber boats looking for them. I would almost think a round ship hull as the Nautilus sub had would seem easier to make stealthy.

  • dave smith

    getting warm and fuzzy over a WARship, enough said

  • Bwanar

    Interesting & par for the course…now that the government is back open for business, even know the time down cost us billions; it was “OK” to spend big money on a christening for the Zumwalt. YEAH!!! Which part of our government is not a circus show and shouldn’t be run like one don’t they get?

  • John Yowza

    Thanks taxpayers. Signed, U.S. Navy. Government shutdown, sequestration, furloughs, pay freezes for government workers making $32K per year, and yet the multi-millionaires in CONgress approved this? Then they wonder how we got to $17 TRILLION in debt (besides the unfunded wars of course). No wonder CONgress has an approval rating of 5%. (obviously CONgress is “in bed” with defense contractors).

    • Marti Londot

      Sweetie, it wasn’t Congress who got us at $17 trillion.

      • Inspector Spacetime

        Actually, it was. Every time. The Reagans and the Obamas can ask, plead, demand, but at the end of the day Congress has full accountability for the budget and the debt. It doesn’t feel that way because there’s no such thing anymore as the middle consensus, but it’s true. Many may constantly hide from their responsibilities, and take every chance to maneuver for gain (or redirect blame) in the media landscape. Factions may even want to pretend they don’t have to pay the bill even after it’s ordered, but it’s their John Hancock on every budget.

  • Windex

    Someone’s gonna be upset when they realize they forgot to install the windows.

    • Marti Londot




    • Marti Londot

      As the daughter of a retired Navy captain, I can tell you with certainty that Navy warships have gone a long way towards defending/protecting our people.

  • Bill

    Not named after Cheney who caused the Iraq war looking for WMD and profits

  • Phil Schneider

    I posted this comment and it got deleted in five minutes.
    Here is what was posted.
    I wonder where the technology came from to produce this war machine?
    It sure isn’t good old fashioned American ingenuity.

    • Marti Londot

      Aliens, perhaps?

  • leftfoot03

    I been in the Bearing Sea in 50 swells and 100 knot winds. I’m very interested in how she keeps at sea and what the crew says about the ride. That will tell us how this design will work.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    scotty beam me up. and get ready for warp speed

  • c-kur-us

    I am glad we can have a super power warship that will detour some from attacking our nation . Let the terrorist have their way we will not have to worry about debt , starving , racism . Let the Osama bin Laden’s of the worl know that they will be zero’s instead of hero’s . Weapons that make the Osama bin Laden’s of the world look like physco’s instead of heros by endangering the lives of their people and country by messing with the USA . But of course most of the time the Osama bin Ladens hide that from there people anyway, by not letting them have anyway to find out they are endangering them. They need to know that if they Nuke the U.S. on land they can be nuked by sea or space . So that midget in N.Korea can help the people he leaves in the blind and make the army he builds think well this is not a good idea after all . The N Korean soldiers have bound to have a clue that things could be better in their country if they dealt with their troubles instead of making more troubles . Trying to fight a losing battle that they will never catch up to . OK got to go

  • Eric Valdez

    Obama is a great president! So glad Hillary will be our next President. America sits on the edge of an economic boom. All these Repuklicans who don’t believe it can go kick rocks.

    • ArtieBobo

      keep guzzling the kool-aid, you flippin sheep!

  • elogco

    Makes ya wanna re-up just to git a ride on that tincan. Are the heads high tech too? Can ya still git SOS at the galley?

  • Tim DeCoteau

    There was no mention in this article that this ship was built in Bath, Maine. The best modern ship builders are Mainers!

    Tim DeCoteau
    West Newfield, Maine

  • Sgtwills

    All you Obama haters grow up, Bush is more to blame for thing then Obama. A lot of you talk all big, but 99% of you are bitchies hidding behind a computer. The bottom line is things are not going to get better because the rich get richer and that who is fucking up America. Stop putting your short comming on Obama he’s not perfect just like your not.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjVY3FArUsY TOTUS

      “Bush is more to blame for thing then Obama.”

      I’m not going do defend Bush, but you have to let go of your hate towards him. Obama has been President for 5 years, how many years are you folks going to blame Bush? Who are you going to blame for your education?

      “then”….a word used to link two things in time. One thing happened “then” another thing happened.

      “than”….a word used to compare things. One thing is better “than” another thing.

      So the word you are looking for is “than”. I’m still trying to figure out what “thing” you are talking about? The economy, wars, the rich getting richer, everything.

      BTW, the rich got richer under Obama than they ever got under Bush. He is finally getting around to knocking their taxes up a couple of percentage points this year, 5 years after he was elected. That is something he should have done when the Democrats had total control of Congress, and the Republicans couldn’t stop him.

      Back on topic, it is a cool looking ship.

  • dave smith

    is there a psychological disease for people who like war yet if not im sure its getting closer

  • Al

    Excellent !!…..we continue to spend money we don’t have in stuff we don’t need…

    How much is going to Halliburton, Cheney, GW and entourage?

    Nothing against Capt. Crunch…he looks like a nice, honest man.

  • ycplum

    Battleship, cruiser destroyer. It seems that the old class terminologies don’t apply anymore. The Zumwalt is near teh top end of what would be considered a destroyer and just a bit lighter than the battleship HMS Dreadnought, the one that revolutionalized naval surface fleets at the turn of the 20th century. I guess we need to just associate the capabilities with the class and dismiss the old crusier/destroyer/frigate terms. : (
    But the focus a the highly electrical power system is revolutionary. One day, someone may actually say “Enginneering, divert power from engine to weapons systems, NOW!” LOL

  • JustRichard

    Reminds me of the old iron clad CSS Virginia.

  • steve

    So have the Chinese stolen the plans yet?

  • wdwflash

    It looks a bit top heavy, but does have bilge keels (rolling chocks.) DDG,s of WWII were notoriously top heavy and rolled a lot, but fought well for their size, this ship looks to be a roller again. They used that kind of bow on pre-1900 ships and battle ships. (French also had some really weird designs). I don’t see much space for the crew to get outside. How fuel hungry are these “new” engines? The M-1 Abrams tank is the second top tank in the world, but is held back by the fuel hungry gas turbine engine. I believe the German Panther tank (number one in the world in my opinion, and the opinions of tankers I’ve talked to) has a conventional diesel engine. If the engines are fuel hungry, than like the Abrams they are going to be tied to their mobile fuel supple and how many knots that ship can make. Looks like a test platform for advanced weapons, but the first gale and/or hurricane force winds will tell what kind of ship the Navy paid so much for. (BTW/ I just retired as a marine engineer with 43 years off n’ on at sea.)

    • BALL2012net

      The Article indicated an ALL electric engine train.

  • Al

    Excellent!!….we keep on spending money we don’t have in stuff we don’t need.

  • mmoscho

    It is awesome that we can develop such a ship as a nation, it is ridiculous to manage
    and blame Obama for something in this topic. It is the Republican congress that
    does not want to cut defense spending. I guess people rather keep their assault rifles waiting to fight a delusional imaginary war against the most powerful super power in the world instead of saying darn! we make awesome stuff.
    By the way when Obama took office our debt spending was $1.4 trillion, now its cut more than half at $600 billion. Regan, you know your hero? Raised the debt ceiling 18 times, Obama is going for his 8th!
    Obamacare, you guys lost that too, they’ll fix the website and it will continue and succeed. I’m saving $200 a month now thanks to Obamacare and guess what? I work full time, support a family of four, pay my taxes, and I have never been on Welfare, yet my employer doesn’t have to provide me health care because he has less than 50 employees. Keeping crying because you guys lost and your party is dying!

  • Dan Williams

    Guess the Navy Department kept it under the radar from the Oblamer Admnistration. Congatulations to the Navy.

  • oandroplex700

    Makes Me Proud, To Be An American……..And A Vietnam Special Forces Vet

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjVY3FArUsY TOTUS

      Thank you for your service.

  • Trenchtown Rocket

    Continued super power status and ‘world dominance’ are simply IMPOSSIBLE to sustain and maintain when the country is drowning in debt and deficit spending and headed straight to default and bankruptcy. We are saddled and stuck with clueless dopes and incompetents of ALL political stripes that continue to nest and roost in our nation’s capitol who care more about themselves and their cronies than the survival of the nation itself. It will not be long before our biggest threats and challenges emanate from BOTH within and outside the physical boundaries of this floundering and drifting nation.

  • merv

    so much hate here Hard to believe it americans on this page sounds more like a forum for terrorist

  • CD

    My kid attends class in a 20 year old trailer because of the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs in this area to China means there is no tax revenue to build new schools. And oh, by the way, since we are always fighting somewhere in the Third World we are not only spending trillions that could be used for US in the USA, we also have to care for the immigrants and refugees from the countries where we fight.

    We are so messed up as a nation we can’t even deal with the consequences of our population growth which is 2.5 to 3 million per year, more than a 60 million increase since 1993, except to pave over more farm land. So the richest agricultural nation on earth will not have enough agricultural land left in 50 years to feed 460 million Americans.

  • Dude

    You spend billions of dollars on something that A) is not needed anymore (is the USA going ever have a war with a country that has a navy or not still use Calvary in the future) B) it supposed to blow up in the in the end and hold no value afterwards is just stupid and finally C) are old destroys are light years ahead of the compatition that you don’t have to worry about putting more money into a new ship design for thousands of years in the future.

  • petemcfaddin

    Yes its a cool looking ship I pray for its success; however an admiral in the 80s remarked, “there will be two classes of warships in the next global war submariens and targets.”

  • bad9iron

    All this bickering back and forth here reminds the country of our illustrious Congress that acts like a bunch of kindergarten kids out in the schoolyard during recess. The Obama regime is responsible for nothing creative. It’s sole intent is to run down this country by destroying the economy and changing our country into a total socialistic welfare state. What is even worse is that the collusion between the executive and the press has spawned the right environment for this to become possible despite the built in checks and balances contained in our Constitution. The democrats are so hungry for power that they refuse to understand what is happening right before their eyes. Only recently since the failure of the Obama care launch have they realized that they are in jeopardy in 2014. Our economy never really recovered from recession and is again in danger of a relapse. This at a time when we need to grow to support our population because of the negative fallout from Obama care could be fatal to our economy. We are all Americans so why do our politicians conduct war against the country? To continue to do so endangers our entire population. When will we grow up!

  • gypsy46

    Today 50 billion is cut from feeding kids who now will go hungry but hey, we got a new toy for the Navy at only what 3 billion and counting!! Along with the toy for the air services, F35 at 30 million per engine and still doesn’t work right, we are now the worlds most powerful by a factor of 10, why do we not care for Americans as much as we care for ‘killing machines’??

  • Chuck Charles F House

    I think it is cool the we are still moving forward..

  • Sally

    I saw a tiny bit of the Zumwalt a few weeks ago (before launch) at the Bath Iron Works in Maine. Maine and BIW are proud of their participation in this amazing ship.

  • hai_nguyen

    Admire the wonder of technology and hope to get ahead of potential adversary, guys and gals! Stop your psycho obsessions with O’s and R’s, of the Rep.’s and Dem.’s… Find another article/post/page or better yet, close yourself in any public toilet and vent!

  • pedemangonz

    The President haters are out in full force. If had been finished by Bush I or Bush II, this ship would be hailed by the same goofs who are whining here.

  • Gmoney

    This is why you losers were mad when Obama wanted to cut funding to the military???? To build a stealthy warship, smh…….


    Game changer here. Politics aside, just from a sheer admiration side of things, I’m glad she’s on our side. Bad mama jama this one. You might not care for the price tag or intentions, but seriously, this is a jump in Sea Tech that was sorely needed. “King of the Seas” has a nice ring to it. ;>)

  • James

    I’m an american (and ex-US Navy Submariner) living in Costa Rica, if this bad boy ever goes through the Panama Canal, I’d love to know about it, as I would certainly drive down there to see it go through. GO NAVY!

  • Tjbooth01

    China is already using our designs to build their own.

  • Erica

    Nice ship. The Israelis will be glad to know it will be used to patrol the waters of the Middle East on their behalf.

  • Fubwa

    And we wonder why our country is in debt. Oh yea, we needed new war ships sooo bad while our country is in serious debt. We cant find money to educate our children or anything actually important, maybe find a better energy source before we run out of fuel? but when it comes to ships and planes and anything military moneys just growing on trees….

  • Steve

    $7 Billion Dollar hole in the water , No doubt its needed to chase down the Al Quieda Navy that they have had hidden away,
    Then again a lousy $7 Billion,

    Who needs healthcare for the old or a Balanced Budget

  • Mark W. Stevenson

    Looks like Captain Nemo’s ship.

  • Marti Londot

    This is a great accomplishment for the Navy. Congratulations! I suggest all the imbeciles on this site complaining about the GOP read the link above in the Around the Web section – “Middle Class To Be Crushed By Obamacare Taxes.” Let’s see what the peanut gallery has to say about THAT.

  • mcybersmith

    When are the American people going to repent of their sins and turn the country around including dissolving he military industrial complex. We are headed for rot and ruin. This is another example. THE AOL lead-in said “This ship will ensure US military dominance for years to come” (or words to that effect). You live by the sword, you die by the sword. We are doomed

    The United States Needs to Repent


    They [“the bankers”] make trillions
    off wars and if they want a war in Syria, it will happen and will continue to
    happen until the American people repent of their sins and withdraw this govt.
    from our public lives (3 big sins: 1. love of money, 2. coveting your
    neighbors wealth and 3. worship of mammon)

    George Carlin -“Who Really Controls America”


  • Sam Pensive

    i 2nd the open sea tests to support a small scale model.
    Nature is a tough teacher.
    also i’d assume the Naval Command is hoping the subs and shipyard et the electrical issues
    of the new Littoral Class ships fixed on this one.
    78 MW is a heck of a short circuit event.
    as for the hull – let’s hope the ship is hull down stable;
    that way if it overturns, it will right itself without too much
    fiddling by the crew.

  • RadioGuy

    The majority of the comments here highlight what is wrong in this country. They seem to not be able to viscerally be proud of the country and its accomplishments. One of which is exemplified in this ship.

    The same old leftist rhetoric about starving children (not) war mongers (not) bombing other countries for fun (not), etc, etc. If you don’t like where you live and hate the country why don’t you move to one more to your liking, say Russia or China or maybe Zimbabwe or Cuba, how about Venezuela, I could go on but you get the idea.

    This is not about Bush or Cheney or Obama or anyone else, it’s about the ingenuity, vision and determination of the American spirit. It’s what got us to the moon, exploring the space beyond and having the most successful and envied country in the world. I for one am proud that I was born an American, served in her military and live where Immigrants legal and otherwise are beating down the borders to get in to.

    • johndson

      Radioguy – There is nothing “leftist” about starving children – they sadly and inexcusably exist in the millions. No one said anything about “hating their country” except YOU! No one said they “liked” Russia, China, Zimbabwe, or Cuba except YOU!! Since you seem to be a completely blind, totally brain washed republican supporter. I suggest you read the speeches of Dwight Eisenhower. A general who served his country for his entire life, and a military man of extraordinary distinction who was educated at West Point.He had an inside view like few other in our history and unique read on the “military industrial complex” and saw exactly how much the American government had become intoxicated by it, and addicted to it. He chose to build the interstate highway system INSTEAD of excessively expensive implements of destruction, in massive quantities, to facilitate endless war making. I’m sure you cannot understand someone like Eisenhower, or his true, and sorely needed wisdom.

      • RadioGuy

        As expected no response to pride in accomplishment, just attack the individual.

    • itacurubi

      Had the colonists followed your advice and simply headed out to, say, French or Spanish territory, we wouldn’t have a country.

  • tom

    And it can be taken out by three Muslims in a speed boat and a magnetic mine….Why don’t you ask whose district the contract was issued to and built in??????

  • Tired of all the in-fighting

    Wow, I just wasted 10 minutes I’ll never get back reading the unpleasant attacks of liberals on conservatives and visa versa. I’m conservative financially, like to defend my home and country and am fairly liberal on true social issues. Who speaks for us, the 85% of the United States without a voice. All of you far “left wing and right wing” nut-jobs are the reason we’re a nation in decline. A whole nation of politically driven haters. What a waste…

  • IllinoisGuy

    WHAT ultimately GOES AROUND gets AROUND. Such a shiny NEW $$$$$$$ toy for now that shoots such “exotic” rail guns and lasers. EVER STOP TO THINK that by such nasty vicious “really cool” weapon system as this ship now represents .. the nature of warfare has become even MORE HORRENDOUS and “not cool” at all for those who will be it’s victims? AND then when our enemies build SIMILIAR weapons to use on US.
    It is ALL madness, all madness and there is NOTHING “cool” or “hot” about all these shiny NEW toys for a bunch of generals and high-tech SOULESS ghouls.

    • Practice What I Preach

      You’re welcome for the freedom and security that we “ghouls” provide you. Dirty hippie.

    • Helgecken

      Nature wrote the rules, lodge a complaint with her secretary of evolution; survival of the fittest in case you have no clue about her one relevant law.

  • GeorgeWoodman

    What a beauty. Anchors Away Men, and safe voyage. May God be with you.

  • udhoop

    Were the designers big fans of the movie “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”?

  • Herb Nap

    Last time I checked Harry Reid and his buddies shut down the Govt. Obama not dealing with the Republicans, saying its his way or the highway, does not exactly lend to a “Non-Partisan” atmosphere. Even Bill Clinton would work with both sides of the aisle.The only reason Obama is still in the White House is he blatantly lied about his health care program as millions of Americans are now finding out.You really think the majority of Americans would have voted for Obama if they knew HIS signature piece of legislation was all predicated on out and out lies ? Let’s see how this works out for all you folks believing in what he say’s not in what he does !

  • Dave McClure

    What a ship! While you guys are bitching about this and that, you should be looking at this vessel. This is a great addition to the “black shoe” navy. Just looking at her picture in dry dock chances are she is going to bob like a cork in heavy weather. She is sleek and in 8 foot seas should be low profile enough to sneak around unnoticed. If the power plant is anything they are claiming she should be a bullet tear assing through the water in calm seas. I was in the Navy when Admiral Zumwalt served. He eventually became CNO and served with distinction. I remember the Z- grams he issued to the fleets. His policies were rather liberal. He faced a boat load of flack over these policies, but the Navy was undergoing extreme changes in those years. Blacks and Philippine sailors and other sailors of color were being allowed train for rates outside the traditional racist paths that they had to follow, examples include stewards, commisarymen and laundry personnel. He understood the demographic changes that were taking place in the United States or should I say cultural changes and made the necessary changes in the Navy. Drawing a parallel, this ship design is a change that the Navy sees as a future survivable combatant. Why don’t you join the goddamned Navy and find out what being at sea is like. Remember you whiney asses we are still at war. Let you balls be bigger than your mouths, but don’t become officers there are to many of those assholes as it is. Have a super sparkly day!, Dave McClure sailor now a veteran.

    • itacurubi

      Yeah … the Afhan Navy is nothing to sneeze at. And as soon as it gets a salt water port, watch out East Coast.

  • IllinoisGuy

    WHAT ultimately GOES AROUND comes AROUND. Such a shiny NEW $$$$$$$ toy for now that shoots such “exotic” rail guns and lasers. EVER STOP TO THINK that by such nasty vicious “really cool” weapon system as this ship now represents .. the nature of warfare has become even MORE HORRENDOUS and “not cool” at all for those who will be it’s victims? AND then when our enemies build SIMILIAR weapons to use on US.

    It is ALL madness, all madness and there is NOTHING “cool” or “hot” about all these shiny NEW toys for a bunch of generals and high-tech SOULESS ghouls.

  • twilights last gleaming

    Named after the Viet Nam’s ‘Agent Orange’ Admiral Zumwalt? The Navy’s proud of that?

    • GMC/USN

      No. Because the Navy didn’t spray Agent Orange, the Army and Air Force did.

  • beachguy

    Big deal – the Chinese will have all it’s secrets in a year

    • Eldon Warman

      The Chinese likely supplied all the computer chips, and can likely send it on a one way trip to the bottom by sending the right code. Obama is like a surgeon who took on a cancer case where he finds that the cancer has established itself throughout the body called America. Thus, a strong chemotherapy has to be administered that will take out a lot of healthy American cells/souls along with the cancer. That cancer is all of the corporate bodies politic that are now running America – all owned by the Vatican.

  • Louis Vuitton

    War is so insane, wasted resources.

    • Practice What I Preach

      Yes, should’ve just let Hitler do what he wanted.

  • D

    What a waste of wealth.

    • Godot

      Yeah, maybe we should arm some Syrian terrorists with the dough, or the “Brotherhood” .

  • Godot

    Where do you put the bayonet?

  • Godot

    BTW, the space guy is James T. Kirk.



    • itacurubi

      You’re comparing plastic prices with the price at the depths of the Great Recession … that’s what happens in recessions, the demand for and price of commodities plunge. And if your profit is down, you must not be a very good businessman … profits as a percentage of GDP are at historic highs. Equities are at historic highs.

  • steve

    looks like the sub from league of extraordinary gentlemen

  • Bill

    Cancel(postpone) the christening ceremony? What a shortsighted Navy Secretary we have. Maybe while waiting, he could work on changing that ‘christening’ name. I mean he should also throw in a little political correctness while he is at it. His CIC would appreciate that.

  • carlos gaah

    yes it does… as the CSS Va.. was a iron mass on top of an existing UNION ships hull only it rode LOW in the water…as did the MONITOR but it was more unique then its opponent..

  • Kulween Singh

    With ships like this , we need a new naval base in the Middle East . Perhaps a new long term base in Iran .

  • Truth

    Innocent Americans killed under Bush presidency over 7000……3000 on 9-11 and another 4000 in phony Iraq war…Americans killed under Obama presidency, under 100.

    • GMC/USN

      That’s almost funny. You point out the casualties under GWB in Iraq; the number is 2285 not 4000 and 285 of those were under Obama’s watch (liberal source: antiwar . com) but fail to mention the 1,779 combat deaths under O’s watch in Afghanistan compared to 411 under GWB. Now why would you do that? Oh, and your 911 thing I leave to the voices in your head to deal with.

  • Master Roy

    Forget it. China and Russia have already stolen the plans.

  • David Ryan

    Well, It’s nice to see the Navy bring in cost saving ships with more powerful weapons for defense and offense…except for high seas and rogue waves apparently. Now, I wonder if Congress will allow the Navy to decommission the 14 ships the Navy wanted to because they’re way past their prime and becoming extremely expensive to maintain but got chewed out by Congress which forced the Navy to keep them afloat to save jobs in their districts. Since most of you anti-obama folks are avid Fox Entertainment News watchers and don’t trust another source for your entertainment “news”, check out the Fox article posted below about how Congress is forcing the pentagon to spend on things they say we don’t need or want just to save some private contractor jobs in their districts. Talk about entitlement spending being out of hand. No wonder we’re spending over $900 billion per year on all things defense and security.


  • Robert P. Weber

    im sure china and russia have the blue prints already

    • Helgecken

      You’re probably right. Considering how much has been leaked, I’m sure they have blueprints to just about everything we have.

  • riverboy

    and the killing machine continues, what a waste of our taxpayers money, the great bully on the kill mission, creating more people to hate us. shame on the usa, while food stamps are cut for the poor, republicans and some democrats are traitors, vote them all out.

  • Leatherstocking

    Lifetime operating costs (O&M spares for example) will be very high for this class with only 3 ships. Similar to Seawolf SSNs which were truncated. Still, the Navy will learn a lot for future classes of ships from the various innovations. A 15,000 ton destroyer still seems to me equivalent to a light cruiser and this would seem to be a far more capable platform for independent single-ship action against an adversary.

  • Laura Richardson

    With any luck the next step will not be to find a foe upon which to practice. Lets leave war to the GOP.

  • Deb Bailey

    Well, lets see. I went over the article 3 times and never saw a price tag. So, what did we, the American people, whose tax dollars paid for it, pay for this futuristic ship that will last us well into the future. So, government that thinks we have so much money to burn, what did we pay for this futuristic ship?

    • GMC/USN

      From the Congressional Research Office “Navy DDG 51 and DDG 1000 Destroyer Program: Backgrounds and issues for Congress” dated October 22, 2013: “The estimated combined procurement cost for all 3 ships in the FY2014 budget is $11,618.4 million” (page 5)

      • Deb Bailey

        But do we really need 3 of them at this point? Our government is going broke and I’m honestly having a hard time understanding this whole thing. I do understand we have to look to the future, but all I’m seeing at this point is this country just come out of a shut-down that I’m sure cost us dearly. And, we get to do it all again in January when they get to vote on the budget again! I don’t really understand why they didn’t fix it right the first time! I’m not stupid. In fact, I am 3 classes away from my Masters degree in Criminal Justice. But do I understand the government lately> Not a chance in the world!!!

        • GMC/USN

          The reality is, at this point because of the way Government contracts work the penalty for cancelling the other 2 (the second one is already under construction) would cost them as much as finishing them.

          • Deb Bailey

            Thank you for the information, and yes, it would cost more to cancel than it would to complete, especially since the second one is already under construction.

  • Bill Cat

    Gee whiz, fellas, ya really think this has ANYTHING to do with politics or DC or what President is following orders from the DoD now??

  • lou

    This ship’s biggest weakness is the Commander in Chief.

  • MrKnobs

    “It could help assure US dominance for years to come….”
    They’re building THREE of them. They’re largely made of carbon fiber (better not get hit with anything bigger than small arms fire). Pretty cool, but THREE ships are a proof of concept, not a strategic element.

    • GMC/USN

      Only the deck house and hangar are composite and only on DDG 1000 and 1001. DDG 1002 will have a steel deck house. The composite deck house will withstand as much a hit as a steel one. The decision to go with a steel deck house on 1002 was purely monetary. The Navy did not like the price Huntington Ingalls Industries wanted for a 3rd composite structure.

  • Brian Harrington

    it is amazing the government has money to spend when they say they are broke

  • DRM

    Looks more like a submarine running on top of the water to me?

  • Ron Halpern

    Most of the comments to this story are completely irrelevant. This is a story about a new ship and its technology. Can’t everybody just leave it at that? Do the clowns who insist in making every news story a basis for political diatribe have nothing better to do?

    • GMC/USN

      Well, no. That is what they live for. Without their axe to grind their life is meaningless.

  • me

    His ribbons are all F***ed up and no rank either….looks like a fake.

    • Helgecken

      His rank is on the sleeve which as so happens cannot be seen. What is wrong with the ribbon stack?

      • GMC/USN

        I doubt he has any idea what the precedent of military ribbons is given that he did not know that a Naval officer’s rank, when in dress blues, is on the cuff of his sleeves.

  • 216john

    Guard the naval secrets or the Chinese will steal them ( or buy them) or the Germans or
    other Euros will sell them to the Chinese!

    Don’t share our technology with the Europeans!!! We’ve invested and paid for it.

  • David Sherman

    I served from apr, 1955 to Nov 1958 & I still get goose bumps when ever the U.S. Navy is mentioned, God Bless the Navy & May God always Bless The U.S.A. Dave Sherman

  • Lykkan

    too bad it won’t help fight our increasing debt…

  • David Ryan

    Why do we have to be the worlds police when we are only one part of a global economy? Why do we have to spend the same as the top 13 nations combined in defense and even more in security when we’re running out of domestic spending programs to cut while the other 13 benefit in their investments in their people? It’s beyond the time for other countries to help spend policing the world so we can invest more in education so k-12 classes aren’t stacked with over 30 kids at different academic levels, make colleges and trade schools affordable again and invest more in rebuilding our early to mid 20th century infrastructure and the sciences so our population will be able to compete in the 21st century. What jobs that are lost in defense and security will be replaced with jobs that actually benefit our society.

  • Rich39

    Fact.. no matter how many trillions of dollars we waste planning wars, invading nations, using ships like this, our drones, B1 bombers, the USA will never conquer the world.
    Our war budget is higher than the 13 nations added together.
    We failed to conquer SE Asia and we will failed in the Middle East. Sorry all you war lovers….

    • ObserverMI

      Conquer the world?? If we REALLY wanted to, we could, we don’t so don’t bring up stuff that has no comparison.

      Get a new approach.

  • Rick Badman

    Since 1970 I have been submitting ideas to the military that range from new hybrid drones to a satellite defense system that used charged particle beam weapons which I sent to President Nixon in 1970.
    My latest ideas I submitted to the Navy included my multi-ship which is part destroyer, submarine, and drone aircraft carrier. It would use my electromagnetic discharge main gun which requires a nuclear reactor, a bank of ultra-capacitors, and electromagnetic repulsion systems. It would also use a water ionization and electromagnetic linear induction engine system that has no moving parts but can push the vessel through the water at over 100 knots. The hybrid drones would use my advanced rotary engine to spin a generator that would supply power to an electro-jet engine. With microwave plasma igniters on the rotary engine able to use water as fuel, refueling could be done when the drone flies for awhile in clouds. Also, power satellites could respin the flywheel storage devices in the drones and power the jet engine so that a drone could extend its range to thousands of miles.
    Charged particle beam weapons that use the same principles I drew on the shore of Lake Superior on July 1, 1967 could pack more punch than a laser and be modified to slam 155 mm solid projectiles into targets at over 100 miles per second. At a firing rate of over 600 rounds per minute, ships, missiles, and aircraft could be destroyed faster by a single vessel than by a squadron of conventional vessels.
    What you see today has been in the planning stage for at least a decade. But what is ahead will be awesome as long as the Obama-era military isn’t forced to accept muscle and bone shattering budget cuts.

  • weilunion

    Well wait! What about the trillion dollars in debt and the austerity? We need to cut Social Security and Medicare so we can have more Navy Destroyers? When will people see that like in Rome, the expenditures on war will and are bankrupting this nation?

    Meanwhile, we are told, with one in seven on food stamps, no work, no savings and little civilian life left, that we must give up the ghost of the public commons to assure that the military industrial drug complex has all the money their voracious appetites can handle.

    We spend moer than all other country’s combined on the military and look what we get: we are hated all over the world and we have left so much carnage we will never regain any moral foothold.

    • ObserverMI

      You don’t trade STRENGTH or PROTECTION.

      You CUT in other area’s (there is TONS of WASTE, CUT that FIRST)
      So don’t give the ‘Either Or’ when it comes to protection when there is so much WASTE by this government.
      False argument.

    • ZZ_man

      This is where our tax dollars SHOULD be spent. All of the other crap you’re mentioning is where the waste and sloth is…

  • madfam004

    The ship “Somewhat” can end up dead in the water with a burst of an electromegnatic pulse since is all electronic. Why not turn it into a cruise line and make some money on it.

    • RoyShastid

      I am going to bet that it is faraday cage hardened. But I am sure they consulted you in designing the ship.

  • mwood13

    great ship, but they could not keep the politics out of the event

  • steve

    Geez… a few good comments, then a hundred silly-ass political comments. Morons! Stay on topic please!!! I’m shocked that no mention was made of the forward speed capability of this vessel. That sharp bow suggests 45knots + ???

  • abrucer

    the real question is who is the XO? IF he has pointy ears I’m all in.

  • jon tolbert

    Awesome ship!

  • B. Cory USN Gunnersmate

    this is for derek ~ i served in Granada the students we’re happy to see the marines and we lost 8 navy seals that day and countless marines the place was full of cubans and other comunist south americans. there was a fire fight at the governors home that lasted all night, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR POLITICS BUT SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR THE MARINES , NAVY, AND ARMY PERSONEL WHO SERVED AND DIED FOR THIS COUNTRY IN THE RESCUE AT GRANADA !!! telling lies only makes your point weak at best

  • TheLaughingPig

    Staying out of the political fray here, but this ship reminds me of Captain Nemo’s ship the Nautilus in the movie “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.

  • http://www.youtube.com/AnxietyFetus Bloody_Porch

    Holy crap. Do we really need that thing? Seriously, what a waste of money.

  • Kathy Cray

    This ship was built by the best ship builders in the world…Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine, my husband is one of those shipbuilders…Raymond Cray

    • lk kara

      Your husband is a clown. Build schools, psychiatric facilities for the psychos that shoot up your schools everyday, not war toys. Why do you need this destroyer, to sink some muslims? America is obviously prepping for it’s next oil war. What an a$$ backwards country.

  • lk kara

    More war toys for Americans. You people are pathetic.

  • mildred

    its funny to see such commits from people that lack intelgents caring compassion and any idea of what really goes on in this country and world. just spew facts as someone has imbedded in your pea sized brains

    • GMC/USN

      Did you really just try to insult people’s “intelgents”?

  • lk kara

    This is where your tax $ is going ‘Muricans, to fund war ships/death boats, because America needs more FIREPOWER! Cowboy garbage.

  • LesN

    Isn’t it incredibly obvious to everyone on this board that the framers of the Constitution had it correct in fearing a government that rules is citizens rather than serving the wishes of its citizens. The constitution was amended to ensure the citizens of this great nation could defend their freedom from those who would take it (both foreign and domestic.) It is actually very scary to me that people do not look at the nations who were strong and respected and “lost it all” when their governments started using their power for their own ends rather than for protecting their citizens. Think of the powers that had it and lost it through the years and “are no more”: Phoenicians, Egypt, China, England, France, Portugal, Spain, the list goes on. The problem is, in general, people like and respect a strong leader, but once that respect and leadership role is gone, history says it will never return. I feel sorry for the generations to follow. Detroit is a good example of what happens when the voter gets sucked in to believing the tripe coming from their elected leaders. The question, as I see it, is how many years will it be before we are invaded or have a revolution in which we will have to be subservient to some other worldly super power. And, now that I have made my thoughts known, I guess our “Internal Revenue Service” (how odd they don’t know they are supposed to be a “service” to our citizens but now see their role as harassing those our leaders have political differences with) will be sent to audit my records for the next 5 or more years.
    For our own good, I think it’s time to put term limits on all, yes, all elected officials(even those in charge of the town’s dog catchers)! This won’t eliminate greed and corruption of our elected officials but it should reduce the amount and effect of their corruptive practices.

  • Rick Elkin

    Only three Zumwalt ships are to be built because the Navy is very satisfied with the Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) class of Destroyer which is now in production and has been protecting our fleet and our allies for more than twenty years. The Arleigh Burke class has a larger crew, but has been a very successful class. The Zumwalts will return some firepower to our ships that has been gone since the retirement of the four Iowa class Battleships.

  • steve cardoza

    Go Navy? Man those guys got one up on us….
    Semper FI…..
    Nice hardware for sure…

  • Russell A Roe

    What a great ship named for a great Admiral…………..

  • Brian

    Should they be publishing the ship’s capabilities?

  • Stephen Phenow

    I believe what that the writer means like the turret ship USS Monitor this new
    ship is a radical new design. The USS Monitor had 13 new patents for her
    equipment which made her rather unique. Plus she was built of iron, something
    that most critics felt would not float, not without wood.

    The CSS Virginia the former steam frigate USS Merrimack was not unique except
    it had no sailing rig. Like the French Glorie she had iron armor over a wooden
    base, and the hull was wood. It safe to say she was an improvement over the
    Glorie and Resolution ironclads, but not that much.

    She was not destroyed at the end of the Civil War. The Virginia was
    destroyed during the Virginian Peninsula campaign of 1862. She was scuttled to
    avoid capture.


    Stephen Phenow

    The Drum Barracks ACW Museum

  • SandhillShrink

    Laughing that so many posts have taken this to anti-Obama rhetoric. Ask Cruz if he would have funded these magnificent ships at all…. highly doubt it. He wants NO government at all.

  • warmonger

    One nuke torpedo set to go off within 5 miles of any ship including this one and they are a goner. Almost all subs carry nuke torpedo’s and they don’t have to hit their target to be destructive, say 5 mile zone should do it. We are wasting our money on these billion dollars toys when one $ 250,000 torpedo can end it.

  • michael

    Why is this country so intent on building war weaponry. Every war we have been involved in since WWII has been a failure. Maybe we should spend all that military money on improving our own country that is absolutely falling apart instead of being
    the great war machine

  • Mary Lou Sullivan

    This ultra modern ship bears a striking resemblance to the Monitor of the Monitor-Merrimac era…circa 1860’s.

  • Bill

    Our nation has a great history, and in truth, hasn’t always made the best decisions towards other nations while trying to secure our own. This ship is incredible, as I’m sure is her crew, but along with might comes integrity, responsibility, and equality. An integrity to know when to fight. A responsibility to other nations to know how to protect us and those who are persecuted. And to consider equality when choosing one war over another because of personal interest. It’s not enough we can create the greatest ships in the world. We need to value all life and not just those lives that jeopardize our comfort. To the men of the Zumwalt—may you have calm waters and gentle winds.

  • Dave B

    I believe the correct way to refer to the ship is USS ZUMWALT not “The” USS Zumwalt. See the difference?

  • Leon Engelun

    up to 78 megawatts of power, Sounds like “Back to the Future”.

  • Dan Crabtree

    everything old is new again.. as the bow resembles world war one era battle cruisers

  • Medprof

    And we felt like we had to broadcast to all our enemies in the world everything we know about this new vessel, WHY??? I swear the media and our PAO people in the military just don’t use their heads sometimes. Someone, today, out there will be figuring out a way to get around all the new features…dumb idea!

  • PlankOwner

    They have come a long way since “my” ship, the USS SEMMES DDG-18 was commissioned over 50 years ago. May the Zumwalt have as long and as illustrious a history. Dare to Excel. (If they give it a nickname I hope it is a great one like ‘Zum’ or ‘Z-ship’ and not ‘Tickle Me’)

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution: “Law that does not apply equally to all citizens is unconstitutional and shall not be sustained.”

  • Paul Conroy

    Well, the guys that built and equipped it got their pay checks, the corporations that had the contracts made a bunch, but I’ll bet this will never see action. No one is going to start a war with us and we are not going to start a war against any country that has the capability of effectively fighting back. WW-ll ? We needed a large navy. Nowadays things like aircraft carriers and futuristic destroyers are either basically obsolete or unneccessary when they are launched

    • PlankOwner

      No one is going to start a war with us … (because we have) … things like aircraft
      carriers and futuristic destroyers. Yes, they may be obsolete when they are launched but they serve a purpose. They show that we, as a nation, are still ready and willing to defend ourselves against all who would harm us. The Second Amendment states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment has two parts. The first says that a strong and well regulated militia is necessary to protect the free state from all who would seek to destroy the state. The second part deals with the sovereign right of the individual citizen, within the body of We the People, to protect themselves from all who would seek to enslave and/or subjugate them to the will of another … and that includes our own elected officials. So yes, we need futuristic destroyers as part of that well regulated militia that acts as a deterrent and to show others that we are still willing to defend ourselves.

  • edwbiker

    Why the rant about this president or that? This magnificent ship will protect Dem and Reps alike and be a powerful force for peace in the world. I aplaud all those who had a hand in her deployment.

  • Rainman

    The only way that this ship will make the US dominant is to get rid of Obama. Because he wants to dominate the US.

  • Barry Harper

    Glad to see some advancement in The Navy from an old LST sailor .

  • Gordon M Doherty

    It’s a submarine in disguise. not

  • rog363

    I received this response, below, from some Liberal Guy who has no idea what he is talking about. He seems to know a lot about sucking on testes though. Here Jim, read this,

    “On March 4, 1987, Reagan returned to the airwaves in a nationally televised address, taking full responsibility for any actions that he was unaware of, and admitting that “what began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages”. Now A**hole show me were your Prince of Darkness Obama has taken reponsibility for his screwups, or are you still to busy trying to enroll in his Affordable Care Act?

    Jim_Lokus (Guest):

    He most certainly DID NOT!! Maybe your revisionist history needs to be refreshed skippy. Reagen never admitted to knowing about Iran-Contra, even though it is widely speculated that he signed off on the whole thing. You te-baggers should stop sucking on testes before making idiotic statements.

    • Archie Mercer

      Uh…actually he did. Try reading the transcript of his radio address on March 4th 1987. It’s very easy to find. I just Bing Searched for it after reading your post. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your hate.

  • RB

    Interesting that the Navy has selected an O6 Captain to command the ship. In the good ‘ol days (up to now) destroyers were/are commanded by 05 Commanders.

  • Keanu, Honolulu

    Awsome. The best. Kill the bastards and enemies of the USA. Then drop the atomic bomb on 6 countries in the Mid East. Die, Die, Die.
    Go USA.

  • Archie Mercer

    So basically it’s an above water submarine. Got it.

  • william irizarry

    Super cool warship, Lets sail into the south China seas with it and get the Chinese nervous. Maybe they will think twice about their plans of taking the territories.

  • Ed Sorrels

    The4y could have tried for months and not come up with a more fitting name, He was a Spectacular Officer and served the Navy well !

  • shooter842

    The Christening was delayed by the shutdown. It was delayed by the dumbocraps and Obonzos intransigence and refusal to deal with a real problem.

  • shipfixr

    This has got to be the ugliest ship the Navy has ever built…..I’m sure it’s all they say it is but ugly is ugly.

  • Old Mort

    Here we are learning about the Navy’s newest war ship and you people make it into a Dem vs Rep arguement. Obama and his VP are rabid disarm the citizens people and Bush and Cheney were the worst pair that ever stepped into the White House. They are war criminals and nothing less. They started a war with Iraq because they wanted to kick some ass and that was about it. THey used madeup phony info about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (that never existed) to start the war. Bush knew he had lots of surplus to fool around with (left over from Clinton) but went over-board using SS money and borrowing from the Chinese. He ran this country into the ground and nearly broke us. He killed and maimed 20,000 US troops and out and out slaughtered over 100,000 Iraqi men women and children, not to mention destroying Iraqi towns and infrstructure. Please don’t tell me how great the republicans are. I’m begining to think in my old age that there are no good politicals. I say bring back Jesse Ventura. He made sense sometimes and didn’t hide the fact that he used his political standing for gain from time to time unlike our sneaky politicals like Cheney who made billions for Haliburton. Just sayin’ …

  • George Estepp

    nice ship. “The fancier you think up the plumbing the easyer it is to glog the drain.” most modern warhead that are conventional actualy create A super hot plasma. With smaller there less area to be left unefected after you take A hit.

  • Richard Mcfadden

    If this ship has the metal to support Marines during an amphibious landing,
    it might just be worth the metal it is made of.

  • Fred

    I wonder, does obama know about this.

  • djstucrew

    Treat her like a lady, Jim, and she’ll always bring you home.

  • bikerdadbmw

    All that technology is lost without the leadership from on high to have the where with all to know when and where to use such a ship. The crews are properly trained but look to the Commander in Chief to lead. There lies the weak link today!

  • http://YoBitch.com/ Enslaved Meth Cook

    looks cool, and rail guns are no joke!!!

  • William Popp

    I like one Post. It will strike fear into anyone seeing it coming. The Point of the ship is not to see it coming untill it is to late. :)

  • rog363

    Well another Liberal know it all just told me he read the transcript of Reagans Iran Contra speech and to not let my hate get in the way of facts. Archie, do me and others a big favor and instead of reading a supposed transcript, try listening to the actual speech in his own words on the radio before calling me or others who have been around for over 70 years now and know what is being taken away from the people, haters and not understanding the facts.

    Ronald Reagan Speech about Iran-Contra: try googling this and listen to it before accusing others of what you are in fact turning out to be.

  • John Taylor

    Stealthy, but thin skinned. One hit and see ya!

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      Not likely. We had several WWII Destroyers that took several hits and continued fighting. After the battle they would limp back to port, get repaired, and rejoin the fleet. You could penetrate the hull with a 30 caliber bullet.

      • John Taylor

        USS Hammond[?] alongside Yorktown. 2 torpedoes and down she went. Other side of the coin. USS Laffey[?]. 22 kamikazes and survived the war. Today, everything is lightweight for speed and stealth. Makes them vulnerable to any attack. Not saying that they will get hit, but if they do, they’re definitely in trouble.

  • Johnnie Velasquez

    Way to go Navy! Show the world who’s the boss. As if they didn’t know already.

  • Keith Petrie

    Ah Yes… BB’s Nothing like knowing that there is a ship near by that has 6 – 16″ guns on it! and that can steam at about 30 knots. and then the new technologies… Cruise Missles, Phalanx, Air to Air Missles to go along with the Phalanx, any other light guns… Not sure about the 8″ turrets, … I miss these ships. Maybe we should build some new ones based around the new Technologies. Teddy said it best… Walk softly and carry a BIG STICK! Iowa Class Battleships were definitely a BIG STICK and projected just exactly what the United States intentions were if the opponent didn’t want to bend to the will of the United States! :-)

  • Keith Petrie

    By the way…they go great with a Carrier Group! :-)

  • dboy

    I fell that some of the people on here waving the Obama healthcare are dellusional, the policies offered are more expensive and cover less than what I “had”, that Mr O lied about being able to keep…….and who do ya’ll think is going to foot the bill for “less fortunate”?, duh you will via even higher taxes…..makes me want to vote for democrats…..not. Oh back to the real point The New Ship and Naval History loved all the comments and inputs.

  • straightcleaner

    Itll probably be used against Americans only in the fight against freedom with Obamas army…

  • psy

    do these weapons – laser beams ? and rail guns ? actually work ??? cant imagine a situation where they would actually be better then missiles ; except maybe ww3

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      The Navy has had weapon systems that can target and shoot down incoming weapons/missiles since the late 70s. Laser technology is superior to missiles, and rail guns have superior range capabilities. A 16″ battle ship gun could shoot a Volkswagon weight projectile 27 miles and turn a hill into a valley. A rail gun can nearly double that distance.

  • Discusted

    Sail on Zumwalt … “Fair Winds and Following Seas” !
    “GO NAVY” !

  • ZZ_man

    Wow – what a great ship! Awesome…

  • Desperado13

    Damn Ya’ll stick to the point (IT”S A SHIP!)

  • Tom Jewell

    WOW what a great ship, keep up our defense

  • thedofuss

    and all for just 2 trillion dollars. what a deal. will our totally delirious congress ever spend a penny on trying to fight wars the way they are fought now, and not 50-60 years ago? there are never going to net battles at sea, like in ww2. that is what conservatives are all about–no change. stay in the past. and its why they are tearing us apart, brick by brick.

  • al003

    Yes, it was a shame not to commission her on schedule, but this is what you get with a retarded child as POTUS……
    Remember only one person has the power to halt government actions and that is the POTUS…. Yes we have other methods but it takes concerted action by many….
    POTUS is the one who can do it alone — and he did. ON HIS OWN AUTHORITY…
    Had the House held its ground Obama would now be operating with a balanced budget. For you who do not know what a balanced budget is in the government, it is spending only what comes into the coffers from taxes, no credit card, not raising the debt ceiling, that is getting a bigger credit card….
    Time to cashier Boehner….

    • Ran1976

      “Remember only one person has the power to halt government actions and that is the POTUS.” the recent shutdown says otherwise

  • jammerk65

    another waste of tax payers money, stop trying to rule the world when you cant take care of the problems in our own country!

  • Thomas Hoobler

    They spent the money you contributed to Social Security on this kind of crap. We have no naval enemies, but if we need some, we’ll make ’em up, like we we did building up Osama in Afghanistan.

  • jOHNNY7

    Hey people!! The article is about a new class of naval ship, not about the short comings of political figures. Arguing politics is like pissing up a rope!

  • Barry Bunes

    The commander of the Star Fleet ship Enterprise was James Tiberius Kirk

  • whocares

    What I want to know is can this ship take a hit and keep fighting?
    Armor belts like the Iowa class are helpful when fighting near land. The composite construction of the super structure is able to take a couple anti-ship missiles? If this rather good looking beast is to get near the littorals I hope the designers re-read the naval battles in the Solomon Islands around late 1942 so they understood damage control and armor plating.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      Todays technological advances have eliminated the need for armor plating. Weapon systems that can target and shoot down incoming weapons. The biggets threat is still the same as it always has been for the surface navy. Submarines and torpedoes!

  • len

    Three ships instead of the originally planned thirty! Obama’s stupidity comes home to roost. Even a supership CAN NOT BE IN TWO PLACES AT THE SAME TIME. Now we had to tell an ally, Saudi Arabia, that we do have have a ship to protect them from Iran.

  • david

    I was on the uss the sullivans dd537 wow what a difference


    More information without a NEED TO KNOW now our enemys will know. Who is our security officer—–I’d fire him. A retired AMERICAN service man from Viet-Nam error. BUT I’M RIGHT you know.
    Washington remember a NEED TO KNOW or did you forget.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      Get a grip! They haven’t released any technological design information. It is clear that it has stealth technology. And the US has been building reconfigurable platforms since the Spruance class of the late 70s. That’s common knowledge that you can get in the library… Jane’s Fighting Ships and Aircraft! It’s going to be seen… the Navy still goes into ports, foreign and domestic.
      I’m also a retired Vietnam Veteran. Welcome home brother!

  • John Paul Reis

    Great! Russia was getting ahead! and finally we come out with something better! with 560 something ships russia could beat us! now with that hopefully we will be #1 for many years to come!

    • Bill Weiss

      My daddy can beat up you daddy . Is this what we want for our children ?

  • rockytony

    Another proud and glorious day for our glorious Navy. Now to beat Army in December!

    • dan koch

      NOT A CHANCE sailor boy!!! :)))

  • Bill Weiss

    America can not seem to get off a war footing ! Your children are starving, and dieing in foreign wars . And the military keeps eating well . Great another big ship to kill more people. This attitude of (my gun is bigger than your gun ) has to end .Did we not learn from previous wars . Take the leaders out to a field and settle it the old way .!!!!

    • Justus McNeal

      Our military superiority gives you a lot more advantages than you realize.I do think we spend a bit too much, but there’s no questioning the power of a strong military and staying ahead of the curve defensively. Without it, the International community would have a much greater influence on our politics. Now, all they can do is whine and bicker, but that wouldn’t be the case if they were on par with us militarily.

      • Bill Weiss

        My daddy can beat up your daddy ! Is this what you mean ,did you forget the 50 s and the buildup of nukes . One day mankind must get a brain and get along.

        • Thomas John Bembenek

          That hasn’t happened since the dawn of mankind when clubs and stones were weapons of choice. Mankind has a brain, and that’s the problem. It makes some men think that they can rule over others. Eventually, somebody stands up and incites surrection and war ensues. So, sad to say, it’s delusional to think mankind can get along.

    • dan koch

      This will NEVER change Bill. I don’t know where this nation is headed . . . and neither do our leaders,
      Peace out brother!

  • Robert Young

    Who says something has to be good looking to do it’s job and do it well? The A-10 Thunderbolt II aka the Warthog was not the most graceful looking of aircraft,but it accomplished its mission and accomplished it well ( just as the Iraquis whos tanks we destroyed) and to the coalition ground troops that it supported during Operation Desert Storm. And the pilots that it safely brought home all shot up,so yes ugly can be functional.

  • John Albion

    They did not mention how big the maternity ward and aids ward for our new openly gay sailors. These are important things because the navy will not be happy until they weed out the warriors and have nothing but gays, women and peewee herman males. The end of the day a weapon system and the military is only as good as the sailors

    • dan koch

      AMEN brother . . . AMEN!!!

  • Robert Young

    Notloco the term Dreadnaught refers to a battleship,not a destroyer

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      The term Dreadnaught refers to awesome firepower. It is totally outdated, but rest assured, there isn’t a Dreadnaught out there than would be able to victoriously take on the current US Navy DDGs and CGs.
      With the inherant capabilities built into this ship, it could easily be classified as a modern day Dreadnaught!

  • John

    My guess is this, It favors a submarine more than a battleship. It probably has ballast tanks to partially submerge it . That would help with its stealth capabilities. Notice how the bridge is enclosed. Everything looks water and air tight.. Not a conspiracy theory just an observation. I am pleased to see something new and innovative produced by my tax dollars.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      It’s a surface ship, not a semi submersible.

  • ROB

    electric-oriented power plant.” That advanced power plant provides much more power — up to 78 megawatts of power, enough to power about 47,000 American homes — wow maybe they can use this tech to power our plants ?????????????????RIGHT

    • dan koch


  • Robert Young

    Vincent,I live with a WW2 Destroyer right in my own backyard so-to-speak,as the Fletcher Class USS The Sullivans DD-537 is in the Naval and Military Park here in Buffalo along with the USS Little Rock and the Gato Class Submarine USS Croaker on permanant display.

  • Tuhloola

    YAYYYYY….more exhorbitant defense spending, while people go hungry. Isn’t that special !!!!

  • stlrsfan

    haveing served on a DDG i think it looks awsome, tin can navy !

  • David J.

    I hope it’s not using Healthcare.gov software. LOL All this ship is good for is cutting whales in HALF.

  • Rick Belmont

    My mistake, Captain Kirk is wearing a Surface Warefare Officer insignia, not Dolphins. Subs don’t use radar except when going into port on the surface, so a “stealth” ship has no advantage. I’ve seen the rivets on a “enemy” carrier close-up through a periscope and they had no idea we were there until we fired a torpedo tube (just a water slug). The whole ASW fleet never found us. We could “run silent, run deep!” I think surface warfare is obsolete, except for bringing planes and big guns to prosecute a land war accross the ocean like Vietnam & Iraq. Attack subs even launched cruise missles on Baghdad. Forget about the capabilities of our “Boomers!” These aren’t U-boats anymore.

  • Dan

    So what are we fighting for now? All we own is America’s debt.

    • dan koch

      You are spot on Dan! This country’s priorities are completely out of WHACK!!!!
      God help us . . . we are DOOMED as a nation . . . as a society!!!!

  • Herbert_Philbrick

    It was designed for close-in bombardment. A brainchild of the idiots who believe that we will never have to go toe-to-toe with a serious naval foe. She’s crammed with computers and short on human beings. A recipe for disaster.
    There’s a reason we went from planning to build 20 of these monstrosities to only 3. It’s called common sense.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      Actually, the original number was 32, not 20. It was designed as a stealth capable reconfigurable platform. It’s weapon systems have 60 mile target ranges, so toe-to-toe is secondary at best. Enhanced capabilities with a requirement for a smaller crew means that human interface is more efficient and effective. Lastly, with the technological superiority of this vessel, there are no serious naval foes, and there won’t be for some time.

  • Dave Clements

    Thanks for educating Americas enemies you fools.

  • Billyjack

    The Russians will have a close replica in a few months.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      Dream on. Served in the Cold War Navy for two and a half decades. The Russians never had reliability in the their ships that we had in ours. That is why they had so much redundancy in all of the electronics and weapon systems. They would break down and they never had allowed their sailors to have repair knowledge of these systems. They don’t have very much sea power presence these days.

  • Robert Hall

    The ship design reminds me of one in a movie that was also a sub though. League of extraordinary gentlemen, the Nautilus I believe. While it was make believe I thought at the time watching it that the hull design might just find its way into the future and it did. Since the inception of missiles the need to decrease the radar signature of ships has been extreme. It was determined that our current fleet was at risk to even the smallest nations defense. As a veteran I would side with a ship design that provides safety to the crew even if it looks like a turd.

  • lawl

    Hey Brothas! Whats shaking my men?

  • Jon Borchers


  • mackerace

    Scotty…..Give it warp speed

  • dan koch

    OKAY . . . . Now how much did it cost us?? Probably a tiny fraction of the food stamp, WICK and medicaide programs compined.

  • elgeezr

    Looks to me as if they gave the low radar return greater emphasis in the design. And it will roll over in a stormy sea. No doubt about it.

    • dan koch


  • Buboy

    Wow… i think that ship is very sophisticated, a very high tech warship and very expensive…… But do you think if every country have that kind of ship.. have Peace in that country? If we make more of this or any kind that can harm others even the people who’s fight for they everyday lives… that means there is No Peace. Even inside of there country theres no Peace because they killed each other. We live in one world, we breath one air maybe we separated by waters, by seas, by ocean, by language, by cultures, by religion or belief. But all of this we live in one Home called “Earth”. If theres a problem the best way is to talk about it. We don’t need self intention, we don’t need gaining powers or wealth. We build war ships, war plane, drone… for what for Peace. Just the same as we need more doctors, why because there are more people that have sick. We can create all kind of stuff “Toys For The Big Boys” but we cannot make desert an useful farm land so the other hungry people can feed. If we make another stuff that harm others… please think first. Good day to all and i apologize to my English i hope you understand.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      Yes, we need to be providers of sustenance, healthcare and all of the needs of the world population. That has not changed since the dawn of humanity. Unfortunately, humanity is a msinomer, there is little humanity in mankind!
      Peace amongst mankind is a delusional quest. One look at history substantiates that fact. Because there has never been any real stability needed for peaceful coexistence on this planet. There has always been power mongers trying to build empires.
      The Muslim extremists seek to impose sharia law over all of humanity. If you refuse to be converted, you will die. If you accept, you will no longer be free. That’s a terrifying fact.
      North Korea’s new bad boy wants to rule the world, currently kept in check by China. Another terrifying fact.
      China will never be contenet until they are the dominant power on this planet and they bear unrelenting grudges against anyone who has stepped on their toes in the past. Fact.
      All over the world, there are sleeping tyrants with dreams of domination over their neighbors. The only way to sustain freedom is to present a strong defense for an aggressor to take into consideration. Truth!
      The only way for free people to live in a realtive peaceful existance is to have brave young men and women ready to lay down their lives to defend it! That is why we have freedom today, although that is now being threatened from within!

  • dan koch

    I did a little digging and found the cost for the first Zumwalt at $3.5 billion listed on Wikipedia. Future copies are expected to be much less.
    I find this figure of $3.5 billion to be complete and UTTER BU||$h!t. There is no way they could have built this for ONLY $3.5b. NO WAY!!!! Tooling costs alone to make parts were hundreds of million$, The R&D and testing costs were probably several hundred million dollars. Technology at this level is staggering in cost. I know that DC produces nothing but lies but why can’t they tell us the truth about something like this. Something that average Americans might actually like and be proud of. I bet the real $ figure is closer to $30b to $50b for the first.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      $3.5 Billion is a hefty price for a surface ship other than an Aircraft Carrier… which is a floating city. That is probably an accurate figure. And if they built the original number of 32, that cost would probably be reduced to about half or even less. This ship is a reconfigurable platform. It incorporates stealth technology reducing it’s radar signature. This is by far the most advanced warship in the world. As one with 54 years in support of the defense of this nation, in my humble opinion, this investment in advanced technological superiority is worth every dime. Freedom has never been free!
      The NAVY has been building reconfigurable surfaceships since the late 1970s when the USS Spruance DD 963 was built. They built 30 of those and three for the Shah of Iran… those three ships were never delivered to Iran after the US Embassey was overrun and the hostages were taken in 1980. So the US NAVY ended up with 33, and the last three were highly reconfigurable paid for by Iran.

      The other thing to consider is that if they had kept the original number, the work would have been divided to several shipyards and created thousands of jobs. Right now we spend Trillions to support a bloated government, while 10,115,000 working Americans have left the US Labor Force since 2009. For every person who has found a job in that period, 4 to 5 have left the Labor Force. Unemployment has NOT gone down, it has gone up considerably when this is taken into consideration.

  • captpanacea

    POTUS not welcome aboard

  • gizmo61151

    so much information and pictures! other countries are probably checking it out. wouldnt we be better off not not giving this information. seems so futuristic that maybe it should be top secret

  • ahorvath

    The problem we are facing is not the quality of the ships, it’s their numbers. Regardless how good a warship is if it is located in the Atlantic and the need is in the Arabian Sea we are out of luck

  • qcubed

    Help maintain our dominance in WHAT? Military spending? Seriously, what threat are we protecting ourselves from…pirates?

  • RecommendSecessionforRedStates

    Waste of taxpayer’s money. De-fund the so called Department of Defense. It is rather the Department of War. We spend on the war budget nearly as much as all the rest of the nations of the world combined spend. What a joke. That’s why we are broke. Invest in America, Not in war.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      Ignorance is bliss. If we didn’t buid a strong defense and protect this nation, YOU wouldn’t be free today. You’d be living on a government stipend working for the state. We don’t build a strong defense for war! We build a strong defense to ensure our nation is protected from wouldbe aggressors. But I’m beginning to think I’m just wasting my time trying to educate you about such things.

  • jd

    New ships, planes, helicopters, tanks drones, etc. are really neat to me. Born in the 40’s I’ve seen more advancement in our military then any other industry and some of that technology has not only been given back to the American people but the world. It is a shame they canceled so many ships that will be alot of jobs lost in the future. I have a retired friend (72) that still works several months a year making a part for the navy. I asked once why don’t they let you teach one of the younger guys. His answer was the government would not pay them what they pay him and would not be as precise as him even at his age. This part wears out in about six months. Each time he makes more he makes 18 months worth and has been doing it for the past 20 years. What I’m getting at is maybe less cutting of military budgets may get us the to get rid of old equipment. For those who may remember we were told we would be living on the moon by now and doing space travel.

  • William McCormick

    Since real sensing equipment can easily see any object in our universe. If there was ever a real war the angle of the sides would be wrong.. So far earth has only seen police actions, and political posturing.
    The ships sides at those angles, would only act as a nice target for shells and missiles. The angle is wrong to repel incoming projectiles. I bet it could take out a couple boat loads of African pirates though.

    • Thomas John Bembenek

      The hull design is for evading detection, not evading projectiles. Stealth minimizes the radar detection. Satellite detection can also be evaded by simply avoiding the satellites orbit trajectory. The ship’s weapon systems can destroy incoming missiles, plus, her weapons have a targeting range of 60 miles!

      • William McCormick

        That is like saying the German submarine and enigma machine was so cool. I think MADD, and an EA6B might make it all seem silly.

      • William McCormick

        The problem is that the navy does not work, for the working man, the American, he answers to politicians. Lying disingenuous politicians. They would not want anything that could take out Washington DC easily, or really could not be stopped. So we get these strange things. Just like the German submarine could not take out Hitler, these ships probably have a million safeguards to keep them from striking the capital.

  • qcubed

    All things aside, the ship does look incredible. And if you want awesome, just wait till it sports a rail gun or two….talk about badass. Congratulations, Captain Kirk, this ship will be very fun to command. Just don’t hit any reefs.

  • qcubed

    Are there any Chinese ship commanders named “Kahn”? Because I sense a rivalry brewing.

  • barakooo

    American dominance all the way…

  • CasualLoLAddict .

    Makes me think of Captain Nemo’s ship from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  • patriot

    hypocrites and brain washed trying to be smart
    you think you voted the president was chosen by traitors
    brain washed dumb ass

  • Judy

    Is that why the Repubs want to cut Food Stamps and other entitlements, so they can pay for their ships?

    • http://batman-news.com John Moore

      No, we just want to starve the lesser classes out so there will be nothing left but us rich folk.
      BTW, jist in case you couldn’t tell, that was heavy on the sarcasm.

  • KP

    I sure am glad she’s on our side!

  • patriot

    history always was written by winners one sited lie after lie hidden crimes

  • patriot

    Mussolini divide and conquer
    ugly ship scary ???don’t mean tough soldiers


    The USS Zumwalt will either be an awesome warship or a very expensive White Elephant, which the Navy has endured a few times in its history. However, this warship will have to carryout many sea trial since she’s a new class of warship. Finally, she might be assigned for combat duty to illustrate her worth. Phasers are armed captain!

  • Ste350

    “Zumwalt”? What kind of a name is that for a warship? Why not just call it the “Webster”, or the “Pubert”?

  • Thomas John Bembenek

    Were not in Kansas anymore Toto!

    Having served on three Destroyers during my 24 year naval career, I can tell you that this is one helluva ship; 600 feet long displacing 15000 tons. My ships were 390 feet long and displaced 2425 tons. Light cruisers in WWII were comparable in size to the Zumwalt, named after Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr, but they had little in comparison to the capabilities of this vessel.
    The largest of the Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) class was 510 feet long and displaced 9200 tons. By far, this ship is not ugly, and it’s capabilities will be considerable deterrents to our future adversaries. This is the first evolution of stealth adaptation for a surface platform.
    Freedom has never been free. We survived the Cold War because of our technological prowess. We still have serious potential threats from the Chinese and Russians. This ship is very advanced technology, and that does not come cheap… and lastly, this ship serves the people of this nation, and not some political party!

  • Brazo Onofre

    Well, it looks good. I just hope it wasn’t designed by the same bunch who designed the Obamacide website, cause it will sink right after launching.

  • tracy

    They have killed just about the whole ocean with their sonar blast just something else to destroy our ocean life!

  • DennisTheMenance

    Battleship sounds Like a Stretch–Looks more like Destroyer Class doesn’t it?
    When the Russian or Chinese show how they can Econpasitate a Missle? Then what?
    When say 50 -$1,000 cost ea. drones attacking it at one time? Cost $50,000 to sink it?

  • Craigers1946

    a@b5c78ad39de1b8ce4096fd684bb4a872:disqus If you reread the article, you will see that the reference is to the Monitor i.e. “… to the Monitor of Civil War fame that revolutionized naval ship design” (referring of course to the revolving turret).
    This must also be said of all big-gun HMS Dreadnought.
    HMS Warrior and the USS Monitor were the two branches of warship development which led to the pre-Dreadnoughts of the 1885-1905 period, a period which was ended by the launching of HMS Dreadnought.
    While the USS Iowa class(BB 61-64) was the last class of American battleships launched, the Montana class was designed but never got past the design stage, being canceled as not necessary to the defeat of Japan; and the very last battleship launched and commissioned was HMS Vanguard, using the 15” turrets and guns from HMS Repulse and Renown when they were converted to aircraft carriers after World War I.

  • Craigers1946

    It’s not the Democrats who have ruined our Republic, and it’s not the Republicans, either; it’s the Progressives (a Progressive should be thought of as a communist who doesn’t believe in violent revolution), who dominate both major political parties.

  • Murgatroid

    Would be particularly great if the A. in the Skipper’s name stood for “Augustus”.

  • hackitoff

    only 3! how do protect the 14 aircraft carriers? admittedly not all 14 are at sea at once – at least at the present time. why was theprogram cacelled – probably huge cost overruns and their inability to operate as planned.

  • Mark Samuels

    Another worthless expensive toy, already targeted by a smart missile from Russia and China. Wwith missile technology what it is today, Naval surface forces are outdated, and need to be retired like the Calvary.

    • http://batman-news.com John Moore

      Your right, no way a CIWS such as the phalanx could handle anything as advanced as what the Russians and Chineese put out 😉

  • wstarhopper

    I was on board the USS Enterprise during Viet Nam (1971 to 1973 ) in the Combat information Center. Recently I was able to tour the CIC of a current ship of the line. The equipment that current sailors are using we would have loved to have. They are so far advanced from what we had. The only way we will ever be a force in the future is to have the best equipment possible

    • http://batman-news.com John Moore

      Worked for 25 yrs in the defense aircraft industry (Lockheed Martin Fort Worth) and I firmly believe that not only is having the best tech important in keeping our superiority, it also keeps the men in uniform safer.
      Just look at desert storm: by the time we ever put boots on the ground the conflict was basically over; our air superiority had done most of the job, along with our naval prowess.

  • Stoney951

    This is a great looking ship with great capabilities planned for the future. However, everything that puts to sea makes noise. So, where does that leave the stealth when matched against a nuclear powered submarine??
    Good Luck!! they will need it.


    • http://batman-news.com John Moore

      They said one of the hull beneifits was it cuts cleaner (less noise) thru the water.
      And I wonder what it is mainly more stealthy against: aircraft, surface ships, or subs? All of the above? It just seems to me that maybe one might be sacrificed for another, but I’m no expert in ship design by any means.

  • chiangraiken

    I’d rather not broadcast up-close photos of the ship to the Chinese. They already have hundreds of salaried workers employed full time to try and garner secrets of US tech prowess. What’s next? Fed Ex them spec sheets on all US military hardware?

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Love the Semitic prow.