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WASHINGTON:  Spurred by the Navy Yard shootings, the Pentagon has effectively gone back to 1999 and is again considering slashing the number of people who get Secret and Top Secret clearances. The Defense Department also may engage in persistent monitoring of all cleared employees to make it harder for those with family or money troubles,… Keep reading →

WASHINGTON: North Korea’s recent successful launch of a satellite into orbit raises “lots of concerns for lots of reasons,” and means that the secretive state now possesses the capability of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, the head of Air Force Space Command, Gen. William Shelton said this morning.

The ability to sling a warhead across continents is especially worrying in this case since North Korea appears to have successfully tested nuclear weapons. A new nuclear test may be in the works by Sunday, according to South Korean news reports. Keep reading →

Reaping the Benefits of a Global Defense Industry

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  As the Defense Department’s budget goes down, the number of contracts awarded without competitive bids is going up. The share of contracts awarded without competition has risen from 39 percent in 2009 to 42 percent in 2012, according to a report I co-authored with Jesse Ellman and Rhys McCormick on DoD Contracting Trends. The news for… Keep reading →

Paris: One of the biggest topics being discussed by defense industry experts here as they rev up for the Paris Air Show has little, at first glance, to do with planes: cyber war.

Much of the chatter was sparked by Deputy Defense Secretary Bill Lynn’s speech in which he discussed nothing – nothing – but cyber warfare. Perhaps it was just as well that Lynn spoke only of a threat that would draw allies together in light of what his boss, Defense Secretary Bob Gates, has said recently about NATO allies failing to step up and commit blood and treasure to NATO missions. Keep reading →