Harris Corp.


UPDATED: Insights From Steve Grundman, Former DUSD Industrial Affairs WASHINGTON: For several years, senior Pentagon officials have said they don’t expect or encourage mergers of the giant defense companies, but mergers and acquisitions of smaller entities might well make sense. The first example we saw was the merger of ATK and Orbital Sciences. Today, Harris… Keep reading →

DARPA Phoenix program

WASHINGTON: Imagine self-healing satellites built in space. One sensor breaks down and another sensor elsewhere on the satellite takes up the slack. And the satellites are launched in modular pieces, on a series of different rockets, then are assembled by a robot arm in orbit. Parts can be replaced. The satellite can be refueled to… Keep reading →

UPDATED: Air Force General Praises CHIRP, Hosted Payloads

COLORADO SPRINGS, NATIONAL SPACE SYMPOSIUM: After almost a decade of discussion, hope and frustration, the time appears to finally be ripe for what the space industry calls hosted payloads, the Remora fish of satellites. Keep reading →

CAPITOL HILL: Several defense giants battled today over $500 million in 2013 funding for a radio program as the House defense policy bill headed to the floor.

The fight centered on two versions of the Joint Tactical Radio System, the Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio MNVR (son of GMR) and the HMS tactical radio. Company lawyers parsed language of the amendment that appeared to guarantee General Dynamics would win all the business for the two radios, which are slated to get roughly $500 million in 2013. The bipartisan amendment was introduced by Rep. Dave Loesback and co-sponsored by Rep. Trent Frank. Members of the House Rules Committee, which must approve amendments, were relentlessly pursued by lobbyists from GD, we hear. Keep reading →