Marillyn A. Hewson named as #Lockheed Martin CEO effective January after board ousts Chris Kubasik. Bob Stevens, current CEO, will remain on board ColinClarkAOL

Chris Kubasik, anointed incoming CEO for #Lockheed Martin, forced to resign after "lengthy and close personal relationship with a subordinate." ColinClarkAOL

Reaping the Benefits of a Global Defense Industry

The U.S. defense industry, being reshaped by declining post-war budgets, globalization, and the increased pace of technological change, must work with the Pentagon and take proactive steps to maintain our historic preeminence on the battlefield. Our industry does not easily embrace change. In fact, history demonstrates that shifts in the defense industry have largely been… Keep reading →

WASHINGTON: It is a classic — and sad — Washington story. The most storied general since the Vietnam War, David Petraeus, resigns as director of the CIA late on a Friday afternoon because of an extramarital affair.

Petraeus helped revolutionize the ways in which intelligence was used by the US military and greatly improved cooperation between the intelligence community — as the alphabet soup of agencies such as the CIA, NRO, NSA, DIA, DNI and NGA are known — and the uniformed troops who go into harm’s way. Keep reading →