Bell Helicopter has unveiled what may become what everyone hoped the V-22 Osprey would be, a tiltrotor able to operate at high altitudes for long ranges and with easily managed downwash.

The new aircraft, to be known as the V-280 Valor, is the company’s offering for the Army’s Future Vertical Lift technology demonstration program. FVL is a science and technology program to develop four classes of advanced aircraft – light, medium, heavy and ultra — that can take off and land vertically. The first of the four to be built would be a medium-lift aircraft known as the Joint Multirole, a vehicle that could be adapted for various missions. The Valor is aimed at the Joint Multirole offering.

This would the fourth generation tilt rotor, as our colleague Rick Whittle pointed out in an email. Here’s the sequence: XV-3, XV-15, V-22, V-280.

Bell unveiled the new bird at the big helicopter show, the Army Aviation Association of America’s annual conference in Fort Worth.

The next big question that needs answering is, will the Army fund this program. Stay tuned.


  • PolicyWonk

    Given the budgetary hammering the army just got, if Bell wants to sell these to the army they’ll have to pony up for the development, and create a few demonstration versions.

    And they will have to be tookis-kicking good!

    • arugula

      Hi Wonk! That’s TUCHUS, not tookis.


        I didn’t know what tookis was … don’t know tuchus either. Is there good and bad kicking? Like in football? Is it a foreign language? I only speak three: American, English (I had to learn that in school) and Yo tengo solomente siete palabras de Espanol.

        • Kris Hadyn

          Pretty sure ‘tuchus’ is Yiddish.

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            What does it mean? Oh, I know: that’s what the dictionary is for. Thanks.

    • Richard Flay

      I am sure the Chinese and Russians are not wasting their money on these stupid toys.

      • tcdesalvot

        China is using their money to build a deep water Navy. Have already launched their first aircraft carrier. They will now be competing with us on a global status.

        • mandomitch

          Can they land or take off from that carrier yet? I don’t think so. It is a recycled Russian carrier they couldn’t afford to finish. All carriers will be sitting ducks in the next war. $15 billion ducks.

  • Jim Hood

    It’s another Osprey, which is dangerous. I wouldn’t hardly get out of the electric chair to fly in an Osprey. I was a crew chief on the Bell Huey though, UH1.

  • Richard Nolan

    Ridiculous badly acted, over melodramatic video. How about a straight, factual news report?

    • Colin Clark

      It’s a promotional video.

      Nothing more.


      • Richard Altman

        Its a video game…except that it ain’t!

      • Richard Nolan

        Who is their target for this promotion…Video Game Players? I’m ex-military and I was laughing throughout the entire video.

        • Colin Clark

          Richard, It’s a promo video! They don’t have the resources of the big video game makers…. It’s got neat shots of the proposed tilt rotor, which is really the point for them — plus those neat off the cuff remarks about being able to fly high and hot….

        • arugula

          Richard… The target is to sell, sure, but there is a much stronger force at work here… this cheesy hokey stuff is for engaging kids and glorifying war as FUN early so that they are easier to recruit.

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            There is also Patriotism. Some of us couldn’t join the Navy in 1961 because we were girls, so we supported the troops as well as we could with words. Isn’t very much when you think of the pen pals who lost body parts, lives … families. It was all we could do.

    • arugula

      This makes it’s point. If you want high production values go to the movies.

  • DeWayne Rudolph

    Funny how Bell and all these other helicopter companies are racing to play catch up after Sikorsky endorsed it’s S97 Raider concept

  • Hmmm…

    Nice video but where are all the dead people? Oh, I get it now, if war was really just like a G rated video game no one would ever want it to end…hmmm

  • James

    I think in the future Bell shouldn’t hire SyFy to make their promotional videos.

  • Gregg Miller

    When will effort be made to develop technology that
    saves lives instead of eliminating them?

    • Elton Hartzler

      It does save lives. Kills bad people so they can’t kill you.

      • poot

        odd logic

        • Malcolm Tudor

          Not if the bad people are trying to kill you. Freedom isn’t free.

      • arugula


        That is the fantasy they give us so we won’t understand the truth.. we are killing innocent, unarmed civilians who are as innocent and decent as the people blown apart in Boston. And we don’t kill two or three civilians either… we kill thousands every month. I promise you that ALL the actually BAD people direct these operations from behind safely secured locked doors. We are NOT killing the real bad people… just the innocent ones.

        • Ays Kofi

          Thank you. Instead of telling us the truth about all the innocent people and children our government kills, we get hit with government propagana over the death of 26 people killed at Newtown. Don’t get me wrong that was a tragedy.

          But ask yourself, why don’t we see any tears from our government for our many soldiers who have had their lives and their family’s lives absolutely destroyed by their own government because of wars of choice we engage in.

          • George Traylor

            hit them b4 they hit us, now that’s fine logic.

          • Richard Flay

            You mean like in the insect world?

          • Dennis

            So then hit them after they hit us?

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            I think he was being sarcastic

          • Ken Overholt

            That is the Bush doctrine. Yup, years ago we could say that we weren’t the aggressor as “they” had to attack us first and only congress could declare war. Now, as of GWB, the President may authorize the invasion of a foreign country if he deems it poses a threat to our national security. Yes, according to the Constitution only Congress may declare war, but according to Bush we can invade a country without declaring war. Kool huh.

          • Groucho1951

            Get over it!

          • Kris Hadyn

            There are good reasons to avoid declaring war. Official war means expanding to hit all places where the enemy is. If Korea had been an official war, we would have had to declare war on China as well, possibly the USSR. Nobody on either side wanted that, so the war stayed unofficial and localized to the Korean penninsula.

            Don’t kid yourself that Congress can’t stop the President just because they didn’t make an official declaration of war.

          • Marty

            No Ken….You are completely WRONG…..Bush DID go to congress for authorization and congress voted YES…Bush did NOT go to war without authorization but Obama did…..what do you have to say now????

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            I read that 3 times before I realized that Honest Ken must have left out a sentence or two. Remember? Saddam was threatening to nuke US in America: we didn’t think they had the firepower, but we didn’t know for certain. The Democrat controlled Congress voted for war. Hillary signed on though she now says otherwise. They decided it would be foolish to not take the man at his word: what if he was telling the truth?
            Thank you for the contribution to ‘Dim Words’.

          • Sam Ginest

            You’re right! It is much better and more logical to wait for them to hit us. Then we can cry to the UN that “Bobby isn’t playin’ fair!”

          • Ask1tobeone

            No. Let’s wait for them to complete their attacks on us. It’s important that we are fair and take turns.

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            Faved … but only if you were sarcastic

          • George Traylor

            That was murder in New Town not tragedy.

          • Dan c

            …so, according to your flawed logic, it isn’t murder if our military kills innocents? What a sad little puppy george is.

          • Kaidhaas Adrian

            There is a difference when our military gets sent to protect or to do a job, under fire conditions, it is impossible to foretell who is innocent, As to where the NT massacre was a single deranged individual that should not have been out on the street, he should have been in a Care Facility. But our dear Government has cancelled so many of these needed Facilities, who knows what stupid things they will do next? I would hope that we could trust our leaders, but that is only a wish, because there is no Truth in sight, not from this Administration.

          • Earl Cote

            yo umus tbe an armchair commando……you know Jack about military mission….


            AND I’M SURE YOU DO.

          • Ask1tobeone

            As opposed to YOUR extensive knowledge gained through countless successful Call of Duty missions in mom’s basement on the big tv?

          • Earl Cote

            … by 23 years of active duty service in the Marine Corps…..can you say retired 1st Sgt……..BOZO!!!

          • fookme

            Dpn’t worry they just want more money from us

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            Are you suggesting that our military performs back ground checks before they hit a target? That would be cute: I’m sure everyone would cooperate. Or are you simply saying that you believe that US in America voted for seriel killers? In Viet Nam, my friend T Garza gave a kid a candy bar — and she detonated a hand grenade. She was innocent, Garza was not armed in 1963. He is still not right armed …

          • name


          • Jesse McAllister

            Dan, until you’ve gone over there and dealt with the fog of war,keep your self righteous drivel to yourself.

          • luke555

            it is sad what happens in war, but both we and our enemys have done both in every war. germany and japan are examples.

          • Ricky Hanulewicz

            Murder = tragedy.

          • Hans Bickel

            Murders including the over 50 million U.S. abortions in the last 40 years are tragic.

          • xve298

            Get real 50 million choices by women to control their bodies from a tyrannical mob that sees women as brood mares.

          • Ask1tobeone

            Except in Philadelphia where living children are delivered only to have their spinal columns snipped? Is murder outside the womb still a woman’s choice?

          • xve298

            Yes if it was supposed to be an abortion.

          • colkid

            God is Judging this! He will repay you baby killers. When the women is pregnant and aborts the baby at any stage that is Murder, not a choice.
            Find the Philadelphia abortion workers articles. A baby swimming in the
            toilet trying to survive these ignorant murderers.

          • xve298

            If the US had good ideological free sex education and free access to birth control with no welfare,no unfunded in advance child support or welfare,free on demand abortions with out invading privacy, the unfunded birth rate would drop and the money could go to ending homelessness,aiding victims of natural disasters and terrorist acts.

          • Kris Hadyn

            Not the mention the countless sperm who have ALL THE POTENTIAL to be HUMAN who continue to be WASTED.

          • Ask1tobeone

            Good thing there have only been tragedies since Obama’s taken office and none of that pesky terrorism that the Right allows to go on here.


            was it our choice when the twin towers got hit??? also i can see you have never been in the service or if you were you must of forgotten the oath you took when you enlisted. I CLEARLY REMEMBER THE MAN SAYING TO ALL OF US THIS STATEMENT. IWANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT WHEN YOU TAKE THE OATH AND PUT ON THE UNIFORM OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO BE KILLED. and then he said anyone that dosn’t agree with that, before raising your right hand you are free to leave. I’m sure they still do that today so those solders that your talking about knew what was ahead of them and unlike people like yourself he was brave enough to accept that.

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            We as a people and our government do not set out to kill innocent people. Our government saw reason to go to war, to continue fighting, to move the front — BO’B does not want the war but apparently sees a reason to continue. I did not vote for anyone who was dishonest, or without honor, or who would condone the killing of innocents. I might not agree with everything they do, but I don’t accuse them of such monstrous acts. I also try to support them to the best of my ability: not blindly following!

          • xve298

            Enemies and their ilk are not “innocent”.

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            I think that’s what I said.

          • thatsright

            They don’t cry because they are leaders of our country. They are strong men. They are sad American lives are taken, but they are not going to go on national television and start bawling tears like a little baby. They would be tossed out of office and nobody in our country would feel safe. Do you really have to ask questions like this?

          • krypton

            And don’t forget the war our troops fight with the VA every day, as well as the wars they fight with the aftereffects of combat.

        • christopher richards

          You have no clue!

        • RBlakeH

          When you understand warfare and realize the enemy places innocent civilians (women and children) around them then you will know why they were killed. We don’t want or try to kill the innocent, they do it to their own people.

          • Kaidhaas Adrian

            Yes , that is the difficult part, we do not intend to kill the innocent, but they put themselves behind the innocent ones, so that they can scream that we kill innocent people. The whole thing is absurd.

        • Ricky Hanulewicz

          Well there is an occasional bad person killed, but yes I agree that Elton is speaking out of delusion. Humanity needs to fight for peace. And that fight cannot be won with violence. It’s as simple as that.


          to start with, people that think like yourself keep saying we kill thousands of innocent people every week. PROVE IT, not one of you have come out with any satistics that prove it. now there is going to be some collateral damage no doubt. but that junk your putting out is just that. to tell you the truth most of those innocent people that they would like you to belive thats what they were really are just as much the enemy as the ones we went after. if you want to complain about killing innocent people, complain about the 55,000.000 unborn babies that didn’t have a choice when they were murderd. i don’t see any of you yahoos protesting that.

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            I agree with the first part. The end? People need to stay out of the lives of other people. I don’t believe it’s right to end the life of a fetus, but that’s between a person and God.

          • Christopher Schenck

            First of all, I’m fairly conservative so don’t go all political on me here. The abortion issue is completely irrelevant to this discussion. The Pakastani reports on our drone strikes are claiming 687 innocents were killed and 14 Al-Qaeda in a three year period toward the end of the last decade. THis is just one of many examples.

            If such reports are true, I don’t see how anyone could possibly condone this. Even if Al Qaeda we literally using civilians as meat shields, it’s disgusting! We blow up people who oppose us, as well as people who don’t oppose us, and suddenly we find ourselves with more people that oppose us and wonder “WHY?” It is a never ending cycle of violence.

          • Christopher Schenck

            What if it was your mother, sister, wife killed as collaterol damage in a “legal” drone strike by another country. Would you accept it for what it is or would you seek revenge. Be honest…

        • EVELYN_MCGEE

          You can say that because you live in a country that lauds it’s freedoms. Freedoms that were won in battles and wars, and paid for with limbs and lives — but they weren’t yours. You should probably move to a country where they believe the same as you, I promise you that you will not be spurred to say that sort of thing there!

        • SLT54

          “there are none righteous (innocent), no not one… ” God
          from Romans chapter 3

        • barryguy777

          Someone’s in fantasy land and it’s not Elton.

        • Jesse McAllister

          Arugula, have you served overseas? If not, try sticking to posting stuff you know a damned thing about.

        • boblon

          nice dream world you live in !!…not true by any means ….been there, know first hand …

      • Earl Cote

        he`s not that smart to figure that out!!!!

      • D-Mo


      • R.E. Nunez

        No money in that

      • Mark Snider

        so to save lives we have to kill?

        • colkid


    • robcabob1

      When will over population strike if were only extending lives and not letting any die? 5 people per 25 sqft. killing people is good and important, if we only buried the bodies in the earth so that the circle of life can maintain the earths life.

      • Jona Soda

        Then do us all a favor.

      • Michael Hallett

        Soylent Green!

    • arugula

      Oh, that’s all developed and working, Gregg… but it is not available to us… it is for the wealthiest alone because they have decided they are the only ones WORTHY of life. And we’re letting them destroy America ; cut democracy and freedom out of the world by it’s roots!

    • Chris Zillig

      When world peace finally happens, until then we need to protect our country!

      • fookme

        world peace never has and never will happen…..

    • Kaidhaas Adrian

      How about technology to process 90k of backlogged VA files ? Naaah, then they would have to pay us.

    • Icehawk

      Dude are really that stupid? Do you even realize how much med tech has been developed in the last 20 years? Yeah, I didn’t so…read a book dbag

    • Joseph Papierz Jr

      Effort is constancy being made to develop technology that saves lives. Read ALL the news articles, don’t just pick and choose.

      • fookme

        while our government sells alcohol at all these ABC stores just because of the benjamins so don’t tell me the government gives a crap about us period.They ALWAYS have an agenda

    • Kirche

      When you shut you trap

    • Ask1tobeone

      Probably after people stop bombing races, lacing letters with ricin, setting fire to fertilizer plants that decimate small towns, and shooting up high schools and college campuses.

    • Vanderbil Covington III

      As long as the military has dibs, they will vet every new innovation for it’s potential for killing before any consideration for life

  • irrenmann

    I think militarizing the AugustaWestland AW609 has a future as well.

  • 1990 USN

    How is this any different from the next Gen Asprey that we already have?

  • Michael Koch

    Wow! I can hardly wait! When does our next UNNECESSARY war start??????

    • Robcabob

      You have to look down, it’s hidden under your feet. been there for years hiding as if it wasn’t going on.

    • GADJITMAN7 .

      what is your idear of when war is necessary ?

    • mjyfg

      I hope the next unnecessary war never starts,but;I hope we are ready when the next necessary war starts.

    • Kaidhaas Adrian

      It already started, long ago.

    • Richard Flay

      Maybe we can draft NRA members so they can show us how “good guys with guns” can fight. Haven’t seen any of this action during the past hundred massacres.


        Many, if not most, NRA members have already put in time defending your right to say that.

        • Kris Hadyn

          Many have. But the worst NRA members have NOT, and they do not respect weapons. Like Ted Nugent. Who faked being a hobo to avoid the draft. A Real American.

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            That’s silly. Out of the millions of NRA members, dead and alive, the only stand outs are the Bad Guys who didn’t belong in the club in the first place. They are exceptions who make the rule. The ’60s: a time when soldiers were vilified for fighting for US in America. For YOU in America. I lost many friends and comrads in Vietnam; some few to Canada avoiding the draft. Where were you? I was a Marine’s wife. Sis to 4 brothers, 3 cousins, an uncle in the Army. In-law to USAF doctor.

          • EVELYN_MCGEE

            Thank you for the contribution to ‘Dim Words’. Out of 5 million members, 3 evil names have been told to me … with dire hints of more members. Seemingly, you advocate killing the NRA and all the good it does because of a few who slip through the cracks. It’s like others are saying: Eliminate all Moslems because of the radicals, the terrorists Islam is ashamed of.
            Ted Nugent brings up a part of our history we as Americans should be ashamed of. The only war where we denigrated our military to the point that some resorted to subterfuge to escape the draft. Not because they were cowards, but because of the backlash. How many marine and army personnel did you watch march to that war, write inane letters to, only to watch as people avoided their maimed bodies when they returned. One good friend told people he lost his foot in a motorcycle accident — else he’d rather have died over there.
            I was lucky: my brothers made it home – one was mentally screwed up forever. Lost a cousin … also a lot of friends. 8 men from class of ’61 I’d known since Kindergarten. I especially miss Wayne and his jokes, his love of life. I miss the many marines I knew from El Toro.
            Where were you when that was going on? Everyone I knew understood why Ken escaped to Canada — we didn’t approve, but we didn’t call him a coward or hate him for his decision.


      I have a feeling that when a war starts there is a good reason. As it goes on … and on, with our soldiers being killed and maimed, with ‘their’ propagandists telling us how innocent they are many people forget the reason. I wonder if it would help matters if the reasons were printed once a month, say …

  • Bob

    The Sikorsky S97 Raider concept looks a lot like Lockheed’s Cheyenne AH-56, so much so I’m wondering about copyright infringement.

    • MH-60Guy

      No where near the AH-56. The Raider also can feature autonomous flight ops. We have already proven it’s performance on the X2

  • Orlando

    Can you say the Widow Maker!!!

  • Jeffrey Hill

    Pretty impressive… I hope it works in a r-e-a-l combat theatre like it does in this promo. JjH in Miami, FL

  • Christopher Pauli

    Maybe Nanna Bloomburg will divert a few sheckles from his BIG BEVERAGE and GUN WARS to fund this for the Army?

  • Robcabob

    Hasn’t that been out for about over 30-20 years now?

  • tkeller200

    Is this how we the people need things to be presented to us. Would we not see the advantages if simply told of the bird. I think a better video would have been comparing the Osprey with the futuristic v-280. So i could come to an informed opinion of the V-280.

  • Ays Kofi

    Who are they kidding? We didn’t see this version fly either. This was a cartoon. Kinda like the one Colin Powell showed the UN to prove Iraq had WMD’s. I call BS on this story.

    • Richard Flay

      Iron man had much better special effects.

    • colkid

      I know a couple whose son was killed in the Gulf war by gas, a weapon of mass destruction. Saddam used them against Iran and the U.S. in the gulf war and against the kurds at the end of the gulf war.

  • klunkerboy

    Its just an Osprey ….with guns and rockets. Funny how they just assume no one would be shooting back at them, The Osprey has a massive weak spot in those massive rotors, they represent a much much larger target profile due to there huge size, one AK-47 bullet shot through those carbon fiber blades and that blade WILL disintegrate …violently, and with one rotor shot away it will hover exactly like the way a cinder block doesn’t, and it WILL likely crash possibly killing EVERYONE on board. There is bit of hubris the manufacturer is demonstrating in its expectations of this aircraft in real combat conditions.

    • christopher richards

      Are you an aviation engineer? Cause I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one who has thought of this. Pretty sure the blades won’t disintegrate with just a 7.62 round through it.

  • CODwth

    What the heck is this junk? A commercial for a new advance attack helicopter? Why are they blatantly showing the soldiers treating warfare (ie killing other humans) as some sort of fun video game? “I can’t wait until I can kill some bad guys!” Flas hforward to the future: “Yeah, let’s go kill some bad guys! Just like in the video games we use to play! I’d hate to be that guy! I’m totally going to shoot him in the head.”

  • Iva Lilly Durham

    I’m no military expert, but that thing looks pretty cool to me!

  • warrior

    Today’s soldiers fight for the interests of big business, not the Constitution. Corrupt government officials and defense contractors stroke our children’s fantasies to use them as fodder in some future war.

    • unglaublich

      Who has benefited and gotten rich from all the wars? The international bankers with a certain ideology who are pushing us to the control of the NWO.


        Sounds good, but: who benefitted and got rich from all the peace? We haven’t had much peace in recent years, but there were times during the ’50s, ’70s, ’80s … okay, there was the cold war which everyone knew about and spies scored; the war on drugs which was mostly clandestine, expensive and useless;

    • mike

      yes but we do it for your own good.without war the money machine stops turning.war is top of the food chain and every other business trickles down from there.yes war are manufactured for a good reason.your survival .


      I don’t believe it. My nephew is a proud soldier serving with other Americans fighting for US in America. Defense contractors have always made money during a war; that’s always like in thousands of years. When the war was over, the makers of chariots built wagons and carts to stay alive.

  • tkeller200

    I wonder would this be a good plane for wars against all enemies or just those like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Anthony L Barrett

    Amurika!!! god bless the u.s

  • Clark Gertner

    And you STILL haven’t seen anything like that….. just a computer simulation.

  • mrdocdolittle

    hay, i hear Bush is going to turn himself in ,to stand trial for war crimes . ………a joke just like this plane, wish both were true.

  • Not a game

    This video is offensive. The early indoctrination of kids to our military via “I can’t wait to fly that bad boy” as downloadable content for a video game is borderline criminal. Lets make killing fun! That game would have a M rating and they are way to young to be playing it. We shouldn’t be peddling death to our kids at such an early age. They don’t care what the mission is about or why they are doing it? That logic becomes more clear when you look at our continued rush to war without question. As a game developer, this is a bastardization of my profession.

    • Ran1976

      I take it you have never been in a online lobby for Call of Duty or Battlefield, I take it

    • Kris Hadyn

      I suggest Congress pass a law that game developers have to put explicit gay sex between men scenes in violent games from now on. That might make parents start banning play by their precious little children.

  • Chris Martin

    Cool copter…. watched the V22’s in action last month from the I-5 down at Pendleton… pretty amazing…

  • wllharrington

    I ask that the people who have nothing positive to contribute other than correcting spelling errors and grammar cease and desist.



    • arugula

      Yes, but I have a feeling that they will not be surprised.

  • me

    Why not make a helo with fold in wings and a jet engine. Up it goes, out fold the wings, and off we go with the jets firing full blast. This nonsense of trying to tilt wings while trying to maintain lift is ‘nuts’, it has failed and failed time and time again.

    • arugula

      Just as long as it fools the kids! That’s what these propaganda promos for the military always are.

    • Pooua

      The laws of aerodynamics don’t change just because you use a jet instead of a rotor. You still have to have enough relative forward velocity over your wings for them to develop lift, but jets consume much more fuel than rotors do. The aircraft you suggest would run out of fuel much faster than a rotor craft would.

  • Mike B.

    Like everything else from the manufacturers of military equipment, it looks great on simulation. Question is, how many soldiers will die due to failures in the mechanical system before all the bugs are worked out? Quite a few died during Osprey development. Convince me that I can expect something different here.

    • arugula

      My friends in the military have been complaining for all of the ten years that only “contractors” (special ops, trained on Uncle Sam’s dime, leave our military and go to the highest bidders as highly paid mercenary armies) get to use the best equipment and armored vehicles while enlisted soldiers get to use the crap equipment, etc… I know there are places where this is handled better and that’s good, but the majority are left pretty high and dry. Since I have not been retired that long I am still in touch with many students who joined because they could see no other way to pay for college.

  • Barbara Smith

    The Us has become so full of itself . We have bigger guns than You . We are hated all over because no one wants peace any more Just to control everything. Live and Let live

  • familypaladin

    hope the vehicle is better than the acting

  • Maverick

    Keep up the good work protecting AMERICA Bell.

  • unglaublich

    Neat vehicle. Hope it’s never used against our own law abiding citizens.

    • arugula

      We have seen drones over my city doing a stop and start grid pattern and looked up pics of various drones to double check…. They were definitely drones, not airplanes. They aren’t supposed to be used on citizens, but they ARE…. they are militarizing the police and giving them real combat gear they HAVE been using on citizens, so why would they stop at drones?


        Where? When? Which PD’s?

  • Eva Marie Vitrano Sinnott

    All the whining you guys are doing is ridiculous. You complain that our military is seeking new means of defense while North Korea threatens us with a nuclear attack. If North Korea follows through, you will be the first hypocrites to demand why the military didn’t defend us.
    You can’t have it both ways….either you want us to keep up defensively with warmongering nations or you want us to sit back and let them attack without our means to strike back.
    Innocents have been killed in every military action ever taken anywhere in the world. Military attacks always destroy, maim and kill innocent people. You and I all wish that wasn’t the case, but it is a fact of life that we all have to live with on our consience.

    • Jona Soda

      Defense is when someone attacks.

      • mjyfg

        sometimes the best defense is a pre emptive attack.Sometimes………….

      • Richard Flay

        Defense is moral while offense is immoral.

        • mijsenrab

          Ever hear the phrase, “Nice guys finish last!”? Sometimes it’s better to be a little immoral than a dead moral. In either event it’s better for them to think we could be bad rather than a sitting duck.


        The best defense is a good offense. A defenseless anything is soon attacked, overwhelmed, defeated.

    • Malcolm Tudor

      North Korea is like the buzzing of flies to the US. We have enough firepower in 1 submarine to eradicate their entire society. The DPRK doesn’t worry me.

      • tcdesalvo

        You should really read your history. Remember the Korean War? If we had won that war there would be a Korea, no north and south. We will not use nukes. They have a milliion man army, third largest on the planet. We are not talking about a bunch of camel herders with small arms. You are talking about a large force with technology gifted by both Russia and China.

        • fookme

          a million man army does no good if you can’t get them here to fight us street to street……..if you recall the first iraq war.Those tough guys surrendered as soon as we showed up.You can’t beat weaponry with no matter how many people..Remember Japan?…..

      • Colin Clark

        DPRK may not kill people in the ole USA– though their missile tech is may already be good enough– but we can’t sit back and allow those nuts to kill tens of thousands of South Koreans and destroy one of the world’s most advanced economies.
        Colin Clark
        AOL Defense

    • Joseph Papierz Jr

      Congratulations Eva Marie Vitrano Sinnott. You wrote the most sensible comment on this forum.

    • chris

      Put them on the border and really protect the US. Everything else is for the bankers. If you were as informed about Mil Ops as you like to think, you would not believe the N. Korea propaganda. The people tasked with writing the reports must laugh at how gullible the population is.

  • Shaun Carlson

    havent they been using these in the resident evil

  • BogeyDope

    Worst promo I’ve ever seen. First, nothing EVER goes that smooth in the Military. Second, that thing is just another version of the Osprey. Which was/is a nightmare and completely unnecessary. I’d sit in the door of a UH-1 in Vietnam, before I’d ride in that thing. I love you Bell, but quit trying to reinvent the wheel.

  • Chris Kelly

    still waiting for the pelican

  • Jon E. Parmer

    what is with all the comments about our troops being forced to fight and die in foriegn countries? none of them are forced, our armed forces are an all volunteer force, they weren’t drafted. when you enlist in the military you do so with the knowledge that you might have to go in harms way to serve your countries best interest. the military has hundreds of jobs with civilian applications, but the first and foremost job of every military personel is to defend this country against all enemies both foriegn and domestic that means anything from carrying a rifle on foreign soil to pushing a button in a missil silo in minot, north dakota or launching off a carrier deck in an f-14. in any case they will do the job they are trained for after receiving a lawful order from the command staff. so all you libs that are too gutless to serve in harms way like mr.obama, shut up, get out of the way, and let our troops do the jobs they were trained and VOLUNTEERED for! you can sit at home and enjoy the freedom they guarentee!

    • cherokee1934

      Amen Mr. Parmer. I served from 1955 to 1959 and have never regretted it for one minute. We still had the Draft in those days but plenty of us Volunteered and did the job that was assigned to us. I knew full well that I could I could lose my life when I went into the service.

  • jb

    They are certainly strange to watch flying. We have been seeing them on their practice runs for some time. they just dont look like they could fly.

  • Hank

    Not really an odd logic, if our people are there we should do to keep them alive. Why they are there is a whole nother question.

    • cherokee1934

      Very good question.

  • Spaceman Eddie

    How much did I spend on that terrible movie?

  • ogservice

    I find it interesting this video is about several years in the future when the V-280 is operational and we’re still fighting in the Afghan mountains.

    • Pooua

      Actually, it was North Korea. The men in robes are tourists.

  • ziigy

    I’d be more impressed if it wasn’t a glorified Helicopter. Secondly, if it has a Laser Canon or Rail Gun like what is being tested at Sea, I’d likewise be more impressed. This is just a sleeked Helicopter. Big whoop.

    • Pooua

      Geneva Convention prohibits the use of laser weapons where combat personnel would be exposed. Furthermore, aircraft generally don’t have the power generating capacity required for effective laser weapons, unless those aircraft are extremely large. That power restriction would also apply to rail guns.

      Helicopters are useful and versatile combat vehicles. Tilt-rotor craft promise new capabilities over helicopters, particularly in terms of speed and capacity.

    • cherokee1934

      You don’t seem to have a Clue about any of our Military?!

  • jaye4111 .

    I see the big spending on military hardware that’s not needed is still going strong… But let those who tell it say we really need these things.. To fight just who??? Because all of the hardware we already possess is enough..

    • cherokee1934

      That is what your mind is telling you. But, in reality if we don’t maintain a strong Military then we could be over run easy enough. We are being hit at intervals around the World. I had rather see my tax dollars go to having to much Military than not enough. Some thing tells me that you don’t know much about what it takes to maintain our Military!

    • disqus_o12DR8WcJQ

      your an idiot. We always have to keep spending on all upgrades as long as it stays in the confines of the budget. If we lag behind well be trampled over, and don’t think for one minute were a string country just because we are now. If you don’t keep one step ahead your history. We’ve seen this in history with the Romans. We could see the same.

  • Barry Harper

    If we can fly two Stealth Boomers from the middle of the USA to Soul Korea and back in a matter of a few hours what do we need bases all over the world for now ?

    • Pooua

      No one wins a war just by sending a few bombers. You might as well ask why we have 4 branches of military.

    • cherokee1934

      You could consider the fuel that the Bomber uses. It can fly over 6,900 Miles on one load of fuel. That load of fuel is about 167,000 pounds or about 24,000 Gallons.

      Figure the cost of fuel in today’s market and you can see the cost of operating the B-2. The cost of fuel is near $2.75 per gallon….so a full load cost near $67,000…..that is about 11 dollars per mile.

      And the B-2 just has a crew of two people……the B-17 used during WW-II had a crew of 10.

    • Colin Clark

      Flying a few B-2s from here to Pyongyang is one thing. Massing fighters, bombers and troops in a region to go to war is very different. Bases allow us to project power much more effectively and at lower cost than having folks based in the continental US take ships and planes to the fight. Also, if you’re not forward deployed its much harder to influence the acts of regional players. This isn’t to day that some bases here and abroad should be shrunk or shut, but an intelligent mix must be maintained.
      Colin Clark
      AOL Defense

  • Chazzy

    911 was the invasion of America were thousands of unarmed people were
    killed. If I remember we were at peace ! Now we had an invasion in Boston and
    people were killed or and / or maimed. What we’re supposed to do, Let them here
    and kill innocent people who aren’t carrying guns, just running in or watching a
    race ? I’m asking questions as a Viet Nam Vet. Do we continue to let them come
    to America and kill innocent unarmed people or do we go keep the fight in there
    backyard as much as possible ? I don’t like violence. So what’s the answer ? Can
    you solve this mystery so there’s no more violence there or here. And your plan
    had better work the first time !!

    • cherokee1934

      Chazzy, thanks for your service from a Vet before Nam… And I agree with your comment in that we need to keep it out of this Country if possible. But, sorry to say it looks like it is being brought to us by Cowards that hide behind Civilian clothes.

  • Canefighter

    If it could handle storm winds and bad weather I could see this as usefull to the Coast Guard for Sea and other types of rescue.

    • cherokee1934

      You do know that we do have Helicopters on many of the Ships in the Navy and The Coast Guard? They can’t do the job that these new planes can do but they can do a lot.

  • tcdesaovo

    When the enemy wears no uniform and hides amoung civilians there will be unavoidable “collateral damage.” Any time a civilian is killed it is a tragedy especially when most today don’t even believe we should be there. But as long as our military is given a job to do, their first priority is to survive. It is time to start applying pressure on our politicians to get us out of all of these conflicts so no one is put at risk. Until that happends, I am all for any advantage we can give our guys.

  • clueless

    How do you expect us to get to world domination if we don’t outspend every other country in the world. It takes cunning, money and unflinching commitment to keep everyone scared and helpless while innocent people are murdered so the 1% can finally rule the world with impunity. You can’t do that with just money. You need a military.

  • Sunshine

    Our best advances have come from military technology and other “worthless” endeavors. Innocents may be killed, but eventually the very technology you complain about killing people is turned into a lifesaver.No, that does NOT include guns or anything that explodes. Though explosives can be put to good use in many fields.

  • Lmack

    All said and done, this technology (whether Bell got it right or not) is about the people we send in harms way and their survival, effective following orders. As for the lost of lives, make sure we have responsible elected officials. When we put people in office, say congress, who think their most important duty is to see that the President elected by the people only serves one term then the economy, education, foreign policy, security and more are going to suffer. We are a Republic.

    • cherokee1934

      Since when has congress seen that a president just served one term?

  • Barry DeWalt

    WHat is this ? Wanker Day ?

  • Brian Flickinger

    My prototype goes on air , land and sea ( above water & below ) and it will not tip and can leap over objects while in motion . Its an all around SEGWAY .

  • Wonder Wombat

    The reason that the whiners in this comment section are free to piss and moan about the army is precisely because that same army does such a good job of defending them. Neville Chamberlain, the PM of England, claimed to have appeased Hitler with peace talks, saying he had achieved “Peace in our time”. The result was six years of war and 5 million British dead. Stalin disarmed initially to show Hitler that he was not a threat to him, and 15 million civilians were slaughtered in the resulting invasion. Hitler invaded Switzerland with an expeditionary force of 50,000 men. The Swiss, who require all adult males age 18-65 to own a rifle, activated its two-million man militia, captured the Germans, and sat out the war in peace. History shows again and again that peace comes from superior firepower, and through no other means. People who enjoy that peace but won’t share in the cost of maintaining it are hypocrites, cowards, and faggots ( no offense to all the brave-hearted gays out there, I mean that peaceniks are weak, selfish, and effeminate, regardless of sexual orientation).

  • Richard Flay

    They look like sitting ducks for an eleven year old with a surface to air missile.


    OH KRAP ! !
    How much is THIS one gonna cost us ? ?
    Propably a couple of $BILLION a piece and won’t be ready for a Couple of DECADES.
    HEY GENERAL ———— the Hueys and Blackhawks are GOOD ENOUGH.!

  • jelly

    You people are really crazy. Everything you read and respond to is automatically converted to your vitrolic agenda….. Don’t you ever just read a story and say….. hmmmm interesting…..

  • Robert Haight

    another piece of garbage.same old, same old. Children, take a view of the real future with Sikorsky. Type in S97 and you will see something much better and has already been tested by Sikorsky.

  • Dan Gray

    Yay more money spent on a killing machine, we are so peaceful here.

  • Dennis

    General William Tecumseh Sherman said, “War Is Hell”, that says it all.

  • abreeves

    I wrote a paper about this boondoggle technology after retiring from the DoD as a physicist. This concept V-280 is just as much a technological mistake as was, as is the V-22 Osprey. Unless they come up with a better design using counter-rotating rotors like was shown to us in the movie “Avatar”, then this is a big mistake. Even the Russians know better aeronautical engineering for their choppers than us. Of course, NASA perfected the use of counter rotating prop propulsion long, long, ago, even before the Russians. Why we can’t produce better trained in physics aeronautical engineers in this country is because we always have some nut politician who knows nothing of physics at all, willing to take out the tax payers checkbook to fund it particularly if its made in his or her state.
    Allen Reeves, DoD physicist retired 2003.

  • n

    I thinks its funny when sub minded people like Ays Kofi spread what they say because, it is a lie. The government does care about our armed forces or we wouldn’t pay for them. The men and women who fight and die leave for there own fault. They signed up with a somewhat dangerous job, and if they die they already understood exactly what they were getting into because, they signed themselves.

  • codenamesparrow

    holy crap should I have just seen that it ,is that not top secrect .1 plane and 2 helocopters put togeather . for 2013, it’s the bell boeing V-22 Osprey mixed with the boeing AH-64 Apache and the old Army CH-47 Chinook .

  • Joseph Papierz Jr

    We and other military powers have used vertical take off and landing aircraft to move troops and material since WWII. The Bell V-280 Valor Tiltrotor/category/land/ is not new technology, it is a newer improved model of the helicopter. We have had tilt wing aircraft for years that take off vertically and after getting airborne the pilot slowly rotates the wing until the propellers are facing front for a faster flight and longer range. Remember the Harrier ?

  • TJA

    why is all their American Flag arm patches backwards????????????


    I grew up like 2 miles from LTA Tustin, Ca. My troop of Brownies were granted permission to go look at the helicopter. We couldn’t board or touch it, couldn’t even walk around it! We got to look. One of the only times any leader let me do exactly what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, we were only allowed in the hanger for a short time. I could have looked for at least another day of 24 hrs … but then they’d have had to fight me to keep me off. 8 year old girls are really tough opponents even though they usually lose against adults. I still think a helicopter in all its forms is a wondrous thing.

  • Dan Buckles

    Gee I.m pumped, I’ll guess i’ll go and sine up. Well, second thought, the way they’re treating the wounded and the troops now, I’d have to be stupid to go and sine up for this country. The tea party will cut the benefits because of big government spending.

  • Steven Bollman

    so how long before china copies it and mass produces it for its military?

  • Shakefellow

    This is amazing technology and can and should be used for the good of people. Our soldiers are heros and go into areas to help people more than they harm. Imagine if our books, food, water and money were denied. It doesn’t happen because we usually go into areas where the abuse and neglect existed before we went. Look at Haiti…why are the people still living in poverty? because of their own evil greedy people not because American’s have not given money and their time to help. Did you ever see the movie “Charlie’s War”? American’s were in Afganistan a long time ago trying to educate the woman and children and make sure they have food and water. Now Egypt is going backwards and woman are loosing rights. These mad men would like all of human kind to go back to days when women had no rights and we all lived in feudal states where only violence rules. Don’t ever bad mouth America the greatest country in the world and the only place where every human being has an opportunity to reach their own dreams and goals.
    Semper Fi

    • Dan Buckles

      you’d have to be stupid to sine up for this country………..until the republicans are voted out of office…………’s no go

      • stifled

        Learn how to spell before you call others stupid! It’s “sign” up!

  • William Overmyer

    Bell went south in the aerospace industry years, EONS ago. today …and tomorrow, its Boeing.

  • llozano

    We’re number one in weapons! Except in healthcare, education, social safety net, employment, hunger, poverty, etc.

  • jdjsmit

    They have saved lives, if not for the Blackhawk helicopters during Katrina there would have been many more deaths. They rescued hundreds of people off their roofs after the storm.

  • Greg Wolf

    god so much BS

  • Rsputin

    Just what we need, some more billions of dollars in military hardware that probably will be used a couple of times and then dumped into a hole to make room for another toy for the Pentagon.
    Perpetual war is our motto.

  • zeke

    Hope it’s to protect Americans?

  • metusmetu

    Quite surprised we’re not looking at the same choppers they had in the movie Avatar here, “fans” instead of blades is the way to go,……better directional maneuverability! One could turn on a dime and dive on a target with those. Not so with the blades……! They also would be much quieter, none of that “chop-chop” you hear with blades. I’m kinda like Radar was in MASH 4077, I can hear that chop coming a mile or more away…………….

  • Ken Overholt

    Beautiful, another piece of equipment that is so Damn expensive and whose inner workings are so classified that we will be more than hesitant to deploy it. Remember when we temporarily lost our stealth helicopter on the Bin Ladin attack. The Pentagon guys almost stroked out. This is another billion dollar plus boondoggle.

  • idared

    a little more and we can name the next one optimus prime… transformers

  • JohnShark

    When we’re done vaporizing every terrorist raghead
    on the planet. Then you may go to your local Starbucks, as you do every morning, without fear of having your ass blown apart.

  • Groucho1951

    Why on earth are we telling our enemies what weapons we have? Can someone please explain to me why our Defence department tells the idiots in the Press about stuff like this?

  • Roxana Mae Chapman


  • psy

    notice how the enemy never fired back . reality is – slow n low is just a big target –

  • Roxana Mae Chapman


  • gckfoot

    Why is this news? Already saw these in the Resident Evil latest movie… LOL…… wheres the telepathic killers? The secret ones the government is hiding. And don’t forget, the secret base built under the moon when Earth goes to war again. The government will take those deemed indispensible and rocket them to safety while the rest of us EXPENDABLES will be left to die and be reincarnated as ZOMBIES.

  • Ralph Pena

    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.” General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

  • Jane Gentile

    Is does not matter how much money we spend on the best most advanced new military equipment ___the dummies in our Pentagon lose every war they get into anyway. They leave ever conflict they get into with their tails between their legs. Look at our GIs’s __they can’t even defeat cave dwellers in Afghanistan that are fighting with 40 year old rusty weapons and it is a enemy who have no aircraft, no helicopters, no tanks, no armored vehicles , no body armor, no satelites, no drones and yet our military personel cannot even defeat cave dwellers, fighting with primative weapons. To make it even worse, after our troops go into combat today the whimps sissys all claim their tender little minds are suffering battle fatigue because the eney shot back at them and it was not the video game they were expecting..

    • Jack Everett

      It’s not our troops ass hat it’s your fascist leadership and it’s expansionism through military dictatorship. Since we lost Vietnam we have not engaged in a war in any country that had the ability to fight back. America has a fol proof ponzi scheme for losing wars. First arm the enemy with inferior weapons then attack the enemy. America is a hypocritical failure to freedom and justice. Now they want to give medals to computer geeks that sit in the white house and murder people with drones.

  • jr

    more people have been killed in the name of god than any other thing so just think about that

  • jr

    more life saving has been developed throughout history due to war and most advances in medicine also

    • Jack Everett

      Which would have been done without the murder of millions of innocent people.

  • Winky Brazzil

    OOOO-RAH!!! Semper Fi!!!

  • Ask1tobeone

    For all you apologist anti-military socialists, take heart. Your president is destined to gut our defense and military spending so none of the people for whom you advocate (defined as those who would love nothing more than the opportunity to make beheading videos starring YOU) will likely ever see this amazing machine in action.

    • Jack Everett

      For all you ass hat republican sheeple you should be made to serve your country for a change instead of puking shit out of your mouth instead of your ass.

  • Jess Nevarez

    “We got money for war, but cant feed the poor” 2Pac

  • Vanderbil Covington III

    As much as it grieves me, I must say; humans are on a path to war. It was easy to discredit the Mayan Prophesies as just another false prediction — but was it? Since 12- 21-12, there have been one report after another of disasters, both human intentional/accidental and natural initiation. Media can barely keep up with one occurance before another is presented. Something IS afoot,– as if awakened. Something forgotten but nonetheless potent…. I fear strange days ahead. Things which defy logic, but fitting certain prophesies, will become commonplace….Watch the skies

    • Jack Everett

      Natural inflation? What a joke our out of control inflation is create d by the fascist regime we call a two party system, it was well planned out and then carried out. America is nothing but the fascist cesspool of the world now.

  • David George

    “Gregg Miller 17 hours ago”
    “When will effort be made to develop technology that
    saves lives instead of eliminating them?”

    You mean like MRI’s, CAT scans, PET scans, the $500 billion
    pharmaceutical industry, weather satellites, Doppler RADAR systems, GPS
    satelites, communications satellites, and things like that which are directly or partially perpetuated by federal grants and/or federal programs?

    ….Or do you mean the air craft and ships of the DOD and the US Coast
    Guard (now part of the DOD) that have been used to evacuate civilians
    and/or bring goods and man power to natural and man made crisis’ around the

    ….Or do you mean the billions in grants and
    loans, every year, given to universities and individual scientists to
    conduct research? How about the billions given away every year in the
    way of student loans and grants used to educate future scientists and
    technicians regardless of their field?

    Exactly what would qualify as a life saving technology or expenditure in your mind?

    • Jack Everett

      You should get out of the cave more often the sunshine would do you good.

  • Randell

    I see a lot of people whining about how the government murders innocent civilians over seas. So…does that include the innocent civilians murdered by the taliban and al-Qaeda type groups? You know…the ones that strap bombs on people and place them in businesses that do not worship their god the way they want them to? Oh…im sorry… we arent supposed to count those right? ok…so..we just count the ones that are killed when they grab up a gun and shoot at us. OOPS! not supposed to count those either huh… Ok…then I guess you are right….based on your version of the math. Well when those of you talking about the thousands we kill daily…please feel free to STFU until you strap up and walk a while over there…. oh yeah..dont forget to ride your unicorn….

    • Jack Everett

      No is includes dropping bombs on innocent children to win their hearts and minds and murdering with drones that 99% of the time hit homes of innocent people to support the American military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about.

  • Clinton Harris

    I have not changed my mind about this piece of shit.

  • Natalie Steutterman

    And we spend on WAR and the like, with no remorse that our elderly will NOT be able to afford to eat soon. Sure take away from SS, Medical coverage that we can afford, the educational system, mental health facilities…….I can go on and on………..but weapons and WAR are a BIG business ,and gets all the attention and the $$$$ huh??

  • lamond16

    interesting video i must say! I enjoyed it. Hopefully someone can edit the uniform discrepancy particularly in the beginning.

  • bloopville

    Dad was a lifetime officer in the army. He served in two wars and trained young officers for a third. When we were young, my brother and I used to enjoy playing strategic simulations games with little pieces of cardboard that represented units. We would ask my father to play and he said that he would never play a war game that reduced human beings to pieces of cardboard that could be eliminated with the roll of a die.

    I have no comment about this video except that the makers have no humanity.

  • ri ch

    oscar nominations all around!

  • Jack Everett

    Here we go again. Our combat troops are denied their combat pay many times and die before ever seeing it yet their is plenty of money for the military industrial complex to churn out more WMD. I am a vet of two major wars and this criminal activity by our fascist government need st be stopped.

    Whatever happened to the mighty Balckhawk that they claimed is so indestructible yet gets brought down with small arms fire. I am ashamed of my government that spits on our troops and vets like garbage in a dump.

  • Aziz Douay


  • Michael

    Looks like all troops will be white too in the future. Hmmm. nice racist video. How about showing some more diversity?

    • Fatdaddy

      hey Mike, If you the whole video at around the 1;45 mark there is an African American female flying the plane dumb ass. Know your fact before you call someone a racist

      • Michael

        Yeah for a brief second, yet in reality much of the fighting forces are African American. Fat head.

  • flight nurse

    I see very cool uses for civilian emergency medical situations!

    • Colin Clark

      If the new tilt rotor comes in with the expected reduced backwash that would be a fine use of the technology.
      Colin Clark
      AOL Defense

  • Steve in DC

    How much of this promo film was cgi? This pr push appears to be another case of “Don’t think about what happened in the past with our stuff (bad design, crappy vehicle, etc) … Trust us… we’ll do good. And if there’s a problem, we’ll work on it day and night to fix it (the bill will be itemized). Dang.. Fool me once…..

  • Alex Yamach

    And the Chinese will have the complete design plans and schematics for it in a couple of years and the first copy will role off their production line by the end of the decade. There isn’t anything the Chinese can’t steal anymore.

  • Kurt Plummer

    My thought was that the V-22 was useless because the all composite fuselage was so weak that it cracked in two if you ran the thing over a speedbump at more than 4mph while the **configuration** of the twin rotor system was such that the entire vehicle design had too narrow a teeter-totter CG range for use as a heavy load lifter. Add in fuel leaks, no pressurization and transhaft plus nacelle packaging issues and you have something which is too narrow in the hips to carry vehicles internally, cannot fly over the trashfire without an ‘astronaut waiver’ to the unoxygenated passengers and has a nasty tendancy to crash and go boom when it suddenly loses power due to a wire getting chafed or a bullet in the wrong location.

    I frankly don’t see much difference as improvement in the V-280 except that the aircraft bears a strong strong resemblance to the Bell 609 and so would not have the Marine’s folding wing section (which will effect deck spotting if you ever need to do another Battle Cat styled forward Sea Basing).

    OTOH, I thought that the FOUR rotor designs were what we were looking at to provide a true successor to the heavylift CH-47/53 with 300 knot fast-forward capabilities and 2,000-2,500km ranges with a reasonably broad payload bay. I futher thought that these were more or less off the table as being the size (and twice the cost) of a C-130 Hercules.

    I frankly don’t trust the conceptual logic of an internal weapons bay (breaks structural longeron lines necessary for the cargo bay) and see no reason to expose an expensive medium lift platform to gunnery pass proximity with anything, including a Spandrel or Gopher equipped BRDM (rolls eyes).

    Which may seem quaint but brings up the relevant issue of the escort having to have twice the speed of the protected platform so that it can suppress _enroute_ threats and then catch up (or speed ahead) to suppress the target terminal area for a sufficient period before the main air mobile element arrives.

    May not sound like much but in SEA, this requires 220 knots on an AH-56 playing downlook gunship to a UH-1 air assault LZ. With MANPADS proliferated, today it means having a 500 knot capable platform to run in ahead of the 300 knot 280/609 and the ability to cruise well above 15,000ft to maximize slant ranges over which you want the DIRCM package to be able to work the threat while you **lay down** weapons like Griffin and GBU-53 from sufficient slant standoff (but slow TOF) to stay beyond most firing opportunities from surrounding terrain.

    Obviously, this propaganda film suffers from SWA syndrome in depicting ‘the last war’ of EPW (Enemy Prisoner of War = safe buzzword for what was formerly a ‘POI’ or Person Of Interest) snatch and grab intel raiding.

    But consideration of the threat conditions still applies to a more modern approach to such things as embassy evac (where an entire city may have VSHORADS scattered within a limited engagement zone) or nuclear raiding where you are using a STOMRAP to sieze and hold or destroy key assets.

    Without proper escort, missions like the ones shown above turn into Op Red Wings style slaughters because you are -assuming- an organic self-escort capability that isn’t really there and never has been in heavy, low G capable, low defensive CM

    rated, adhoc, ‘gunships’.

    With proper escort, the smaller rotor disk footprint and roughly equivalent speed of an X-2 type airframe matched to an S-76 (clean, lifting body) hull and an ABC gives you similar hot-and-hi capabilities overall with half the engine costs and no assymetric handling vulnerabilities to TTA defensive fires.

    As long as you have the legs to get there and stay long enough to get the mission done and the guys back aboard without a refueling gap, it doesn’t really matter whether you ingress at 220 or 350 knots (though 140 makes for a -long- mission…). What does matter is that you have enough teeth and boots on the ground total lift to _get the job done_ at the target terminus. And small tiltrotors don’t really do that much to improve things as, over any but the lightest defensive concentrations (no IADS) they have to hug the earth like any other helo.

  • BRWade


    Came to me in a Dream. N Korea is a replay of” The Mouse That Roared” where the Grand Duchy of Fenwick attacks the U S and seeks reparations to rebuild Fenwick. N Korea needs $4 Trillion for Power Plants,Water Plants,Sewage,Roads, Communications, and Medical. Think not? That’s what we just paid for IRAQ. And we will have eternal Allies, just like IRAQ and Afghanistan. That’s a Joke. You people never lived and worked there. Inshallah( sic) BRW

  • mijsenrab

    I can believe that all these resident whiners having sopped up all the liberal drivel poured on them by their ultra liberal professors have never spent one minute serving their nation and are unlikely to do so. I also believe that their whining and crying will be the loudest when they call for our military to ward off attacks that might cut off their pot supply.