X-47B Takes Off from USS Bush in May.

X-47B Takes Off from USS Bush in May.

[Updated Thursday with details on third, aborted landing attempt] Two out of three ain’t bad, if you’re trying something no one’s ever done before.

Landing on the narrow, pitching deck of a Navy aircraft carrier is one of the hardest things a human being can do. Today, for the first time in history, a robot did it — twice.

After all the VIPs and reporters had been hustled off the USS George H.W. Bush, however, a third attempt had to be aborted when the experimental X-47B‘s electronic brain “self-detected a navigation computer anomaly,” a Navy spokesman emailed reporters this evening at 7:30. The drone diverted to a landing field ashore without further incident.

[Updated Thursday: In fact, not only did the drone detect the problem itself, it made its own decision to break off the landing, Navy officials told reporters in an after-action review the next day.

“It was on final approach,” said Rear Adm. Mathias Winter, the one-star admiral who oversees all Navy drone programs. “[It was] about four miles aft of the ship, the [tail] hook was down, the [landing] gear was down, and as it’s supposed to do, it continues to check the health and status of all its subsystems.”

Specifically, the X-47B has three navigation computers that constantly cross-check each others’ results: “When you’re flying that close to personnel and other aircraft, you just have to be sure,” said the Navy’s X-47 program manager, Capt. Jaime Engdahl. But, he said, “about two minutes prior to landing,” one of the three computers came up with a result the other two disagreed with.

That discrepancy was enough for the drone to decide — on its own and without human intervention — that it should “wave off,” to use the Navy term for breaking off a landing attempt. So the X-47B flew past the carrier instead of touching down and reported the problem to its human controllers, who told it to execute the better-safe-than-sorry back-up plan and return to shore.


  • Mojo1436

    Go Navy!!!! Love high tech avionics!!!

  • AnAmerican

    Yes Admiral Mabus, we have come a long way since Gene landed his toy plane. This is both in act and deed an historic event. It adds to the greatest Navy in the history of the world. A Navy to which I attribute the work of Tom Jefferson and his reaction to the message delivered to him by the representative for the Barbary Pirates. Jefferson was on the next ship crossing the Atlantic sailing west. I do believe that the news that nothing would stop the Pirates until they had the heads of all “infidels,” greatly disturbed Mr. Jefferson.

    • Geezer

      Ummm. Mabus is the Secretary of the Navy…which makes him a civilian….not an admiral.

  • JetJock2013

    I can see the sequel to “Top-Gun”….a little drone falls deeply in love……with a 128 bit server….but their love in not to be……he is DC…..and she is AC……I can see Hollywood lining up for this one….:-)

    • b

      “Byte me” may be a good tittle

      • RobGoetzSr

        Or a great name for the Fuselage of the Aircraft! I can just picture the Nose Art! PS… A great Handle!

    • JMChladek

      And the theme music for the picture could be “Who Made Who” by AC/DC. 😀

      • http://defense.aol.com/ Colin Clark

        Great stuff, folks!

      • RobGoetzSr

        Or the song by Blondie from 1980, but with the words “Byte Me.” time for a re-write!

  • AL ROD


    • ahorvath

      You seem to forget that there are other types of cancer in the world.

    • Andrea West

      They have found a cure, probably many years ago.

    • R2

      Unless they don’t care about curing cancer or any other disease. They sure don’t seem to want to help those in disasters very much or orphans and others with nothing or are about to lose everything, like with the housing bubble burst. I’m sure there are people at the local levels who may care, but at the upper levels they seem a bit apathetic imp.

      • DavetheInsomniac

        That’s not their JOB. The government and the military don’t exist to help people. Their job is to facilitate interaction between individuals and the world at large, to protect us from hostile foreign intentions… and that’s IT. The government wasn’t created to cure diseases or give people affordable homes.

      • snow white

        no one is really interested in curing cancer , the drug co will loose money and it is a good population control .
        very sad but true. cancer death have not changed in 40 years “fact”

        • R2

          Perhaps with that and the fragility of life overall we should act in a more positive and enjoyable manner. Let’s all “stress less” over things, especially the small things. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

    • Garry Carlson

      The Navy and Marines don’t have any use for them! The article said, it will take years for them to figure out what role these planes will play. Right now they just take off and land. What the heck! We’re building airplanes with no specific reason in mind, no specific mission that needs to be accomplished. They’re just squandering our money!!! They have the plane and now have to find a use for it! What kind of BS is that all about?

    • CureNazi

      There is a cure, peasants or jews like you just arent privy…j

    • Rob

      Haven’t you ever noticed that the rate of cancer among politicians is well below that of the general population.

      • DumFucksOnHereAreRampant

        what makes you think you are worth saving from cancer?

        • Rob

          That’s for an Obamacare death panel to decide whether any of us are worth saving.

          • PolicyWonk

            FYI – I went and looked this up a while ago, and the “death-panel” was little more than a bald-faced lie. Its called “end of life counseling” and has been a standard service from Medicare for many years.
            Hence – there was no change to that service, with the exception of who misrepresented it in an attempt to sway public opinion to not support a program that every republican supported (until Obama passed it).
            The ACA, was invented by the Heritage Foundation – hardly the bastion of socialism or liberalism.

          • Rob

            I’m having a very difficult time believing that obamacare has my best interests in their mind. If the government truly cared they would be doing something about the health care companies directly by controlling their price gouging of the public. Are you familiar with TORT reform? In the states where lawsuits are capped against medical companies instead of costs going down for citizens of those states they still went up, and up over the average across the country. Instead, these companies lie and manipulate and get their way, and in the end we’re convinced that health care reform is an action taken directly against us to benefit us. By the way, I’m not republican, democrat or tea party. I’m one peed off American who is sick of being played by these liars.

  • Rob C.

    Hopefully it won’t be the end of manned flight. Still not very trusting of Drones in Combat.

    • R2

      I’d think this could be
      used in conjunction with manned flight. The person flies over or in the area and
      assesses the situation and the unmanned drones help take out interference or
      the target. According to all the Sci-fi stories having totally unmanned
      weapons can be a really bad thing. But just because “we” don’t have them doesn’t
      mean that “they” don’t have them, (whoever they are). Americans have such pride
      if they assume that no other countries are developing weapons and/or platforms
      etc. that we may have a conscience about building still here. Just like the
      green policy’s we have here, it is a nirvana ideal only if other major
      countries don’t have the same or better policies.

    • BigBen

      yes wait till they become self-aware and Skynet kicks in

      • Stupid

        so sick of hearing this old ass shit about skynet. it wass a fuckin movie uretards & machines cannot & never will become selfaware. Take a fuckin programing class you ignorant shitskin

        • Maximus

          Just some friendly advice.. You should probably learn how to spell, use capitalization, and punctuation, before you start calling people “retards”. You’re welcome.

        • greatgoogly

          Ever hear of sarcasm?

      • warthog

        This is Skynet. Your computer has now been frozen and your next floppy disk has been taken hostage

  • Bruce

    I’m thinking fake. There is no way they would have a two planes to land between on deck right where it touched down and they would not have had anybody standing around mid deck in case of a crash.

    • David

      You clearly have never seen how a carrier operates. They had been doing touch-and-gos for months, I”m sure they waited until they had complete confidence it wouldn’t crash.

      Why is it that on the internet anything we have a hard time believing/don’t understand we say IT MUST BE FAKE.

      • ShatupYaFagg

        Please dont educate the ignorant…let him speak & doubt that which he has no clue of. It makes it easy to spot the dummies when they open their mouth in real life 8)

    • Maximus

      Read the article, it was only one plane that landed twice and aborted the third attempt on it’s own because of a problem it detected.

  • http://twitter.com/CherylbenthallB truth

    That is meet as shit!

  • http://twitter.com/CherylbenthallB truth

    Neat , not meet dam spell checker

  • Steve

    Now, if we can only keep China from hacking the details, we’ll be fine for awhile.

    • R2

      I’m sure they already have, or that guy Snowden already gave them the info.

      • b

        UH! this is the one we let the Iranian have a few years back, REMEMBER “they captured it” But our fearless leader would not send a cruse missile to bow it up and protect out “secrets” hell man they have all been sold long before snowden or anyone got a chance. Our own leaders have sold us out long ago!

        • Retard

          perhaps we purposely gave them a drone so we could give them wrong info…no, your stupid ass never thought of that…everything you say on these boards is something i would expect to hear out of a retards mouth….you’re fuckin retarded

    • metusmetu

      They undoubtedly already have them.

      • chinaIsMyBitch

        and cant do shit with them. chinks ares tupid as fuck, always have been. they cant even build our carrier and we know they have had the plans for decades. even the weak ass japs destroyed the chinks easily. chiinks ares tupid, thats why 99%of them are farmers

    • R2MD2

      No worries, China’s carrier is for show. You can’t launch anything off the deck.

      • MrJim

        uHHHHH, better check your data. They have landed and sent aircraft airboirn, BIG mamas…. Their carrier is a former Russian carrier that never worked. They fixed it. Bottom line: very nice target for a future A-X47. It could be programmed to be stealth and fly just above the suurface and be next to impossible to detect! No sane pilot would do that…

    • chinaIsMyBitch

      china can hack all they want, they arent smart enough to replicate…our aircraft carrier is the best example, the chinks have had the plans for decades and fail every time they try and build it…why do you think they made the “carrier killer”? and even that is shit

  • http://twitter.com/CherylbenthallB truth

    That is neat as shit !

    • b

      You clearly do NOT understand, nothing ‘neat as s***” about bombing anyone even when it is called for it is nasty business that leaves one’s soul a little less for the act!

      • ShutupYouDumbAss

        Well, I clearly DO understand & have experienced it. It IS NEAT AS SHIT! Why dont you just shutup, kid, and let the badmen protect your coward ass.

        • edsmale .

          Video games do not count.

          • GrowSomeBallsAndJoinTheMil

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          • James Scott

            No real soldier would talk down to the people he’s supposed to be protecting.

          • Yawn

            who said i was defending HIM? i dont defend everybody in this country, i defend MY OWN. fuck you and him, this aint 1940. and as far as being a real soldier, lets meet up and see if you have the balls to say it to my face. i would have no trouble killing you, its easy actually. Near Great Lakes? heres my email: KILLTHETRAITORS@OUTLOOK.COM

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          • edsmale .

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          • Iwantyourmind

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          • Mike Sowell

            Take your pills and get some treatment.

          • JS

            The only thing you’ve been getting away with is mutilating the English language.

          • James Scott

            As I said, no real soldier would speak the way you do. Shame on you for impersonating one.

          • Yaawwnnn

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          • James Scott

            I’m not Jewish. I’m Presbyterian. But you really do need some professional help with these delusions.

          • Iwantyourmind

            People like you do not belong in the service of this country. You are a disgrace to any uniform you ever wore.

          • Steven S

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          • Maximus

            Having done two tours while in the Marines, you’re correct, no soldier with any honor would talk to someone like that. It’s also funny ’cause he still uses outlook…..who does that?

          • Ray Brown

            Why do you folks try to down grade accomplishments like
            this, bury your fowl language and act like grown ups…

          • Mark Gamison

            lol. 30 yo virgin

          • RobGoetzSr

            C’mon Guys” Let’s just celebrate one for the “Good Guys.” At least before this CIC gives it to the Communists!

          • PolicyWonk

            Maybe you should go and READ Pat Buchanan’s editorials from 2002-2008, that decried George W Bush’s (and the GOP’s) policies that sent millions of jobs and many thousands of dual-use technologies to the Communist Chinese (let alone the manufacturing techniques, and tax base).
            That administration sold out our national manufacturing base, and national security to the ChiComs, according to OUR OWN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, and the Bush Administration’s own staffer-generated and researched reports.
            But lets not allow FACTS to get in the way of baseless OPINIONS.

          • JS

            Wow, that’s real manly of you.

          • edsmale .

            Learn some English.

          • yawn

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          • edsmale .

            Yawn. That is a correct name for you. But how exciting! You actually used a punctuation mark and learned where the cap key is. Temporarily.

          • James Scott

            That proves you’re not in the military. No commander is going to trust anyone as erratic as you to follow orders.

          • JH Dreisdale

            It’s all been said — but it IS sickening when disgusting, uneducated trash post messages of blind ignorance and hate
            as seen in this post. This individual doesn’t have the faintest clue about what it means to be in the military, to be a person of faith, or even what life was like in 1940, let alone the military dynamics and interaction with civilian lives during this particular (or any other, for that matter!).

            Perhaps the only thing he/she/it would understand is if I were to express my thoughts in his/her/it’s language: Go fuck yourself, you silly little insignificant bitch; stop hiding behind your computer and get a life so first understand ANYTHING before posting moronic tripe that reveals you as the pimple-assed loser that you are…. It’s doesn’t take a brain to realize that you think like a man with a paper asshole shootin’ confetti, and ANY true member of the US military would chew you up and spit you out, you silly little thunb-sucking twat. LOL

          • ruth

            and they didn’t post my comment and it was not as bad as yours!

          • John Q. Modern

            The only thing that yawn has proven here is that he is an anti-Semitic homophobe.

          • Sully

            And that he isn’t a real soldier. Notice he gave all sorts of personal info, but neglected to prove he’s actually in any sort of military. He’s just an armchair commando trying to sound tough on the interwebs.

          • RobGoetzSr

            To some degree I agree with you, but there are missions that would find a suitable application for this. No?

        • Iwantyourmind

          You’re name speaks volumes about you. You’re a real dink, but keep it up. I can see your potemntial to one grow into a real prick

        • Mark Gamison

          If there were no badmen then no one would need protecting from guns and drones and bombs…leave the earth retard no one needs you.

  • jerry152

    Should of been kept top secret but like everything else China will steal plans in about a week after hacking of course Washington will nothing …

    • Jim Bob

      yes thanks to bill and Hillary china will be up to date in no

      • Iwantyourmind

        Jim Bob….home schooled? Get over it. Bill Clinton hasn’t president since you were in the first grade. Congratulations, btw, on making it into the second. You’ll be in the third before you know it.

        • posthuf


          Don’t tell anybody this, but the Chinese have had this for at least 12 years. They’ve been auto-landing on ground stations because they didn’t have an aircraft carrier as we know them until earlier this year.

          Of course, when their media learns something thru a lead they’re more likely to turn in the leaker than rush to be the first to publish something that may end up the destruction of their country.

          The Chinese, in fact most people of the world, are funny that way. Love of country above self. What a concept!

      • PolicyWonk

        Dead wrong.
        While the Clinton Administration did allow some technology transfers (missile tech, at the bequest of many firms that wanted to use Chinese launch vehicles), those combined transfers are pathetic compared to the administration of George W Bush.
        Pat Buchanan wrote *many* editorials decrying the massive technology transfer of many thousands of dual-use technologies, manufacturing techniques, American jobs, and the tax base. Not only did 8.2 million jobs get moved to China (permanently – the same number the GOP claims were added to food stamps, welfare, and unemployment programs by the Obama administration – when it was THEIR policies that caused this), but they gave the ChiComs a huge influx of technologies that would facilitate a huge and far more advanced military build-up.
        Buchanan predicted all these things, and they all came true. And as we have seen – the Chinese have massively increased their military build-up and their diplomatic belligerence, while the US had to pay to support the millions of former taxpaying workers the so-called America-loving GOP disenfranchised in return for short-term profits for their corporate masters.
        The GOP sold out the USA, its strategic manufacturing base, our national security, and our blue collar workforce. And Pat Buchanan warned about it starting in 2002, all the way through 2008 when the economic roof the nation caved in due to their incompetence.

    • Warthog

      It is no secret…. No, the Aliens from Mars and Jupiter hiding out at Area 51 is a super, top, top secret that no one knows but Me, the aliens and the Janitor,

  • Tom Powers

    rise of the machines

  • mo, a cute girl!


    • AwesomeGuy


      • mo, a cute girl!


  • Thomas

    Here we go in to the Future, Flying like eagles, Way to go Navy !!!!!!!

  • Siscosdad

    Re-usable drones. That should save some bucks.

  • Jose-0311-usms


    • warthog

      10 billion is chicken feed…. We already spent 10 billion as I type this,

  • Jose-0311-usms




  • Garry Carlson

    Did I read this right? “The X-47B is an experimental aircraft and it will take years before the Navy and Marines figure out just what roles they are best suited for.” This is saying that we are designing and building aircraft with no specific roles in mind. In other words we don’t need them, but we’ll find a use for them, somewhere. Now, do you want to know why the country is going broke? This is it!!!

    • James Scott

      They have a use for them. They’re just not telling you.

      • Bubba

        Spot ON!

    • MrJim

      Do you remember the XB-17? the XF-108? and all the others? EACH X aircraft defines the TECHNOLOGY to build a weapons system. Remember we cut all the XB-49, RB-49 and B-49 wings off due to political concern. They became the B-2 by Northrup. Look at history prior to ww2 and I see the same isolationist thoughts that almost make us speak Japenese and German. Every weapon system has to have a test bed. The changing world of conflicts dictate we do what we are doing because in 3 tears, the plan for a X-47 aircraft may not have a mission! If we get another Obama, all is a moot point anyway as there shall be a revolt and we will start all over again.

  • Petra421

    Won’t be long until future Mavericks and Gooses will be obsolete. Their personalities are not a fit for computer jockeys who will fly the drones from US soil… then get off duty and fight rush hour traffic on the way home.

  • robertstone1robert

    Any new major conflict will just require 5 people to execute it.

  • E-Man

    Does this mean that the drones will be throwing raucous parties at swank hotels and lining up in gauntlets to sexually assault women?

    • Tabasco531

      No, they will be landing on your street and knocking on your door, and asking whom is at home a few questions. What it you, or someone else in your household who made those phone calls? The Navy might not use it, but the NSA could!

    • ShutupDumbBitch

      you act as if the women dont have a choice to do what they do or not. I’ll gladly continue to treat whores as whores and good girls as good girls. id fuck you, just to remove your pride!

      • diditweetthat

        WOW, I’m hoping you don’t own a gun, but I know you do.

        Anger Management

  • steve

    an american

    you may be correct in your assertion that at the present time the us navy is superiorto all others but the greatest navy in the history of the world I think not. the british navy ruled the waves for hundreds of years and based upon that navy an empire was created where 33% of the world was colored red when you look at historical atlases.
    when you have sat at the top of the pile for as long as we did then you can call yourself the greatest navy in the history of the world. until that time you are merely an infant.
    unfortuneately our little island will never raise itself to such hieghts again, albeit we are still a major player and that the world will always remain safe whilst there is an anglo American alliance

    • YourQueenIsMyWhore

      fyeah, and you pussies lost it all to an infant of a country, we own you cunts now…ironic huh? fuck england, we are not true allies. America exists solely out of hatred for the english & their ways. fuck off & accept that the Young Lion has replaced the Old Guard. Fuck your whore queen too, i’d spit in her face if given a chance.

      • James Scott

        You are either eight years old or in need of some serious psychiatric help. Possibly both.

    • ken

      Fuck you Britt’s, Even with the help of the red man you got you ass’s handed to you by a buch of out gunned, out numbered american’s

    • Kevin Hale

      It’s true that the Royal Navy is still a great Navy. I attribute that to their royal cartographers, draftsmen, engineers, and lawyers in making proper measurements and good protocols for discipline/order, and ensuring no one could interlock them, because they can slip out. Great design.

      “until that time you are merely an infant.” I would not say we’re an infant, because we are more a curious youngster :). We got a lot of sound ideas from the Royal and formerly British Navy, because we looked at Naval, Maritime, and Nautical Law more than today. Anyhow, have a great weekend.

  • JohnSimplyJohn

    Why the indecent haste to tell the world (and your enemies) what you got up your sleeve? Keep mum and surprise those who threaten or harm you with what you’ve got. The greatest weapon is SURPRISE, don’t give it all away. Like some of your other commentators already mentioned, others will steal it in a week’s time.
    Is that so hard to understand?

  • Larry Cowden

    Great story! This development has a lot of potential to save lives of our pilots and increase our surveillance capabilty and striking distance.

  • Brian Hill

    UFO looking little bugger aint it!

  • Kyle4318

    well done boys !!!!

  • Kyle4318

    Submarines have been sending one way drones for years, they are caled ICBM’s.

  • jesse M

    This is insanity. A drone, without a real pilot to assess every facet of the landing, is risking a 2 billion dollar aircraft carrier.

  • warthog

    It was NOT UNMANNED technically… There was a human flying it with a joystick somewhere in the country. Big deal.. I fly 6 channel r/c airplanes all the time. They are unmanned and I land them on a flying field.

    • Maximus

      Humans only fly them if there’s an emergency. The program them with a task and that task is carried out autonomously the the drone. The “pilot” only watches from the cameras mounted on it and if needed takes control. Otherwise it’s unmanned. If you’d finished reading the article it explains all that in there.

  • metusmetu

    Well, next will be unmanned Carriers, so now we’ve put pilots, and seamen out of work. Just exactly what is a human supposed to do for a living, if machines are doing it all?? An don’t give me this, “somebody’s got to repair/build them”, …..they’ll have machines that do that also. I think it is “neat” as the one poster said on here also, but basically all I’m seeing is we are putting ourselves out of work, or making a living, so what are we to live on? This technology will spill over into the private industries eventually, and then what?! Everybody thinks this is cool, neat, WOW, but when ROBOTS are doing it all, just exactly what are “WE” going to be doing?? Sitting around sipping cool drinks? I don’t think so, somebody has to pay the bills. Or are there plans in the works to slowly eliminate us? Something to think about.

  • reb

    Just very cool….

  • Frazzled1

    Good for “suicide” missions?! Wouldn’t need to give up a human life this way.

  • llozano

    I thought we had just signed a peace treaty outlawing all future wars. That would be news. We already spend more on the military than the rest of the world combined and we arm almost every nation on earth. We are going to be the victims of our own weapons.

  • Rob

    Hoooray for more wasted money.

  • alpambuena

    I landed my radio controlled chopper on the back of a fishing boat….I am sure these people had been practicing for a while….of course my chopper cost about 125 bucks, not millions.

  • Michael Waters

    Rob wrote “Hoooray for more wasted money.”

    Bingo. America spends more on our military than the rest of the world COMBINED, but gee whiz, we just can’t afford to care for our own medically and educationally.

    And, of course, they love to claim SS is bankrupt when it isn’t,

    The elites who put the economy in the tank are back to their old tricks, having come through the crisis they created with few convictions for fraud, and few even being fired.

    Call it oligarchy in America, with a strong military component. Fascism comes to mind too.

    • Anemone999

      Yep. 35% of our tax dollar is going straight to the military. We should, at least, make them figure out a way to deflect asteroids–for all that.

  • Dada Shark

    Do we really want the corrupt Chicago political machine to have control of this thing?

  • ruth

    can they make the drone pick up illegals and drop them back where they came from?

  • restore the USA

    domestic use? watch out people..the gov is coming for you

  • iknowmorethanyoudo

    Every former & current 96H (& you know who you are) is saying, “duh, old news”.

  • YourBestFriend

    If you truly believe this is the latest technology our military is working you should just keep watching the news.

  • bill

    Will the Chinese or the Russians give Iran the technology to bring this drone down too and steal the artificial intelligence it carries?

  • JB

    Well before you know it they will have a drone ship carrying the drone aircraft. I mean if the robot landed the plane without a human controlling they will definitely at some point build a ship!!

  • ild1227

    Well, I guess we finally found the answer to some of the UFO claims!

  • Ray Brown

    Hope China does not steal this technology; take it off line in
    a protected environment. My hat’s off to you technological geniuses.

  • rudyblue2

    Isn’t it the same drone a 3rd world country like Iran easily knocked out of the sky? They don’t need to invent one, they can get their hands on this drone probably the next time it flys. What happened to spy satelittes. I thought they could see what you were cooking on your grill and see what lable of cigarette you were smoking?

  • currency1896

    if only the korean jet pilot used auto pilot

  • greatgoogly

    I think Navy Secretary Ray Mabus needs to take a math class! It’s been 96
    years since the first aircraft landing on a ship, not more than one hundred years like he

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez

      Actually, the first landing aboard a ship was on January 18, 1911 around 11 AM in San Francis Bay, CA. Eugene Ely landed on a temporary flight deck on the cruiser Pennsylvania. That was over a hundred and two years ago.

      Are you thinking of the first landing on a ship permanently built to handle aircraft? The first carrier for the US was the USS Langley, converted from another ship in 1922. The British had the HMS Argus in 1918.

      • Colin Clark

        You are correct. I fixed it to 1911.

  • knightrang

    Yeah, how many trillions is this going to cost the American people. Have we had a naval battle since WW2. What a waste of money.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez

      Actually, we have used ships in battle a number of times since WWII, including carriers, battleships, subs, cruisers, and destroyers. So I take it your knowledge of history leaves a little bit to be desired.

  • Mitchg

    Droans make me moan…

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez

      Bad, real bad. 😉

  • Marc Melanson

    The rest of the world doesn’t get it. while they are marching in front of there newest toy, we are telling them you cannot beat us humanoid.

  • Tommy Peters

    Soon we will have war of the robots. Wonder who can make more us or China?

    • Kane

      I think Japan is hiding an army of Terminators

  • PolicyWonk

    Now this is significant. Carrier landings are the nastiest, which is why many people believe that carrier pilots are the best the planet has to offer. Landing on a moving target that’s on top of a constantly moving ocean makes for a lot of excitement for the pilot.
    But not the pilot of the UCLASS.
    Very impressive.

    • FranciscodAnconia

      It’s only hard for naval aviators. A pilot would have little trouble getting back on the boat.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez

        Ah, now I see the point of your post above. You hate naval aviators. However, can you land an aircraft?

        • FranciscodAnconia

          Dude. Thicker skin.

          I went two for two in the Growler sim. When you are trained to flare, crashing into the deck ain’t that tough. 😉

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez

            Only a daredevil thinks a sim prepares them for real flying under tough conditions. Someone who the Air Force thought would be safer as a naviguesser for actually performing a harder than normal landing of a jet onto a runway and who lost a friend in a “hard” landing.

  • Robert

    This is old news, same article was on AOL (Huff the magic Drag Queen) over a month ago..

  • Concertned

    The USS War MONGER BUSH how sweet he made himself a murdering machine he can hide on after he finishes off America.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez

      I take it you didn’t know that Obama is now president? But let me ask, why the partisan political demagoguery?

  • Spock

    Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

  • Blackjack006

    Someone on here has spent way too much time playing Call of Duty.

  • Blackjack006

    Anyone on here seen Terminator:Rise of the Machines?

  • FranciscodAnconia

    If a naval aviator can land on a carrier, it shouldn’t be a problem for a drone.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez

      Please reread the article. We’re not completely replaceable, yet. 😉

      • FranciscodAnconia

        What do you mean? It got aboard two out of three times. Isn’t that Navy standard?

        And landing on the boat IS the aviator’s primary mission. :-)

  • mike

    im all for protecting troops but when there are no casualties from your side while you send robots to invade another land, weres the downside to war? wheres the bit that makes you go “if we do this we lose to many people, the cost will out weigh the benefit”. all were going to hear is “send in the eddies”

  • Anemone999

    Wow, more advances in robots designed to kill people. Yay…

  • john l

    it’s all very cool stuff but I think that war should remain a “human” endeavour, if it becomes too easy and clean to wage war there won’t be any reason to end them, war should stay the meat grinding horror that it is just so we will think twice, (like we do that now), before starting or continuing pointless wars into which we send our young people as cannon fodder.
    Kinda reminds me of a certain Star Trek episode in which wars were fought by computers and “casualties” reported to desintegration stations. war should remain an ugly horrrible meat grinding thing that makes us think twice about starting, ( not that politicians give a crap about how many young people get killed, they’ll come out of hiding in their luxury bunkers long enough to hand a grieving family a flag and tell them how much they “care”



  • Al Schrader

    Carrier launched drones were my idea.

    The new drone I invented uses room temperature liquid oxydizers, does mach 25, and can be over Afghanistan from Wright Field in 25 minutes.
    Al Schrader

  • Hitch’s Apprentice

    I don’t want to Drone on…. but, Wow! we’ve improved our war making abilties. Now… How about spending a dollar for peace…………

  • RUTH


  • RobGoetzSr

    Well done guys! Protecting this Country in spite of the democrats is a major win!

  • RUTH


  • RobGoetzSr

    Anyone ever seen the Movie “Stealth?” This is a page from the script! Imagine training a super pilot from age 7, to remotely pilot it in combat! My Son and I “duel it out” with the Combat Sim, “Janes Fighters Anthology.” How awesome is this, that the day has finally arrived for real!

  • mark comerford

    That’s great, except that the government is using the drones on it’s own citizens.

  • SwifterMan

    . . .
    Drones can not defend anyone – but they are great weapons for criminal purpose

  • JP

    EDDIE aka UCAV from Stealth the movie is born.

  • ksginnc

    Skynet is just around the corner

  • Lu


  • Doc. Stevens

    Technology must direct these drones to eradicate the CAUSESs, not symptom…the cause of terrorism:
    1. islam.
    2. The man-made, evil, infidel book of lunacy, the Koran.

  • Arnie Arnie

    “Landing on the narrow, pitching deck of an aircraft carrier is one of the hardest things a human being can do.” REALLY?!?! Try level 189 of Candy Crush.

  • Linda

    My, you gentlemen sure have a lot of testosterone going on here this morning. I’m not going to say a darn thing besides this. Love you all, stay safe and well.

  • Gregory Hinton

    anyone who believes that any country in the world poses a threat to the US is a fool.

  • Crooks

    Meanwhile, close to 50 million Americans struggle to survive due to lack of decent paying jobs and severely increased taxes. Hey, who needs em when the U.S. Government can waste billions on flying toy airplanes around!

  • weatherman

    Yup no doubt, its great technology!! But it is just a computer with wings and like all computers it can be hacked. Wonder how many Billions was spent on the project when we have a nation be taken over and financially drained by illegals.
    I find it amusing that the Clintons are brought up like always, but the fact is when President Bill Clinton left office there was a surplus and a barrel of crude cost $17,90.
    But he’s still the bad guy.

  • Tom

    R2D2 granted membership in “Tailhook”

  • Bump 21

    Reminds me of the movie Stealth.

  • James Meritt

    One small step for a robot, one giant leap for SKYNet!

  • James Meritt

    Wonder how many watch the movie “Stealth”?

  • William Thomas Rogers

    Hopefully the Iranians won’t ‘shoot this one down’!

  • George Dubiel

    yep just what we need more bombs and bulletts and new ways to deploy them. Yours and my tax dollars hard at work :/

  • Charlie V

    The terrorists will love this one. Can’t wait until Iran has one on display and the US lies about it being ours!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001098349375 William Popp

    One good thing about this, No Pilots will be involved in their missions, just remote controll.

  • Michael Mariner

    USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8^)

    • HAL


  • Michael Mariner

    US NAVY Pilots. DON’t worry! You will NEVER be “Replaced”. I’d rather send one of these drones out at night in bad weather than one of you guys/gals.

  • panofom

    ok why not have discs around the body of the drones as the speed declines the discs spin running electromagnetic through to create a tornado affect this will allow them to hover and land -its a lot like helicopter technology

    a lot like the saucer shaped ufo’s use – electromagnetic funnels -the funnels would also distort light refraction shielding then like floating on in a vacuum that shields the ships also would allow them move faster

    use them for space exploration

    then use them for take off to take off straight up and move discs to move direction

    i’d love to work for the navy and airforce

    • HAL